Dum529001 Rundown of Incredible Hulks: Heart of the Monster

Hulk and Red she-hulk did not die when they fought each other, but everyone else did.

The planet destroying force of supernova is far greater than the force of its shockwave and its shockwave is nowhere near planet destroying. The shockwave from a supernova is typically only twice as powerful as any man-made nuclear bomb.

Just imagine how much greater the power Hulk and Red she-hulk's punch at point blank range is compared to their shockwave which can destroy planets as well as Hulk-level and Silver Surfer level foes

ncredible Hulks #635:

why do people lie about this stuff?

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Hulk was even Holding back in his fight with Sentry:

Keep in mind that the energy of a exploding sun, commonly known as a supernova, produce a trillion times the energy what need to destroy a planet. The power of the Sentry is at least million exploding suns, so at the time Hulk's power is at least a million times greater than a force that is one trillion times the power necessary to destroy the earth in one shot.

Its know n that Hulk can do planetary things without a sweat but this power-level during the World War Hulk story arc is very impressive when you think about it.

Consider the events of world War Hulk. Sentry was cutting loose like never before.

And Sentry power ls recognized by everyone. Reed Richard(Mr. Fantastic), Tony stark(Iron man), And Dr.Strange. The guy who created Sentry says that the serum that Robert Reynolds drunk draws power from another dimension of a million exploding suns.


During World war Hulk, The energy from Hulk's body heat alone could in level continents and pretty much the whole planet. If he's able to break a planet with body heat alone then just imagine what his punch will do to you!!!

Hulk's body not only feeds on gamma radiation, it emits it. And Hulk's used it in defensive and offensive ways. Here, he "expends his almost limitless energy and power, [and] his temperature rises to an unimaginable degree," melting his icy prison in Incredible Hulk #5:

An uncontrollable torrent of gamma radiation ends up incinerating bullets in mid-flight in Incredible Hulk#446. The amount of radiation he projects is so lethal, it instantly kills a handler who exposes his suit and even melts a containment unit that would smother a nuclear warhead:

There isn't really anybody in comics who gets a second wind like World War Hulk. After Bruce and Bob beat the alter-egos out of each other, a spike of anger just brings back a seemingly exhausted World War Hulk to full power... and beyond. From World War Hulk #5:

and there he is going "worldbreaker"...

As he ascends towards Worldbreaker levels, the shockwaves from even a single footstep are felt for hundreds of miles around, tossing helicopters in the air, and causing nearly irreparable damage to the bedrock of the Eastern Seaboard.

Even after he allowed the heroes to drain his gamma away, the damage he caused would have split Manhattan Island in half. From World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1:

The consequences of the Worldbreaker's shockwaves are unequivocally continental in scale. Amadeus Cho reminds Red She-Hulk, "I know. I'm not worried about you... just the rest of the freaking continent." FromIncredible Hulks #632:

Everything done in the World War Hulk storyline is Hulk holding back with his punches. Amadeus Cho confirms that with his abilities in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

And again in Son of Hulk #11-12

(Incredible Hulks #610-611)

It's made clear that the "worldbreaker" power-level wasn't just a one time feat. When he's pushed towards Worldbreaker levels again, the shockwaves produced are felt once again throughout the Eastern Seaboard mirroring his previous footstep. From Incredible Hulk #610:

(Incredible Hulk #630-635)

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Orders of Magnitude of a Marvel Powerhouse: The Hulk

Orders of Magnitude of a Marvel Powerhouse: The Hulk

First of all let me ask...

Which is greater?

A. the energy required to pull earth out its orbit of the sun


B. the energy required to reverse the planet's orbit, therefore pushing back and overpowering the electromagnetic force the sun puts on the earth?

The answer is B.

If you would actually read it, this is exactly what the Hulk is shown doing in this comic scan:

Overpowering a field of energy endowed with sufficient power to change the orbit of a planet(Tales to Astonish #89)

Hulk has the power to move a planet at baseline.

The fact that the field strength needed to be increased is proof that Hulk was contesting that kind of power.

Even so, Hulk showed power to overcome a planet's kinetic energy, which is better than overcoming the force it has while it's just sitting there in its static state.

It takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons(6.3285*10^17) just to stop the earth's orbit. Hulk overpowered energy that could not only stop a planet's orbit but reverse it as well, which means Hulk was able to put out even more power than that.

The gravitational binding energy of earth is 224 nontillion joules(224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). There is 4 quadrillion 184 trillion joules per megaton(1 Mt = 4,184,000,000,000,000 J). Therefore, it takes 53 quadrillion 537 trillion 285 billion megatons to smash earth to smithereens(5.3537285*10^16). That's as much energy as the sun produces in a week! According to what Hulk has shown, Hulk can also destroy a planet at his baseline power level.

Do you know how fast a 1 ton object has to move to put out energy equal to earth's orbital energy?

Since it takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons or 2 decillion 700 nontillion joules(2.7*10^33)to stop earth's orbit then we just need input 1 ton as our mass value and solve for the speed.

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(1000 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/500= 5.4*10^30 = 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 5 nontillion 400 octillion)

X=2,323,790,000,000,000 m/s (the value of X found!!!)

That's 2 quadrillion 323 trillion 790 billion meters per second!

The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. So how much faster than light is a 1 ton object with earth's orbital energy?

2,323,790,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters per second=7,751,329.08781

That's 7 million 751 thousand 329 times faster than the speed of light(with some decimal points)!! An incredible speed!

Since the arm is only 6 percent of the body's mass the real speed would be:

6% of 1000 kg= 60 kg

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(60 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/30=9*10^31= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 90 nontillion)

X= 9.486833*10^15= 9,486,833,000,000,000 m/s(the value of X found!!!)

That's 9 quadrillion 486 trillion 833 billion meters per second.

9,486,833,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters pers second= 31644668.6594

That's 31 million 644 thousand 668 times the speed of light!(with decimal points) An incredible display of Hulk's superhuman speed.

"Power" is the rate at which you do "work". Force/Energy flow per unit of time. Power is about the rate at which a force is transferred/travels. P= w/t.

"Work" is force moving over a certain amount of distance. W= F x d. # of Newtons X 1 meter= # of Joules

"Force" is mass multipled by an objects rate of motion. F= m x a. Measured in "Newtons".

The Difference Between Force and Power is: Power is about the amount of energy you produce in a short amount of time. If a planet is moving 100 times the speed of sound and a car moves so fast that it matches the forces of the moving planet, who has more power? They produce the same amount of force but due to the car's superior speed, it is more powerful than the planet because it generated the same amount of force in less time. That's the difference between Force and Power.

Hulk's body is a big AND fast machine like a car because of his great level of power.

The sun produces 90 megatons in a nanosecond and about 90 billion megatons in a second. That's the kind of power Hulk and Thor have. In fact, Hulk and Thor have exceeded this kind of power.

Planetary Orbital Speeds:

  • Mercury - 47.8725 km/sec = 107,000MPH= Mach 138
  • Venus - 35.0214 km/sec =78,350 MPH= Mach 102
  • Earth - 29.7859 km/sec = 66,630 MPH= Mach 85
  • Mars - 24.1309 km/sec = 54,000 MPH= Mach 70
  • Jupiter - 13.0697 km/sec =29,240 MPH= Mach 38
  • Saturn- 9.6724 km/sec = 21,640 MPH= Mach 26
  • Uranus - 6.8352 km/sec = 15,290 MPH= Mach 17
  • Neptune - 5.4778 km/sec = 12,250 MPH= Mach 15
  • Pluto (TNO, or dwarf planet)=10,700 MPH= Mach 14

At a second meeting years later, The Stranger recognize that Hulk was even stronger than before because once again, Hulk shrugs off the energy that the Stranger uses in an attempt to render him motionless in Marvel Two-In-One annual #2:

Here's Hulk doing a feat of great cosmic proportions once again:

Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure(Defenders #3)(with the size of the singularity estimated in about seven feets according to the Schwarzschild radius, then it's mass/gravitational attraction, by the equivalence principle, is thus equivalent to roughly two hundreds Earths),

Hulk matches power and withstands attacks from Galaxy Master, a foe with planet-splitting power, not once but twice! in incredible Hulk #112and incredible Hulk #270:

Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master, from Incredible Hulk #112:









Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master rematch, from Incredible Hulk #270:





One of the Hulk's sons, Hiro-Kala, has the power to throw a planet at the earth with planet-busting force with the use of two power sources known as the "old-power" and "new-power" but the Hulk resists his power inIncredible Hulks #615-16:

World War Hulk vs Hiro Kala, from Incredible Hulks #615-16:











Here's the Whole Scene of Hulk Pushing apart the two Spheres of Matter and Anti-matter (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2):

This feat involving matter and anti matter is akin to the "irrestible force meets the immovable object".

Anti-matter electrons are on opposite spin from normal matter's electrons and when they collide they build to their maximum attainable pressure, and then destroy each other and those forces of atomic destruction are converted into an energetic explosion, the matter and antimatter being destroyed in the process.

Antimatter realeases 100 percent of atom's energy. 1 gram of matter has the energy of 21 kiloton explosion. It impression that every fiber of Hulk's body is more powerful than this. Even more impressive is that Hulk's can withstand enoguh antimatter to destroy the earth.

Classic Dr. Strange's mystic barrier can't withstand the punches of "the most powerful creature on the face of the Earth," from Defenders #18:

Savage Hulk's punches against the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak cause such painful feedback against classic Dr. Strange, he loses concentration and gives Savage Hulk an opportunity to escape inIncredible Hulk #207:

A Mindless Hulk easily tears through Dr. Strange's mystic barrier in Incredible Hulk #299:

He's literally snuffed out Dormammu's head with a sneak attack from behind in Defenders vol.3 #5:

Even the Collector's most powerful forcefield is shattered by Savage Hulk's punches in Incredible Hulk#198:

And any such notion that the Gray Hulk can never achieve the heights of other Hulks' strength levels should be dismissed in the face of the following infamous feat. Launched by experimental anti-magnetic jet-propelled rocket springs, the Gray Hulk busts apart an asteroid measured to beTWICE the size of the Earth in Marvel Comics Presents #52:

Gray Hulk definitely does not lack in striking power as he manages to best the Abomination. "On paper, the Abomination may, technically, be the more powerfulof the two. The [Gray] Hulk never read those papers." From Incredible Hulk Annual #15:

When push comes to shove, the Gray Hulk is more than capable of wrestling Wonder Man toe-to-toe in Hulk Smash Avengers #4:

Without any sort of leverage against Glorian's bands, a power reality warper, Gray Hulk still musters enough strength to break free in Incredible Hulk #355:

And no description of mine can supplant the comic's own description here when Savage Hulk confronts a forcefield of Deviant technology powered by the Sacred Flame: "That something -- anything -- could grip hold of an energy field should be impossible! But the Hulk grabs hold just the same! The field begins to stretch like a physical thing in his grasp -- as he pushes and pulls with ever-increasing might, until -- the barrier collapses!" From Incredible Hulk #242:

Ripping off a powerful device designed to fight against the Celestials(Incredible Hulk #242)(levelling down, if it could withstand power proportional toKubik's, many orders of magnitude inferior to the Celestials, that's already significant)

A Mindless Hulk literally tears Nightmare's Realm apart (Incredible Hulk #299)

In an attempt to counter a attack from Night-Crawler, the Savage Hulk slams his hands together with so much force that not only does he defuse the attack, but he manages to destroy all the planets/landmasses within the entire dimension(Incredible Hulk #126)!

Sending concussive force throughout countless dimensions by the impact of his collision with theIronclad(Incredible Hulk #305)(entire dimensions, and not multiversal planets. First, the writer describes dimensions and where there are planets there are also dimensions, since every planet is situated in dimensions. Therefore to send concussive force to planets propitiates send concussive force to dimensions and their multitudes of astronomical entities. Second, there are dimensions without planets: Universes in the beginning of formation, universes where equal quantities of matter and antimatter were produced and generated only radiation, etc. Besides, there are infinite inter-branched parallel universes in the Omniverse. Therefore the postulate that suggests only planets received the entire energy is probabilistically equal to zero. Finally, the planets shown there were just examples of what occurred inside the dimensions. The same argument is applied for the premise that they were only sub-sections of the universe, just replacing the words "planet" for "sub-dimension" and "dimension" for "universe". It is important to perceive that the U-Foes's powers were vastly augmented while on Earth, so that Vectorrepelled reality itself and transported them to theCrossroads)(Incredible Hulk #304).

Hulk contains the energy of an parallel universe in incredible Hulk #349-350:

Hulk destroys the armor of Onslaught, a foe who's power was on par with the Celestials, with a shot delivered from the ground without any leverage in Onslaught: Marvel Universe#1:

In Marvel: The End #4, the Celestial Order powered by the Heart of the Universe, one-shot Namor and Dr. Strange while Savage Hulk shrugs off those same blasts:

Hulk has also tanked a shot form emma frost , who had 1/2 of the phoenix force, and showed no Sign of damage whatsoever in Avengers vs. X-men #11:

Hulk fights the Red Hulk!!

Red Hulk beats down Uatu, the Watcher through his ability of absorbing energy from other Super-powered Beings enhance his own strength in Hulk #4.






