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The Marvel Omniverse also presents a vast range of Cosmic Entities, whose powers over the unthinkable happen, being in universal scales and multi-universal. Through the years we have witnessed Marvel the biggest displays of power in any universe.

In a universe with powerful cosmic entities such as the Living Tribunal, Beyonder, The Celestial evolved cosmic cubes, Galactus, the Rangers, Odin, Dormmamu and Mephisto to name a few and they are better known, samples may be inconceivable to !. But not only the forces of the universe can accomplish unimaginable feats of power, there are some men who have been gifted with powers beyond description and that they can compete at a cosmic entity. Consider just small examples of what these different cosmic entities can achieve.

The Entire Marvel is formed by an infinite number of Megaversos, which in turn are composed of an infinite number of Multiverses, the Multiverses contain an infinite number of universes. In this Omniverse the Living Tribunal is the supreme judge, he is the protector of the mystical balance ALL the Multiverse, he is unique in creation and the second greatest power in all realities.

The Living Tribunal is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent in all creation. No dimension is beyond its domain ... he is the ALL in the omniverse. Beyond time, in the domain of the 16th Dimension ... mastery of the situation of the superspace multiuniversal ... Beyond mortal comprehension, the Living Tribunal oversees the process by which the fabric of existence is woven. [

Adam Warlock cosmic compassion in court for possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, knowing that now he had omnipotence and supreme power, capable of destroying entire universes, Warlock would refuse to be tried, in a rage almost destroy the powerful manifestation of Eternity , which would knees. Again using the Infinity Gauntlet Warlock easy and completely obliterate all cosmic entities present (The Master of the Order, Love a Celestial, The Stranger, The Hate, Epoch, Uatu, Galactus and Lord Chaos). Living Tribunal will suffice at a snap of his fingers to restore all entities present, to the surprise of Warlock, stating that for him even the power of the Infinity Gauntlet is anything!.

The Starbrand is an "object" a brand that gives its holder infinite power, limited only by your imagination, but forms in different worlds, have generally the same way. In itself, belongs to the New Universe, another multiverse that exists apart from the main Marvel Multiverse. A normal person can grant the awesome powers Starbrand in someone like Ereshkigal hand power over a multiverse!. When Quasar accidentally entered the New Universe, to be brought back and pollute the energetic Starbrand from another main Marvel multiverse multiverse (616). The Living Tribunal had to correct the anomaly faced Ereshkigal had acquired Starbrand and so had become a threat to the entire multiverse. Being defeated Starbrand Ereshkigal would use the power of suicide but it would be saved by Living Tribunal.

* New Universe is also known as 148611 Earth, but exists outside the main Marvel Multiverse related to Reality 616 or Earth 616. As Uatu Quasar speculated and confirmed shortly after New Universe would be one of the infinite Multiverse that make up the Marvel Omniverse. This situation is completely different in history, there are physical laws and cosmic entities we normally think.

The Starbrand also be used by the Stranger, I use a small portion to bring the New Earth Universe within 616 reality to experiment with it, but his experiments were stopped when the Living Tribunal Starbrand decree that was a threat to cosmic hierarchy of this Multiverse. The living tribunal would then create an impenetrable barrier, completely isolating the New Earth, the entire multiverse.

In an attempt to save a dying Jillian Woods, Anthony Druid business mystical entity known as the Omnivore Slorioth to save it in exchange for his soul. Over time, this covenant would Slorioth take the good Doctor Druid as his vassal and use it to manifest on Earth again. Despite being in another dimension Slorioth his presence was beginning to affect the universe, although only an infinitesimal part manifest achievement of his being, was powerful enough to confront and overcome the Defenders Secrets (Cadaver, Dagger, Deathlok, Drax, Sepulcre ) and Defenders (Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer).

Slorioth would be so powerful that its presence would start to tear the very fabric of creation, its true being would be so immense that no single universe could contain him, he was able to disrupt the temporal continuity of the universe, may threaten to destroy the cosmic entity Eternity . Because their nature was constantly expand Slorioth could cover dimensions. Only the small portion that had said almost unlimited power and the touch of their tentacles acid and corrupted burned their victims. To combat it, I invoke the presence of the very powerful mystical entities of Vishanti, which he realized that such a being would combat the destruction of the universe, the same Vishanti invoke the supreme power of the Omniverse, the Living Tribunal!. Although Slorioth argued that its presence in this reality had been hit by fair means, the almighty Tribunal banish this reality with just a thought!.

