Hulk vs The Greatest Cosmic Powerhouses of Marvel

The Most Powerful Beings in The Marvel Universe!!


In his first event, the Beyonder meets the heroes and villains on the battle-world planet to face them in the first Secret Wars. Beyonder also took the mighty Galactus along as well. Giving an example of his power, Beyonder completely destroys a galaxy, making room and then create the giant planet known as the Battleworld, joining him with pieces torn from hundreds of worlds throughout the universe, leaving the only orbit sun Galactic survived the destruction.

Having created a machine that human the Beyonder would lose his omnipotence momentarily, not liking the experience quickly regain its power, which is millions of times more powerful than the rest of the entire multiverse powers combined.

The battle of two of the most powerful beings that there is felt on every planet and every dimension in the multiverse.

Beyonder Mentions Molecule Man's attack could have destroyed billions of dimensions.

The Original Beyonder was the embodiment of an entire Multiverse. In the words of Jim Shooter (creator of the Beyonder), the Beyonder would be the embodiment of an entire Multiverse apart, which was also witnessed by Mephisto.

The post-retconned Beyonder came to be known as an incomplete Cosmic Cube who created his own universe, where he was the whole and all things.

Kubik and the Shaper come to the universe created by the Beyonder, to reveal their true origin, the Beyonder then against Kubik would fight in a battle that would rock the entire universe created by the Beyonder, Molecule Man would also come to this fight 4 virtually omnipotent beings , each holder of power of a cosmic cube. Kubik achieve even lock the Beyonder and his entire universe in a small area, Kubik could even destroy the universe but for the intervention of the Shaper.

Molecule Man and the Beyonder was again found (post retconeo). Having returned to power draw from Kosmos Owen achieved Beyonder essence. Their battle would be fought on every plane of existence, releasing incredible energy, destroying the laws of physics, through time and space, since the trans-multiversal Quantum, reality trembles at the incredible forces unleashed, causing unimaginable destruction Across the Universe: Galaxy M31 in the center of a planet spontaneously becomes antimatter destroying, in a world Skrull a statue weep blood, in the two-dimensional world called Flatland discover a new dimension called height, in the year 3197 one small plant acquired superhuman intellect in the Crab Nebula beings known as the Watchers are inexplicably blind. Taking advantage of the weakness of the Beyonder, Owen Reece beat achieved. Kubik come to warn that the death of someone like the Beyonder would bring devastating consequences, causing damage cosmography unthinkable in the multiverse.

Kubik and Kosmos two beings able to alter the laws of space / time to his will, creators and destroyers of worlds, to compare themselves with a single Celestial, recognize that despite their power they are nothing for the transfinite (a number more large infinity) power levels have the Celestials, and they could not cope with such a being and expect to survive.

Kubik explains the whole marvel actuality and hierarchy of power to Kosmos


The Watcher created four powerful force fields for salutes the largest cities of a planet that broke into pieces, keeping them safe even in the vacuum of space.

Uatu Survive the devastating clash between Thanos (with the Infinity Gauntlet) and cosmic entities squad, only initial attack destroyed the entire solar system, killing billions of people, almost crashing the entire spectrum of reality. Uatu survived the destruction.

All Watchers race can release their energy like so.

Uatu The power has created a new star in honor of the Celestial Madonna.

The High Court of the Watchers created a small universe as a gift for Uatu, who keep in his own body.

The battle between two guards (Uatu and Aaron) is infinite book through rivers of reality, attacking in many different planes. Uatu end Aaron would make living energy.

During "Cosmic Powers", mentioned that fighting Thanos Galactus with Tyrant must have destroyed entire galaxies.

When Galactus "died" the embodiment of destruction that is Abraxas began his destruction throughout the Multiverse, causing the alternate Earth they were merging with ours and that the realities were folded on themselves, literally tearing around the Multiverse! !. Richards discovered the Multiverse misalignment and use the Ultimate Nullifier to correct misalignment multiuniversal, destroying and recreating the Multiverse in just a moment! Restoring harmony in the universal realignment and eradicating the existence of Abraxas in the new Multiverse.

Uatu testify from a galaxy adjacent the birth of a Heavenly awesome!. Barreling in Galaxy Black - containing whole bio-verse - born the Heavenly Blue. Stellaris the Celestial executioner, use his most powerful attack, is trying to destroy the nascent Celestial, his suicide would cause the entire universe reverberates with the replica of an explosion so powerful, so terrifying that would rival the original Big Bang to the story. The explosion would destroy the entire galaxy black and incredible power collapse on itself, being contained in the body of the new Heavenly!. The experience would be so unspeakable that almost flipped the High Evolutionary.

Only Tiamut awakening the Sleeping Celestial, cause the world to tremble, causing torsion of cosmic flow, and other cosmic entities such as The Vigilante for a moment I stand witness, even an entity like Galactus remember what it is to feel fear Tiamut before awakening.

Although the origin of the Celestial remains a mystery (even the Rangers know their origin) they are the most powerful physical cosmic entities. They can exist in different places at once and stored within its powerful bodies / armor a universe apart.