Hulk vs Red Hulk(First fight) in Hulk #4








Red Hulk beats down Odinforce-Thor in the same way he beat the Watcher in Hulk #5









Hulk finally beats Red Hulk in Hulk #6








World War Hulk was powerful enough to match an all-out Sentry, a guy with the power of a million exploding suns, blow for blow in World War Hulk #5:

Hulk fights and defeats Dr. Strange while he's possessed by Zom, a demon even more powerful than Dr. Strange,Dormmamu or Umar

Zom-possessed Strange literally blew gaping holes through World War Hulk and he'd heal them in the space of panels, from World War Hulk #4:

Everything done in the World War Hulk storyline is Hulk holding back with his punches. Amadeus Cho confirms that with his abilities in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

There isn't really anybody in comics who gets a second wind like World War Hulk. After Bruce and Bob beat the alter-egos out of each other, a spike of anger just brings back a seemingly exhausted World War Hulk to full power... and beyond. From World War Hulk #5:

and there he is going "worldbreaker"...

As he ascends towards Worldbreaker levels, the shockwaves from even a single footstep are felt for hundreds of miles around, tossing helicopters in the air, and causing nearly irreparable damage to the bedrock of the Eastern Seaboard.

Even after he allowed the heroes to drain his gamma away, the damage he caused would have split Manhattan Island in half. From World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1:

The consequences of the Worldbreaker's shockwaves are unequivocally continental in scale. Amadeus Cho reminds Red She-Hulk, "I know. I'm not worried about you... just the rest of the freaking continent." FromIncredible Hulks #632:

And again in Son of Hulk #11-12

(Incredible Hulks #610-611)

It's made clear that the "worldbreaker" power-level wasn't just a one time feat. When he's pushed towards Worldbreaker levels again, the shockwaves produced are felt once again throughout the Eastern Seaboard mirroring his previous footstep. From Incredible Hulk #610:

Here are Hulk's fights with his Son, Skaar, as the "World Breaker":

Savage Hulk vs Skaar, from Skaar: Son of Hulk #12:










(Incredible Hulk #630-635)

And Again....

So we know, at worldbreaker power-levels, the Hulk ( and red she-hulk) make the earth quake merely by standing and could sink continents with a footstep.

obviously there's a difference in the amount of effort put into a punch and a footstep. Punches pack way more power and proportion speed than footsteps.

Merely by clashing with Red She-hulk, WB Hulk indirectly......

A. destroyed a planet


B. vaporized a guy on Silver Sufer power-level, as well as guys who rivaled Hulk at base-levels, and the Mindless ones(he even lets the guys attack him so he can amp up that much faster!!).

None of these things were even remotely the focal point of WB Hulk's attack, so they were taking the smallest effects of Hulk's(and Red She-hulk's) power, but they were still destroyed. That's just shows how insanely powerful WB Hulk is.

In a fight, when like-forces collide, 99.99 percert of that force should cancel out between the two forces. Some Marvel characters have been shown rocking and decimating universes merely by the collision of them and their opponent's power. The tiny bit of leftover force from their collsion was enough to decimate planets and universes!!!! That's just crazy powerful.

It's plain to see that worlbreaker Hulk's power is far above the average planet-busting powerhouse.

World War Hulk tosses Fin Fang Foom backwards with such force that Umar's enchanted shields are shattered in Incredible Hulks #634:

Despite the Red Hulk having forcibly absorbed some of World War Hulk's gamma energies, he is defeated by a final thunderclap in Hulk #24:

One of the most powerful entities Marvel ever published, a living cosmic cube, the Beyonder, famously commented, "You are nothing but raging power personified! An infinity of power -- with no finite elementinside!" From Secret Wars II #2:

The Mad Titan Thanos famously shared such trepidation when faced with the assault of a Power Gem wielding Champion, "In many ways I assume this is what it would be like battling the Terran behemoth, the Hulk. A conflict I've sought to avoid over the years." From Thanos Quest#1:

Various villains have recognized the Hulk's power. Apocalypse takes great notice of the Hulk's energies as they "may give [him] power over the Celestials themselves." FromIncredible Hulk #456:

Even the impossibly powerful Celestials recognize the Hulk's power. Gamiel the Manipulator searched for (and found in Hulk), "evolution's crowning achievement -- the pinnacle of what your species will become..." From Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur #1:

Doc Sampson finds that, through his own battery of tests, "There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk's strength!" From Incredible Hulk #228:

Here's Hulk overwhelming a quantum molder designed by Ultron to liquify and mold adamantium. During the fight Mad thinker, through mathematical formula, shows us once again what is already known to many, that Hulk's strength is incalculable in Indestructible Hulk #1:

Bruce Banner comes to the realization that the Hulk is incurable in indestructible Hulk #1:

Once again, it should be noted that Hulk is incurable because he is indestructible. Bruce Banner himself notes this when he says" I've come to believe the Hulk is indestructible" inindestructible Hulk #2:

Even the mutated super-genius, Leader, realizes, "The tests are worthless! There's no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do! I cannot build a device powerful enough to test him with!" FromTales to Astonish #73:


"The Most Powerful Muscles Of Any Living Thing On Earth!"

That quote is said many times in comics, Why is that? It's because....

Hulk is fueled by nuclear power(forces of atomic destruction) , also known as gamma rays. Its energy is reliant on the objects speed of vibration. This is the power of the Hulk.

Muscle power is all about the speed of muscle contraction. Muscles put out power by stretching and then rapidly shortening like rubber bands. Power is the force of an object and how fast that force is traveling.

Hulk hits with the same force of a nuclear arsenal with a mass of only 2000 pounds. His muscle contractions move at the speed of light or greater to do that, because of the atom smashing forces that he's fueled by, known as gamma-rays. Hisblows, just lika nuke, push forth a hypersonic wall of air capaable of completely devasting anything in front of it. Hulk's energy doesn't come from being as massive as planet.

Because of this, the writers don't have to directly state Hulk's speed when he's really cutting loose with his striking/thrusting.

The nature of gamma rays speaks for itself. Constantly stating Hulk's speed would just be redundant.

And of course, Hulk's muscle and skeletal tissue and all his other body tissues are built with the durability that is necessary to withstand putting out such great forces. If he couldn't, his body would fall apart.

Superhuman bodies are going to be more dense, denser than a normal human body, and which allows it to handle the pressures it puts on itself as it goes against the force of other objects, able to withstand their own rebounding force or forces that are akin to theirs. As we know Hulk, body is far denser than a normal human's.

It's the same on a human level. When you work-out constantly enough your muscles thicken. The reason muscles thicken when you workout is so they can exert more energy without being torn up in the process. The body is adjusting to the constant and abnormal energy output of the muscles by making them tougher to keep them from getting torn up.

Gamma rays bursts come from the most violent cosmic events in the universe, such as a sun collapsing in on itself, clashing neutron stars, black holes, etc.

unlike supernova, gamma ray bursts do not explode in a spherical motion but a jet-stream motion.

Gamma rays burst produce as much energy as the sun does in its entire billion year life cycle. The sun is like a trillion megaton bombs exploding every second. That would make the sun's total energy approximately That's about 31 nontillion 360 octillion megatons.


electromagnetic radition is a particle wave that moves the speed of light in one direction a vibrates at a certain speed in another.

In one direction UV rays and gamma rays travel at the speed of light, yet the partcles are so small that what really acoounts for the difference in power is the speed they move at from side to side.

How fast the wave vibrates from side to side is what determines destructive power.

Stars emit gamma rays, but since they are afar off from earth, by the time the rays reach us, their energy has died down so that they don't rupture atoms down to their cores, and so they become UV rays.

There you go! UV rays actually come from gamma rays. And gamma rays come from burning the energy of hydrogens which starts the chemical reaction known as nuclear fusion.

This is where the difference in wavelength/frequency comes from. The slower the vibration, the greater the wave lengh. And in reverse, the faster the vibration, the smaller the wavelength.

The speed at which electromagnetic waves go in the horizontal direction isn't what gives them their great power. The mass of the wave is so tiny that the speed means nothing, even going at lightspeed.

Gamma waves are transverse waves, like all other elcetrmagnetic raditaion. Their maximum power is not determined by how fast they move in the horizontal direction, but on the rate at which they shake up and down.

Hulk physical power is gamma rays, waves that give off energy that is equaivalent to a great many tiny masses individually moving at light-speed. Combine those masses and speeds and see what you get. The perdpendicular oscsillation of a gamma ray is so fast that an electromagnetic wave can travel no more than picometer in its horizontal motion within that same moment.

Large quantities of gamma rays are emitted by the sun and gamm ray bursts can light up a universe and outshine all other stars for a brief time.

The power of gamma rays on full display here as the Hulk's "gamma-spawned might" can also give light to an "eons-dark cosmos" in Incredible Hulk #126:

Hulk's bodily energy is on the level of a star or greater. The sun generates alot of energy at once but that is because it has billions upon billion of tons of hydrogen atoms to convert into gamma ray particles all at once. Hulk can genrate the same levels of energy but with less mass. That means they are faster and therefore more powerful than the sun. Their bodies are simply vast storehouses of energy.

Indestructible Hulk #1 Incredilbe Hulk #410 showing the nuclear power of the Hulk:


The Thunderclap: One the iconic ways Hulk displays his power

He can bring his hands together and create devastating shockwaves, hurling air particles at high velocities. They've been described as "louder than a jet plane's sonic boom." FromIncredible Hulk #4 and Fantastic Four #12:

So, what's the description of the shockwave from a nuclear explosion, exactly?

The same way an atomic bomb explodes and the fireball of nuclear energy pushes out a wave of air that is hundreds of times faster than sound that puts craters in the earth and causes most the widespread damage to buildings. 99 percent aren't killed by the atomizing radiation from a nuclear bomb since no one is usaully hit at point blank range, because otherwise they would be instantly vaporized, but they experience the secondary shockwave force and the left over radiation of the bomb.The secondary shockwave of an atomic bomb starts at about 184 Km/s or Mach 540 for a short distance before slowing down.

As I said before, much of the damage inflicted by a nuclear explosion is the result of its shock wave. There are two components to a blast's shock wave. First, there's the wall of pressure that expands outward from the explosion. It is this pressure, measured in psi (pounds per square inch), that blows away the walls from buildings. A typical two-story house subjected to 5 psi would feel the force of 180 tons on the side facing the blast. (Download the Quicktime movie entitled house to see an example of a building subjected to this type of pressure.) Additionally, the blast creates a 160 mile-an-hour wind. And that's only at 5 psi. The wind speed following a 20 psi blast would be 500 mph!

It's noted That Hulk's thunderclap is like a bomb going off in Incredible Hulk annual 1997:

Hulk bring literally brings down the house In incredible Hulk #246 and Tales to astonish #65:

Hulk is so powerful that he can shred just about anything in its path with just the hypersonic waves he can make.

it takes as much as 1.1 GPa to pull a stainless

steel wire apart, but wait a minute, how thick is the wire? Well, 1.1 GPa means 1.1 thousand million Newtons per

square metre. Thus, it takes a force of about 1.1 thousand million Newtons (equivalent to about one hundred

million kilograms, dividing Newtons by 10 gives you kg approximately) to pull apart a wire one metre in

cross-section (area = Pi x radius squared, for a circular wire, giving the wire a radius of 56 cm, or a diameter of

112 cm) - that's a very thick wire! In practise engineers might measure this on a bar of steel one centimetre

thick, but to compare this to say a plank of wood 10 cm thick, they scale everything up into one square metre

and quote the result as GPa or MPa. (One MPa or megapascal = one million Pascals).

Example: a steel wire with a cross-sectional area of one square cm, that's 0.0001 square metres, since there

are 100 cm in one metre and 100 x 100 = 10000 square cm in one square m (this wire will have a diameter just

over 1 cm) requires (1.1 GPa x 0.0001m = 0.00011 Newtons = 0.11 N = 110 N = 110 000 N) 110 000 Newtons

of force to break it.

Dividing by ten, this means that such a wire could hold 11 000 kg dangling from it, that's

about three of our elephants!

A single thunderclap shreds an entire battalion of tanks with force of "near nuclear proportions" in Tales to Astonish #67:

1 newton per 0.224808943 pounds force.

1,000,000,000, netwons= 224,808,942.44300002

That's 224 million 808 hundred thousand 924 hundred pounds!


224,808,942.44300002/2000= 112,000 tons

What is a shockwave and how does a sonic boom occur?

Shock waves are large amplitude pressure waves produced by an object moving faster than the speed of sound like a boat or plane, or other things such as an explosion, lightning or even a moving piston.When a source moves faster than the waves it produces, no waves will form in front of the source but will pile up behind and become compressed. The waves protruding are confined to a cone that narrows as the speed of the source increases and the waves bunch up, creating high-pressure regions outside the compressed waves. This border from inside to outside is the shock wave. The strength of a shock wave dissipates greatly with distance, much more so than a regular wave, as heat and other energy are more quickly transferred into the surrounding environment. Once enough energy has dissipated, the shock wave will become a regular wave such as a sound wave.

As for sonic booms.....

The “sound barrier,” in actuality, is the speed that must be attained by matter, — airplane, missile, water, air — where a vacuum bubble is created in the moving matter’s wake. When the vacuum bubble forms, the matter around it rushes into the vacuum without resistance of any other matter and therefore attains super-sonic speeds. When the matter rushing into the vacuum surpasses the “sound barrier,” a sonic BOOM occurs. An IMPLOSION. This is the sequence heard when an airplane goes super-sonic, or where a lightning arc super-heats the surrounding air so fast that it blasts away from the heat creating a vacuum bubble and then cooler air rushes into the vacuum. The vacuum causes very powerful implosions, one type of implosion is termed “inertial cavitation,” a phenomenon which can destroy propellers and water pipes. The implosion also causes compression which can instantly generate enormous heat signatures. Continuously occurring inertial cavitation will, over time, destroy metal by the continuous blasts of heat energy which eventually melts the metal away. Such damage looks as though the metal was chipped away.