The Living Tribunal supreme judge of the multiverses ALL, isolate reality / alternate universe (Earth-82432) where Michael Korvac vanquish all beings of that reality. Viewing lost reality that the Court would use its power to separate this reality throughout the multiverse, even giving these beings the opportunity to save. With its isolated universe, Korvac would use the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy the entire universe, destroying the cosmic abstraction manifestation of all that universe! Destroying your Eternity!

When the being known as Rune try to collect 6 Infinity Gems in this reality was stopped by the Living Tribunal and the Silver Surfer, but the gems were scattered throughout the Ultraverso. Reunited now for Loki, Loki bet with Grandmaster Seventh Gem and provoke the confrontation between groups mightiest heroes of these realities, the Avengers against Ultraforce. This would cause 7 Infinity Gems again unite to form the originally being born, taking now the name and form of Nemesis. Nemesis would be so powerful that it was able to destroy both realities in a blink from two different Multiverse.

* The Ultraverse Reality would be listed as 93060, but by its nature exists outside the Marvel Multiverse, forming his own Multiverse. In Future Shock, would verify the existence of the Multiverse Ultra.

Nemesis then created a small version of Earth, based on a combination of both realities (an amalgam). By using such different materials two universes collapse her fragile creation, apparently knocking down the walls that separate the different lands, causing the Avengers and the Ultraforce are put together with different alternative versions of themselves. Nemesis would have to face and the combined power of the heroes from different realities that could easily destroy. Only Ultras original Avengers and survive to fight and finally defeat Nemesis. The Black Knight succeed in destroying the seventh gem causing separation. The "death" of Nemesis recreate both realities again.

The power of the Infinity Gems can create and destroy universes!. The energy released by nemesis during his "death" was so great that each wave created and destroyed a new reality, creating multiple versions Ultraverso, every wave that followed the first creating a new reality, but doing so would destroy the same realities that was created, ie the new universes being born!. The Gem of Reality and Time had rebelled against their sisters, eventually causing the defeat of Nemesis, and had separated a nanosecond after the first wave causing creative new universes created were unstable, without concepts of time and damaging the fabric of reality. With the help of Amber Hunt, the Reality Gem Gem seek to time through other realities, to return together at the right time when the other 4 gems were alone and other creative waves taking place, managing to restore Multiverses actually two!

* Yes Infinity Gems operate outside the main Marvel Multiverse and can exert power over entire realities.

In his first event the Beyonder meet the heroes and villains poderos the planet to face them in the first Secret Wars. Beyonder would take with them the mighty Galactus. Giving an example of his power, completely destroy Beyonder a spiral galaxy, making room and then create the giant planet known as the Battleworld, joining him with pieces torn from hundreds of worlds throughout the universe, leaving the only orbit sun Galactic survived the destruction.

Galactus with his cosmic senses I can feel that being known as the Beyonder actually belonged to another universe, beyond even the multiverse, and feeling their huge energy levels, Galactus would try to calm your appetite cosmic consuming the Beyonder, but it would be quick and easily defeated by this first event the Beyonder.

With only a thought Beyonder rips the fabric of reality itself around, imploding suns, worlds collide, collapse dimensions / parallel universes on themselves, while deciding whether to erase this universe out of existence.

In the Worldcomplex, the giant Celestial barracks, the Beyonder trying to show that he is the most feared being of creation, would challenge the Celestials stationed at the base, threatening to destroy the universe, but it stopped, his threats would result than expected when the Celestials Beyonder launched a frontal attack against him, but even these giant space gods (which are certainly more powerful physical entities of the universe), they could not defeat the Beyonder which would quickly realize them.

* This beyond amazing feat of Beyonder was revealed later (or rather retconeada) as only an illusion created by the Celestials with the intention to explore the true intentions of the Beyonder. They could have easily defeated but then allowed him to believe that he had defeated Beyonder.

A furious Beyonder also cause destruction through the entire multiverse.

Owen Reece, known as the Molecule Man, would repair all the destruction caused by the Beyonder in the multiverse with just one finger.

Having created a machine that human the Beyonder would lose his omnipotence momentarily, not liking the experience quickly regain its power, which is millions of times more powerful than the rest of the entire multiverse powers combined.

The battle of two of the most powerful beings that there is felt on every planet and every dimension in the multiverse.

Beyonder Mentions Molecule Man's attack could have destroyed billions of dimensions.

The Original Beyonder was the embodiment of an entire Multiverse. In the words of Jim Shooter (creator of the Beyonder), the Beyonder would be the embodiment of an entire Multiverse apart, which was also witnessed by Mephisto.

The post-retconned Beyonder came to be known as an incomplete Cosmic Cube who created his own universe, where he was the whole and all things.

