The Hulk: Indestructible and limitless in power. "The Strongest Body Ever Known".


Anger is the most convenient way to get him stressed. its not the only way.

The rise in adrenaline from anger cause his blood pressure to rise until his body reaches its limit because the pressure starts to become unbearable. This which will cause him to grow stronger at cellular level, HIS DNA first, followed by the proteins that the DNA produces.

As we all know, Hulk strength corresponds to stress(anger-induced or otherwise)

A. In the beginning Bruce Banner/Hulk transformed at night, like a werewolf.

B.And let's not forget that Bruce Banner/Hulk used to change back and forth with every massive bombardment of gamma rays:

C. Then, for a time, he would transform into the Hulk when he got sufficiently stressed but when he was the Hulk he would revert back to banner when he was sufficiently stressed enough, for no easily explainable reason, much like a werewolf. Its a bit of a conundrum because stressing Hulk just makes him stronger and so he usually only transforms back into Banner when he's calm enough.It may seem like a continuity error but should not be seen since this is one of the earliest issues of the Hulk comicbook series when the character is just begining to learn about his powers/abilities. it should be also be noted that early on in the series, his transformations were usually triggered and sustained by stress but there were times when Banner he would revert from Hulk-form randomly.

D. And here's the Hulk we know and love today. Stress-dependent power-ups and all!

The first instance of his power increas in ability shows up in Tales to Astonish #59 and second is Tales to astonish #70:

When the Savage Hulk's adrenalin level escalates, causing his blood pressure to rise, which causes a corresponding escalation of strength. Thus, the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. The Thing finds this out the hard way in Fantastic Four #25:

Once again, Giant-Man's efforts to wear out the Savage Hulk in combat are thwarted by his strength amping in Fantastic Four #26:


"His limitless strength!"

"One figure strides forth... huge, invincible, with power so great it continually feeds upon itself... The Incredible Hulk!"


"But, such is the power of the incredible Gamma Rays that created him--the more the Hulk exertshimself, the stronger he becomes!"


"The Hulk cannot tire! The more he fights--the stronger he becomes!"

"Though the Incredible Hulk is subjected to deadly forces beyond mortal description, still does the indescribable Gamma Ray Energy within his massive frame continue to sustain him -- still does his mighty heart beat on, as his all-consuming rage increases with every passing second!"

"An incalculable will to live!"


"As the Hulk gets angrier--he becomes stronger--Stronger--EVER STRONGER!"

The Abomination was originally much stronger than the Savage Hulk -- and was even granted twice that level of strength by the Galaxy Master -- but that doesn't matter much when "all Hulk has to do is becometen times as mad!!" From Incredible Hulk #270:


"The Hulk's rage is almost all-consuming... for the madder Hulk gets--the stronger Hulk gets... and hisRage--and his Power--are Boundless!"

Not even the Leader's plasti-thene, the material that makes up the Hulk Killer Humanoid, can contain Savage Hulk in Tales to Astonish #117:

Adhesive X, which has never been broken by physical force once dried, ends up being shattered by a furious Savage Hulk in Captain America#257:

In the heat of battle, such amping proves more than Genis-Vell's estimations of force can handle when a blast twice as powerful as before proves ineffectual against a Savage Hulk who is "three times angrier" in Captain Marvel vol.3 #2:

Journey Into Mystery #112

I have weakened you! But I can't get weak! I grow stronger every minute!! Stronger! Stronger! stronger! Strong enouhg to crush even you!!

Amazing Spider-man #14

Your speed won't ave you for long! Remember-- you'll soon get tired--but the Hulk never tires!

The High Evolutionary's plasmatic beam meant to reduce him down to his component electrical charges barely scorches Gray Hulk. The High Evolutionary has to expend such power to get rid of him that he literally sends Gray Hulk from underwater Lemuria out to Nevada with a blast that "shakes the sea floor for hundreds of kilometers in all directions." Gray Hulk is knocked out but he survives in Avengers Annual#17:

Hulk has near infinite stamina. Savage Hulk can leap endless miles for a straight twenty-four hours without being tired in Fantastic Four #25:

Savage Hulk can swim for days tirelessly, from Incredible Hulk #261:

Master Mold evaluates him and remarks on his "almost unlimited stamina" in Incredible Hulk Annual #7:

He further proves that when for 50 straight minutes, he rains nearly 3000 blows onto a mystic barrier that thwarts Dr. Strange. And he is isn't even tired in Defenders #1:

But few feats of stamina match him wrestling Thor in an epic mercy match for an entire hour inDefenders #10:

He doesn't even really require food for sustenance -- he's hidden out on a frigate for three entire weeks inIncredible Hulk#133:

Professor Hulk possesses extraordinary endurance. His capacity for gaining a second wind is on full display here when he gets brought down by Troyjan weaponry and recovers with an angry start in Incredible Hulk #413:

Goading the world to attack him, the Maestro backs up his challenge by combating a Thor in the throes of Warrior Madness for an hour without giving any ground in Incredible Hulk #440:

One of the most impressive feats of stamina of any Hulk incarnation, Professor Hulk single-handedly fights the hordes of Hel for hours, then for days on end in Incredible Hulk #423:

Hulk instantly powers-up his DNA in proportion to stress, simultaneously renewing and strengthening it according to force that's put against it. and then from there, his cells renew their proteins within a seconds to minutes. He can survive any assualt and is immune to any disease or foreign substances that enter his body.