What Hulk does isn't just about strength its about power. Power is the rate at which a force travels.

If the two objects produce the same force, which is faster? The one that's smaller is faster. How much faster depends on the difference in size. The fact the Hulk can move things more massive than him at great speeds demonstrates how much greater his own speed is. It shows his power.


When you create great vibration through the earth by punching it and you are nowhere as big as the earth that's power. The force of Hulk's punch is translated into an earthquake. The force of the quaking earth and Hulk fist will be the same but the Hulk is the far smaller object, so he is mush faster. Earthquakes can easily travel 24 times the speed of sound. Hulk, being the smaller object, is much faster despite having equivalent force. A million tons(a billion kilograms) going at mach 24 is equal to 16 megatons of force. Obviously, the Hulk is much more powerful than that.

#2. When Hulk makes a thunderclap(a sonic boom) equal to that a nuclear bomb, he surpasses the sound barrier, leaving ripples of explosions and and implosions through the air behind his hands, his speed and force of his hands pushing forth a massive wall of air at hundreds of times the speed of sound, that takes power.

#3. Hulk's jumps have shown to be many times faster than sound. Travel a hundred miles in a single bound means you're going 400 times the speed of sound. Travel 1000 miles in a single bound and that's 4000 times the speed of sound. Not to mention Hulk has leaped to escape velocity more than once.

Due to gravity, an object starts dropping after one second. The object will drop 10 meters in one second and will drop faster every second. Speed is required to cover long distances by jumping before gravity pulls you down in one second. Jumping ability is all about power.

#4. Hulk has had people measure his power, which is how great and how fast a force is transfered over distance, and it is virtually beyond measure.

When people try to measure "Hulk power, they find it to greater than anything on earth and have trouble measuring it. Hulk has demonstrated to more powerful than any nuclear force on the planet with astronomical feats of power.

Hulk's is a nuclear equivalent. His striking feats are nuclear. Nuclear force that surpasses anything on earth. He sends out shockwaves of nuclear proportions. Mountain busting, continent leveling nukes have nothing on the Hulk. Hulk has shown power on the level with or surpassing, celestial objects such as stars and planets. Nothing to indicate slowness there, but the opposite.

#5. Hulk's power is gamma rays.

The speed at which electromagnetic waves go in the horizontal direction isn't what gives them their great power. The mass of the wave is so tiny that the speed means nothing, even going at lightspeed.

Gamma waves are transverse waves, like all other elecetromagnetic raditaion. Their maximum power is not determined by how fast they move in the horizontal direction, but on how fast they shake up and down. The true power of the wave does not move in the same direction that it makes its long distance travels.

Hulk physical power is gamma rays, which is electromagnetic field that vibrates super-fast. So fast do these waves vibrate that they give off energy that is equaivalent to a great many tiny masses each individually moving at light-speed. Combine those masses and speeds and see what you get. The perdpendicular oscsillation of a gamma ray is so fast that an electromagnetic wave travels no more than picometer in its horizontal motion within the same moment one oscillation has been completed in the perpendicular direction.

Large quantities of gamma rays are emitted by the sun and gamm ray bursts can light up a universe and outshine all other stars for a brief time.

So powerful is that the Hulk that on of the first times the military barely manages to capture him, he must be held with a cage of anti-matter beams inTales to Astonish #78:

Army scientist, Dr. Zaxon is incapable of even measuring the Hulk's vast power with a geiger counter. "I can hardly believe these readings! He's a veritable blast furnace of limitless organic energy! There is no way to even measure is strength!" From Tales to Astonish #78:

Once again, we can see the Hulk's power easily dwarfs any nuclear assault that earth can muster. Here he shown ripping through a bunker designed to withstand the explosion of many thousands of megatons in magnitude. "Against the force of the gamma-energized Hulk.... it fares not well at allinincredible Hulk #177:

The pressure Savage Hulk's strength can exert is so powerful, Savage Hulk "[a]lmost effortlessly stops the speeding train with the sheer gamma-ray power of his iron-muscled body!" FromFantastic Four #26:


"The Hulk cannot tire! The more he fights--the stronger he becomes!"

"Though the Incredible Hulk is subjected to deadly forces beyond mortal description, still does the indescribable Gamma Ray Energy within his massive frame continue to sustain him -- still does his mighty heart beat on, as his all-consuming rage increases with every passing second!"

"An incalculable will to live!"

From Incredible Hulk #270:

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe:







Trolling and Low-balling: Don't Try to Underrate the Power of the Mighty Thor!

Sorry what? I am not taking anything out of context and its not one off thing either.

First you said Thor never admitted Wolverine was faster, and Wolverine was indeed dodging Thor hit, while Thor wasnt. Here are more instances of Thor apparent lack of speed, some of these are Eric Masterson, while the other are Don Blake.

1. Blitz by Mongoose (The Mighty Thor 391), who cant even tag spiderman

.2. Blitz by Mongoose again (The Mighty Thor 408)

3. Captain America commenting on Thor's Lack of speed (while the person on the scan is Erik Masterson, read Captain America's comment on the right, second last panel) - Thor 447

4. Blitz by Spiderman (this is Erik Masterson) - The Mighty Thor 448

5. Fight with Wolverine - Thor himself admits Wolverine is faster than him, fourth scan last panel, fifth scan first panel.

6. Chulain (a footsoldier of Mikaboshi, someone with no superspeed whatsoever to talk about) comments on how slow Thor is before he KOs him with one bast (Thor Blood Oath 05) - read second scan, second last and last panel.

When has Thor been blitzed by street-level people??

Thor didn't even finish his sentence in the th fight with Wolverine in this comic being referenced. Thor never said Wolverine was faster than him.

Mongoose got ht plenty of times and in the second encounter he had to poison Thor with poison gas so he could strke while Thor was busy trying to breath.

Masterson-Thor had Thor's power but wasn't used to them which is why he had trouble in a training session with Captain America or landing hits on the original Thor and Spider-man.

#58 Posted by Thurdazz1313 (49 posts) - 1 month, 17 days ago - Show Bio

This panel/scan is always taken out of context to the story. This is not Thor, Thor killed Loki & his soul was imprisoned. Eric Masterson Was Given Mjolnir, He gained Thor's Strength, Durability, basic use of The Hammer(at first could barely Fly, without crashing. But none of Thor's combat experience, Masterson was an Architect from New York w/the Powers of a God & no Instruction Manuel. Later after Thor's release they Battled & Masterson couldn't land a shot even w/ Mjolnir & after months of training w/Hercules & Captain America . classic Thor isn't slow this is just a bad example, (Although Eric M. goes on to become Thunderstrike & dies Excellently ,like" A Warrior Born")

As far as wolverine, 1 Terrible story , 2. This always falls back to restraint on Thor's part , He explains in the scan many battles go longer than they should because he doesn't His Full physical abilities or Powers against Mortals for fear of Killing/Murdering Them , Wolverine was going all out, he thought he was fighting Sabertooth, Thor knew he was fighting Wolverine ,So of course he's holding back ,for most of the fight

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Marvel Cosmic Roster-dum529001

Entidades Cósmicas

Marvel es el universo más rico y lleno de entidades o seres cósmicos, que poseen

niveles de poder

en escala estelar, galáctica, universal e incluso multiuniversal.

Muchos de ellos son abstracciones conceptos universales, seres cuya existencia es necesaria para la creación, mantenimiento, orden, destrucción y posterior recreación de todo lo que existe.

Al igual que los órganos tienen funciones específicas para el funcionamiento del cuerpo humano, estas entidades realizan funciones para el universo mismo.

Hay entidades cuyas funciones se ignoran, pero sus niveles de poder las ponen a la altura de las entidades y conceptos abstractos más poderosos del universo.

Todas estas entidades comparten en común un poder mayor al de cualquiera conocido, comprendido o imaginado por cualquier mortal (con algunas excepciones) o dioses incluso (Con sus excepciones también).

Los que representan conceptos cósmicos no poseen cuerpos físicos pero se manifiestan a través de sus poderes mediante M-Bodies (cuerpos manifestados).

Es casi imposible establecer niveles de poder entre las diferentes entidades puesto que las autenticas extensiones de su poder son desconocidas, estas pueden ser de niveles estelares, galácticas, universales o multiuniverales, y tales demostraciones de poder no se han podido ver en su totalidad, sin embargo si hay algunas entidades de las que se sabe están por encima de las demás por su origen y lo que representan en el universo.

Aquí les dejo solo una pequeña información de las diferentes entidades cósmicas que pueblan elUniverso Marvel.


The One Above All - TOAA

The One above all – El Por Encima de Todos

Omnipotente, Omnisciente, Omnipresente, El Uno por Encima de Todos, es el ser más poderoso en todas las realidades. ElTribunal Viviente lo menciona como el único ser al que él responde.

Él es el creador del Universo Marvel 616 y todas las demás realidades.

Aun que se especula que El Uno por Encima de Todos es Dios, no hay evidencia que lo confirme, como sea es el poder más grande conocido en todo el Omniverso.

El Tribunal Viviente

El Tribunal Viviente

El Tribunal Viviente es la entidad cósmica, encargada de mantener el balance entre realidades en el


, pudiendo destruir universos enteros de ser necesario para salvaguardar el orden y mantener el equilibrio. Sus tres caras (sólo una es totalmente visible), representan

La Equidad


La Venganza


La Necesidad

, respectivamente. El cuarto lado de la cabeza del Tribunal Viviente es un vacío, él una vez clamo que ese lado podría haber representado la cara del



Él es único en toda la creación, no existe otro Tribunal Viviente, ni contra partida.

Él existe en todos los Multiversos simultáneamente.[




creo al Tribunal Viviente junto al resto de conceptos cósmicos.

Es el juez en todas las realidades en el


. [



Seres como





La Muerte

están sometidos a su autoridad.

El Tribunal Viviente es omnisciente, omnipotente, omnipresente.

Abstracciones Cósmicas

Chaos King

Chaos King - El Rey del Caos

Chaos King era el vacío infinito que existía antes del propioMultiverso, antes que existiera Eternidad o el anterior universo que encarnaría posteriormente Galactus o cualquier otro universo, existía sólo el Rey del Caos. Él era el vacío original contra el cual la misma existencia es definida, cuando se produjo el acto de creación el Rey del Caos fue forzado a casi desaparecer en la creación, pero una pequeña porción de su ser sobrevivió en el nuevo orden de la existencia, esta porción de su ser seria encontrada en algún momento de la historia de este universo por los dioses japoneses, los que lo adoptarían como la personificación de su dios del mal y del caos y lo llamarían Amatsu-Mikaboshi, integrándolo así entre el panteón de dioses de la Tierra.

Pero Mikaboshi nunca olvidaría su real origen, y a la caída deOdin y de Asgard aprovecharía para intervenir nuevamente, logrando en su momento alcanzar su original grandeza, lanzándose a la total destrucción de la creación y al retorno del absoluto vacío.

Chaos King posee increíbles y vastos poderes de escala multiuniversal, él fue capaz de destruir el 98.76 % del Multiverso y destruir casi todos los panteones de dioses, demonio y entidades místicas del universo, de los cuales también absorbería sus poderes.



Es la manifestación de

todo el universo

, personificación, del tiempo, el espacio, la materia y la energía, junto con


mantienen el espacio-tiempo unido y en equilibrio, representando la totalidad de la vida. [






junto con

La Muerte




la trinidad

esencial de las fuerza en el Universo Marvel. Siendo respectivamente

la necesidad, la venganza y la equidad


A su vez, la equidad, la necesidad y la venganza comprenden las 3 caras del

Tribunal Viviente


Eternidad también ha engendrado varios "niños", o conceptos que se convirtieron en entidades independientes, como Empathy, Eulogy, Expediency, Entropy, Epiphany, Enmity and Eon aunque este último fue asesinado y reemplazado a su vez por el concepto Epoch.

Eternidad es un

concepto cósmico

y como tal no posee cuerpo físico, pero si puede torcer y deformar el espacio y la materia en una manifestación que puede ser percibida por los demás seres del universo.

Eternidad posee ilimitados poderes cósmicos y es omnipotente y omnipresente en el universo que encarna, posee la habilidad de manipular el universo para lograr cualquier efecto que él desee. Eternidad existe simultáneamente en cualquier parte del universo.

La naturaleza de Eternidad es tan compleja que posiblemente su verdadero ser englobe en si la totalidad del Multiverso, siendo las Eternidades-Universo sólo una manifestación de su transfinito ser.Multi-Eternidad. [1]

Eternidad es la última fuerza a vencer en nuestro universo.


Infinito - Infinity

Es otra entidad cósmica abstracta personificación de la suma total de todo lo que existe en el eje espacial del universo. Tiene la capacidad ilimitada de manipular el tiempo, el espacio, la materia, la energía, la magia y es omnipresente en el universo, además posee vastos poderes mentales.

Infinito es una de las cinco entidades esenciales del Universo Marvel, junto con



La Muert



, y


. Si bien cada uno de estos seres se refieren a ellos mismos como hermanos, no son familiares en el sentido convencional que lo entendemos.


es la personificación del espacio y unido a


ellos representan toda la vida y existencia en el universo.

Como otro concepto cósmico, Infinito posee la capacidad de manipular el universo, en el que existe en todas partes simultáneamente. Tampoco posee un cuerpo físico sino que altera y deforma el espacio y la materia tornándolo en una manifestación que puede ser percibida por los demás seres al igual que Eternidad.