Kubik and the Shaper come to the universe created by the Beyonder, to reveal their true origin, the Beyonder then against Kubik would fight in a battle that would rock the entire universe created by the Beyonder, Molecule Man would also come to this fight 4 virtually omnipotent beings , each holder of power of a cosmic cube. Kubik achieve even lock the Beyonder and his entire universe in a small area, Kubik could even destroy the universe but for the intervention of the Shaper.

Molecule Man and the Beyonder was again found (post retconeo). Having returned to power draw from Kosmos Owen achieved Beyonder essence. Their battle would be fought on every plane of existence, releasing incredible energy, destroying the laws of physics, through time and space, since the trans-multiversal Quantum, reality trembles at the incredible forces unleashed, causing unimaginable destruction Across the Universe: Galaxy M31 in the center of a planet spontaneously becomes antimatter destroying, in a world Skrull a statue weep blood, in the two-dimensional world called Flatland discover a new dimension called height, in the year 3197 one small plant acquired superhuman intellect in the Crab Nebula beings known as the Watchers are inexplicably blind. Taking advantage of the weakness of the Beyonder, Owen Reece beat achieved. Kubik come to warn that the death of someone like the Beyonder would bring devastating consequences, causing damage cosmography unthinkable in the multiverse.

The Phoenix Force into a powerful entity, the embodiment of life and death, love and destruction and an enigma to the great powers of the universe, a character Multiversal entity, manifested through all realities in search of human hosts that carry His infinite and omnipotent power, a transforming power.

Some have shown their avatars come to possess such power to affect and transform the universe!. Jean Grey who managed to join the entity Phoenix, proved capable of amputating an entire full timeline of the Universe-616 (Alternative Reality separating 15104), and hold the universe in the palm of your hand and to achieve control it telekinetically, creating a new future for Scott (Cyclops).

In another reality (Earth-81727) Jean Grey did not die in the epic battle that claimed the X-Men in the Moon against Imperial Guard Sh'iar. This Jean would be lobotomized and apparently "cured" of the Phoenix. But would soon resurface again in Phoenix when they fought on the planet Arama with Terrax. Phoenix then easily defeat Terrax, melting easily his cosmic ax, making even just flesh and blood, removing cosmic powers as punishment (when he could have destroyed completely). Faced then prove that Galactus was almost as powerful as the decorator of this reality worlds. Matching, give up the fight Galactus Jean leaving with a warning, that if she had the powers of a god, come the day she had the appetites of one. Soon Galactus's warning would be performed when star Jean would need to consume to maintain minimum power levels, but the Phoenix is ​​a creature of passion and Jean quickly lose control and in an outburst of anger completely incinerate Kitty, confronting and killing after all the X-Men. On the death of Cyclops and Jean repentance, the power of the Phoenix explode, engulfing and destroying the city, then the Earth and its destruction would not stop, would grow and expand to destroy the entire universe! Completely destroying the Reality-81727.

In another reality (Earth-89112), Rachel Summers Phoenix Force avatar, destroy adamantium skeleton of Wolverine and purify the entire planet. But even as multi-universal powers as the Phoenix, are under the supervision and designs of the Almighty Living Tribunal.

In another one Celestial timeline would use his incredible science and technology to increase the appetite of Galactus geometrically and use it as a weapon, with the intent that this consume the entire universe! Ensuring its own survival the Celestial planned to become the center of a new and reborn universe. This huge and hungry Galactus and begin to consume the time and space itself. Our 4 Fantastic, Iron Man and Thor, try to save the universe. Despite how immensely powerful it was this Celestial - I was able to move through time itself! - Was also consumed by the immense power of Galactus, already at this level was destroying the universe. I drink Celestial Despite the necessary energies to calm the hunger of Galactus this was only momentary and Galactus to consume the universe begin once again, and with his insatiable hunger sentenced this universe, this Galactus back to sanity by the energies of Thor, Iron-Man and Johnny nova, use the Ultimate Nullifier to completely destroy this reality.

When Galactus "died" the embodiment of destruction that is Abraxas began his destruction throughout the Multiverse, causing the alternate Earth they were merging with ours and that the realities were folded on themselves, literally tearing around the Multiverse! !. Richards discovered the Multiverse misalignment and use the Ultimate Nullifier to correct misalignment multiuniversal, destroying and recreating the Multiverse in just a moment! Restoring harmony in the universal realignment and eradicating the existence of Abraxas in the new Multiverse.

Uatu testify from a galaxy adjacent the birth of a Heavenly awesome!. Barreling in Galaxy Black - containing whole bio-verse - born the Heavenly Blue. Stellaris the Celestial executioner, use his most powerful attack, is trying to destroy the nascent Celestial, his suicide would cause the entire universe reverberates with the replica of an explosion so powerful, so terrifying that would rival the original Big Bang to the story. The explosion would destroy the entire galaxy black and incredible power collapse on itself, being contained in the body of the new Heavenly!. The experience would be so unspeakable that almost flipped the High Evolutionary.

