Street fighter X Tekken/ Tekken X Street fighter in the works

WELLL, The rumors were true. 
Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada are working together to make two different crossovers: Street fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street fighter 
At comic-con, Capcom showed a trailer and gameplay of Capcom's version of Street Fighter vs Tekken. 

From Kotaku:

Street Fighter X Tekken appears to feature Street Fighter IV's gameplay mechanics, locked onto a 2D plane, with both Tekken and Street Fighter characters performing EX-style super moves. The match started off with Ryu versus Kazuya Mishima, but Ono and Harada tagged in two more characters, Street Fighter's Chun-li and Tekken's Nina Williams. Ryu deployed his trademark fireball Ultra move, with Kazuya later following that up with his spinning electrified uppercut.

 Yea, hard to believe.

Well, what do you guys and girls think?  I haven't heard much about Namco's version other than it will be the style of Tekken, with contestants fighting in a 3D arena. There's no annouce date for both of them as Marvel vs Capcom 3 is in the talks these days.
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Looking forward to that for games are making a comeback, as far as the Fighters goes.

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@Sexy Merc:  When I heard the rumor about this, My thoughts were "HOW are they going to make this work?" Capcom's version looks great taking advantage of Street fighter IV engine. I MYSELF can't see Namco's version of this. 
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Oh wow, this is awesome.

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I dunno anybody else feeling the sudden  "flash flood" of  video game crossovers in the air?

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I wish it was Namco VS Capcom, not just SF VS Tekken....
Still excited, and I hope Hakan is playable!

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  I wonder how they are going to make it work
Street Fighter in 3D was a disaster a decade ago and Tekken in 2D wouldn't be the same
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Not a big Tekken fan but this sounds pretty cool.
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Wow. The fighting game genre is doing big things....

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Street Fighter style. That's a no for me. I like the Tekken style more.

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I definitely see Street Fighter X Tekken selling more than Tekken X Street Fighter. Overall, Street Fighter and it's style is more popular than Tekken and it's style. Street Fighter is a more popular franchise.

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I see a lot of people getting pissed when they accidentally buy the wrong version because of the similar names. One of them should be all crazy and be like TEKKEN X STREET FIGHTER MEGA BATTLE OF THE CENTURY. I'd be down with that.

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@Static Shock said:
"Wow. The fighting game genre is doing big things...."

Its coming back 
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I'd get Street Fighter X Tekken. Love me some SF game mechanics.

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@Sparda:  I can see that as well.  I can see people's reactions like "WTF?! Why is this a 3d plane battle system?! I wanted 2D!!" Capcom should give it a name like Super Hyper Ultra Street fighter Tournament edition X Tekken.
Capcom tried the 3D fighter before with Street Fighter, and that didn't work as well.
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I'd get SF Vs Tekken.

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move over marvel vs capom
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@killermike said:
" move over marvel vs capom "
now I dont know about all that... but this game intrigues me a little... lol 
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@King Saturn: I'm a huge tekken fan so this game is pure epicness for me. 
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I've gonna buy both versions of this game. Two of my favorite game series in one. I wonder what would happen if somebody added a little Mortal Kombat into the mix. hmmm....

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Love on first sight. lol, just kidding. I'll definitely get this game on the first day it comes out.

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Well...more money will be leaving my wallet as soon as these come out.  Tekken and SF are my 1 and 2 top fighters, so I have to get both.  I pride myself on memorizing the complete move list for all of the characters in Tekken my second semester in college (strangely, my gpa didn't do so 
And I actually loved the 3D SF games...I am trying to find them so I can show them to my kids...

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I've always been a KOF/Soul Caliber fan...I would like to see a super mash up

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@Jetblaze said:

"I dunno anybody else feeling the sudden  "flash flood" of  video game crossovers in the air? "

Yeah...I think everyone is trying to bank on it, they may bring money in their own respect but some of these ideas are 
I mean MVC, MK vs. DC worked but fans want to see those switched as in MK vs. SF and DC vs. Marvel...Soul Calibur vs. SW characters made no sense IMO lol.... 
Now this, I can't see how this can excite Tekken fans being as how Tekken is a 3D fighting game(unless they're also SF fans then I can see them having an orgasm) if it was Tekken vs.VF or DOA then I think the interest would be higher.... 
Personally, I have no interest in this game....looks like SF4 with Tekken characters honestly. It may be interesting though, who knows... and I have to see how they explain this via story, I know some people don't care but I kind of do since guy one is in my world randomly or via an explaination? lol
They seriously need to make a DC vs. Marvel fighter=epic Win and MK vs. SF then I'd be PUMPED far more for a crossover lol...don't get me wrong, MVC with SF vs. Marvel guys and MK vs. DC is alright, but they got it all backwards lol...MK needs to take on SF and DC needs to take on Marvel....
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OMG SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW! i hope it hits the arcades soon!