La Muerte

La Muerte

Otra entidad cósmica abstracta, junto con Eternidad yGalactus representa a las tres fuerzas esenciales en el Universo Marvel.

Como un concepto cósmico, la muerte no tiene cuerpo físico, pero normalmente se aparece en una forma humanoide femenina, para que pueda ser percibido por los seres inferiores.

Su relación con los dioses de la muerte de la tierra (comoHela, en el universo de la Tierra-616) aún no se ha definido. La Muerte reside dentro de una dimensión conocida como El Reino de la Muerte, que también alberga el bien infinito, que contiene el conocimiento del universo.

Los poderes de la Muerte son inconcebibles e incalculables, como las demás abstracciones cósmicas puede hacer uso de fuentes infinitas de energía, tan sólo su presencia puede causar la destrucción de todo un universo.


Oblivion – Olvido

Es otra entidad cósmica abstracta que existe desde el mismo momento en que surgieron las otras entidades:





La Muerte

cuando el universo fue creado.

Oblivion tiene una relación muy estrecha con La Muerte y los dos pueden ser diferentes aspectos de un mismo ser, tal como lo son Infinito y Eternidad.

Al igual que Eternidad y La Muerte tienen una fuerte rivalidad, Oblivion tiene una fuerte rivalidad con Infinito, Ellos han luchado a través de sus avatares.

Olvido representa la


y es la fuerza contraria a la expansión del universo. Olvido reside habitualmente dentro de una dimensión de bolsillo, conocida como

El Vacío Exterior


Olvido posee ilimitados poderes cósmicos que puede usar para un sin fin de efectos diferentes.

Olvido es otra abstracción que define el carácter Multiversalde Eternidad, Infinito y Muerte, juntos aparentemente son el eje cósmico sobre el cual gira la existencia. Olvido asegura existir antes de la existencia del Multiverso mismo y que incluso el Rey del Caos (Chaos King) fue sólo un aspecto de su infinito ser (sea cierto o no, como sea ambas entidades fueron muy parecidas en sus objetivos). [1][2][3].


Entropy - Entropía.

Entropía existe desde que el universo fue formado, así como cada abstracción tiene su propósito el único propósito de Entropía era destruir, en contra posición a su padre


cuyo propósito es crear.

Entropía se manifestó junto con




(Capitán Marvel), revelándole su propósito de destruir a Eternidad.

Entropía no posee un cuerpo físico como todas las demás abstracciones, pero puede manifestarse en formas que puedan ser percibidas por los seres inferiores. Entropía puede manipular el espacio, el tiempo, la energía y la materia en escala cósmica, capaz de destruir el universo.

El Amo del Orden

Amo del Orden.

Esta entidad cósmica que personifica el principio del orden, inmutabilidad, uniformidad y el equilibrio en el universo. Al ser un concepto universal carece de cuerpo físico, es la fuerza opositora a su “hermano” Lord Caos que representa el desorden.

Ambas fuerzas parecen mantener el equilibrio en el universo, al parecer el Universo sucumbiría a la entropía si no existiera el balance entre ambas fuerzas. El poder del Amo del Orden no ha podido ser mesurado, pero es una de las más poderosas manifestaciones cósmicas. Aparentemente también pueden manejas los acontecimientos ocurridos en el universo.

Ambas entidades se adjudican por ejemplo la existencia delHombre Araña como parte de su plan para mantener el equilibrio universal.

Así mismo ambas entidades han estado presentes cuando el dios Asgardiano de la Tierra Odin y el amo del malDormammu mantenían un juego de ajedrez cósmico por el balance de poderes en el universo.

Lord Caos

Lord Caos

Es la entidad que representa el caos, el desorden y la confusión en oposición a su “hermano” -

El Amo del Orden

- la entidad que representa el orden.

Ambas entidades están estrechamente ligadas ya que siempre se les ve trabajar juntas, en el concepto del Universo Marvel, ambas fuerzas no son enemigas o antagonistas, no buscan prevalecer la una sobre la otra, si no que mantienen el vital equilibrio en el cosmos. Al parecer pueden controlar los acontecimientos ocurridos en el universo.

Como todas las entidades cósmicas posees bastos poderes, inimaginables por nosotros, siendo consideradosomnipotentes.



Abraxas es la

encarnación de la destrucción

, nacido durante la formación del universo, Abraxas existiría al comienzo como un pequeño fragmento del ser de


, pronto tomaría conciencia propia y trataría de destruir el


, convirtiéndose en la antitesis de Eternidad. Abraxas habría sido mantenido bajo control de manera natural por


, pero este equilibrio se rompió al morir Galactus. Abraxas iniciaría así una campaña de destrucción a través del Multiverso, destruyendo a los Galactus de otras realidades. [



Abraxas trataría de llevar acabo su cometido de destrucción apoderándose del

Ultimate Nullifier

(El Nulificador Supremo) que estaba en poder de Galactus y el único objeto capaz de detenerlo.

Abraxas posee vastos poderes cósmicos, es único en todo el multiverso, puede viajar y manipular dimensiones a su antojo, reestructurar la materia y manipular la energía en escala cósmica. Abraxas fue capaz de colapsar universos deformando los muros del espacio dimensional y causar muerte y destrucción a través de diferentes realidades.

Entidades cósmicas universales – con una función


Galactus - El Devorador de Planetas

Galactus es una de las fuerzas fundamentales del Universo, único sobreviviente del universo que existió antes de la gran explosión (el Big Bang) que dio origen a nuestro actual universo, en su existencia previa su nombre era Galan, un explorador espacial del planeta Taa. Junto con otros de su raza atestiguo el fin de su universo pero en donde todos los demás sucumbieron víctima de la radiación y del final cósmico Galan sobrevivió, en medio de la destrucción y posterior nacimiento del actual universo Galan se encubaría en la forma del devorador de mundos Galactus.


es la tercera fuerza en el universo al lado de


(la necesidad) y

La Muerte

(la venganza) él representa la equidad y tendrá un importante papel en el destino del universo.

Galactus posee el

poder cósmico

, él ha sido descrito como la entidad más pavorosa del cosmos, puede usar el poder cósmico para producir prácticamente cualquier efecto que desee, puede reestructurar y transmutar la materia, teletransportar objetos a través del tiempo o del espacio, proyectar energía con fuerza destructiva inimaginable, crear campos de fuerza, crear portales ínterdimensionales o intradimensionales, telepatía y telequinesis, conocimiento cósmico a una escala universal, crear vida sensible como en el caso de


, manipular almas mortales, como memorias y emociones, Galactus también puede restaurar planetas completos con todos sus habitantes. [





Como la entidad viviente más antigua en el universo, Galactus emplea ciencia que las mentas más brillantes de la Tierra no pueden comprender.



El In-Betweener representa la dualidad de conceptos como el bien y el mal, la vida y la muerte, él es la encarnación del equilibrio y la dualidad, y es posiblemente la contrapartida metafísica de Galactus.

Es también un agente de las entidades conocidas como elAmo del Orden y Lord Caos, aunque el Betweneer se muestra más leal a él mismo.

Como la encarnación física del equilibrio cósmico entre el caos y el orden, el In-Betweener es capaz de manipular energía cósmica y alterar la realidad para logara cualquier tipo de efecto.

El In-Betweener también tiene la capacidad de analizar un blanco y dirigir energía en un “polo opuesto” un ataque que resulta instantáneamente fatal.

La Fuerza Fénix - Phoenix

Fénix - Phoenix

El Fuerza Fénix encarna las emociones, la pasión por crear o destruir, es una manifestación cósmica de la fuerza primordial del universo que deriva de la psique de todos los seres vivos, su poder es ilimitado.

El Fénix es el nexo de toda la energía psionica que existió, existe y existirá a través de todas las realidades en el


. Es el guardiana de la creación y del poderosamente peligroso cristal



Como el nexo de toda la energía Psionic, tiene habilidades mentales de alcance cósmico, incluyendo la telepatía y la telequinesia, puede generar rayos de inmenso poder destructivo, transmigrarse a lo largo del tiempo y del espacio plegando su energía en sí mismo, colapsando como un agujero negro y al llegar a su destino reformarse así mismo, puede absorber energía de las estrellas, energía y fuerza vital de los seres vivos, puede abrir portales dimensiónales, teletransportarse a través del espacio, como uno de los más antiguos seres cósmicos

La Fuerza Fénix

posee un alto nivel de conciencia cósmica.

El Fenix busca anfitriones que tienen fuertes inherentes capacidades Psionic para que puedan resistir su poder, amplifica sus capacidades a niveles incalculables dejando un pequeño fragmento de su poder en su anfitrión al momento de su salida.

Entidades Cósmicas Universales

Los Celestiales

Los Celestiales

Los Celestiales son una raza de seres cósmicos, que van a través del universo realizando experimentos genéticos de diferente índole, dejándolos luego para su evolución y regresando después de cierto tiempo para juzgar sus progresos. Se desconoce su función en el universo, sin embargo son posiblemente los seres cósmicos más poderosos que existen.

Cubiertos de una armadura (de apariencia humanoide) que parece emanar del


. Todos y cada uno de los celestiales poseen poder inimaginable, su altura esta en los 2,000 pies los mas pequeños. Sus indestructibles armaduras les hacen posible manifestarse en forma física.


es uno de lo pocos seres que ha logrado abrir una brecha en sus armaduras y al entrar dentro de su organismo, encontró que los celestiales encierran toda una dimensión aparte, a su vez los celestiales parecen existir al mismo tiempo en diferentes lugares en el espacio y en el tiempo.

Ellos poseen inimaginable energía cósmica y una ciencia más allá de cualquier comprensión. Los mismos Celestiales son un misterio.

Kubik, un cubo cósmico evolucionado, capaz de alterar la realidad, destruir galaxias y crear universos, ha dicho que un solo Celestial "Posee un transfinito nivel de poder en magnitud más allá de la suya ” refiriéndose a él mismo y a su raza de Cubos Cósmicos.

Los Vigilantes

Los Vigilantes.

Los vigilantes son una raza extraterrestre extremadamente poderosa, que se dedican a observar los acontecimientos más importantes en la historia del universo, teniendo como norma la no intervención en la historia de los mundos que observan.

Su raza existe desde hace eones y aunque tienen un mundo de origen viven dispersos por el espacio a fin de estudiar y observar mejor los diferentes mundos.

Inmortales, posen un vasto poder físico y mental, son poderosos telépatas, pueden alterar su forma psíquicamente, tomando cualquier apariencia que deseen, pueden cambiar su cuerpo en energía, viajar por el espacio a velocidades muy por encima de la velocidad de la luz, pueden controlar vastas fuentes de energía, en diferentes formas, pudiendo estar casi en niveles de seres como



Posen una tecnología y el conocimiento del universo en escalas cósmicas.

Pueden ser vencidos o destruidos físicamente pero no dejan de existir pudiendo resucitar a voluntad.

Son enemigos de los Celestiales con los que lleva una guerra desde hace Eones.

El Extraño

El Extraño.

Gigantus era un planeta cuyo tamaño igualaba al de grandes galaxias, la raza que lo habitaba era pacifica en esencia, pero podían ser grandes guerreros al ser atacados. Invadidos por una raza alienígena de conquistadores conocidos como losEternians, que al no poder conquistar a Gigantus debido a su inmenso tamaño y a su cantidad de habitantes, decidieron destruirlo, pero antes de ser destruido, todos los habitantes de Gigantus se unieron en un solo ser, mezclando las mentes de billones de billones en uno de ellos, elegido para ser el receptáculo de sus capacidades físicas y mentales, este ser seria El Extraño.

Extraño posee un poder inconmensurable, inteligencia y fuerza incalculable, puede manipular energía cósmica, moverse a velocidades super humanas y viajar más rápido que la luz, puede manipular y convertir la materia en energía, crear poderosos escudos de fuerza, crear mundos, entre muchas otras cosas más, que no se ha podido precisar los alcances de su poder cósmico.

El Tribunal Viviente ha mencionado que de existir un cuarto rostro en la parte oculta detrás de su cráneo, ese rostro pudo haber sido Extraño.

Extraño también ha afirmado poseer más poder que Los Vigilantes.



Hace 8 billones de años atrás Eternidad e Infinito crearon a Eón, con la intención de que salvaguardara la preservación de la vida en el universo, vigilando la existencia de posibles seres que pudieran amenazar la existencia del mismo universo, para esto Eón nombra campeones que portan el poder quántico, manifestado a través de unas bandas que Eón mismo creo. Estos portadores son guardianes del universo con un inmenso poder cósmico, el héroe Quasar es una de ellos, también sería su campeón El Capitán Marvel de los Kree, pero él lo seria sin las bandas Quantum, pero en cambio le otorgaría conciencia cósmica.

Como las demás entidades sus poderes en su totalidad son desconocidos, Eón es una entidad física y sensible, poseedor de una conciencia cósmica, puede viajar entre dimensiones y crear postales dimensionales, puede crear universos de bolsillo, puede saber lo que esta ocurriendo o va a ocurrir en cualquier parte del universo.


describió ha Eón como uno de los seres que personifica al tiempo, y al parecer tiene control sobre el tiempo en un grado desconocido.



Antiguo líder de los


, creados por los


, entro en una guerra civil contra su hermano


que pretendía gobernar al mundo. Después de la guerra y ya con el deseo de solo mantener la paz Kronos se dedico a la ciencia, él fue capaz de aislar la energía cósmica que volvía a los eternos diferentes de los demás humanos, pero al explotar el recipiente en donde contenía la energía cósmica la explosión lo desintegraría, pero él sobreviviría como una entidad cósmica.