Only Tiamut awakening the Sleeping Celestial, cause the world to tremble, causing torsion of cosmic flow, and other cosmic entities such as The Vigilante for a moment I stand witness, even an entity like Galactus remember what it is to feel fear Tiamut before awakening.

Although the origin of the Celestial remains a mystery (even the Rangers know their origin) they are the most powerful physical cosmic entities. They can exist in different places at once and stored within its powerful bodies / armor a universe apart.

Kubik and Kosmos two beings able to alter the laws of space / time to his will, creators and destroyers of worlds, to compare themselves with a single Celestial, recognize that despite their power they are nothing for the transfinite (a number more large infinity) power levels have the Celestials, and they could not cope with such a being and expect to survive.

More than 1000 years ago, when Odin summoned the God-heads to decide how to confront The Celestials, and avoid these judge and destroy the Earth, a delegation of the almighty Odin, Zeus and Vishnu would come to face, but even the combined power of these gods would be nothing for the huge Heavenly, would be enough to Arishem the most powerful and the leader of this army, threatening to destroy their kingdoms and isolate them from the earth, forcing the gods to surrender momentarily.

Odin occupied the body of the Destroyer, a powerful and indestructible armor of war, harder and stronger than Uru or Adamantium, enormously powerful and blessed by the other Sky-Fathers of the Earth. Now occupied by the essence of the Father of All, plus the power absorbed by Odin of all Asgardians (except Thor) and carrying his mighty sword (The Oversword of Asgard or Odinsword) capable of cutting reality itself and would cause the destruction of universe! Odin-Destroyer would face all the 4th host of Celestials. The powerful entity known as the Uni-Mind (fusion of the whole race of immortals known as Eternals) from which it was said could rival a Heavenly Odin would join in the fight, but ... the Uni-Mind would be quick and two celestial easily removed. Odin would fight only practically accomplish great feats against the Celestials, but despite its power could not defeat the whole host of Heaven ... The Heaven at the end and destroy the giant exceed Uber-Destroyer!.

From Uatu the Watcher is said to possess the power to destroy worlds and galaxies put to tremble.

The Watcher created four powerful force fields for salutes the largest cities of a planet that broke into pieces, keeping them safe even in the vacuum of space.

Uatu Survive the devastating clash between Thanos (with the Infinity Gauntlet) and cosmic entities squad, only initial attack destroyed the entire solar system, killing billions of people, almost crashing the entire spectrum of reality. Uatu survived the destruction.

All Rangers race can become pure energy.

Uatu The power has created a new star in honor of the Celestial Madonna.

The High Court of the Rangers created a small universe as a gift for Uatu, who keep in his own body.

The battle between two guards (Uatu and Aaron) is infinite book through rivers of reality, attacking in many different planes. Uatu end Aaron would make living energy.

During "Cosmic Powers", mentioned that fighting Thanos Galactus with Tyrant must have destroyed entire galaxies.

During Thanos Imperative, the cosmic entity Death Cancerverse be manifested within a universe parallel to ours which was then in a war of conquest between universes. Death to enter this universe corrupted completely destroy this universe!

When abstract beings known as the Infinites, realigned the energies of each universe in a way they considered harmonious whole galaxies were moving, forming a wall of galaxies!. Seeing his enormous size to manifest, the Avengers have to invoke the almighty Eternity, living embodiment of the whole universe, but even the mighty Eternity would not match for these cosmic entities, which on passing on power to a simple reality.

Despite being very weakened Odin during his fight with Seth, destroyed entire galaxies and certainly much of the universe, fighting simultaneously on every plane of existence, shaking the entire universe, tearing even the very fabric of reality Multiverse! Threatening to destroy even the space / time continuum!.

Dormammu has been able to maintain a direct combat with the powerful cosmic entity Eternity, starting the very fabric of existence, destroying countless worlds, Eternity is the embodiment of the whole universe, Dormammu's attack is cosmic scale. Dormammu has also been shown to absorb dimensions (universes) whole into its own dimension The Dark Dimension, from which he has complete control.

Zeus the god of gods Olympic, his power would be so large that only one of their attacks put out of action the entire group of Avengers, including legs would completely destroy Captain America, despite being protected by his indestructible this shield . Zeus then face the mightiest heroes on Earth, resisting all kinds of physical and energy attacks and overcoming the power of all heroes combined, only the mighty Thor would be able to stand up momentarily.