Hulk rapidly healing in Tales to Astonish #73:

The rate his healing factor repaired him would be amplified by his rage just like his strength would, from Incredible Hulk #340:

And it's his extraordinary healing factor that permits him to shrug off transmutation, from Incredible Hulk #363:

The supervillain, Glazier, a woman with the ability to transmute anything into glass, begins transmuting Bruce Banner but the Savage Hulk completely resists and reverses the transmutation in Incredible Hulk #262:

Savage Hulk shows extreme resistance to transmutation when High Evolutionary admits that his armor's devices cannot devolve him and only the immediate environment around him in Incredible Hulk #266:

the Savage Hulk has also demonstrated a vastly superhuman healing capacity, enabling him to regenerate body tissue (including internal organs) within seconds to minutes. This healing factor transferred to his cousin Jennifer Walters via blood transfusion saved her life and transformed her into the She-Hulk in The Savage She-Hulk #1:

Years later, Dr. Frankenstein's descendant verifies that "There is perhaps no other plasma on Earth with the regenerative properties that [his] has" in Monster-Size Hulk #1:

In incredible Hulk #294-295, An old former crime boss called Max Stryker (He's Max Stryker in this issue, Max Hammer in issue #295; maybe we could keep better track of our names if we made them less generic) hires Boomerang to kidnap Kate Waynesboro in order to force Bruce Banner to use an experimental gamma treatment on him to cure his cancer.

Banner has just finished his first test with the treatment, on a dog. For now, it only turns the dog green, but we all know how this will turn out.

Later, Banner returns to his lab with Kate, and they find that the criminal Max Hammer has "reformed" since his treatment and is now providing Banner's miracle gamma cure to the general public for free.

We knew how this was going to end right when it was introduced. First the dog owners from issue #294 show up with a story about how their dog went crazy and they had to put it down. Then Hammer turns into a monster.

And of course all the other recipients of the cure start to worry.

The only twist is that ROM shows up!

Hulk has had a broken leg since retuning from the Secret Wars but during the fight he becomes "savage" again and his leg heals.

Rom uses his neutralizer to reverse the treatment (which means those poor people are back to having cancer, being crippled, etc). But at this point Bruce has lost control of the Hulk and is brutally beating a now un-Hulkified Max Hammer. ROM tries to stop him, and his Neutralizer actually seems to restore some control...

Some of Hulk's greatest healing feats have occurred during his stint as the Professor Hulk. As noted earlier, Professor Hulk's healing factor proved capable of healing his guts being blown straight through by Trow-Mah in Incredible Hulk #394:

Here, Vector literally sheers the flesh off of Professor Hulk with an extended barrage and within a few panels, Professor Hulk grows it all completely back in Incredible Hulk #398:

Professor Hulk gets several holes blown right through his body by a cannon invented by Forge and in the space of pages he heals enough to renew his fight against his evil future self, the Maestro in Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #2:

A gaping wound caused by Speedfreak's adamantium blades heals so quickly, that it literally heals around Professor Hulk's hand in Incredible Hulk #388 and #430:

In the space of panels, damage to his brain stem caused by Ant-Man is healed. Indeed, the healing factor works so quickly that Ant-Man can barely travel through the incisions he makes and has to resort to shrinking himself even further to make it past, from Incredible Hulk vol.2 #32:

So, of course he able to handle his neck being broken from Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2:

In one of the more gruesomely impressive feats of healing, Mindless Hulk literally rips off half his head and heals it back. From Incredible Hulk#446:

Being weakened by the dimensional forces flowing through him, Mindless Hulk gets shredded by a berserk Wolverine and Wendigo. But before Wolverine can even catch his breath, Mindless Hulk is back on his feet and uncharacteristically spares the two a severe beating. From Marvel Fanfare vol.2 #2:

The speed he heals at is shown here, when Mindless Hulk heals a cut from Deadpool's sword in the space of two panels in Deadpool #4:

Here, Gladiator pierces Mindless Hulk's chest with eye beams burning through to his insides. Mindless Hulk powers past the pain and defeats him anyway in Incredible Hulk 1997:

When Apocalypse transformed Mindless Hulk into the Horseman War, he had to tear out the full body implants that were bonded to his very flesh. From Incredible Hulk #457:

Here, Dr. Doom is able to perform open brain surgery when separating Banner from Hulk... while he's conscious, from Incredible Hulk vol.3 #5:

The Hulk is captured by scientists who are interested in getting a sample of the Hulk's blood. The scientists doesn't bother to sterilize the needle since, as he notes, no microbe on earth that can live for more than one microsecond in the Hulk's bloodstream./ The Hulk's old sidekick Jim Wilson is seriously hurt and in need of medical help. Rick Jones is cautious because Jim has AIDS. The Hulk grabs Jim and mentions that he is immune to AIDS in Incredible Hulk Annual #14/Incredible Hulk #388:

A dentist notes that he has no trace of any tooth decay and Banner notes that he appears to be immune to disease and infection in Incredible Hulk #288:

As his enemies have come to find out, it is often better to indirectly attack Savage Hulk as opposed to overpowering him with force. Accordingly, all sorts of chemicals and gases have been used on him. However, relatively speaking, his resistance is well over superhuman. Deadly nerve gas ends up reverting a Banner-controlled Hulk into Savage Hulk in Incredible Hulk #123:

Savage Hulk puts on an act revealing how ineffective ultra-tranquilizer boosters are in Incredible Hulk #132:

Savage Hulk resists special anesthesia utilized by Doc Sampson in Incredible Hulk #199:

Iron Man insists that he's pumped enough tranquilizer gas to "knock out Galactus" and even when combined with a strobe-light effect, Savage Hulk resists it in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2:

Vapor morphs into searing acidic gases and enters Mindless Hulk's lungs. Mindless Hulk expels her with a mighty heave in Incredible Hulk #305:

The X-Men's attempts to use sleeping gas to calm him down fail in Incredible Hulk #455:

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents unleash nerve gas on him and they only endanger themselves in Iron Man vol.4 #20:

Gamma-irradiated Thallium brings the Green Scar to his knees but is burned out by his rage. From Heroes for Hire vol.2 #13 and Incredible Hulkvol.2 #110:

Unknown drugs and fatal amounts of nerve gas are burned off by Savage Hulk's immune system in Agents of Atlas #8:

A Thanosi amped by dimensional forces incinerates Savage Hulk, "sear[ing] the skin right from his bones" but he heals in moments to renew his assault in X-Man/Hulk '98:

Wolverine amped by Apocalypse as his new Horseman of Death manages to penetrate Savage Hulk's neck when he accidentally impales himself on his claws and the open wound is hammered repeatedly. A moment's pause, however, is all that's required for Savage Hulk's healing factor to regain his bearings and end the fight in Wolverine #145:

Even having his limbs directly phased into (and merged with) the ground by Kitty Pryde, his healing factor permits him to pull them out and expel the phased matter in World War Hulk: X-Men #2:

Vision's phasing powers are useless against a raging Savage Hulk in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #27:

Vision's phasing powers fail to stop Mindless Hulk in Incredible Hulk #300:

In fact, the Mindless Hulk's form is so powerful that he's actually rebounded the phasing effect back onto Vision causing feedback and actually entrapping Vision within his body in Incredible Hulk #323:

Hulk fights Dr. Strange while he was possesed by Zom, a demon who surpassed Dormammu and Umar in power!Zom Strange literally blew gaping holes through World War Hulk and he'd heal them in the space of panels, from World War Hulk #4:

On Sakaar, the alien Spikes were used to ravage countrysides. Although infecting Savage Hulk's very insides, he manages to tear them straight out of his body to free himself (the only one to do so) in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #99:

The more powerful Spike Elders usually control the Spikes but are so weakened that they require vast amounts of energy to restrain them. The only source they can rely on is the Savage Hulk's own energy and his ability to heal from their constant draining. From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #102:

Being impaled and run through dozens of times doesn't even slow Savage Hulk down because of his healing factor in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #103:

Even a huge sword like Skaar's being stuck straight in his heart is simply pulled out with contempt due to Savage Hulk's healing factor in Skaar: Son of Hulk #12:

Hulk is also does not needing food or oxygen to sustain himself. He is SELF-SUSTAINING.

In Incredible Hulk #158, Savage Hulk can breathe and fight even in super-thin atmospheres:

But not even the pure vacuum of space can stop Savage Hulk from tearing apart a space ship in Incredible Hulk #111:

Having emerged from underwater, Banner discovers that his body can develop glands which produce an oxygenated perfluorocarbon emulsion that fills his lungs, equalizes pressure, permits him to breathe fluid, and avoids decompression and nitrogen narcosis. From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #77:

S.H.I.E.L.D. data notes "that his mutation will somehow alter his body to adapt" even to a zero-atmosphere environment like outer space. FromIncredible Hulk vol.2 #90:

So hanging out on top of a space ship and fighting space pirates without a suit is not beyond his ability. From World War Hulk Prologue: Worldbreaker #1:

These adaptive evolutionary abilities are revisited in Incredible Hulk vol.3 #9:

And in incredible Hulk vol. 3 #7.1


The "limitless strength" thing is stated all throughout comics, repeatedly.

its said so often, I can't even list every last instance it's stated but here as a few examples......


"The Hulk has limitless strength."


"His limitless strength!"

"One figure strides forth... huge, invincible, with power so great it continually feeds upon itself... The Incredible Hulk!"


"But, such is the power of the incredible Gamma Rays that created him--the more the Hulk exertshimself, the stronger he becomes!"


"Limitless strength!!"

"And as all true Hulkophiles know full well -- the longer he fights, the madder he gets!"


"The Hulk cannot tire! The more he fights--the stronger he becomes!"

"Though the Incredible Hulk is subjected to deadly forces beyond mortal description, still does the indescribable Gamma Ray Energy within his massive frame continue to sustain him -- still does his mighty heart beat on, as his all-consuming rage increases with every passing second!"

"An incalculable will to live!"


"As the Hulk gets angrier--he becomes stronger--Stronger--EVER STRONGER!"


"His Emerald Anger is Positively Boundless!"


"The Hulk's rage is almost all-consuming... for the madder Hulk gets--the stronger Hulk gets... and hisRage--and his Power--are Boundless!"


"The Hulk strains mightily--his boundless rage growing with every instant!"


"Impossibly powerful!"

"Boundless fury!"


"Unfortunately, he has failed to recall a fairly well-known fact: the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets! And when it comes to anger, the Hulk knows no limits!"


"The poor beast is like a small child who has been given unlimited power."


"There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk's strength!"


"A Strength bordering on the Mythic --pulling, straining with every iota of his strength -- becoming madderand madder, his strength building with his anger, as he tugs against a device built to withstand the power of Gods! But this is the power of the Hulk! And ultimately, there is no force stronger than the Hulk!"