Como entidad cósmica Kronos es capaz de controlar el tiempo a voluntad. Aunque al principio se quedo como dios y protector de los Eternos, pero con su nueva existencia Kronos sentiría la existencia de otras entidades cósmicas muy por encima de él, como





La Muerte



esta última despertaría su especial interés al ser aparentemente la más poderosa de las 4 entidades.

Hijos suyos son Zuras (Jefe de los Eternos de la Tierra) yAlars (Jefe de la colonia de Eternos en Titan (una de las lunas de Saturno). Alars también llamadoMentor es el padre de Thanos.

Los Cubos Cósmicos

Cubos Cósmicos.

Los cubos cósmicos son por lo general (no siempre) una matriz en forma de cubo que contiene inmensas energías y que es sensible a los deseos de los seres sensibles, al final deInfinity War se revelo que existen otros objetos similares que no poseen la forma de un cubo, estos se denominan unidades de contención, un ser sensible puede hacer uso de estos cubos para hacer realidad cualquier deseo, los cubos cósmicos son inmensamente poderosos pudiendo alterar la misma realidad, y confieren a su poseedor poder en escalas cósmicas.

Eventualmente los mismo cubos pueden evolucionar y desarrollar su propia sensibilidad, influenciado por las mentes que han hecho uso del cubo.

El Shaper of Worlds seria un cubo cósmico evolucionadoSkrull, así como Kubik lo seria de la Tierra, otro cubo cósmico seria el ser conocido como el Beyonder, aunque casi omnipotente, su poder estaba mermado por ser un cubo cósmico incompleto su complemento seria elHombre Molécula.

Los cubos cósmicos fueron creados por unos seres conocidos como los Beyonders, entidades inmensamente poderosas, que existen en una dimensión distinta a la de la tierra.

Los Beyonders

Los Beyonders

Los Beyonders son una raza de entidades extra-dimensionales inmensamente poderosas. Su naturaleza es tan extraña que no pueden salir de su propia dimensión y nunca han sido vistos por ningún ser de la dimensión de La Tierra, Ellos son muy diferentes en naturaleza a los seres conocidos de esta dimensión y están más allá del alcance de comprensión humana. Los Beyonders interactúan con esta dimensión a través de agentes. Después de haber tenido conocimiento de La Tierra, los Beyonders encargaron a la raza extraterrestre de los Nuwali la creación de La Tierra Salvaje, como parte de su estudio de la evolución. Miles de años después, los Beyonders crearon la raza extraterrestre de los Fortisquianscomo agentes para observar otros mundos. Los Beyonders aprenderían así que los seres sensibles eran guiados por su deseo de obtener lo que no tienen. Los Beyonder les darían esta oportunidad haciendo posible la creación de los Cubos Cósmicos, capaces de hacer sus deseos realidad, Los Cubos eran creados generando un tipo particular de campo de fuerza el cual abría una hendidura en otra dimensión. Una fuerza extraordinaria atravesaba entonces la hendidura, la que podía recogerse dentro de una matriz, la que entonces se moldea en formas de un cubo perfecto. Esta fuerza proporciona su poder al Cubo Cósmico creado. Los Beyonders también han utilizado a la raza alienígena de Los Pegasusians como agentes, para transportar La Contra-Tierra al museo de los Beyonders.

Proemial Gods - Dioses Proemios

Proemial Gods

Poco después del Big Bang el universo estaba sumergido en el caos, en medio de este caos surgirían los guardianes encargados de poner orden y equilibrio al universo.

Al principio sólo eran organismos sin conciencia, solamente cumplían con la tarea para lo que habían sido creados, preparar "lo que existe para lo que está por venir". Con el tiempo irían tomando conciencia propia, estos “Dioses Proemios” mantenían el orden permitiendo que el universo se expandiera y creciera. Con el paso del tiempo la vida se iría expandiendo por incontables mundos lo que hizo que la función de los Dioses Proemios dejara de tener sentido.

No todos los dioses proemios estaban dispuestos a perder su poder y buscaron nuevos propósitos. Iniciando así una guerra entre ellos, en la que morirían muchos y que terminaría involucrando a Galactus.

Los Proemial Gods o Dioses Proemios son entidades inmensamente poderosas, aunque se desconoce el alcance de sus poderes, pero más de uno ha demostrado rivalizar con Galactus.

Si bien son muchos los dioses proemios los más sobresalientes son:

Antiphon the Overseer: Su propósito era vigilar el equilibrio de la consonancia cósmica como una parte neutral. Antiphon fue encarcelado por Galactus en la prisión de Kyln y allí murió en circunstancias desconocidas. Antiphon tiene un gran parecido con la raza de los Vigilantes y puede haber tenido un rol en su creación.

Diableri of Chaos: Él creó los Sprites Cósmico (unas especies de haditas cósmicas), de los cualesSkreet se cree seria la última. Cuando los dioses proemios buscaron nuevos propósitos para existir, Diableri intento rehacer el universo a su imagen convenciendo a otros proemios que se unieran a su causa, originando una guerra civil entre los dioses. Este conflicto finalmente llegó a una confrontación con Galactus y Diableri seria asesinado personalmente por el devorador mundos.

Brio of Life: Brio estaba encargada de supervisar la vida en le universo. Posiblemente Brio sea el primer Celestial o podría muy bien ser su progenitor.

Tenebrous of the Darkness Between y Aegis (Lady of All Sorrows) ellos han intervenido recientemente en el universo debido a que la prisión de Kyln fue destruida por las fuerzas deAnnihilus.


Tenebrous of the Darkness Between

Tenebroso mantiene lo "oscuro", la materia viva que une el universo y lo hace un todo. La historia de Tenebrous es desconocida, cuando los dioses proemios perdieron su razón de ser en el universo, Tenebrous fue corrompido por Diableri, y junto con Aegis combatieron por el dominio del universo, en esta guerra de dioses proemios participaría despuésGalactus, quien encerraría a Tenebrous y Agis junto a otros dioses en la prisión de Kyln.

En nuestro tiempo Tenebrous y Aegis serian liberados por las fuerzas de Annihilus que destruyeron la prisión de Kyln. Después de su huida Tenebrous y Aegis se encontrarían conThanos, quien los convencería de atacar a Galactus y alSilver Surfer y entregarlos así a Annihilus para su experimentación. Thanos localizó a Galactus, entonces Tenebrous y Aegis lo enfrentarían, igualados en poder, su mayor número acabó inclinado la balanza del lado de los dioses proemios, que derrotaron a Galactus y lo entregaron a Thanos y Annihilus. Annihilus y su horda serían luego derrotados.

Tenebrous y Aegis y volverían entonces a Kyln, descubriendo el cadáver de



En Kyln enfrentarían al Silver Sirfer quien había llegado mandado por Galactus, a pesar de la enorme diferencia de poderes el Silver Surfer lograría derrotarlo usando las mismas energías que habían dado vida a los dioses proemios.

Tenebrous aparentemente posee el poder cósmico, que le permite absorber, canalizar y manipular inmensas cantidades de energía cósmica. La magnitud de su poder es desconocido, pero iguala al de Galactus. Tenebrous también ha demostrado la capacidad de dar saltos cuánticos en todo el universo viviente y también puede absorber el poder de otros seres muy poderosos.


Aegis - (Lady of All Sorrows)

Junto a los demás Dioses Proemios, Aegis guiaba al joven universo manteniendo el balance entre el orden y el caos, cuando su existencia dejo de tener sentido, Aegis se uniría a sus hermanos proemios Tenebrous y Diableri en la guerra que se desataría entre sus hermanos, guerra en la que después intervendría Galactus. Aegis es una de las pocos dioses proemios que sobrevivieron a esta guerra y fue encerrada con sus hermanos en el planetoide prisión de Kyln.

Cuando la horda de aniquilación emprendida por Annihilusdestruiría parte de la prisión de Kyln, Aegis y Tenebrous escaparían. Sorprendidos por la expansión sin control de vida que se había producido durante su encierro, decidieron retomar la misión para la que habían sido creados, mantener el equilibrio en el universo, aunque ello significara diezmar las razas vivas actualmente. Seria así que Aegis y Tenebrous se verían de nuevo en combate con Galactus al que en esta ocasión derrotarían, entregándoselo a Thanos y Annihilus.

Aegis y Tenebrous decidieron investigar si algún otro de los dioses Proemios había sobrevivido a la guerra de los dioses, en este mismo momento las fuerzas de Annihilus seria derrotada y Galactus y el Silver Surfer liberados. Sabiendo el peligro que representaban Aegis y Tenebrous, Galactus envió al Silver Surfer para que los localizara y contuviera hasta que él mismo pudiera enfrentarse a ellos.

Serie entonces en las ruinas de Kyln donde el Silver Surfer se enfrentaría a ellos, derrotándolos (a pesar del enorme poder de los dioses proemios), sumergiéndose en las energías del Crunch y arrojándolas sobre ellos, provocando que se consumieran en las energías que les habían dado vida.

Aegis posee enorme poder cósmico, sus alcances son desconocidos pero igualan a los de Galactus. Ella también ha demostrado que puede dar saltos a través del universo y proyectar poderosos rayos de energía por sus manos.

Poderes Cósmicos



En el pasado lejano,


, creó un ser cósmico inmensamente poderoso a su propia imagen:


. A diferencia de su creador, Tyrant desarrolló un ansia de conquista y eso lo llevo a un conflicto directo con Galactus (que sólo hace lo necesario para sobrevivir).




se enfrentarían en una titánica batalla que desató energías que (de acuerdo con


) destruyó galaxias enteras.

Galactus apenas derrotó a Tyrant, y lo despojó de la mayor parte de su poder y lo desterró a los rincones más lejanos del universo.

Tyrant eones más tarde vuelve con un vasto arsenal que construyó durante su exilio para reanudar su conquista.

Los niveles de poder de Tyrant fueron los mismos niveles que los de Galactus. Tyrant maneja inmensas fuentes de

energía cósmica

, para una gran variedad de propósitos, el puede lanzar poderosos rayos de energía y manipular la materia. Aun que disminuido su poder esta muy por encima de cualquier heraldo de Galactus o


. Su fuerza es tan grande, que incluso en su forma disminuida le ha permitido dominar fácilmente



Silver Surfer






Beta Ray Bill








Jack of Hearts

y al

Capitán Marvel

todos al mismo tiempo.

El Poder Primordial - The Elders

El Poder Primordial - The Elders of the Universe

El Poder Primordial, son los restos de la energía primordial del Big Bang que aún impregnan el universo. El Poder Primordial puede ser utilizada para producir una amplia gama de efectos, incluido el aumento de atributos físicos (fuerza, resistencia, velocidad); reestructuración molecular, creación de campos de fuerza, teletransportación y muchas otras habilidades.

Estas inmensas energías cósmicas son aprovechadas por cada uno de los The Elders of the Universe, las circunstancia de cómo cada Elders gano este poder están sin revelar.

Los Elders, son poderosos seres extraterrestres que se encuentran entre los más antiguos seres del cosmos. Ellos son miembros de las primeras razas inteligentes que evolucionaron en el universo y que lograron un extraordinario nivel de civilización, antes de que sus razas desaparecieran. Los Elders son los últimos sobrevivientes de sus respectivos mundos, incluso sus galaxias ya no existen.

Dándose cuenta de que están vinculados por ser los únicos sobrevivientes de la primera época de la historia del universo, los Elders han llegado a considerarse ellos mismos como “hermanos”. Sin embargo, en realidad, cada uno de los Elders pertenece a una raza diferente. Ellos han alcanzado la inmortalidad.

Los Elders tienen como característica particular que a lo largo de eones cada uno de ellos ha dedicado su existencia a una obsesión en particular. Algunos Elders han optado por desarrollar todas sus potencialidades físicas y mentales, convirtiéndose así en seres muy poderosos. Otros se basan en la tecnología para realizar diversas hazañas. No se sabe con precisión cuántos Elders hay en el universo. Pero algunos Elder pueden alcanzar poderes que rivalizan con algunas entidades cósmicas.

El Gran Maestro

El Gran Maestro

Al igual que todos los Elders el origen del Gran Maestro de pierde en la temprano historia del universo. Último miembro de su raza y “hermano” de los demás Elders el Gran Maestro tiene una obsesión particular por el juego.

El Gran Maestro ha pasado su larga existencia en busca de diversión a través de los juegos y competencias. Ha viajado por todo el universo conocido estudiando la forma de jugar de muchas civilizaciones. Así el Gran Maestro comenzó a elaborar sus propios tipos de torneos y concursos, desafiando varios opositores a juegos de habilidad y altas apuestas.

Como todos los Elders posee parte del Poder Primordial, lo que le otorga grandes poderes, él posee fuerza superhumana aun grado desconocido, velocidad, resistencia y durabilidad e inmortalidad (el Gran Maestro derroto a La Muerte en un juego, lo que volvió a los Elders incapaces de morir por ningún medio). También posee un intelecto superior. Poderes psionicos, incluyendo telepatía y telekinesis, puede borrar recuerdos y crear recuerdos falsos, tiene control sobre la vida y la muerte y otorgar poderes a los demás seres, puede manipular inmensas cantidades de energía para varios propósitos, así como lanzar poderosos rayos, entre muchas cosas más.