In Heart of the Universe, Thanos was endowed with nigh-omnipotence and The Living tribunal, Chaos, the Stranger, Zeus fight him with all they've got!


Odin destroys Galaxies and planets:

Despite being very weakened Odin during his fight with Seth, destroyed entire galaxies and certainly much of the universe, fighting simultaneously on every plane of existence, shaking the entire universe, tearing even the very fabric of reality Multiverse! Threatening to destroy even the space / time continuum!.

More than 1000 years ago, when Odin summoned the God-heads to decide how to confront The Celestials, and avoid these judge and destroy the Earth, a delegation of the almighty Odin, Zeus and Vishnu would come to face, but even the combined power of these gods would be nothing for the huge Heavenly, would be enough to Arishem the most powerful and the leader of this army, threatening to destroy their kingdoms and isolate them from the earth, forcing the gods to surrender momentarily.

Odin occupied the body of the Destroyer, a powerful and indestructible armor of war, harder and stronger than Uru or Adamantium, enormously powerful and blessed by the other Sky-Fathers of the Earth. Now occupied by the essence of the Father of All, plus the power absorbed by Odin of all Asgardians (except Thor) and carrying his mighty sword (The Oversword of Asgard or Odinsword) capable of cutting reality itself and would cause the destruction of universe! Odin-Destroyer would face all the 4th host of Celestials. The powerful entity known as the Uni-Mind (fusion of the whole race of immortals known as Eternals) from which it was said could rival a Heavenly Odin would join in the fight, but ... the Uni-Mind would be quick and two celestial easily removed. Odin would fight only practically accomplish great feats against the Celestials, but despite its power could not defeat the whole host of Heaven ... The Heaven at the end and destroy the giant exceed Uber-Destroyer!.


Dormammu has been able to maintain a direct combat with the powerful cosmic entity Eternity, starting the very fabric of existence, destroying countless worlds, Eternity is the embodiment of the whole universe, Dormammu's attack is cosmic scale. Dormammu has also been shown to absorb dimensions (universes) whole into its own dimension The Dark Dimension, from which he has complete control.


Franklin Richards one of the most powerful mutants who saw the universe, unleashed his power over evil lord beating Mephisto own power, it would delete all planes of spiritual existence, but evil can not be removed, Strange explain Mephisto always reborn.

Despite being only a child the son of Reed Richards, Franklin Richards has indescribable power levels. He can alter reality at will. Franklin has proven to create universes!. A human personification of Heavenly Ashema revealed as Franklin created the pocket universe where heroes were saved Earth after his brutal fight against Onslaught, Franklin would be able to create an entire universe, and create a nearly identical duplicate of Earth and with its inhabitants included, even creating life, being the God of all the universe. Even the Mighty Celestial potentially come to consider his equal.

After Franklin Richards also create another universe, this time a Baby Universe, thus creating you a world parallel to this. Power levels of the young mutant cause concern and fear even as powerful as Galactus entities.

In your form of Dark Phoenix (Dark Phoenix), Jean Grey (Phoenix embodying the power of Reality-616), in another galaxy, plunged into the heart of a star Type-G, very similar to our sun, with 14 million degrees Celsius at its center, the whole system was destroyed when the D'Bari star was completely consumed by Phoenix. D'Bari 11 orbiting planets, the fourth of them inhabited by five billion people, all the planets were completely destroyed along with the star.

When the fight goes beyond the physical, confrontation can be truly epic. The combat of the most powerful mutant minds Earth, Jean Grey and Professor Charles Xavier, was delivered through all the infinite planes of existence.

Jean Grey Phoenix Force avatar, save the entire universe to recharge the stasis field, pure network containing anti-energy Neutron Galaxy M'Kraan Crystal, which had absorbed the entire universe and caused a reaction in chain throughout the omniverse. The Phoenix grow so much that would dwarf entire solar systems.


The Phoenix Force into a powerful entity, the embodiment of life and death, love and destruction and an enigma to the great powers of the universe, a character Multiversal entity, manifested through all realities in search of human hosts that carry His infinite and omnipotent power, a transforming power.

Some have shown their avatars come to possess such power to affect and transform the universe!. Jean Grey who managed to join the entity Phoenix, proved capable of amputating an entire full timeline of the Universe-616 (Alternative Reality separating 15104), and hold the universe in the palm of your hand and to achieve control it telekinetically, creating a new future for Scott (Cyclops).

Necrom was the Sorcerer Supreme of another dimension, having managed to steal a small fraction of the Phoenix Force, Necrom created the Anti-Phoenix. Trying to seize the full power of the Phoenix, Necrom face Rachel Summers (Phoenix Force Avatar), in combat, completely vaporize the surface of a planet, the moons would use as weapons. Necrom incendiary one of the giant gas planets making it a sun. Necrom completely devastate also that solar system. Rachel would beat Necrom overloading the power of the Phoenix, something even Necrom bear.