"The raging, rampaging Hulk! A creature whose strength--increases geometrically as his awesome anger grows!"


"The Mightiest Muscles of any Living Being!"


"The Hulk is an incalculably powerful being!"


"There is no limit to his rage!"


"There is no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do!"

"The strongest body ever known!"


"He's a veritable blast furnace of limitless organic energy! There is no way to even measure his strength!"

"If we can keep him under control, there's no limit to what we can learn about the harnessing of raw power"


"His power is beyond the limits of imagination!"


"Of all our test cases, the Hulk still remains the mightiest subject. Indeed! There truly seems to be nolimit to his Gamma-spawned power!"


"But, even as the Green Goliath's strength is Incalculable, so too are his recuperative powers!"

How much do speed rises when energy rises exponentially?

KE=1/2*(M)*(V)^2KE=1/2*(10g)*(5m/s)^2 1

25 J= 5g*(5m/s)^2

!25^2= 15,625

15,625 J=1/2*(10g)(V)^2

15,625 J= (5g)(V)^2

15,625 J/5g=(V)^2

3125=(V)^2 55.9 m/s =V

5(x)= 55.9 x= 11.18

As energy rises exponentially, speed is multiplied by eleven(and 18 hundreths).

4. The Theoretical possibility of limitless power:

Hulk, a living a nuclear pile, uses energy coming from any atomic mass in immediate proximity. And yes, there will always be energy present in some form.

Just as a star collapses from outside forces that close in on it and cause it to collapse due to the star runnning out of energy, when that happens to Hulk he takes in that energy to strengthen the bonds of his body, also know as his durabilty, as well as his kinetc energy capabilities(energy of movement), which is how why he doesn't weaken and fall apart when he's pushed to his limit but instead grows stronger.

And Here's something else........

Bruce Banner comes to the realization that the Hulk is incurable in indestructible Hulk #1:

Once again, it should be noted that Hulk is incurable because he is indestructible. Bruce Banner himself notes this when he says" I've come to believe the Hulk is indestructible" in indestructible Hulk #2:

Hulk's Prominent Feats of Strength

And here is the Whole Scene of Hulk Pushing apart the two Spheres of Matter and Anti-matter :

First of all let me ask...

Which is greater?

A. the energy required to pull earth out its orbit of the sun


B. the energy required to reverse the planet's orbit, therefore pushing back and overpowering the electromagnetic force the sun puts on the earth?

The answer is B.

If you would actually read it, this is exactly what the Hulk is shown doing in this comic scan:

Overpowering a field of energy endowed with sufficient power to change the orbit of a planet(Tales to Astonish #89)

Hulk has the power to move a planet at baseline.

The fact that the field strength needed to be increased is proof that Hulk was contesting that kind of power.

Even so, Hulk showed power to overcome a planet's kinetic energy, which is better than overcoming the force it has while it's just sitting there in its static state.

It takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons(6.3285*10^17) just to stop the earth's orbit. Hulk overpowered energy that could not only stop a planet's orbit but reverse it as well, which means Hulk was able to put out even more power than that.

The gravitational binding energy of earth is 224 nontillion joules(224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). There is 4 quadrillion 184 trillion joules per megaton(1 Mt = 4,184,000,000,000,000 J). Therefore, it takes 53 quadrillion 537 trillion 285 billion megatons to smash earth to smithereens(5.3537285*10^16). That's as much energy as the sun produces in a week! According to what Hulk has shown, Hulk can also destroy a planet at his baseline power level.

Do you know how fast a 1 ton object has to move to put out energy equal to earth's orbital energy?

Since it takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons or 2 decillion 700 nontillion joules(2.7*10^33)to stop earth's orbit then we just need input 1 ton as our mass value and solve for the speed.

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(1000 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/500= 5.4*10^30 = 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 5 nontillion 400 octillion)

X=2,323,790,000,000,000 m/s (the value of X found!!!)

That's 2 quadrillion 323 trillion 790 billion meters per second!

The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. So how much faster than light is a 1 ton object with earth's orbital energy?

2,323,790,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters per second=7,751,329.08781

That's 7 million 751 thousand 329 times faster than the speed of light(with some decimal points)!! An incredible speed!

Since the arm is only 6 percent of the body's mass the real speed would be:

6% of 1000 kg= 60 kg

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(60 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/30=9*10^31= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 90 nontillion)

X= 9.486833*10^15= 9,486,833,000,000,000 m/s(the value of X found!!!)

That's 9 quadrillion 486 trillion 833 billion meters per second.

9,486,833,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters pers second= 31644668.6594

That's 31 million 644 thousand 668 times the speed of light!(with decimal points) An incredible display of Hulk's superhuman speed.

"Power" is the rate at which you do "work". Force/Energy flow per unit of time. Power is about the rate at which a force is transferred/travels. P= w/t.

"Work"is force moving over a certain amount of distance. W= F x d. # of Newtons X 1 meter= # of Joules

"Force" is mass multipled by an objects rate of motion. F= m x a. Measured in "Newtons".

The Difference Between Force and Power is: Power is about the amount of energy you produce in a short amount of time. If a planet is moving 100 times the speed of sound and a car moves so fast that it matches the forces of the moving planet, who has more power? They produce the same amount of force but due to the car's superior speed, it is more powerful than the planet because it traveled the same distance in less time. That's the difference between Force and Power.

