What does it mean to posses the power of Thor?

Here's some of Thor's feats of strength and power:

Thor flexes and snaps adamantium alloy cables like they were nothing, from Thor #309:

Does this look familiar? Twenty years later, Thor literally re-performs his feat of lifting a metal railway and sustaining the weight of a passing train as it races by, from Thor #319:

Early on, Thor pushes over the Leaning Tower of Pisa with his finger, from Journey Into Mystery #92:

And large numbers already are quantified as Thor leg presses millions of tons of rock onto the Destroyer, from Journey Into Mystery #119:

After the villain, Graviton, finds his powers uncontrollable, he compresses an entire floating city into a sphere, and Thor, along with several other Avengers, find themselves supporting and then heaving millions of tons of weight into the Atlantic, from Avengers #159:

Thor tows the small island, Hydrobase, into New York harbor, from Avengers #301:

At the conclusion of Acts of Vengeance, Thor closes a chasm of a "million tons of earth" over Loki, from West Coast Avengers #55:

Here Thor crushes a force-field of the Power Cosmic (amped by Loki's power) that keeps him from Mjolnir, from Silver Surfer #4:

Here, Thor destroys another of Silver Surfer's force-fields with a single strike, from Silver Surfer #4:

As for pure collateral damage, a single punch met with the same force has leveled a countryside, from Thor #338:

And with repeated blows? Thor and Red Norvell literally wreck Asgard with their fist-fight and almost deafen Heimdall, from Thor #476:

Thor literally matches a Savage Hulk's strength in a grappling contest for an entire hour, from Defenders #10:

Indeed, his punch is so powerful that combined with a punch of equal strength, it is capable of actually closing dimensional rifts, from Avengers #100:

Here, he stalemates immortal Hercules in a contest of arm-wrestling, from Thor #222:

Thor resists a force "as though half a planet" were bearing down on him, from Thor #140:

Thor resists the gravimetric pull akin to "that of a neutron star" and busts out, from Thor #281:

A neutron star has 200 billion times the gravity of earth. That level of acceleration means a neutron star's gravity is faster than light.

Thor actually lifts the Midgard Serpent who is powerful enough to crush the earth. Note that the catastrophic effects of such a feat are actually physically felt on Earth, from Thor #32:

Survives the weight of twenty planets in Thor annual vol 1. #9 :

Thor has resisted extreme ranges of heat throughout his career. Thor doesn't even register a reaction when immersed in lava, from Avengers #5:

Thor walks around inside the furnace of the trolls, whose fires were used to forge Mjolnir, from Thor #211:

Magical fire-bolts engulf Thor to no effect, from Thor #292:

Ghost Rider's pure hellfire blasts are useless in Avengers #214:

Cosmic fire-bolts from the Herald, Firelord, have a similarly negligible effect in Thor #306:

And Thor has literally stood in the center of the Sun while confronting Atum in Thor Annual #14:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Thor effortlessly resists arctic forces summoned by the Executioner in one of his first fights in Journey Into Mystery #103:

Here, Thor resists the "devastating energy of an exploding sun" from the Executioner's axe, from Journey Into Mystery #103:

Thanos' fleet nails Thor with a salvo of energy blasts and the mere indirect impact knocks both Captain Marvel and Ironman unconscious in Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2:

Thor is not only immune to electricity blasts, but indeed refreshed by them as shown in Thor #288:

One of his most impressive feats, Thor survives being rocked by multiple blasts by the Fourth Host of Celestials, from Thor #300:

Thor's unconscious body isn't even destroyed by a Doomsday Bomb capable of destroying a planet, from Thor #387:

And while empowered by the Odinforce,Thor has resisted the Destroyer's beam of total disintegration in Thor vol. 3 #5:

Here, we see Thor flying outside a window and when Jane Foster gets his attention, Thor manages to intercept Cobra's poison dart within a split-second. The dart is fired before he even is inside the room, just to give you the proper frame of reference to understand the speed and reflexes necessary in Journey Into Mystery #98:

Thor digs a trench in a blur of motion that is "almost too fast for the human eye to follow." From Marvel Team-Up #26:

And here, while helping rebuild Asgard, Thor hammers down repeatedly on a pillar and "becomes a blur of motion" in Thor #267:

Thor's reflexes have always allowed to react at lightning speeds faster than the human eye can perceive.Even in a hail of attacks or debris. There's something about this feat is that Thor speed and moves faster than the sight of Heimdall , a god endowed with super-senses , able to hear the grass grow, the sap running in the trees or the beating of the wings of a butterfly on the other side of the galaxy and whose eyes see light years away. Whatever the case, the fineness of Heimdall's senses are greater than those of any being.

