Max Payne Comics COMING SOON!!

Marvel has announced it'll be serving as publisher for a three-issue run of Max Payne comics, to be written by the games' scribes at Rockstar and Remedy. To be published in both digital and hard-copy form, the comics will explore the character's relentlessly grim backstory, revisiting the events surrounding Paynes 1 and 2.

Above: The first Payne made signature use of comics for its cutscenes, with original writer Lake playing the detective.

Remedy's Sam Lake and Rockstar's Dan Houser will both work on the titles: Lake was responsible for scripting Paynes 1 and 2 (and, notoriously, for providing Max's signature lemon-munching scowl in the first game) while Rockstar co-founder Houser is Max Payne 3's lead writer. Spanish artist Fernando Blanco, known for his work on comics including Army of Darkness and Manhunter, will illustrate, with covers by Greg Horn.

The first Max Payne comic, After the Fall, is set for a free digital launch on the Rockstar and Max Payne 3 websites in the next few weeks, with the third game itself still set for a mid-May launch. We explored the game's multiplayer modes in our most recent Max Payne 3 preview.

The series has always paid homage to comics in its storytelling so Max Payne should feel right at home in between the panels. Rockstar Games says you'll be able to read the comics for free on the official Max Payne site and other digital outlets.

It'll be available for free "in the next few weeks" via digital comic retailers, Rockstar's siteand the game's official web page. There'll also be a limited physical print run, though Rockstar is yet to confirm details of how you can get your hands on those.

Max Payne 3 - the video game - is due on shelves from 18th May.

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The Punisher is already a comic.

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@jeanlucpicard said:

The Punisher is already a comic.

LMFAO, this.

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@jeanlucpicard: this isn't the punisher as you can see, and if your trying to say its going to be like the punisher, well i don't think so because max payne is a detective and the punisher is a vigilante, so totally different.