Hulk's body is a big AND fast machine like a car because of his great level of power.

The sun produces 90 megatons in a nanosecond and about 90 billion megatons in a second. That's the kind of power Hulk and Thor have. In fact, Hulk and Thor have exceeded this kind of power.

Planetary Orbital Speeds:

  • Mercury - 47.8725 km/sec = 107,000MPH= Mach 138
  • Venus - 35.0214 km/sec =78,350 MPH= Mach 102
  • Earth - 29.7859 km/sec = 66,630 MPH= Mach 85
  • Mars - 24.1309 km/sec = 54,000 MPH= Mach 70
  • Jupiter - 13.0697 km/sec =29,240 MPH= Mach 38
  • Saturn- 9.6724 km/sec = 21,640 MPH= Mach 26
  • Uranus - 6.8352 km/sec = 15,290 MPH= Mach 17
  • Neptune - 5.4778 km/sec = 12,250 MPH= Mach 15
  • Pluto (TNO, or dwarf planet)=10,700 MPH= Mach 14

At a second meeting years later, The Stranger recognize that Hulk was even stronger than before because once again, Hulk shrugs off the energy that the Stranger uses in an attempt to render him motionless in Marvel Two-In-One annual #2:

Here's Hulk doing a feat of great cosmic proportions once again:

Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure (Defenders #3)(with the size of the singularity estimated in about seven feets according to the Schwarzschild radius, then it's mass/gravitational attraction, by the equivalence principle, is thus equivalent to roughly two hundreds Earths),

Hulk matches power and withstands attacks from Galaxy Master, a foe with planet-splitting power, not once but twice! in incredible Hulk #112and incredible Hulk #270:

Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master, from Incredible Hulk #112:

Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master rematch, from Incredible Hulk #270:

One of the Hulk's sons, Hiro-Kala, has the power to throw a planet at the earth with planet-busting force with the use of two power sources known as the "old-power" and "new-power" but the Hulk resists his power in Incredible Hulks #615-16:

World War Hulk vs Hiro Kala, from Incredible Hulks #615-16:

Hulk causes earthquakes around the world through the force of the punches he exhanges with a couple of gamma-empowered boars in Incredible vol 3. #1-3:

Here's the Whole Scene of Hulk Pushing apart the two Spheres of Matter and Anti-matter (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2):

This feat involving matter and anti matter is akin to the "irresistible force meets the immovable object".

Anti-matter electrons are on opposite spin from normal matter's electrons and when they collide they build to their maximum attainable pressure, and then destroy each other and those forces of atomic destruction are converted into an energetic explosion, the matter and antimatter being destroyed in the process.

Antimatter realeases 100 percent of atom's energy. 1 gram of matter has the energy of 21 kiloton explosion. It impression that every fiber of Hulk's body is more powerful than this. Even more impressive is that Hulk's can withstand enoguh antimatter to destroy the earth.

A Mindless Hulk easily tears through Dr. Strange's mystic barrier in Incredible Hulk #299:

Hulk's first fights with the Red-Hulk

Red Hulk beats down Uatu, the Watcher through his ability of absorbing energy from other Super-powered Beings enhance his own strength in Hulk #4.

Hulk vs Red Hulk(First fight) in Hulk #4

Red Hulk beats down Odinforce-Thor in the same way he beat the Watcher in Hulk #5

Hulk finally beats Red Hulk in Hulk #6

Here are Hulk's fights with his Son, Skaar, as the "World Breaker":

Savage Hulk vs Skaar, from Skaar: Son of Hulk #12:

World War Hulk (Worldbreaker) vs Skaar, from Incredible Hulk #610-11:

Hulk's superhuman reaction speed & long distance travel speed.

Okay, first of all, Hulk is not slow. He may not be agile and skilled fighter(some of the time), but he is not slow at all. He's extremey fast.

To suggest that Spider-man, Daredevil, Wolverine, or someone other than a top tier powerhouse is as fast or faster than the Hulk is ludicrous.

Bullet dodging does not automatically mean you have bullet speed. The way you dodged it does matter.

The point is that dodging and such is not always about raw speed. Again, the way you dodge actually does matter.

A. Spider-man has early-warning thanks to his spider-sense and dodges the aim of his opponent strikes just before they fire and reach anywhere near full-speed since most of the times what he doges is too fast for him to out-race by either the speed at which he extends his limbs to make a strike of his own or flies forward like rocket.

Wolverine can do the same to missles that fly at him close enough (without the spider-sense), placing himslef in posistion to slash a missile, without moving his arm or body at missle-speed.

Dodging or diving into the aim of a projectle in the moment before its aim is right on its target does not mean your moving as fast as the object fired. Moving the moment just before the shot is fired is not about raw speed. Its just about being a step ahead of the opponent.

Being able to move your body in the same moment the projectile is already trained on its target and firing(or after its been fired) and be able to make it in time, is a true feat of speed.

When Hulk and Thor dodge and block super-fast projectiles, they do it with pure speed.

Hulk and Thor's bodily energy is on the level of a star or greater. The sun generates alot of energy at once but that is because it has billions upon billion of tons of hydrogen atoms to convert into gamma ray particles. Hulk and Thor can genrate the same levels of energy but with less mass. That means they are faster and therefore more powerful than the sun. Their bodies are simply vast storehouses of energy. They have force that moves at a rate so great that he can equal and surpass forces such as gamma ray bursts.