Rachel Summers avatar of the Phoenix Force also defeat a starving, weakened Galactus. Destroying your converter easily cosmic, Galactus try fight using his last strength, but in that state would be no match for the carrier of the Phoenix Force. Although completely exhausted by combat would show the Fenix ​​Galactus actually both are not so different despite of morality and humanity poses showing Phoenix trying to save the world I was about to eat Galactus, both feed on life , but while consuming Galactus ongoing life, the Phoenix is ​​powered by the life force to manifest in the universe. Who is worse life consuming Galactus or Phoenix that denies the existence to others?. Realizing the truth in the words of Galactus, the devourer Rachel worlds would continue their work, which instantly rebuild your drive with just a gesture.

Psionic entity Onslaught was a sensitive awareness created from two of the most powerful mutants in existence, Professor Charles Xavier and mutant known as Magneto. When Magneto pulled the adamantium from Wolverine's body leaving him badly wounded, Xavier reaction would result in mental onslaught Magneto, leaving him catatonic. But during mental contact, another plane of perception, Magneto's anger, his pain and longing for revenge entando astrally manifest within Xavier, joining all negative feelings, and suppressed by Xavier over his life, this would lead to being known as Onslaught, a being made of pure psionic energy combination of Xavier and Magneto!.

Desiring to show his power, Onslaught lead Jean Grey to the Astral Plane. Comparing himself with the power Jean had as a Phoenix Force Avatar! Fighting within this mental plane where Onslaught defeats Jean. He is a huge and terrible force, beyond the comprehension of the human mind, he is a god. Onslaught had not even reached the peak of his power then.

Onslaught was powerful enough to stop and defeat the Juggernaut, and even able to boot the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak in his own body, leaving powerless and helpless to Cain Marko!.(Thor has done this with a God-Blast and Hulk has done it with his bare hands)

Having captured after Franklin Richards, Onslaught would become even more powerful by adding the powers to alter reality Franklin to yours!. Onslaught would become so powerful so as to face the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and The Avengers together and Xavier manifest in two planes of existence (the physical and the astral). Although the combined power of these heroes managed to break the armor of Onslaught and free Xavier, soon discover that these were the Onslaught desire to be free that Xavier was able to develop and release the true and overwhelming power!!. Combining the powers of Xavier, Magneto and Franklin fully unleash devastating psionic storm, which had become the heroes organic dust, had it not been for Sue's force field, backed by the powers of Cable and they were far enough distance not to receive the full effect of the power unleashed by Onslaught!.

Onslaught to its incalculable and would add further to the power of X-Man (Nathaniel Grey, omega level mutant whose psionic powers rivaled possibly Jean Grey, when she was avatar of the Phoenix).

Onslaught was one of the most powerful entities in the universe expressed, could manipulate reality itself, near-omnipotent, his power potentially infinite, practically invulnerable, indestructible, his power had cosmic scope. Combining the powers of Xavier, Magneto, Franklin Richards (one altering reality universally), Nat Grey (the most powerful psionic mutant on any reality), was capable of doing impossible!. Easily face and surpass the combined might of the heroes and most powerful beings on the planet!. Onslaught with his omnipotence would create a second sun that would go plummeting toward Earth!.


When Death-Gods of the Earth used their awesome powers to merge their realms (dimensions), the power unleashed by these entities alter the cosmic axis, Demogorge unexpectedly summoning the God Eater. Despite being them enormously powerful entities (Mephisto, Seth, Hela, Hades, Hereshkigal, Yama and Ahpuch), able to control their own dimensions / universes, would be completely overcome in power Demogorge!.

The same fate awaited them at the solar gods (Horus, Tawa, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl), lightning and thunder (Thor, Indra, Shamgo), which would come as champions of their pantheons to try to stop Demogorge. Despite commanding forces of nature, all fall under the enormous power of Demogorge!. Demogorge restore after returning cosmic axis hellish dimensions to his original lineup.

Surtur Muspelheim ruler, King of the Demons of Fire, which is destined to destroy the nine worlds / dimensions / universes that connect to Asgard, to reforge his fearsome sword Twilight (Twilight) fire destroyed the galaxy, destroying stars and planets, creating a giant cosmic forge, bringing together the material and energy star he needed for his sword. Each hit leaving the giant demon dwarf stars (in this level entities actually the size is unimportant) resonate through a billion billion worlds, echoing through the cosmos! The mighty sword Twilight is one of the most powerful weapons in existence, capable of cutting between universes and Surtur's hands or someone of your stature could destroy or remake creation!.

The fighting Galactus and Mephisto in his own realm infernal destroyed several planets with just the shockwave, shaking galaxies distressing disorder, unleashing power to destroy the stars themselves, Mephisto only relented when began devouring Galactus himself Mephisto's realm, resulting in a tie, the match between these two entities capases destroy entire galaxies.

Entities such as Mephisto can not be destroyed. When Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom fought against Mephisto in his own realm hell (where he is the supreme being), all would be in vain attempts to challenge the power of the lord of the underworld. Dr. Doom use his science using an antimatter bomb that theoretically should have eliminated Mephisto, but the lord of evil can not be eliminated through natural science.