El Campeón del Universo

El Campeón del Universo

Tryco Slatterus, conocido como El Campeón es como los demás Elders, único en su especie, y esta enfocado a la competencia personal del desafió físico. El Campeón ha pasado eones viajando por el cosmos y derrotando a los mejores luchadores del universo. Acompañado de Proja, su Promotor Supremo, llegó a La Tierra en busca de los 8 hombres más fuertes del planeta para competir contra él en un combate mano a mano. El Campeón entonces los forzó a participar bajo la amenaza de destruir el planeta. Sólo 6 lucharon dentro de un campo de fuerza en el Madison Square Garden: Thor, Hulk, Sasquatch, Coloso, Wonder Man y La Mole.

El Campeón junto a los otros Elders conspirarían en un intento de matar a Galactus (uno de los pocos seres más antiguos que ellos). Los Elders intentarían destruir el universo, con la intención de reemerger ellos mismo en el nuevo universo como los seres más antiguos.

El Campeón, posee parte del Poder Primordial, lo que le otorga grandes poderes, pero adicionalmente posee también La Gema del Poder (Una de las Gemas del Infinito), que le dan poder en escalas inimaginables, él usa esta energía cósmica para incrementar sus habilidades físicas.

El Campeón posee fuerza incalculable, inmortalidad, velocidad, agilidad y resistencia sobrehumana, virtual invulnerabilidad. El Campeón tiene maestría sobre innumerables estilos de combate y artes marciales de todo el universo. El ha demostrado ser capaz de destruir planetas enteros con tan sólo un golpe.

El Runner

El Runner

Se desconocen los orígenes del Runner, él tiene billones de años de existencia. El Runner junto con sus “hermanos” losElders, intentaron destruir a Galactus.

El Runner organizaría dos carreras en donde participarían los más veloces corredores de la tierra y posteriormente del universo, participarían Makkari, Quicksilver, Whizzer,Speed Demon, La Capitana Marvel (Photon), Super-Sabre, y Black Racer. En la “Maratón Galáctica” Makkari superaría al Runner durante la carrera, sin embargo, esto se produjo con el costo de ser atrapado permanentemente en El Campo de la Super-Velocidad, donde Makkari sólo podía comunicarse con otros seres super-rápido como el mismo Runner.

El Runner también se enfrentaría a


, cuando el titán le arrebato la

Gema del Espacio

(una de las Gemas del Infinito).

Como todos los Elder, el Runner posee

el Poder primordial

, lo que le da fuerza superhumana, resistencia al daño físico al nivel del

Silver Surfer

, inmortalidad, puede usar su

energía cósmica

para una gran variedad de efectos como lanzar poderosos rayos de fuerza destructora, posee

súper velocidad

la cual es su obsesión.

El Runner

puede moverse, reaccionar y correr a velocidades muchas veces superiores a la de la luz, él puede “correr” a través del universo, cubrir años luz en tan sólo instantes, es más poderoso que el

Silver Surfer

y ha derrotado a


. El Runner también posee la rara habilidad de afectar los centros de emoción de seres incluso tan poderoso como el Silver Surfer.

Adicionalmente al Poder Primordial, el Runner poseyó la Gema del Espacio, la cual le permitía estar en cualquier parte del universo incluso antes de que él comprendiera que había comenzado a correr. El Runner es el ser mas veloz que jamás haya existido.

El Coleccionista

El Coleccionista

Taneleer Tivan

. Logro aun auto conocimiento billones de años atrás en el planeta

Cygnus X-1

. Él es un ser enormemente poderoso, y amigo cercano de

Dwi Gast


El Maestro

– otro de los Elders.

Ha participado en numerosos acontecimientos del Universo Marvel, solo y en compañía de sus “Hermanos”, enfrentándose así a los mayores héroes de la tierra y en conflictos de escala cósmica.

Poseedor del Poder Primordial del cual se vale para realizar una seria de efectos virtualmente ilimitados. Él puede manipular la energía cósmica para una variedad de efectos, incluida la proyección de rayos de fuerza, el aumento de tamaño y masa (y por lo tanto de su fuerza física) a voluntad. También posee una capacidad limitada para cambiar su forma. Habilidades telepáticas que le permiten tener un contacto limitado con otros Elders. Al igual que todos los Elders esinmortal.

El Coleccionista además posee un vasto conocimiento y una gran colección de ciencia y tecnología avanzada de numerosos mundos así como una vasta colección de diversas armas de distintos períodos de tiempo y de diferentes mundos incluyendo armas místicas. El coleccionista también tiene parques zoológicos de bestias exóticas de las que se vale. También posee un Visor de Cósmica, con el que puede controlar los eventos en mundos diferentes. Poseía antes la gema del infinito que controlaba la realidad, pero no comprendía su poder. Él también ha demostrado tener visiones premonitorias breves de futuros alternativos, aunque debe meditar durante largos períodos de tiempo para identificar a las personas que ve en la visión y su punto aparente en el tiempo.

El Jardinero

El Jardinero

Ord Zyonyz

, un ser que nació en la

Galaxia Seyfert M-77

. Al igual que todos los otros Elders, es extremadamente poderoso. Él esta absolutamente obsesionado con la paz y tranquilidad, y con su jardín.

El Jardinero fue uno de los Elders que trataron de recrear el universo matando a


. Luchó contra Galactus y

Silver Surfer

, pero fue devorado por Galactus pero no puedo ser consumido por este.

El jardinero reveló más tarde que poseía

La Gema del Alma


Adam Warlock

y Viajó a


para crear un paraíso pero allí se enfrentaría a


y perdería la gema durante su lucha con el gigante esmeralda.

El Jardinero fue considerado en el grupo de abstracciones de seres

casi omnipotentes

(junto a


el Vigilante,


, el


, el

Tribunal Viviente


Lord Caos

, el

Amo del Orden

y los


) que se enfrentarían al


durante las

Secret Wars II


El Jardinero posee el

Poder Primordial

, puede manipular energía cósmica para una variedad de efectos, él puede aumentar sus atributos físicos a niveles no revelados, él no puede morir por ningún medio siendo un autentico


. El Jardinero ha acumulado un vasto conocimiento sobre botánica de incontables mundos a lo largo de milenios. Él ha utilizado varias de las

Gemas del Infinito

en un momento u otro. Como todos los Elders sus niveles de poder y fuerza están por encima de cualquier heraldo de



Ego - El Planeta Viviente

Ego - El Planeta Viviente

En la Galaxia Negra, un planeta evolucionaría de manera diferente a los demás, durante millones de años, desarrollando inteligencia y conciencia propia con la habilidad de cambiar su propia masa a voluntad. Este planeta seria conocido comoEgo “El Planeta Viviente". La Galaxia Negra es un Bio-versoentero.

Ego trataría de conquistar otras áreas del universo creando poderoso seres humanoides a partir de su propia esencia, los que mandaba a otros planetas, pero seria derrotado por Thor.

Ego combatiría también contra Galactus. La colonizadora rigeliana Tana Nile, recogería una pequeña muestra de la sustancia de Ego, la cual cobraría conciencia e inteligencia propia, este ser seria conocido como Ego Prime. Ego tendría entonces un ataque de locura y trataría de destruir el universo, lo que forzó a Galactus a buscar la ayuda de Thor para detener al Planeta Viviente.

Actualmente la conciencia de Ego ha sido remplazada por La


, haciéndose llamar

Nu Xandar

, y es la cede de los

Nova Corps



es excepcionalmente inteligente, tiene control total de toda su masa e incluso de su atmósfera, hasta un nivel molecular, la cual puede manifestar en forma de una gigantesca cara o en la creación de poderosos seres, Ego es en si mismo un


. Es capaz de tornar su superficie en un mundo inhóspito o en un idílico paraíso. Ego posee diversas características internas análogas a un organismo vivo, como túneles gigantescos que se comparan con las arterias, y un gigantesco cerebro. Ego posee dos órganos digestivos, que utiliza para la absorción de seres vivos, y un sistema inmunológico con el que crea potentes anticuerpos para destruir a los seres que resistan a la absorción. Además, posee grandes capacidades


, y puede proyectar poderosos rayos lo suficientemente potente como para destruir otros mundos.



Thanos fue uno de los últimos hijos de Alars (progenitor de la segunda colonia de Eternos en Titán) y Sui-San. Thanos fue un niño que se obsesiono con el concepto de la muerte. Como todos los Eternos Thanos poseía grandes poderes, mediante implantes biónicos y largas horas de meditación, Thanos aumento su fuerza y poder a fin de superar el poder de todos los demás Eternos. A medida que aumento su poder, también creció su ambición y deseo de conquista.

En uno de sus viajes por el universo Thanos conocería la personificación de La Muerte, de la cual se volvería su adorador.

Enamorado de La Muerte, Thanos intentaría obtener el mayor poder en el universo, cosa que conseguiría muchas veces, y que por lo general perdería por voluntad propia.

Thanos, posee más poder que cualquier Eterno. Thanos es unmutante que nació con la capacidad de sintetizar energía cósmica para varios usos, capacidad aumentada místicamente al ser resucitado por la misma Muerte. Thanos es un genio en casi todos los campos que la ciencia y la tecnología superior a las de nuestro planeta. Posee fuerza, resistencia, velocidad superhumanas. Él puede lanzar poderosos rayos de energía, crear campos de fuerza, teletransportarse, puede manipular la materia, posee también telepatía así como invulnerabilidad a la mayoría de ataques psíquicos. Como todos los Eternos Thanos es inmortal. Aun que generalmente evita el combate físico, Thanos es un excelente luchador.

El Beyonder

El Beyonder

Los omnipotentes y enigmáticos Beyonders crean paquetes de energía capaces de alterar la realidad, conocidos comoCubos Cósmicos. Cuando Owen Reece acceso a uno de estos Cubos, parte de la energía lo transformo en el Hombre Molécula. El resto de la energía adquiriría poco a poco inteligencia y se convertiría en el Beyonder.

Decidido ha estudiar la vida transporto a varios superhumanos y a Galactus al Battleworld (un mundo de su creación), con la promesa de cumplirle cualquier deseo al bando que ganara la guerra entre héroes y villanos (Secret Wars). Sin embargo, El Beyonder siguió sin comprender la naturaleza humana y tomo el mismo una forma humanoide (El Beyonder carece de forma) y viajo a la Tierra enfrentándose a los héroes una vez más en donde fingiría su muerte.

En realidad el Beyonder se convertiría él mismo en su propio universo. Pero el Shaper y Kubik le revelarían la verdad de su origen, acerca de su naturaleza incompleta, y voluntariamente se fusionaría con Reece para convertirse en un Cubo Cósmico completo, así se convertiría en Kosmos, tomando una forma femenina con la esperanza de evitar las tendencias violentas de su anterior encarnación. Kubik se convertiría entonces en su tutor.

El Beyonder es posiblemente el más poderoso ser que ha existido en el Multiverso. Durante Secret Wars fue completamente omnipotente, omnisciente, todopoderoso y tenía control completo sobre cada aspectos de existencia, incluyendo el tiempo y espacio, etc, a un grado ilimitado. Fue tan poderoso que incluso seres como el Tribunal Viviente, La Muerte, Eternidad etc, cayeron a sus pies. Fue tan poderoso que borro a la muerte de todo el Multiverso con un pensamiento y la regreso con la misma facilidad. Su poder fue tan grande, que con sólo pensar podía destruir dimensiones enteras. Fue billones de veces más poderoso que todo el Multiverso combinado. Él fue el ser más poderoso que haya existido en el Omniverso entero.

Pero ¿Cómo manejas un personaje así? Así que Marvel altero su origen y surgió la explicación del Cubo Cósmico. Él ya no era omnipotente, con menos poder bruto y las mismas limitaciones de un Cubo. Sin embargo, poseía gran capacidad Psionica que le permite manipular la materia y la energía cósmica en un nivel más allá de cualquiera (excepto de las más poderosos entidades cósmicas). Su naturaleza y el origen han cambiado a un grado cada vez mayor. Ahora se dice que es inhumano con un genmutante, y cuando fue expuesto a las nieblas terrígenas, sus poderes crecieron enormemente, de todas formas él es uno de los más poderosos seres en el Universo.



Los Cubos Cósmicos alteraran la realidad de acuerdo con los deseos de sus poseedores. Sin embargo, un Cubo Cósmico también es un ser vivo en forma embrionaria, el cual finalmente, desarrolla su propia conciencia, así un Cubo Cósmico debe transformarse en un ser sensible, maduro y capaz de deseos y acción independiente. Kubik es uno de esos cubos.

El cubo que se convertiría en Kubik fue "creado" por La A.I.M. una organización subversiva que suministra armas avanzadas a otras organizaciones como HYDRA. El cubo se vería afectado por el odio y la agresión del hombre y comenzaría a distorsionarse. En este momento el Shaper of Worlds llegó bajo las órdenes de la Inteligencia Suprema Kree para nutrir el cubo y evitar que este destruyera la realidad, y tomo así a Kubik bajo su tutelaje.

Durante las Secret War III, Kubik y El Shaper fueron al universo que había creado para si mismo el Beyonder, para hacerle frente y revelarle la verdad de su origen.

Los poderes de un cubo cósmico parecen casi infinitos para los estándares humanos. Kubik posee la habilidad de manipular energía extradimensional para alterar la misma realidad, para virtualmente lograr cualquier efecto que desee. El nivel de Kubik es comparable a muchas entidades cósmicas. Como un Cubo, Kubik ha sido capaz de crear un universo de bolsillo replica exacta de este, duplicando incluso a todos los habitantes de La Tierra. A pesar de su poder Kubik ha declarado que su poder como un Cubo Cósmico evolucionado, palidece en comparación a la de Los Celestiales. Kubik seria el tutor deKosmos (Beyonder), con el que exploraría a las entidades consideradas grandes poderes por Kubik, como lo son los Celestiales, Eternidad, Miss Muerte, Galactus y El Tribunal Viviente entre otros. Presumiblemente Kubik también es menos poderoso que los verdaderos Beyonders que crearon a Kubik en primer lugar.

