Star Wars Legacy-War

I love Star Wars Comics.....well the good titles that is. When I heard that Star Wars Legacy was ending (last issue is coming out this month), I was greatly disappointed to hear that another great Star Wars series was ending. Its like with Knights of the Old Republic. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. 
This is old news, but I just found out about it recently. Although Legacy is ending, in December,  John Ostrander and Jan Duursema is working together once again to bring in a six-issue miniseries titled: Star Wars Legacy: War.

 Yeah. S**t just got real now.
In an interview with MTV, John Ostrander and Jan Duursema give out some details on this upcoming series.
Now in recent events in Legacy, Darth Krayt, AKA, A'Sharad Hett, just returned from the dead. Hopefully, in the last issue, we might get a glimpse of what he has in store for the galaxy.  

You can’t keep a bad Sith down!
Darth Krayt has returned from the “dead,” stronger, more evil, and more determined than ever to crush the galaxy under his heel. With Emperor Roan Fel’s Imperials, the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi, and even some of his own Sith followers arrayed against him, Krayt would seem overmatched—but his enemies have not reckoned with the power of the dark side!
If Cade Skywalker was ever going to run from his legacy, now would be the time!

What do you guys think? I, for one, CANNOT WAIT.
EDIT: Another interview with John Ostrander from IGN:
Posted by ChadwickDavis

I agree.  
But personally while I do not like the fact that SW Legacy is ending I find it hard to believe that they will end the production of this genre even Legacy War.  I just think that DH is using this to boost sales for Legacy War, give the artists and writers a break (or both), and they will eventually revamp the series under a Legacy Omnibus title or something.  
The Legacy series is too good of a franchise and there are too many unanswered questions to leave it hanging the way it is (Hondo Karrs revenge, the Mynock crew's revenge against Rav--again-- for Wayland, Nyna Calixte's past, the Fel lineage from Jagged to Marasiah Fel, the skull squadron's---and Rulf Yage's loyalties after operation Thunderstroke, and the list goes on). Too much potential and too many places to go with this post Luke/Leia/Anakin/ Han Solo galaxy to let it just become "lost Legacy" material.  

Posted by Duo_forbidden

In a way, I can understand why they would stop doing Legacy because it was in a way, spoiling some events in the novels thats coming out with adventures of Luke, Han, Jaina, Ben etc. but not to the point where it's a huge spoiler. I do agree that there is too many unanswered questions in Legacy and I really do hope there is something after War.
I hope War doesn't use an excuse to kill off some characters, but judging by the interview I read, it seems like its heading that direction.
In the meantime, after Legacy, I going to see if I can get into Star Wars:Knight Errant since I can't get into Invasion or The Old Republic.

Posted by ChadwickDavis
Where did you read this interview?  
Which Characters do you think they will kill off   

Personally I hope Antares Draco is one of them (I stated my opinion about him on the topic I started in the Imperial knights forum) 
But in all likelyhood I think the ones to die will probably be: 
Wolf Sazen (he is Cade's master--enough said) 
Darth Nihl (too ambitions and too overconfident in his own abilities)
Darth Wyyrrlok (He tried to kill Krayt and didnt finish the Job)
Darth Rauder (she force choked Gunn Yage who is Cade's sister and Nyna's daughter too many pent up aggression issues in that family for that one to slide)
Moff/ Regent Veed (Because he choked out Nyna Calixte and told her "her place" despite the fact that she put him there)
Ganner Kreig (simply because his death would affect both Draco and Rae) 
Rav (you can only double cross so many people before it catches up with you)
Posted by Duo_forbidden

Its right here:
Wolf Sazen is a good choice as well because he is Cade's master lol
I think Darth Nihl might die in the last issue of Legacy, either him or Darth Talon.
Wyyrrlok is most likely to die as well because he did tried to kill Krayt
I think Delia Blue might die just because I just don't see the relationship between her and Cade. I would have liked it if Cade was with Azlyn, but thats not going happen as she is pissed with him lol. 
Ganner Kreig would make a good death as he's besides Shado Vao is the most sensible character in the series.
Rav will die a gruesome death lol.
I would laugh if Nyna killed Veed or Wyyrrlok.
I just hope if anyone of these characters died, they die in a good way, and not a cheap way.