When Satannish try to get through an adjacent dimension to the realm / dimension Mephisto, Mephisto would stop at the doors of its scale. Engaging and fierce fighting, both entities grow to unbelievable proportions intimidated trying, but so powerful entities how are you size does not mean anything. His devastating battle destroy the worlds of this dimension, causing the universe began to fragment into pieces, causing a spill mystical flow that would extend to the dimension / universe Mephisto and even the size of the Earth, causing destruction in the world and threatening to destroy it as well!. The demonic Titans had to suspend its fight for the moment because the intervention of Dr. Strange, but time is nothing to beings who measure their lives in Eons.

And What has Hulk done that compares to the power of Beyonder, Molecule Man, Kubik, Kosmos, Odin, Phoenix, Galactus, The Shaper of Worlds And the Celestials??

First of all let me ask...

Which is greater?

A. the energy required to pull earth out its orbit of the sun


B. the energy required to reverse the planet's orbit, therefore pushing back and overpowering the electromagnetic force the sun puts on the earth?

The answer is B.

If you would actually read it, this is exactly what the Hulk is shown doing in this comic scan:

Overpowering a field of energy endowed with sufficient power to change the orbit of a planet(Tales to Astonish #89)

Hulk has the power to move a planet at baseline.

The fact that the field strength needed to be increased is proof that Hulk was contesting that kind of power.

Even so, Hulk showed power to overcome a planet's kinetic energy, which is better than overcoming the force it has while it's just sitting there in its static state.

It takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons(6.3285*10^17) just to stop the earth's orbit. Hulk overpowered energy that could not only stop a planet's orbit but reverse it as well, which means Hulk was able to put out even more power than that.

The gravitational binding energy of earth is 224 nontillion joules(224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). There is 4 quadrillion 184 trillion joules per megaton(1 Mt = 4,184,000,000,000,000 J). Therefore, it takes 53 quadrillion 537 trillion 285 billion megatons to smash earth to smithereens(5.3537285*10^16). That's as much energy as the sun produces in a week! According to what Hulk has shown, Hulk can also destroy a planet at his baseline power level.

Do you know how fast a 1 ton object has to move to put out energy equal to earth's orbital energy?

Since it takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons or 2 decillion 700 nontillion joules(2.7*10^33)to stop earth's orbit then we just need input 1 ton as our mass value and solve for the speed.

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(1000 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/500= 5.4*10^30 = 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 5 nontillion 400 octillion)

X=2,323,790,000,000,000 m/s (the value of X found!!!)

That's 2 quadrillion 323 trillion 790 billion meters per second!

The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. So how much faster than light is a 1 ton object with earth's orbital energy?

2,323,790,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters per second=7,751,329.08781

That's 7 million 751 thousand 329 times faster than the speed of light(with some decimal points)!! An incredible speed!

Since the arm is only 6 percent of the body's mass the real speed would be:

6% of 1000 kg= 60 kg

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(60 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/30=9*10^31= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 90 nontillion)

X= 9.486833*10^15= 9,486,833,000,000,000 m/s(the value of X found!!!)

That's 9 quadrillion 486 trillion 833 billion meters per second.

9,486,833,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters pers second= 31644668.6594

That's 31 million 644 thousand 668 times the speed of light!(with decimal points) An incredible display of Hulk's superhuman speed.

At a second meeting years later, The Stranger recognize that Hulk was even stronger than before because once again, Hulk shrugs off the energy that the Stranger uses in an attempt to render him motionless in Marvel Two-In-One annual #2:

Here's Hulk doing a feat of great cosmic proportions once again:

Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure (Defenders #3)(with the size of the singularity estimated in about seven feets according to the Schwarzschild radius, then it's mass/gravitational attraction, by the equivalence principle, is thus equivalent to roughly two hundreds Earths),

Hulk matches power and withstands attacks from Galaxy Master, a foe with planet-splitting power, not once but twice! in incredible Hulk #112and incredible Hulk #270:

Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master, from Incredible Hulk #112:

Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master rematch, from Incredible Hulk #270:

One of the Hulk's sons, Hiro-Kala, has the power to throw a planet at the earth with planet-busting force with the use of two power sources known as the "old-power" and "new-power" but the Hulk resists his power in Incredible Hulks #615-16:

World War Hulk vs Hiro Kala, from Incredible Hulks #615-16:

Here's the Whole Scene of Hulk Pushing apart the two Spheres of Matter and Anti-matter (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2):

This feat involving matter and anti matter is akin to the "irresistible force meets the immovable object".

Anti-matter electrons are on opposite spin from normal matter's electrons and when they collide they start destroy each other and those forces of atomic destruction are converted into energy, the matter and antimatter being destroyed in the process.

It would take unending amounts of energy to stop the energy conversion, because matter and antimatter don't stop bashing each other once they come into contact. To stop the release of energy you'd need irrestible resistance forces.