Here, Thor fights Heimdall and swings his hammer down on him at speeds "moving too swiftly for the eye to follow," even too fast for Heimdall in Journey Into Mystery#125:

Here, Hela only has to touch Thor in order to ensnare his soul in 1v1 combat, but is unable to do so because of his speed, "His speed, his anger, are beyond comprehension!" From Thor #354:

Here, while fending off two Herald-level foes, Adam Warlock likens his ability to catch his staff mid-swing and his combat speed to that of lightning, "He moves like the lightning he commands, much quicker than I remember." From Infinity Watch #23:

Here, in the space of one and one-fifth seconds, Thor dives out of the sky, smashes Mjolnir down and causes a supersonic shockwave to divert a runaway truck from killing a young boy ACROSS the city in Journey Into Mystery #108:

Here, in the space of micro-seconds before a zooming cursed Mjolnir will strike Thor from behind, Thor lays a haymaker onto an Enchanter and spins around in time to snatch Mjolnir in mid-air, from Thor #144:

Here, Thor is about to have his face smashed by a cursed Mjolnir which is zooming back to him, but he moves swiftly enough on reaction to dodge it inThor vol. 2 #27:

Thor has dug a ditch so fast that neither Quicksilver was valoz enough to escape it (Quicksilver was already in motion before Thor has started digging the trench).

Thor punks Quicksilver once again:

Thor reacts to Wrecker swinging his mystic crowbar onto Thor's head from behind. Literally only inches away, Thor moves so swiftly once again, he snatches the crowbar with his hand in Thor vol. 2 #29:

And it looks like current Thor hasn't lost that bare-handed touch as he catches Bor's axe inches from his face in Thor #600:

With his great speed, without the use of his natural control over the weather, he can create winds of hurricane force or greater- than-hurricane-force air shockwaves in Journey Into Mystery #100 and #84:

Here, he literally snatches a fired tank shell out of mid-air with his bare hand and bats a barrage of them back in Journey Into Mystery #93:

And similarly snatches a fired missile with his bare hand in Marvel Team-Up #148:

Here, with FTB speed, he deflects two bullets with a single swing way back in Journey Into Mystery #100:

Here, he blocks a single bullet with the head of Mjolnir before whirling it to create a field in Thor #246:

And many times again...

Here, Thor flings Mjolnir to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in Thor: Whom The Gods Would Destroy:

And he can fling the hammer many times the speed of light and transcend the boundaries of time and space in Thor #392-393, Thor #140 and Thor #274:

He could also imbue Mjolnir itself with superheat to create an atomic flare attack, from Thor #132:

As for FTL reactions that can be measured in nanoseconds (light travels one foot per nanosecond), he's swung and swatted away Blastaar's energy blasts inThor #270:

Far from a one-off FTL feat, he does the same to Mole Man's energy blaster shot in Marvel Two-In-One #96:

Here, Enchantress shoots a blast at Captain America and Thor reacts with FTL speed to cut off the energy blast in mid-flight, from Marvel Comics Presents#44:

Thor can spin Mjolnlr around fast enough to shield himself from lasers, from Thor #218:

Phoenix shoots a telepathic blast at a groggy Thor at the moment Thor's arms are at his side. AFTER the shot is fired and already traveling at him, Thor raises his arms and reflects it back with Mjolnir. Telepathy being instantaneous traditionally (as noted in the narration), we can assume for the sake of argument that it was only traveling at light-speed, making this another FTL feat, from Excalibur#428:

He can even block a constant barrage of laser vision from Count Nefaria, from Avengers #166:

He bats away a possessed Iron Man's repulsor rays in Avengers vol. 3 #3:

And again bats away ray blasts in a training session in Avengers vol. 3 #23:

and again......

Mjolnir also allows for simulated flight whereby when thrown it could pull it's wielder along. Basically, Thor flies by flinging his hammer really hard and then hanging on for ride:

And no matter what, it's been explained that "Thor can always control the course of his flight," from Thor #400:

And in Thor #2(2014)

In terms of flight speed, he's flown at least three times the speed of light, from Thor #185:

Thor has trapped Hermes the god of speed, and well, that's just say that ... but are spears spears thrown by gods thousands of times stronger than any human, imagine how fast would travel those spears =).

During the saga of Surtur , commissioned by Nick Fury (Nick Fury), Thor reached and surpassed in speed to a spaceship traveling at a speed came many times that of Light and even outside our solar system, Thor increase their 100 times speed to overtake the ship.

Travels from Earth to Sun in a matter of moments:

Saves Rulk from a Black Hole(ANOTHER FTL feat):

Thor intercepted Ego whom was moving at hyperspace speeds:

Catches Ego again after getting shot at by Stranger:

Skyfather Thor blasts Gorr several lightyears and both Thors catch up relatively quick.

Thor flying without Mjolnir.

He could also make swirling force-fields powerful enough that even the Savage Hulk couldn't get past in Journey Into Mystery #112:

He uses it again in a fight with Absorbing man in Journey Into Mystery #114-15:


often during time travelling or time freez or opening time vortex he uses hammar spin or himself spinning.. which speeds axceeds ftl speed... and he have fairly used the hammer spin speed in the fight too

at the time of force teleportation

Thor vs Mongoose in The Mighty Thor #391:

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