During enslaved Zeus Chaos War Chaos King (King Chaos) to face the mighty Galactus would even knock out a powerful lightning, unleashing its true power.

* This Zeus was further enhanced by the power of the Chaos King, however, we must also note that this same Zeus was not on their normal levels of Sky-Father when it was powered by the Chaos King, since he had given the power of his Holy Lightning (Thunderbolt) to his daughter Athena during his "death". Now the Holy Lightning Zeus is apparently the equivalent of Odin Odin-Force. Which clearly draws extra power to the normal level of its possessor. So it is very possible that this feat of Zeus can be made with your own level of power máximo.También must take into account that Galactus was interrupted just as he was about to feed, so maybe it was not all his power. In any case, the whole series showed no signs of weakness certainly, but possibly was.

Thoth Uthana Ano-Athox ruler, was the equivalent in his universe the All-Father Odin. Thoth Uthana with only his power and desire kept alive all their dying universe!. Uthana could break down the walls of reality and begin a conquest of other dimensions, leaving only his universe allowed this collapse handing it to a cosmic death!

[Image 1] [Image 2] [Imagen3] [Imagen4] [Imagen5].

When Death-Gods of the Earth used their awesome powers to merge their realms (dimensions), the power unleashed by these entities alter the cosmic axis, Demogorge unexpectedly summoning the God Eater. Despite being them enormously powerful entities (Mephisto, Seth, Hela, Hades, Hereshkigal, Yama and Ahpuch), able to control their own dimensions / universes, would be completely overcome in power Demogorge!.

The same fate awaited them at the solar gods (Horus, Tawa, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl), lightning and thunder (Thor, Indra, Shamgo), which would come as champions of their pantheons to try to stop Demogorge. Despite commanding forces of nature, all fall under the enormous power of Demogorge!. Demogorge restore after returning cosmic axis hellish dimensions to his original lineup.

Surtur Muspelheim ruler, King of the Demons of Fire, which is destined to destroy the nine worlds / dimensions / universes that connect to Asgard, to reforge his fearsome sword Twilight (Twilight) fire destroyed the galaxy, destroying stars and planets, creating a giant cosmic forge, bringing together the material and energy star he needed for his sword. Each hit leaving the giant demon dwarf stars (in this level entities actually the size is unimportant) resonate through a billion billion worlds, echoing through the cosmos! The mighty sword Twilight is one of the most powerful weapons in existence, capable of cutting between universes and Surtur's hands or someone of your stature could destroy or remake creation!.

The fighting Galactus and Mephisto in his own realm infernal destroyed several planets with just the shockwave, shaking galaxies distressing disorder, unleashing power to destroy the stars themselves, Mephisto only relented when began devouring Galactus himself Mephisto's realm, resulting in a tie, the match between these two entities capases destroy entire galaxies.

Entities such as Mephisto can not be destroyed. When Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom fought against Mephisto in his own realm hell (where he is the supreme being), all would be in vain attempts to challenge the power of the lord of the underworld. Dr. Doom use his science using an antimatter bomb that theoretically should have eliminated Mephisto, but the lord of evil can not be eliminated through natural science.

When Satannish try to get through an adjacent dimension to the realm / dimension Mephisto, Mephisto would stop at the doors of its scale. Engaging and fierce fighting, both entities grow to unbelievable proportions intimidated trying, but so powerful entities how are you size does not mean anything. His devastating battle destroy the worlds of this dimension, causing the universe began to fragment into pieces, causing a spill mystical flow that would extend to the dimension / universe Mephisto and even the size of the Earth, causing destruction in the world and threatening to destroy it as well!. The demonic Titans had to suspend its fight for the moment because the intervention of Dr. Strange, but time is nothing to beings who measure their lives in Eons.

Franklin Richards one of the most powerful mutants who saw the universe, unleashed his power over evil lord beating Mephisto own power, it would delete all planes of spiritual existence, but evil can not be removed, Strange explain Mephisto always reborn.

Despite being only a child the son of Reed Richards, Franklin Richards has indescribable power levels. He can alter reality at will. Franklin has proven to create universes!. A human personification of Heavenly Ashema revealed as Franklin created the pocket universe where heroes were saved Earth after his brutal fight against Onslaught, Franklin would be able to create an entire universe, and create a nearly identical duplicate of Earth and with its inhabitants included, even creating life, being the God of all the universe. Even the Mighty Celestial potentially come to consider his equal.

After Franklin Richards also create another universe, this time a Baby Universe, thus creating you a world parallel to this. Power levels of the young mutant cause concern and fear even as powerful as Galactus entities.