Classic Dr. Strange's mystic barrier can't withstand the punches of "the most powerful creature on the face of the Earth," from Defenders #18:

Savage Hulk's punches against the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak cause such painful feedback against classic Dr. Strange, he loses concentration and gives Savage Hulk an opportunity to escape inIncredible Hulk #207:

A Mindless Hulk easily tears through Dr. Strange's mystic barrier in Incredible Hulk #299:

He's literally snuffed out Dormammu's head with a sneak attack from behind in Defenders vol.3 #5:

Even the Collector's most powerful forcefield is shattered by Savage Hulk's punches in Incredible Hulk#198:

And any such notion that the Gray Hulk can never achieve the heights of other Hulks' strength levels should be dismissed in the face of the following infamous feat. Launched by experimental anti-magnetic jet-propelled rocket springs, the Gray Hulk busts apart an asteroid measured to beTWICE the size of the Earth in Marvel Comics Presents #52:

Gray Hulk definitely does not lack in striking power as he manages to best the Abomination. "On paper, the Abomination may, technically, be the more powerfulof the two. The [Gray] Hulk never read those papers." From Incredible Hulk Annual #15:

When push comes to shove, the Gray Hulk is more than capable of wrestling Wonder Man toe-to-toe in Hulk Smash Avengers #4:

Without any sort of leverage against Glorian's bands, a power reality warper, Gray Hulk still musters enough strength to break free in Incredible Hulk #355:

And no description of mine can supplant the comic's own description here when Savage Hulk confronts a forcefield of Deviant technology powered by the Sacred Flame: "That something -- anything -- could grip hold of an energy field should be impossible! But the Hulk grabs hold just the same! The field begins to stretch like a physical thing in his grasp -- as he pushes and pulls with ever-increasing might, until -- the barrier collapses!" From Incredible Hulk #242:

Ripping off a powerful device designed to fight against the Celestials(Incredible Hulk #242)(levelling down, if it could withstand power proportional toKubik's, many orders of magnitude inferior to the Celestials, that's already significant)

A Mindless Hulk literally tears Nightmare's Realm apart (Incredible Hulk #299)

In an attempt to counter a attack from Night-Crawler, the Savage Hulk slams his hands together with so much force that not only does he defuse the attack, but he manages to destroy all the planets/landmasses within the entire dimension(Incredible Hulk #126)!

Sending concussive force throughout countless dimensions by the impact of his collision with theIronclad(Incredible Hulk #305)(entire dimensions, and not multiversal planets. First, the writer describes dimensions and where there are planets there are also dimensions, since every planet is situated in dimensions. Therefore to send concussive force to planets propitiates send concussive force to dimensions and their multitudes of astronomical entities. Second, there are dimensions without planets: Universes in the beginning of formation, universes where equal quantities of matter and antimatter were produced and generated only radiation, etc. Besides, there are infinite inter-branched parallel universes in the Omniverse. Therefore the postulate that suggests only planets received the entire energy is probabilistically equal to zero. Finally, the planets shown there were just examples of what occurred inside the dimensions. The same argument is applied for the premise that they were only sub-sections of the universe, just replacing the words "planet" for "sub-dimension" and "dimension" for "universe". It is important to perceive that the U-Foes's powers were vastly augmented while on Earth, so that Vectorrepelled reality itself and transported them to theCrossroads)(Incredible Hulk #304).

Hulk contains the energy of an parallel universe in incredible Hulk #349-350:

Hulk destroys the armor of Onslaught, a foe who's power was on par with the Celestials, with a shot delivered from the ground without any leverage in Onslaught: Marvel Universe#1:

In Marvel: The End #4, the Celestial Order powered by the Heart of the Universe, one-shot Namor and Dr. Strange while Savage Hulk shrugs off those same blasts:

Hulk has also tanked a shot form emma frost , who had 1/2 of the phoenix force, and showed no Sign of damage whatsoever in Avengers vs. X-men #11:

Hulk fights the Red Hulk!!

Red Hulk beats down Uatu, the Watcher through his ability of absorbing energy from other Super-powered Beings enhance his own strength in Hulk #4.

Hulk vs Red Hulk(First fight) in Hulk #4

Red Hulk beats down Odinforce-Thor in the same way he beat the Watcher in Hulk #5

Hulk finally beats Red Hulk in Hulk #6

World War Hulk was powerful enough to match an all-out Sentry, a guy with the power of a million exploding suns, blow for blow in World War Hulk #5:

Hulk fights and defeats Dr. Strange while he's possessed by Zom, a demon even more powerful than Dr. Strange,Dormmamu or Umar

Zom-possessed Strange literally blew gaping holes through World War Hulk and he'd heal them in the space of panels, from World War Hulk #4:

Everything done in the World War Hulk storyline is Hulk holding back with his punches. Amadeus Cho confirms that with his abilities in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

There isn't really anybody in comics who gets a second wind like World War Hulk. After Bruce and Bob beat the alter-egos out of each other, a spike of anger just brings back a seemingly exhausted World War Hulk to full power... and beyond. From World War Hulk #5:

and there he is going "worldbreaker"...

As he ascends towards Worldbreaker levels, the shockwaves from even a single footstep are felt for hundreds of miles around, tossing helicopters in the air, and causing nearly irreparable damage to the bedrock of the Eastern Seaboard.