These guys are living atomic-bombs taken to the extreme!!! Muscular systems that contract with the power of nukes!

In an all out fight, unless you have the power to move with the speed of a nuclear explosion, which is light-speed or faster, you don't have chance of keeping pace with characters like Hulk and Thor through pure speed.

And its funny that some people think that the waves Hulk produces as the secondary force from clapping his hands are faster than the Hulk's actual hand movements.

Producing a near-nuclear force wave or a nuclear force wave from clapping means you're hands are moving much faster.

The same way an atomic bomb explodes and the fireball of nuclear energy pushes out a wave of air that is hundreds of times faster than sound that puts craters in the earth and causes most the widespread damage to buildings. 99 percent aren't killed by the atomizing radiation from a nuclear bomb since no one is usaully hit at point blank range, because otherwise they would be instantly vaporized, but they experience the secondary shockwave force and the left over radiation of the bomb.

B. And Spider-man catching missles with his web doesn't count as a speed feat for Spider-man

Spider-man used webbing. Doesn't count as a speed feat for Spider-man himself since Spider-man's body does not move at the same rate as his webbing. That's why he has to use webbing for that kind of thing(catching missles). Spider-man's body doesn't move at anywhere near missile-speed.

Spider-man's reaction time is good but it is certainly not missile-speed.

And so Thor and Hulk are just a very fast guys and do not have to rely on agility and fighting skill to dodge and block super-fast projectiles.

As for the Hulk while in battles....

Hulk has never said: "Oh, they're too fast for me! The Hulk has, however, expressed annoyance over cowardly hit-and-run tactics. Jumping within range to attack and then jumping out of range.

And keep in mind Hulk doesn't fight lower-level characters the same way he fights characrters on his power-level like Abomination, Thor, Hercules, Silvers Surfer, Jueggernaut, Hyperion, Sentry, etc.

When Hulk and Thor engage characters on the level of Spider-man, Wolverine and Thing , the punches they throw won't be same. The mere secondary air-shockwaves coming from a serious Hulk-punch/Thor-punch would be enough to kill those guys(like the secondary super-sonic shockwaves from nuclear explosions). Hulk and Thor wouldn't even have to make anywhere close to a direct hit in order to kill them. The secondary shockwave of an atomic bomb starts at about 184 Km/s or Mach 540!

Hulk also lets himself get hit all the time because he's extremely tough in the first place and any apparent damage he may isn't permanent kind and won't destroy him and he becomes stronger according the strain of combat.

As for long distance travel speed......

Hulk super-powered muscles allow him to run and jump at speeds far greater than the finest human athlete.

His speed is limited by the strength of the ground. Once he reaches a certain speed his legs punch through and the destroy the ground around him which gives him no friction to run on.

Making tremedous jumps in orderto travel overcome this limitation partially but even with jumping he is similarly limited in long distance travel speed due to the overwhelming pressure his full strength puts on the ground.


It would be perfectly reasonable to assume that a 8' tall, 1000+ lbs. monster would be a slow lumbering beast. However, from the beginning, Savage Hulk has always possessed superhuman speed belying his enormous size. His feats of agility and speed are typically accompanied by these sorts of descriptions, "Suddenly, moving with blinding speed which, seems impossible for one so huge..." FromIncredible Hulk #4:

"Power" is the rate at which you do "work". Force/Energy flow per unit of time. P= w/t.

"Work" is exerting force on an object and moving it over a distance. W= F x d

"Force" is mass multipled by an objects rate of motion. F= m x a

The Difference Between Force and Power is: Power is about the amount of energy you produce in a short amount of time. If a planet is moving 100 times the speed of sound and a car moves so fast that it matches the forces of the moving planet, who has more power? They produce the same amount of force but due to the car's superior speed, it is more powerful than the planet because it traveled the same distance in less time. That's the difference between Force and Power.

Hulk's body is a big AND fast machine like a car because of his great level of power.

The same happens when he fights the Fantastic Four, "Moving with unbelievable speed for one so huge..." From Fantastic Four #12:

Later on when wrapped up by Mr. Fantastic, he escapes by spinning around like a tornado:

In his rematch with Thing he once again begins "moving with surprising speed for one so huge..." inFantastic Four #25:

He even ends up catching a fired artillery shell and "without stopping, in one smooth, continuous motion, he spins around, using the momentum of the hurtling shell to help propel his giant frame... he releases it" in Fantastic Four #26:

Special weapons and tactics squads try firing bazookas at Savage Hulk "but unfortunately, that 'somethin' isn't quite as fast as the Hulk!" FromIron Man #131:

He's snatched rockets and missiles out of the air in Giant-Size Defenders #2, Incredible Hulk #245 and Incredible Hulk vol.2 #101:

Savage Hulk has even batted artillery shells in Incredible Hulk #208:

And caught a S.H.I.E.L.D hovercar in incredible hulk #298:

Here he thwarts a crowd of minions, "moving with uncanny speed for one so huge, the green behemoth suddenly tears up an entire section of the stone floor" inTales to Astonish #76:

Savage Hulk confronts a barrage of artillery, "[m]oving with lumbering speed that belies his massive frame, the awesome Hulk thunders toward a gigantic boulder, a hundred feet away" inTales to Astonish#82:

He has been described as having "lightning-fast reflexes" in Marvel Feature #3 and Incredible Hulk#276:

Comet Man is amazed, "How can he be that big and move so fast?!" From Comet Man #3:

And His speed is remarked upon by his fellow Avengers as well in incredible Hulk #316:

Hulk catches Silver Surfer while he's in flight in Tales to Astonish #92:

Savage Hulk grabs his enemy "with a swiftness that defies belief!" From Incredible Hulk #264:

The Mandarin notes Hulk's incredible reflexes well in Incredible Hulk #107:

Doctor Doom is quick to note, "you are far more agile than I anticipated from one of your size!" FromIncredible Hulk #144:

Even the amazing Spider-Man throughout his career can only evade Savage Hulk for so long as shown early on in Amazing Spider-Man #120, and later on inPeter Parker: Spider-Man#14:

He can actually perform surprisingly agile swordplay in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #92:

A point-blank ambush by Wolverine is deftly blocked by Savage Hulk in Wolverine Origins #28:

Savage Hulk is one of the few people who's easily snatched Cap's shield throw, from Avengers vol.3 #75:

And just as easily, Joe Fixit-Hulk bats down tanks shells and catches Hawkeye's arrows and Spiderman's webbing in The Order #1, Hulk Smash Avengers #4 and Incredible Hulk #349:

Hulk smacks down projectiles from the Villain Boomerang before they could even explode in incredible hulk #274:

Speedsters like Quicksilver and Bluestreak get swatted away in Incredible Hulk #175, The Order #3, Last Hero standing vol 1. #1-5, and Incredible Hulk #369:

He even smacks down Peitro(Quicksilver) when he is possessed by a god in Mighty Avengers #23:

Hulk runs down and catches two soldiers wore armor (similar to Iron-Man) developed by Tony Stark and U.S. Armed Forces in Marvel Salutes the US Military #1-10:

One of Savage Hulk's most defining characteristics is his ability to make gargantuan leaps that cross miles, from Incredible Hulk #3&6 and Tales to Astonish #66 & 67, incredible Hulk #272-273, #274:

Which isn't surprising considering he's been measured at 473 mph in Incredible Hulk Annual 2000:

While tracking Savage Hulk's movement across the United States, Black Panther notes that he'll be in California in mere hours in Incredible Hulk#128:

He travels faster than jetliners and has crossed the China sea here in Incredible Hulk #5:

Even more than that, he has crossed the entire Pacific Ocean by jumping from isle to isle in Tales to Astonish #68:

The pacific ocean is 8,637 miles from north to south and 1,100 miles from east to west. Hulk shows he can jump thousands of miles in a single bound.

When jumping your horizontal speed and vertical speed occur simultaneosuly. Hulk can not travel horzontally and vertically seperately, since he can't fly. Vertical and horizaontal speed won't occur in speratly in a jump so he he will reach the maximum horizontal distance by the time he reaches the maximm vertical distance of the jump.

How long does it take to fall a mile?

18.1 seconds

Equation is t = √ (2d/g)

t = time = ?

d = distance = 1 mile = 1609.344 metres

g = acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 metres per second


t = √ (2d/g)

t = √ (2 x 1609.344 / 9.8)

t = √ (2 x 164.2187755)

t = √ 328.437551

t = 18.1228461

This answer does not include any effects of drag.

Hulk travels these great distances while still in the air and once his jump is finished he merely starts dropping down to the ground, accelartion no longer taking place in the horizontal or vertcial direction. The jump couldn't have taken 18 seconds or anywhere clos eto that becasue if it did Hulk would have hit the ground or been close to htting it by the time he traveled the distance that he did. Even if the jump took all of 18 seconds,(obviously they didn't) traveling 1000 miles in 18 seconds is still 260 times the speed of sound!(Even then, he'd have to travel upwards and then travel horizontally which requires the power of flight)

Which may seem nonsensical but his transcontinental leaping abilities reappear in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #24:

And these leaps only require "scarcely more than a twitch" of his muscles in Incredible Hulk #314:

A Wakandan experiences this firsthand noting, "Bruce jumped nearly a mile up into the sky, at an angle that, once it decayed -- would bring him down hundreds of miles from where we left mere seconds before!"Which is topped by another leap that covered "nearly a thousand miles this time" in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #33:

100 miles per second is mach 472. 1000 miles per second is mach 4,792. 1 mach is equal to he speed of sound. Hulk jumped going hundreds and thousands of times the speed of sound with ease.

Hulk has been shown to easily jump vertically at a speed of mach 24, earth's escape velocity, which is the same as 18,000 miles per hour or 5 miles per second. By the time Hulk had traveled 1 mile vertically he had also traveled 1000 miles horizontally, all in the time of 1 second or a fraction of a second.

Due to gravity, an object starts dropping after one second. The object will drop 10 meters in one second and will drop faster every second. Speed is required to cover long distances by jumping before gravity pulls you down in one second. Jumping ability is all about power.