In your form of Dark Phoenix (Dark Phoenix), Jean Grey (Phoenix embodying the power of Reality-616), in another galaxy, plunged into the heart of a star Type-G, very similar to our sun, with 14 million degrees Celsius at its center, the whole system was destroyed when the D'Bari star was completely consumed by Phoenix. D'Bari 11 orbiting planets, the fourth of them inhabited by five billion people, all the planets were completely destroyed along with the star.

When the fight goes beyond the physical, confrontation can be truly epic. The combat of the most powerful mutant minds Earth, Jean Grey and Professor Charles Xavier, was delivered through all the infinite planes of existence.

Jean Grey Phoenix Force avatar, save the entire universe to recharge the stasis field, pure network containing anti-energy Neutron Galaxy M'Kraan Crystal, which had absorbed the entire universe and caused a reaction in chain throughout the omniverse. The Phoenix grow so much that would dwarf entire solar systems.

Necrom was the Sorcerer Supreme of another dimension, having managed to steal a small fraction of the Phoenix Force, Necrom created the Anti-Phoenix. Trying to seize the full power of the Phoenix, Necrom face Rachel Summers (Phoenix Force Avatar), in combat, completely vaporize the surface of a planet, the moons would use as weapons. Necrom incendiary one of the giant gas planets making it a sun. Necrom completely devastate also that solar system. Rachel would beat Necrom overloading the power of the Phoenix, something even Necrom bear.

Rachel Summers avatar of the Phoenix Force also defeat a starving, weakened Galactus. Destroying your converter easily cosmic, Galactus try fight using his last strength, but in that state would be no match for the carrier of the Phoenix Force. Although completely exhausted by combat would show the Fenix ​​Galactus actually both are not so different despite of morality and humanity poses showing Phoenix trying to save the world I was about to eat Galactus, both feed on life , but while consuming Galactus ongoing life, the Phoenix is ​​powered by the life force to manifest in the universe. Who is worse life consuming Galactus or Phoenix that denies the existence to others?. Realizing the truth in the words of Galactus, the devourer Rachel worlds would continue their work, which instantly rebuild your drive with just a gesture.

Psionic entity Onslaught was sensitive awareness created two of the most powerful mutants in existence, Professor Charles Xavier and mutant known as Magneto. When Magneto pulled the adamantium from Wolverine's body leaving him badly wounded, Xavier reaction would result in mental onslaught Magneto, leaving him catatonic. But during mental contact, another plane of perception, Magneto's anger, his pain and longing for revenge entando astrally manifest within Xavier, joining all negative feelings, and suppressed by Xavier over his life, this would lead to being known as Onslaught, a being made of pure psionic energy combination of Xavier and Magneto!.

Desiring to show his power Onslaught, lead to the Astral Plane Jean Grey. Comparing himself with the power it once porto Jean as the Phoenix Force Avatar!. Fighting within this mental plane where defeat Onslaught Jean. He is a huge and terrible force, beyond the comprehension of the human mind, he is a god. Onslaught had not even reached the peak of his power then.

Onslaught was powerful enough to stop and defeat the Juggernaut, and even able to boot the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak in his own body, leaving powerless and helpless to Cain Marko!.

Having captured after Franklin Richards, Onslaught would become even more powerful by adding the powers to alter reality Franklin to yours!. Onslaught would become so powerful so as to face the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and The Avengers together and Xavier manifest in two planes of existence (the physical and the astral). Although the combined power of these heroes managed to break the armor of Onslaught and free Xavier, soon discover that these were the Onslaught desire to be free that Xavier was able to develop and release the true and overwhelming power!!. Combining the powers of Xavier, Magneto and Franklin fully unleash devastating psionic storm, which had become the heroes organic dust, had it not been for Sue's force field, backed by the powers of Cable and they were far enough distance not to receive the full effect of the power unleashed by Onslaught!.

Onslaught to its incalculable and would add further to the power of X-Man (Nathaniel Grey, omega level mutant whose psionic powers rivaled possibly Jean Grey, when she was avatar of the Phoenix).

Onslaught was one of the most powerful entities in the universe expressed, could manipulate reality itself, near-omnipotent, his power potentially infinite, practically invulnerable, indestructible, his power had cosmic scope. Combining the powers of Xavier, Magneto, Franklin Richards (one altering reality universally), Nat Grey (the most powerful psionic mutant on any reality), was capable of doing impossible!. Easily face and surpass the combined might of the heroes and most powerful beings on the planet!. Onslaught with his omnipotence would create a second sun that would go plummeting toward Earth!.