Even after he allowed the heroes to drain his gamma away, the damage he caused would have split Manhattan Island in half. From World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1:

The consequences of the Worldbreaker's shockwaves are unequivocally continental in scale. Amadeus Cho reminds Red She-Hulk, "I know. I'm not worried about you... just the rest of the freaking continent." From Incredible Hulks #632:

And again in Son of Hulk #11-12

(Incredible Hulks #610-611)

It's made clear that the "worldbreaker" power-level wasn't just a one time feat. When he's pushed towards Worldbreaker levels again, the shockwaves produced are felt once again throughout the Eastern Seaboard mirroring his previous footstep. From Incredible Hulk #610:

Here are Hulk's fights with his Son, Skaar, as the "World Breaker":

Savage Hulk vs Skaar, from Skaar: Son of Hulk #12:

(Incredible Hulk #630-635)

And Again....

So we know, at worldbreaker power-levels, the Hulk ( and red she-hulk) make the earth quake merely by standing and could sink continents with a footstep.

obviously there's a difference in the amount of effort put into a punch and a footstep. Punches pack way more power and proportion speed than footsteps.

Merely by clashing with Red She-hulk, WB Hulk indirectly......

A. destroyed a planet


B. vaporized a guy on Silver Sufer power-level, as well as guys who rivaled Hulk at base-levels, and the Mindless ones(he even lets the guys attack him so he can amp up that much faster!!).

None of these things were even remotely the focal point of WB Hulk's attack, so they were taking the smallest effects of Hulk's(and Red She-hulk's) power, but they were still destroyed. That's just shows how insanely powerful WB Hulk is.

In a fight, when like-forces collide, 99.99 percert of that force should cancel out between the two forces. Some Marvel characters have been shown rocking and decimating universes merely by the collision of them and their opponent's power. The tiny bit of leftover force from their collsion was enough to decimate planets and universes!!!! That's just crazy powerful.

It's plain to see that worlbreaker Hulk's power is far above the average planet-busting powerhouse.

World War Hulk tosses Fin Fang Foom backwards with such force that Umar's enchanted shields are shattered in Incredible Hulks #634:

Despite the Red Hulk having forcibly absorbed some of World War Hulk's gamma energies, he is defeated by a final thunderclap in Hulk #24:

One of the most powerful entities Marvel ever published, a living cosmic cube, the Beyonder, famously commented, "You are nothing but raging power personified! An infinity of power -- with no finite elementinside!" From Secret Wars II #2:

The Mad Titan Thanos famously shared such trepidation when faced with the assault of a Power Gem wielding Champion, "In many ways I assume this is what it would be like battling the Terran behemoth, the Hulk. A conflict I've sought to avoid over the years." From Thanos Quest#1:

Various villains have recognized the Hulk's power. Apocalypse takes great notice of the Hulk's energies as they "may give [him] power over the Celestials themselves." FromIncredible Hulk #456:

Even the impossibly powerful Celestials recognize the Hulk's power. Gamiel the Manipulator searched for (and found in Hulk), "evolution's crowning achievement -- the pinnacle of what your species will become..." From Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur #1:

Doc Sampson finds that, through his own battery of tests, "There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk's strength!" From Incredible Hulk #228:

Here's Hulk overwhelming a quantum molder designed by Ultron to liquify and mold adamantium. During the fight Mad thinker, through mathematical formula, shows us once again what is already known to many, that Hulk's strength is incalculable in Indestructible Hulk #1:

Bruce Banner comes to the realization that the Hulk is incurable in indestructible Hulk #1:

Once again, it should be noted that Hulk is incurable because he is indestructible. Bruce Banner himself notes this when he says" I've come to believe the Hulk is indestructible" inindestructible Hulk #2:

Even the mutated super-genius, Leader, realizes, "The tests are worthless! There's no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do! I cannot build a device powerful enough to test him with!" From Tales to Astonish #73:

And Regarding the Most Extreme Feats of Marvel Characters:

Rocking entire universes is a warp speed(Faster-than-Light) feat. A HUGE one. People refer to it as "realiy warping" but fail to see that term's real significance.

That is something characters like Beyonder, Molecule Man , Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Odin Force-Thor, Sentry, and have been shown to do. They have even been shown to do this as an indirect effect of combat.


"The Most Powerful Muscles Of Any Living Thing On Earth!"

That quote is said many times in comics, Why is that? It's because....

Hulk is fueled by nuclear power(forces of atomic destruction) , also known as gamma rays. Its energy is reliant on the objects speed of vibration. This is the power of the Hulk.

Muscle power is all about the speed of muscle contraction. Muscles put out power by stretching and then rapidly shortening like rubber bands. Power is the force of an object and how fast that force is traveling.

Hulk hits with the same force of a nuclear arsenal with a mass of only 2000 pounds. His muscle contractions move at the speed of light or greater to do that, because of the atom smashing forces that he's fueled by, known as gamma-rays. Hisblows, just lika nuke, push forth a hypersonic wall of air capaable of completely devasting anything in front of it. Hulk's energy doesn't come from being as massive as planet.

Because of this, the writers don't have to directly state Hulk's speed when he's really cutting loose with his striking/thrusting.

The nature of gamma rays speaks for itself. Constantly stating Hulk's speed would just be redundant.