He can overtake a fighter jet with a leap "like it was standin still" in Incredible Hulk #206 and 258:

He's caught up to missiles with his leaps in Tales to Astonish #61 and incredible hulk #5:

And intercontinental rockets in Incredible Hulk #117:

And aircrafts in Incredible Hulk 157-158, incredible hulk #298 and incredible #Hulk 409:

Savage Hulk makes it to the top of Mount Olympus in a single leap in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

The Hulk leaps to escape velocity,into outer space in Incredible Hulk #254 and Incredible Hulk Annual#10:

"For an object to escape the earths atmoshphere, it must have an initial velocity of Mach 34. Reference: For Hulk to perform such a feat, his legs would have to accelerate and propel someone of his weight, which is approximately 2000 pounds, at even greater speeds than so. It is absolutely impossible for the Hulk to perform a feat with strength without the proportional acceration of an object (his body) as well." source (SlimJ87D

Hulk rushes the police in Incredible Hulk #206-207:

Jack of Hearts remarks, "It's impossible! Nothing alive can move that fast!" From Incredible Hulk #214:

And again, Hulk frequently uses his super-leaps to very quickly close the distance between him and his foes as shown In incredible Hulk in #117 and mostly of every Hulk comic:

Hulk is also a good swimmer. it has been noted that he can swim at a speed of 80 knots which is over 90 mph. From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #33:

He's even battled Namor many times in the deepest parts of the ocean incredible Hulk #118:

What Hulk does isn't just about strength its about power. Power is the rate at which a force travels.

If the two objects produce the same force, which is faster? The one that's smaller is faster. How much faster depends on the difference in size. The fact the Hulk can move things more massive than him at great speeds demonstrates how much greater his own speed is. It shows his power.

#1. When you create great vibration through the earth by punching it and you are nowhere as big as the earth that's power. The force of Hulk's punch is translated into an earthquake. The force of the quaking earth and Hulk fist will be the same but the Hulk is the far smaller object, so he is mush faster. Earthquakes can easily travel 24 times the speed of sound. Hulk, being the smaller object, is much faster despite having equivalent force. A million tons(a billion kilograms) going at mach 24 is equal to 16 megatons of force. Obviously, the Hulk is much more powerful than that.

#2. When Hulk makes a thunderclap(a sonic boom) equal to that a nuclear bomb, he surpasses the sound barrier, leaving ripples of explosions and and implosions through the air behind his hands, his speed and force of his hands pushing forth a massive wall of air at hundreds of times the speed of sound, that takes power.

#3. Hulk's jumps have shown to be many times faster than sound. Travel a hundred miles in a single bound means you're going 400 times the speed of sound. Travel 1000 miles in a single bound and that's 4000 times the speed of sound. Not to mention Hulk has leaped to escape velocity more than once.

#4. Hulk has had people measure his power, which is how great and how fast a force is transfered over distance, and it is virtually beyond measure.

When people try to measure "Hulk power, they find it to greater than anything on earth and have trouble measuring it. Hulk has demonstrated to more powerful than any nuclear force on the planet with astronomical feats of power.

Hulk's is a nuclear equivalent. His striking feats are nuclear. Nuclear force that surpasses anything on earth. He sends out shockwaves of nuclear proportions. Mountain busting, continent leveling nukes have nothing on the Hulk. Hulk has shown power on the level with or surpassing, celestial objects such as stars and planets. Nothing to indicate slowness there, but the opposite.

#5. Hulk's power is gamma rays.

The speed at which electromagnetic waves go in the horizontal direction isn't what gives them their great power. The mass of the wave is so tiny that the speed means nothing, even going at lightspeed.

Gamma waves are transverse waves, like all other elecetrmagnetic raditaion. Their maximum power is not determined by how fast they move in the horizontal direction, but on the rate at which they shake up and down.

Hulk physical power is gamma rays, waves that give off energy that is equaivalent to a great many tiny masses individually moving at light-speed. Combine those masses and speeds and see what you get. The perdpendicular oscsillation of a gamma ray is so fast that an electromagnetic wave can travel no more than picometer in its horizontal motion within that same moment.

Large quantities of gamma rays are emitted by the sun and gamm ray bursts can light up a universe and outshine all other stars for a brief time.

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And yet he still doesn't beat Superman, Wonder Woman or other powerhouses who are in the same physical class as him along with being much faster and being able to react faster. It's nice you post all these Hulk feats to show what he's capable of but your pseudo scientific and arguments against faster opponents don't exactly work in all honesty. Plus TheAcidSkull has another respect thread on here so another one is a bit pointless. Still good scans.

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@lvenger said:

And yet he still doesn't beat Superman, Wonder Woman or other powerhouses who are in the same physical class as him along with being much faster and being able to react faster. It's nice you post all these Hulk feats to show what he's capable of but your pseudo scientific and arguments against faster opponents don't exactly work in all honesty. Plus TheAcidSkull has another respect thread on here so another one is a bit pointless. Still good scans.

You know what really doesn't work? You trying to say that the generic ability of "super-strength" works different for the Hulk, which is what you're doing when you deny the fact that Hulk isn't slow compared to anyone, just because you don't like him as much as the other characters you mentioned.

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@dum529001: Really? I don't like my 7th favourite superhero so I downplay him for powerhouses who can beat him like Gladiator, Captain Atom or Supergirl who I don't like as much as the Hulk. If you really want more proof that I actually like the Hulk, just go here and then shut up about it for the forseeable future please. This is the second time I've had to tell you I really like the Hulk and it's getting old to have to show you up for your stupidity:

And if you don't feel like reading it, here's what I say about why I like the Hulk "His place is more owing to the classic savage Hulk than the badass cool Green Scar but the clash between the monster inside Bruce Banner and the Hulk's many awesome fights that conveyed the power of this guy. Despite having the looks of a beast or a monster, the Hulk is a heroic figure through and through at the end of the day. Someone who uses his near limitless strength to protect the puny humans who fear and loathe him. If that's not the mark of a hero, I'm not sure what is."

Is this enough proof for you?

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