Chaos Wave unleashed by the power to alter the reality of the Scarlet Witch Wanda (Scarlet Witch) was so incredibly powerful as a tsunami caused cosmic destruction through the entire Omniverse!. Even the center of creation was affected, neither Rome nor Captain Britain, Omniverse keepers could do nothing to avoid it. Chaos Wave Wanda break the walls of causality (causality is the relationship of cause and effect). Its scope Omniversal was confirmed by Jim Jaspers another powerful mutant Omniversal power.

Dr. Estraño took the Beast to a dimension where you can see the magic in its physical form, showing the magnitude of the "spell" of Wanda ... this affection billion souls on different worlds and dimensions.

When the mutant known as Earth-238 Mad Jim Jaspers unleashed the wave known as the Jaspers'warp caused an alteration of reality that soon began to spread across the entire universe, threatening to spread to other universes. The Supreme Court Omniversal preceded by Lord Mandragon, decreed the destruction of all that universe and using the Celestial Nullifier completely destroy that reality. Although Jaspers died, however his creation Fury (The Fury), created to exterminate all superhumans (except him) he found, was totally indestructible and entirely lethal and survive the destruction of this universe.

The Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth-616, it would be even more powerful. This Jasper simply could not be destroyed with the destruction of a universe, the Jaspers would be exponentially more powerful than its counterpart from Earth-238. When the Jaspers began to unleash his powers he would be his own universe. This Jim Jaspers Omniversal would be considered a threat.

Before the multiverse existed, before Galactus or Eternity existed before creation itself there was only the King of Chaos (Chaos King - the emptiness, nothingness, chaos). After the emergence of the multiverse and life, a small portion of your being serious Japanese gods known by the name of Amatsu Mikaboshi. When Mikaboshi began to gain and regain their original shape power and start a chain of destruction and conquest destroying every pantheon of gods, demons and mystical entities throughout the universe, subjecting his power. Again as the Chaos King destroy the 98.76% of the multiverse!!.

When all the heroes of Earth were easily defeated by Chaos King, Panhellenios Sky-Father Hercules, called the powerful cosmic entity Eternity. Eternity then explain that he could not confront the King of Chaos, as he is darkness and chaos that existed before existence itself, the vast emptiness against which it is defined, also rate the Chaos King as a threat Big was Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet, which only sought to exterminate all life in this reality (Reality-616), King of Chaos wanted to return the vacuum that existed before the existence of any universe, he is an Anti- God.

* Well some important things I think, first of all that we know that concept Marvel universe are constantly being born or diverging in other realities, we know that Chaos King predates the existence of the universe that comes Galactus. When primary Eternity nowhere mentioned obviously refers to the original void before the existence of all things, before the existence of the Multiverse, or of himself that is the representation of the Multiverse (Eternity-Universe is a minimal representation of Eternity- Multiverse and it is also the same entity). Natural forces that seek the destruction of a Reality or Eternity-Universe are Death and Oblivion Oblivion where is the non-existence, nothingness that precedes the creation of a new universe. The Chaos King is the nothingness of existence, of all things, of creation itself!. Eternity is why it qualifies as an Anti-God or an Anti-toaa. It defends and confirms the threat Multiuniversal it was King of Chaos.

The power of Chaos King would drive to Death (Multi-Death?) Itself. Dr. Strange and Daimon Hellstrom confirm that when King began destroying Chaos realms / dimensions of the underworld caused the abstract entity of Death fled, hiding a fragment of his being in the body of Marlo Chandler.

Creator toaa omniverse? Intervened in the defeat of the King of Chaos?. To defeat the King of Chaos were necessary powers of creation itself. There are at least two references to The One obove All. The Journal of Fate a prophetess mutant reveal that to stop Chaos King would take the power of toaa. To this should awaken the primordial forces that shaped the worlds that sustain life, which would be called by Thunderbird (John Proudstar). Channeling the power of the god of the people and I take God name Thunderbird slaves attack the King of Chaos, the god Carrion Crow the devourer of the dead, dealing a mortal blow, but it still would not fall saying that due to powers beyond his, then Thunderbird invoke the powers of the earth and the One Above All, to allow him to defeat the Crow and save the Earth.

* Who is this toaa?. Thunderbird apparently invokes the same creative power, which gave form and life to the world. If you invoke the cosmic entity that is recognized as the creator of the omniverse, could be the Demiurge god and embodiment of power firstborn of creation from which all the gods. The Demiurge is apparently an aspect of toaa own anyway, so toaa be directly or indirectly involved in this war against chaos.