And of course, Hulk's muscle and skeletal tissue and all his other body tissues are built with the durability that is necessary to withstand putting out such great forces. If he couldn't, his body would fall apart.

Superhuman bodies are going to be more dense, denser than a normal human body, and which allows it to handle the pressures it puts on itself as it goes against the force of other objects, able to withstand their own rebounding force or forces that are akin to theirs. As we know Hulk, body is far denser than a normal human's.

It's the same on a human level. When you work-out constantly enough your muscles thicken. The reason muscles thicken when you workout is so they can exert more energy without being torn up in the process. The body is adjusting to the constant and abnormal energy output of the muscles by making them tougher to keep them from getting torn up.

Gamma rays bursts come from the most violent cosmic events in the universe, such as a sun collapsing in on itself, clashing neutron stars, black holes, etc.

unlike supernova, gamma ray bursts do not explode in a spherical motion but a jet-stream motion.

Gamma rays burst produce as much energy as the sun does in its entire billion year life cycle. The sun is like a trillion megaton bombs exploding every second. That would make the sun's total energy approximately That's about 31 nontillion 360 octillion megatons.


electromagnetic radition is a particle wave that moves the speed of light in one direction a vibrates at a certain speed in another.

In one direction UV rays and gamma rays travel at the speed of light, yet the partcles are so small that what really acoounts for the difference in power is the speed they move at from side to side.

How fast the wave vibrates from side to side is what determines destructive power.

Stars emit gamma rays, but since they are afar off from earth, by the time the rays reach us, their energy has died down so that they don't rupture atoms down to their cores, and so they become UV rays.

There you go! UV rays actually come from gamma rays. And gamma rays come from burning the energy of hydrogens which starts the chemical reaction known as nuclear fusion.

This is where the difference in wavelength/frequency comes from. The slower the vibration, the greater the wave lengh. And in reverse, the faster the vibration, the smaller the wavelength.

Hulk's energy doesn't come from being as massive as planet.

Hulk's bodily energy is on the level of a star or greater. The sun generates alot of energy at once but that is because it has billions upon billion of tons of hydrogen atoms to convert into gamma ray particles all at once. Hulk can genrate the same levels of energy but with less mass. That means they are faster and therefore more powerful than the sun. Their bodies are simply vast storehouses of energy.

Indestructible Hulk #1 Incredilbe Hulk #410 showing the nuclear power of the Hulk:


The Thunderclap: One the iconic ways Hulk displays his power

He can bring his hands together and create devastating shockwaves, hurling air particles at high velocities. They've been described as "louder than a jet plane's sonic boom." FromIncredible Hulk #4 and Fantastic Four #12:

So, what's the description of the shockwave from a nuclear explosion, exactly?

The same way an atomic bomb explodes and the fireball of nuclear energy pushes out a wave of air that is hundreds of times faster than sound that puts craters in the earth and causes most the widespread damage to buildings. 99 percent aren't killed by the atomizing radiation from a nuclear bomb since no one is usaully hit at point blank range, because otherwise they would be instantly vaporized, but they experience the secondary shockwave force and the left over radiation of the bomb.The secondary shockwave of an atomic bomb starts at about 184 Km/s or Mach 540 for a short distance before slowing down.

As I said before, much of the damage inflicted by a nuclear explosion is the result of its shock wave. There are two components to a blast's shock wave. First, there's the wall of pressure that expands outward from the explosion. It is this pressure, measured in psi (pounds per square inch), that blows away the walls from buildings. A typical two-story house subjected to 5 psi would feel the force of 180 tons on the side facing the blast. (Download the Quicktime movie entitled house to see an example of a building subjected to this type of pressure.) Additionally, the blast creates a 160 mile-an-hour wind. And that's only at 5 psi. The wind speed following a 20 psi blast would be 500 mph!

It's noted That Hulk's thunderclap is like a bomb going off in Incredible Hulk annual 1997:

Hulk bring literally brings down the house In incredible Hulk #246 and Tales to astonish #65:

Hulk is so powerful that he can shred just about anything in its path with just the hypersonic waves he can make.

it takes as much as 1.1 GPa to pull a stainless

steel wire apart, but wait a minute, how thick is the wire? Well, 1.1 GPa means 1.1 thousand million Newtons per

square metre. Thus, it takes a force of about 1.1 thousand million Newtons (equivalent to about one hundred

million kilograms, dividing Newtons by 10 gives you kg approximately) to pull apart a wire one metre in

cross-section (area = Pi x radius squared, for a circular wire, giving the wire a radius of 56 cm, or a diameter of

112 cm) - that's a very thick wire! In practise engineers might measure this on a bar of steel one centimetre

thick, but to compare this to say a plank of wood 10 cm thick, they scale everything up into one square metre

and quote the result as GPa or MPa. (One MPa or megapascal = one million Pascals).

Example: a steel wire with a cross-sectional area of one square cm, that's 0.0001 square metres, since there

are 100 cm in one metre and 100 x 100 = 10000 square cm in one square m (this wire will have a diameter just

over 1 cm) requires (1.1 GPa x 0.0001m = 0.00011 Newtons = 0.11 N = 110 N = 110 000 N) 110 000 Newtons

of force to break it.