Shaper of Worlds

Shaper of Worlds

El Shaper of Worlds es un Cubo Cósmico evolucionado, creado por científicos Skrull, en un planeta sin nombre, en la galaxia de Andrómeda hace miles de años. Utilizado por el emperador Skrull para dominar su imperio. Este Cubo desarrollaría posteriormente sensibilidad propia, adoptando el nombre de Shaper of Worlds y asumiendo la forma que actualmente utiliza. El cubo actuando por su cuenta destruiría algunos sistemas solares, destruyendo dos terceras partes de los mundos abitados en la galaxia, sumergiendo al imperio Skrull en la barbarie (del que se recuperaría siglos después).

Temiendo que el Cubo Cósmico de la


destruyera la realidad la

Inteligencia Suprema Kree

contacto al Shaper, que fue a la Tierra y tranquilizó al cubo, quitándole todo el odio, la paranoia y el hambre de poder que tenia. Motivado por sentimientos paternales y el deseo de penitencia por la devastación que había causado miles de años antes, el Shaper decidió tomar a


bajo su tutela.

Durante las

Secret Wars III

, Kubik y El Shaper fueron al universo que había creado el


, para hacerle frente y revelarle la verdad de su origen.

La extensión de los poderes del Shaper of Worlds son desconocidos, pero es muy posible que estén a la par con los de Kubik o el Beyonder.

El Shaper posee poderes potencialmente incalculables. Él tiene la capacidad de reestructurar la realidad y modificar la configuración molecular de los seres y objetos. También es capaz de teletransportación ínterdimensional. La inteligencia del Shaper es inconmensurable, pero falta de imaginación creativa, el Shaper debe utilizar la mente de otro ser vivo como un modelo para su transformación de los mundos, él necesita de la imaginación de otra ser como modelo para crear nuevos mundos. Después de la destrucción del imperio Skrull el Shaper limito deliberadamente sus poderes.

Es tiene un fuerte deseo de hacer realidad los sueños, pero no tiene sueños propios.




son sus protegidos. El

Shaper of Worlds


El Formador de Mundos

) ha luchado con



los 4 Fantásticos


Otras Entidades Cósmicas

En el fantástico Omniverso Marvel hay una gran cantidad de entidades cósmicas, abstracciones y seres que se suelen escapar de las clasificaciones normales, pudiendo llegar su influencia o poder a niveles inimaginables.

El Ser Infinito – Némesis.

El Ser Infinito – Némesis.

El Ser Infinito tiene un origen rodeado de misterio, se dice que él era un ser sensible omnipotente, cuyo dominio eran todas las realidades, también se dice que era más antiguo que el actual universo.

Entonces él era lo único que existía, su solitaria existencia lo llevo a crear vida, pero la vida que creo se corrompió en mal, así que destruyo su creación, no pudiendo soportar más su soledad, este ser cometió un suicidio cósmico. Sin embargo, tal nivel de poder no se disipa fácilmente y de sus restos se crearon las6 Gemas del Infinito y al parecer gran parte delMultiverso.

Las Gemas representarían diferentes aspectos del universo y se esparcirían por la realidad del universo 616. Una séptima gema (Gema del Ego) fue aparar a otro multiverso, alUltraverso.

Las 6 Gemas fueron llevadas después también al Ultraverso cuando el vampiro conocido como Rune combatió contra el Silver Surfer. Reunidas de nuevo por Lokiquien aposto la séptima gema con el Gran Maestro, ocasionarían que Los Vengadores se vieran forzados a enfrentar a los héroes de Ultraforce. Este combate ocasionó que las 7 gemas se juntarannuevamente recreando al Ser Infinito, el cual ahora tomaría el nombre de Némesis. Como Némesis seria capaz de destruir en un parpadeo ambos universos y de crear uno nuevo.

La derrota de Némesis fue posible cuando dos de las gemas (realidad y tiempo) se sublevaron contra sus otras 5 hermanas, finalmente los


y los


lograrían derrotarla. Al “morir” Némesis su energía liberada fue tan grande que cada onda de energía desatada creaba y destruía universos al mismo tiempo.

El Ser Infinito, seria






(en su forma original).

The Infinites – Los Infinitos

The Infinites – Los Infinitos

Los Infinites, son un grupo de tres seres abstractos de incalculable poder, ellos viajaban a través del Multiversorealineando las energías de cada universo de una manera que ellos consideraban armoniosa, volviendo las masas planetarias en materia prima, para la configuración de un anillo con el que unían todas las estrellas de una galaxia y luego tiraban de todas ellas juntas, claro que en el proceso mataban a todos los seres que habitaban esa galaxia.

Cuando los Vengadores presenciaron que tan sólo la manifestación de una de sus manos era más grande que la galaxia, decidieron invocar a Eternidad, pero incluso la todopoderosa Eternidad seria avergonzada por estos seres, cuando la llevaron a la Dimensión de la Manifestación(donde los seres cósmicos pueden interactuar con mayor facilidad) junto a los Vengadores; entonces cada Vengador hablaría a través de Eternidad y convencerían a los Infinites de que cada vida en la galaxia vale la pena de ser salvada. Los Infinites abandonarían así sus planes y uno de ellos se sacrificaría reformando así uno de los planetas que había sido destruido anteriormente (R-76) y convirtiéndolo en un paraíso, fusionando su esencia con el planeta. Se desconoce que paso con los otros Infinites.

Los Infinites poseían niveles de poder superiores a los de Eternidad que es la manifestación más poderosa del universo, los límites e influencia de los poderes de los Infinitos es desconocido, pero posiblemente abarcaban el Multiverso y tal vez incluso un Megaverso. [1][2][3][4].

The Hunger – Hambre

The Hunger – Hambre

El Hambre es un parásito interdimensional, esencialmente Hambre se alimenta de realidades (universos) enteras, él absorbe aquella realidad hasta que él es todo en aquella dimensión y la abarca completamente. Luego que encuentra una nueva dimensión comienza a transferirse para absorberla también. Cuando recién se manifiesta en una nueva dimensión, Hambre está temporalmente vulnerable a los ataques físicos extremos de energía, pero casi instantáneamente se adapta a cualquier fuerza que se le este aplicando y comienza a absorber esa fuerza también. El Hambre también posee formidables facultades mentales, capaces de influir mentalmente incluso a entidades cósmicas como Galactus a pesar de estar fuera de esta realidad. Hambre es capaz de penetrar dimensiones paralelas sin esfuerzo, como nosotros pasamos de una habitación a otra, pero dimensiones “esféricas” le representan un problema por que deben ser abiertas por ambos lados de la barrera dimensional.

Hambre fue atraído a nuestra dimensión por el poder del Infinity Gauntlet, pero para poder entrar a nuestra realidad tuvo que manipular mentalmente a Galactus para ayudarlo abrir una brecha desde este lado de la barrera dimensional, luego fue enfrentado por Thanos y Galactus. Aprovechando que Hambre sólo había manifestado una pequeña porción de su ser, lo derrotaron. Aunque lo dieron por “destruido” en realidad una porción muy pequeñita sobrevivió en nuestra realidad, de la cual se desconoce su paradero.

Hambre poseía poderes incalculables, la porción que logró manifestar en nuestra dimensión fue lo bastante poderosa como para enfrentar a Thanos y Galactus juntos y antes de manifestarse aquí él ya había consumido miles de dimensiones.

The Makers

The Makers – Los Hacedores/Creadores

Los Makers son unas increíblemente poderosas entidades cósmicas extradimensionales, de las cuales sólo se sabe que buscan crear universos que vivan para siempre. Ellos crean dimensiones y los siembran de vida. Los Makers observaron multitudes de universos y vieron sus procesos desde el Big Bang hasta su fatal Entropía. Sintiendo que tal final era inapropiado, decidieron modificar un universo y darle a este los componentes de la vida, de este modo pretendían que el universo se moviera de una menor a mayor complejidad, evolucionando como sea necesario para sobrevivir, del mismo modo que los seres humanos lo hacen.

Normalmente están relacionados con el Microverso, que es parte de una serie de dimensiones accesibles vía la reducción de la masa más allá de los límites de existencia normal en la dimensión de la Tierra. Estos universos no son en realidad sub-atómicos como se creyó en un principio, sino universos paralelos, sin embargo, debido a su naturaleza a menudo hay una discrepancia de tamaño cuando se viaja de ida o vuelta de uno de estos reinos.

Ellos tomaron un universo y rehicieron sus planetas, estrellas y galaxias, formando de este modo el Microverso conocido.

Se desconoce aun la relación que pueda haber entre los Makers y la

Fuerza Enigma

que es el campo de energía mística que impregna y protege el Microverso.

Los Makers son entidades cuyos niveles de poder son desconocidos pero presumiblemente son tan poderosos como

Los Celestiales



o incluso con los


con los cuales pueden o no estar relacionados.

La Fuerza Enigma

La Fuerza Enigma – El Viajero del Tiempo.

La Fuerza Enigma es la energía semi-sintiente que impregna elMicroverso, es el poder universal que une cada molécula del Microverso y lo mantiene separado de la dimensión de laTierra, impidiendo que las dos dimensiones se aniquilen la una a la otra., en un sentido es el propio Microverso y su primera prioridad es sobrevivir. La Fuerza Enigma suele manifestarse en varias formas distintas:

El Viajero del Tiempo: Es (o son) una manifestación, una de las formas que la Fuerza Enigma suele utilizar para interactuar con los seres físicos. Mientras estuvieron ligados a la mente de Arcturus Rann fueron propensos a actuar contra el mal, pero desde su separación se negó generalmente a involucrarse en asuntos mortales. El Viajero del Tiempo suele estar tan ligado a la Fuerza Enigma que es difícil distinguir el uno del otro.

El Uni-Power: Es otra manifestación de la Fuerza Enigma, que otorga el poder a los seres en el Microverso, en la Tierra, y probablemente en otros lugares para llevar a cabo ciertos actos, casi siempre benévolos en su naturaleza. Los escogidos por el Uni-Power se convierten en su campeón, ganando poderes en escalas cósmicas, cada uno de estos campeones son conocidos como el Capitán Universo.

Los Sacerdotes de las Sombras:

Fueron llamados así porque mientras que Los Viajeros del Tiempo se llenan con la luz de la Fuerza Enigma, sus propios sacerdotes eran meros sirvientes de la luz... sombras de una gloria mayor.

Según cuentan las leyendas Wayfinder encontraría La Sword in the Star en el futuro 12000-17000 DC de la "Tierra-7414", reuniendo a los sobrevivientes dispersos de su época (y al parecer otros universos), los traería a la Tierra-616 aproximadamente en un 1000000 AC. Cuando los Whirldemonsamenazaron con destruirlos Wayfinder pidió ayuda a la Sword in the Star, la poderosa espada crearía entonces el Microverso y se transformaría en la Fuerza Enigma, Wayfinder imbuido con el poder de la Espada se trasformaría en el primer Viajero del Tiempo.

Wayfinder, sería también un antepasado de Arcturus Rann y la Sword in the Star sería una enigmática fuente inteligente de poder inmenso de un lejano futuro.

La relación exacta entre Los Makers y la Fuerza Enigma es desconocida, pero para que ambas versiones del origen del Microverso sean verdad, los Makers tuvieron que haber creado la espada o por lo menos haber orientado sus acciones.

La Fuerza Enigma como entidad posee poderes inimaginables en escalas universales.

La Fuerza Goblin

La Fuerza Goblin

La Fuerza Goblin es el polo opuesto a la Fuerza Fénix. Esta increíblemente poderosa entidad se origino en la Tierra 1298, al principio del universo. Los Vigilantes vieron cómo se propagaba por el universo consumiendo todo a su paso. Cuando esta Tierra llegó a poseer varios seres poderosos la Fuerza Fénix buscaría a Jean Grey. Ambas entidades cósmicas entonces se enfrentarían. La Fuerza Goblin asaltaría a la Fuerza Fénix antes que esta tuviese un huésped y la consumiría. Galactus sería el siguiente en caer bajo su poder. El siguiente objetivo de la entidad sería el universo en sí, peroLa Quinta Hueste de Celestiales se puso de pie ante ella y serian los únicos seres capaces de enfrentar su poder y detenerla, salvando el universo y la creación misma y perdiendo muchos miembros en la batalla.

La entidad fue derrotada por los Celestiales pero incluso ellos no pudieron destruirla. Con sus poderes muy reducidos La Fuerza Goblin se refugiaría en el cuerpo de Madelyne Pryor, y su influencia la llevó a convertirse en la Reina Goblin, librando entonces una guerra contra los héroes de la Tierra y llegando a poseer el cuerpo del Beyonder aumentando aun más su poder. Sin embargo sería derrotada por Havok (Alexander Summers) quien utilizando todo el poder del Nexus de todas las realidades conseguiría borrar a La Fuerza Goblin de la existencia.

La Fuerza Goblin poseía poder capaz de amenazar con destruir toda la creación. Es el rival de La Fuerza Fénix. Es uno de los seres más poderosos del universo Marvel. Pudiendo manipular la realidad misma. Ella podía consumir increíbles fuentes de energía y añadirlas a su poder. Reorganizar la materia a nivel molecular, telepatía, telekinesis, proyectar rayos de fuerza, producir intenso calor mediante Pyrokinesis, podía desmaterializar o crear demonios y duendes de las sombras y prestándoles su poder y además poseía aun hambre insaciable.