Glory was a huge entity that was the physical embodiment of all their pantheon, 10000 gods and all the worlds that worshiped him! Glory the most powerful god who voluntarily joined the Chaos King in his crusade to destroy all creation. Thor was fought valiantly but it would take the prayer of a young woman named Becca Steinhardt which would enable the defeat of Glory. Becca raise a prayer to be creative savior of men and gods!. Another reference to the entity that created everything. Again? Toaa?.

Overcoming their quality of Sky-Father Hercules had to become a God of gods in the style of Rune King Thor, dying and being created from the ashes and death, darkness and chaos, in the same way you struggle to live there , Hercules recreate himself! Emerging as a Super God! Wielding the power of creation itself (toaa Again?) To stop the Chaos King!.

The King of Chaos would be like a black hole sucking reality itself, collapsing spacetime. Now face Super-God Hercules who carried the power of creation itself. Distorting reality around these powerful cosmic titans collide. Although Hercules carrying power and support they could provide the most powerful heroes, could not overcome the King of Chaos, would only be defeated when Hercules and Amadeus Cho isolate the Chaos King achieved within the Universe Comtinuum that barely kept Galactus open. Unknowingly Chaos King would try to absorb the last traces of all creation within your being. Having managed to occupy completely the Continuum universe, the rest believe Chaos King have achieved return all existence to nothing.

* Pythagoras Dupree a human possessing a hipermente, created with a set of universes hipercomputadoras bubbles, creating a synthetic multiverse "real" for all purposes. The goddess Hera which then possessed the power of Zeus and channeling the faith of its followers would realize the existence Dupree Creations by The Continuum. The Continuum Universe (Multiverse really) would be used by Hera to copy this entire universe, but under his own design. The Continuum was created isolated from the main Marvel Multiverse and Hera plans fail would be completely empty. Now this universe / multiverse would be occupied by the King of Chaos, that exist outside the multiverse did cheat.

* The Bubble Universes are infinite size embryonic universes filled with matter and equivalent to our entire universe, or universes are in every sense of the word.

After his fight against the Chaos King Hercules Super-God would not accept being the new reformer of a new universe, but would use the last of his power to repair all the damage caused by the king of chaos, and back and everything the way it had been before the Chaos War. It was during this rebuilding process multiversal Hercules raised a multitude of fallen heroes and villains, including Zeus and Hera, many of whom had died before the events of the Chaos War. Hercules lose even their own powers and divinity in the process of recreating the multiverse, becoming almost human and returning to the gods his glory.

In an infinite Omniverse as only Marvel has, there is a huge amount of dangerous entities capable of destroying universes, multiverses, megaversos! Some just have manifested in our reality. When Stardust use his cosmic power to create a kind of dimensional portal to a place where powerful demons had been caught. He and Beta Ray Bill would free without knowing a small portion of one of these beings called Asteroth, a being who had enough power to destroy worlds in its wake. Planning first restore their true levels of power, begin to consume planets first, then solar systems, then galaxies, then universes!. Beta Ray Bill and Stardust join forces to stop, the battle would take to destroy entire planets. Overcome by the entity, Stardust would create a black hole to get rid of the dangerous event, but this does not impress Asteroth!.

Although Bill and Stardust are two of the most powerful beings in the universe and would fight bravely Asteroth his power would not be enough to stop it. It was the arrival and sacrifice of Alpha Ray Asteroth managed to surprise and precipitate within the cosmic singularity!. Asteroth omniverse presumably could consume it not been stopped before it achieves its aim. The threat may have been Asteroth was confirmed by a mysterious and grateful beyond entities who confirmed to Beta Ray Bill that this being could have consumed all existence!.

Hyperstorm had virtually unlimited powers, he could alter reality and control matter at the molecular level, electromagnetic manipulation, telepathy, etc.. His power emanated directly from the Hyperspace that provided him with a power and infinite energy. Conqueror of many worlds would meet the Fantastic 4 this reality where show to be superior to all of them, considered by Reed Richards himself as the power personified!.

* Hyperstorm (Jonathan Richards) was a powerful mutant son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers from another timeline on Earth-967 (Earth divergent Universe-811 "Days of Future Past"). Hyperstorm as the son of two of the most powerful mutants in the world, possibly possessed power levels higher than those of Franklin Richards of this fact, Reed Richards himself consider the power needed to stop Galactus.

To defeat Hyperstorm Reed would have to invoke the almighty Galactus a dimensional void that had exiled Galactus. Hyperstorm who previously fought the Fantastic 4 would ensure that not even Galactus had power to defeat him, but the cosmic titan Hyperstorm not need to fight when you just started the process of consuming the energy flowing through the body of Hyperstorm, that being Galactus would feed unlimited forever, thereby trapping the cosmic titans for all eternity. As Galactus return after this is ignored with Hyperstorm happened after this meeting.

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