Dividing by ten, this means that such a wire could hold 11 000 kg dangling from it, that's

about three of our elephants!

A single thunderclap shreds an entire battalion of tanks with force of "near nuclear proportions" in Tales to Astonish #67:

1 newton per 0.224808943 pounds force.

1,000,000,000, netwons= 224,808,942.44300002

That's 224 million 808 hundred thousand 924 hundred pounds!


224,808,942.44300002/2000= 112,000 tons

What is a shockwave and how does a sonic boom occur?

Shock waves are large amplitude pressure waves produced by an object moving faster than the speed of sound like a boat or plane, or other things such as an explosion, lightning or even a moving piston.When a source moves faster than the waves it produces, no waves will form in front of the source but will pile up behind and become compressed. The waves protruding are confined to a cone that narrows as the speed of the source increases and the waves bunch up, creating high-pressure regions outside the compressed waves. This border from inside to outside is the shock wave. The strength of a shock wave dissipates greatly with distance, much more so than a regular wave, as heat and other energy are more quickly transferred into the surrounding environment. Once enough energy has dissipated, the shock wave will become a regular wave such as a sound wave.

As for sonic booms.....

The “sound barrier,” in actuality, is the speed that must be attained by matter, — airplane, missile, water, air — where a vacuum bubble is created in the moving matter’s wake. When the vacuum bubble forms, the matter around it rushes into the vacuum without resistance of any other matter and therefore attains super-sonic speeds. When the matter rushing into the vacuum surpasses the “sound barrier,” a sonic BOOM occurs. An IMPLOSION. This is the sequence heard when an airplane goes super-sonic, or where a lightning arc super-heats the surrounding air so fast that it blasts away from the heat creating a vacuum bubble and then cooler air rushes into the vacuum. The vacuum causes very powerful implosions, one type of implosion is termed “inertial cavitation,” a phenomenon which can destroy propellers and water pipes. The implosion also causes compression which can instantly generate enormous heat signatures. Continuously occurring inertial cavitation will, over time, destroy metal by the continuous blasts of heat energy which eventually melts the metal away. Such damage looks as though the metal was chipped away.

What Hulk does isn't just about strength its about power. Power is the rate at which a force travels.

If the two objects produce the same force, which is faster? The one that's smaller is faster. How much faster depends on the difference in size. The fact the Hulk can move things more massive than him at great speeds demonstrates how much greater his own speed is. It shows his power.

#1. When you create great vibration through the earth by punching it and you are nowhere as big as the earth that's power. The force of Hulk's punch is translated into an earthquake. The force of the quaking earth and Hulk fist will be the same but the Hulk is the far smaller object, so he is mush faster. Earthquakes can easily travel 24 times the speed of sound. Hulk, being the smaller object, is much faster despite having equivalent force. A million tons(a billion kilograms) going at mach 24 is equal to 16 megatons of force. Obviously, the Hulk is much more powerful than that.

#2. When Hulk makes a thunderclap(a sonic boom) equal to that a nuclear bomb, he surpasses the sound barrier, leaving ripples of explosions and and implosions through the air behind his hands, his speed and force of his hands pushing forth a massive wall of air at hundreds of times the speed of sound, that takes power.

#3. Hulk's jumps have shown to be many times faster than sound. Travel a hundred miles in a single bound means you're going 400 times the speed of sound. Travel 1000 miles in a single bound and that's 4000 times the speed of sound. Not to mention Hulk has leaped to escape velocity more than once.

Due to gravity, an object starts dropping after one second. The object will drop 10 meters in one second and will drop faster every second. Speed is required to cover long distances by jumping before gravity pulls you down in one second. Jumping ability is all about power.

#4. Hulk has had people measure his power, which is how great and how fast a force is transfered over distance, and it is virtually beyond measure.

When people try to measure "Hulk power, they find it to greater than anything on earth and have trouble measuring it. Hulk has demonstrated to more powerful than any nuclear force on the planet with astronomical feats of power.

Hulk's is a nuclear equivalent. His striking feats are nuclear. Nuclear force that surpasses anything on earth. He sends out shockwaves of nuclear proportions. Mountain busting, continent leveling nukes have nothing on the Hulk. Hulk has shown power on the level with or surpassing, celestial objects such as stars and planets. Nothing to indicate slowness there, but the opposite.

#5. Hulk's power is gamma rays.

The speed at which electromagnetic waves go in the horizontal direction isn't what gives them their great power. The mass of the wave is so tiny that the speed means nothing, even going at lightspeed.

Gamma waves are transverse waves, like all other elecetrmagnetic raditaion. Their maximum power is not determined by how fast they move in the horizontal direction, but on the rate at which they shake up and down.

Hulk physical power is gamma rays, waves that give off energy that is equaivalent to a great many tiny masses individually moving at light-speed. Combine those masses and speeds and see what you get. The perdpendicular oscsillation of a gamma ray is so fast that an electromagnetic wave can travel no more than picometer in its horizontal motion within that same moment.

Large quantities of gamma rays are emitted by the sun and gamm ray bursts can light up a universe and outshine all other stars for a brief time.

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