Scrier es un ser divino que dice ser el arquitecto del pasado y del futuro de la Tierra, que durmió durante miles de años bajo los Himalayas soñando con ese futuro antes de ser despertado por el Silver Surfer. Scrier aparentemente existe desde la propia existencia del Multiverso. Se sabe que Scrier ha muerto varias veces pero siempre vuelve a la vida cuando es necesario, su última muerte fue aparentemente 5 ciclos antes del hundimiento de la Atlántida y que mantiene una declarada rivalidad con otra entidad conocida como The Other.

Cuando el Silver Surfer fue infectado con un virus del almapor The Other, Scrier intervino para salvarlo y fue capaz de destruir el virus, pero al mismo tiempo, mató al Silver Surfer. Scrier llevaría a cabo una sesión espiritista junto a la hechiceraAgatha Harkness con la intención de revivir al Silver Surfer, pero no todo saldría como esperaban y terminaría enfrentando a una Agatha poseída por Mephisto. Scrier al final lograría derrotar a Mephisto y después resucitar con éxito a Silver Surfer. Con la ayuda del Silver Surfer, Scrier enfrentarían al The Other y combinando sus poderes fueron capaces de crear una barricada que contuvo al The Other en su dimensión.

Tiempo después cuando




a la Tierra, causaría que la barricada que contenía al The Other se debilitara. Ayudado por el Silver Surfer y Thor, Scrier revelaría su verdadera intención de entregar a Thor al The Other, y así lograr una tregua de medio billón de años, Thor aceptaría el sacrifico por el bien del universo, pero la llegada de


salvaría a Thor, e iniciaría un combate entre estas tres entidades cósmicas que amenazaría con destruir el universo. Gracias al gran esfuerzo de Thor, Silver Surfer y


(una creación de Scrier), lograron detenerlos y hacerlos darse cuenta de la inutilidad de su lucha. Al final se lograría una tregua entre The Other y Scrier, efectiva hasta el momento.

Scrier es una entidad cósmica poderosísima, aunque mucho de lo que afirma esta sujeto a interpretación. Como sea, él ha demostrado ser lo suficientemente poderoso como para preocupar a entidades como


(el Vigilante), y enfrentar a seres como Mephisto y Galactus.

The Other

The Other.

The Other (El Otro) es una conciencia alienígena de otra dimensión, y que ha estado experimentando con la gente de

la Tierra

por años, algunos abducidos de interés por la entidad han sido

Henrietta Rose

y al propio

Stan Lee

. El

Silver Surfer

por orden de Galactus acudió a investigar una sensación familiar que tuvo sobre este ser. El Silver Surfer Salvaría a Henrietta, pero no mantendría recuerdo de nada de esto. Poco tiempo después el Silver Sufer viajaría más de 50 años en el pasado y descubriría que este ser aparentemente había destruido


, y que él mismo y


habían sido derrotados por esta entidad. De vuelta a su propio tiempo el Silver Surfer salvaría de nuevo a Henrietta de The Other, y se entero de la verdadera naturaleza de este ser. Él lo enfrento pero fue derrotado fácilmente e infectado con un

Virus del Alma

que amenazó con borrarlo de la existencia y a todos en la Tierra.

Alicia Masters


Agatha Harkness

intentarían ayudarlo, pero a pesar de sus enormes habilidades mágicas Agatha no sería rival para The Other. Fue entonces cuando intervino


que limpió este virus, pero a costa de la vida del Silver Surfer. Después de derrotar a


(que inesperadamente intervino cuando Scrier y Agatha tratarían de revivir exitosamente al Silver Surfer) Scrier y el Silver Surfer fueron a enfrentarse al The Other y combinando sus poderes fueron capaces de crear una barrera para mantenerlo temporalmente en su propia dimensión.

Años después aprovechando que la barrera se debilito debido el desbalance dimensional que fue causado cuando Thor movió a Asgard a la Tierra, The Other amenazaría de nuevo al planeta, pero el Silver Surfer, Thor y Scrier lo combatirían, Scrier revelaría que su plan era entregar a Thor al The Other para que este lo consumiera, y al ser Thor un dios resultaría demasiado tentador para The Other que aceptaría una tregua de medio billón de años, pero este trato no se llego a dar cuando Galactus intervino, provocando un lucha entre estas 3 poderosas entidades.

The Other es una conciencia alienígena de otra dimensión que se ha manifestado a través de proyecciones mentales, pensamientos vivientes que percibimos como seres, pero es una sola entidad, The Other ha demostrado ser tan poderoso como para derrotar a Galactus y al Silver Surfer juntos, y su contienda con Scrier ha sido considerada una amenaza para todo el Multiverso.

Michael Korvac

Michael Korvac

Michael Korvac fue un técnico en computación nacido en la

Zona Azul

de la


de una


alternativa en el año 2997 (Tierra-691), a la muerte de su padre fue criado por su madre a tener una actitud de odio y venganza. Cuando el Sistema Solar y sus colonias fueron conquistadas por la Hermandad de alienígenas conocidos como


, Korvac entro a su servicio traicionando a la raza humana. Los Badoon convertirían a Michael en un


, uniendo la parte inferior de su cuerpo a una maquina. Michael algo de tiempo después sería llevado por el

Gran Maestro

a uno de sus juegos, entonces Michael podría analizar y sintetizar los poderes del Gran Maestro. Con sus nuevos conocimientos y poderes Korvac destruiría a sus anteriores amos y luego trataría de conquistar el universo, pero fue detenido por

los Guardianes de la Galaxia



(de la Tierra-616 que viajo a esta dimensión). Derrotado, Korvac huiría a la Tierra-616 en donde encontraría la gigantesca

Estación Espacial



, analizando, sintetizando y absorbiendo todo el poder cósmico almacenado en la nave, Korvac se convertiría en un ser

casi omnipotente

, tomando entonces una forma más humana y perfecta, debido a la conciencia cósmica que gano Korvac cambio su actitud y sus planes, ya no seria el destructor del universo sino su protector.

Los planes de Korvac serian entonces combatidos por Los Vengadores y los Guardianes de la Galaxia, los que finalmente derrotarían a Korvac.

Michael Korvac después de absorber las energías de la nave de Galactus, se convirtió en un igual de entidades cósmicas como Galactus, Odin, Zeus y los Elders of the Universe. Él podía usar su poder cósmico en una variedad de formas, tales como viajar en el tiempo, proyectarse astralmente, telepatía, emitir energía cósmica, reanimación de los seres vivos, era capaz de absorber energía, de aumentar sus atributos físicos rivalizando a los seres más fuertes en el universo, su poder fue potencialmente infinito.

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Einstein FTL Conclusion: The Fallacy of Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Proof of Faster Than Ligth Speed Travel

Einstein theory is based on assertions that are unsupported and illogical.

#1. "The energy,energy density,density and speed of light speed and strong gravitional forces are the same and are infinite."

If the force of light and gravity was infinite then the universe would shake with destruction and we'd all be dead. No one in their right mind would claim every burst of luminous electromagnetic radaition is infinte.

Light has been measured on the clock so we know its not infinite in speed. The fact that it moves in a wave is another clue that its not infinitely fast since one particle has to transfer its energy to another in a wave. Traveling faster than light does not equate to breaking the barriers of the universe because light speed is not someting instant and ever-present due to its finite speed.

Black holes don't have infinite energy/power/energy density/density/speed. People saying they have infinite force because they think the space at the center of a black hole has zero volume are wrong. No matter how greatly compressed, you never have matter take up zero amount of space. Black holes put out energy akin to stars but their energy, energy density, density and speed is not infinite. You do not need infinite energy to escape the pull of a black hole.


#2. "Gravity is curved space."

Gravity is a force.

#3. "Space and Time are the same".

They aren't. Space is the measure of emptyness between masses.

Time is the measure of an action's duration, which is totally dependent from the objects strength level which determines the time of its breaking point when under a certain amount of force.

#4 "Energy and Time are the same".

Energy is the accelartion of mass.

Time is the measure of an action's duration, which is totally dependent from the objects strength level which determines the time of its breaking point when under a certain amount of force.

#5. "What actually happens in the world is dependent upon the sight and feelings of the observers, no matter how limited the sight of the observer is or how much the observers feelings have been sheilded off from directly experiencing the referenced force".

"Time stops or speeds up, mass changes and space shortens when traveling at the speed of light".

Trains move faster than human being ever could but we don't feel the affects of moving at high speeds on atrain becasue the trains protects us, unless we make abrupt stops, which would slam us into the inside walls of the train and kill us possilbly.

Moving at the speed of light doe not stop time. Time is a measurement of reality. It does not dependent on the limits of the human brain perception. Our brain's lack of processing power does not change the reality of time. Every action occurs over a time period, no matter how long or short that time is, and there is no limit to how long or short an action can last. Intervals of an action's duration never cease.

Time measurements don't change. a second is still a second, a millisecond is still a millisecond, a nanosecond is still and nanosecond, and so on and so forth. Nothing can be kept track of without time and if you believe time is subject o to change then you believe in an illogical world.

Space can't be added to or taken away, only filled or vacated.

#6. "Nothing can move faster than the speed of light".

Strong Gravitional forces from stars, neutron stars and black holes gravitional forces that are faster than light. Neutron stars have gravity 200 billion times that of earth. The strong Gravitatioanal force from our sun also reaches earth faster than light. light takes eight minutes to reach earth from the sun of our solar system.

The exapansion of the universe is faster than light since the farther away galaxies are apart from each other, the faster they move away from each other, and there is no end to distance that one galaxy could be from another.

Space does not bend. Would you say speed is the bending of space or an object moving through it at a certain rate? The second answer is the obvious and logical one. Space can't be bent to take shortcuts. Space does not bend because it is the empty room in between objects. Space is not mass. Space is always there and can not be added or taken away from, only filled or vacated. If you want to get somewhere fast then find the shortest route relative to you and then move through that path as fast as you can.

#7. "Anything that looks as though its moving faster than light is really just bending space and time, because space and time is limited to the speed of light".

Space and time is not limited by lightspeed. Some people will say that it is the movement of space itslelf but that is wrong since space can't move, only mass moves. Without mass there is no motion. Where there is motion, there is mass. There are no shortcuts from one space to another so moving an object from point A to point B in less time than light travels, no matter the reason why, is moving faster than lightspeed.

Einstein even tries to say that when you travel at fster than lht speeds, space shortens or time speeds decreases, so that you are actually altering time itlself or bending space instead of simply moving across a distance in less time than light does. Distance per unit of time is the definfiton of speed. the definition of speed is not decrease space or time and there is no way to prove something so ridiculous in the first place. Time can't to added to or taken away, only allowed to keep going. Space can not be added or taken away from, only filled or vacated.

Einsteins theory of General and Special Realativity is full of Contradictions:

#1. "Nothing can move faster than light, even though light moving at a finite speed, but there is no limit to the forces of gravity. Grvaity is the accelaration between two objects to due to mass differences".

He's saying that nothing moves faster than light yet he goes against that statment by saying Gravity has no limits. Grvaity is the accelaration between two objects to due to mass differences.

A. I know for a fact that the speed of light and gravity is not and can not be inifite.

B. I can list things that move move faster than light and show there is no universal speed limit at all.

C. I can list the Contradictions of Einsteins theory.

D.I can disprove the nonsensical language and logic the theory uses by properly defining energy, power,energy density, density, speed, space , and time. The theory is illogical from the start because of how it defines these things.

Space is not time. Mass is not time. Energy is not time. Space is not mass.

Time can not be changed. Space not not be changed.

time and space should not be equated to mass or energy and they don't change each other, they simply interact. They are measured in ratios to one another.

Energy per time. Energy per space. Mass per space. Space traveled per time.

Know what you know and don't contradict.

The Theory of relativty is nothing but a contrdictory irrational illogical mumbo jumbo bullcrap theory that people blindly believe in order to compensate for their lack of real knowledge.

And no, Einstein did not create the atomic bomb. And no, he created no formulas. He merely publicized and tried to take credit for the past work of other scinentists and then put his own stupid, illogical twist on those theories. Heused nothing but circular reasonaing. He stated the workings of his theory as proof of his theory.

Questioner: Why can nothing move beyond light speed?

Einsteins reply: Because of what my theory says about nothing moving beyond light speed.

Questioner: Why?

Einstein: Because my theory says so.

Questioner: But don't you need to actually show your theory in action?

Einstein: it is in action.

Questioner: How do we know?

Einstein: Because me and my theory said so.

Questioner: You want us to believe your theory says merely based on the words of your theory?

Einstein: Yes.

There you have it. Circular logic in action. If someone asks why you think a certain way about something, tell them that your belief is the proof.

How to Split an atom to make a atomic explosion

Basically, to make an atomic bomb, all you have to is get a unstable atom, an atom whose outer most electrons barriers are filled much at all, so when it takes a beating it will pop like a balloon easier than other atoms, and having a massive atom to split open adds to the power released as well.

Add this to the pile of mind-bending atom qualities: an atomic nucleus has less mass as a whole than its protons and neutrons would have separately. How is this possible? Well, when the nucleus is formed, some of the mass of its constituent parts changes into energy that binds the protons and neutrons together. In other words, there’s high potential energy locked up in the nucleus.

It’s possible to release this energy, and actually harness it, by splitting specific types of atoms apart into multiple fragments – a process known as nuclear fission. All you need to break apart a uranium-235 atom is a slow-moving free neutron. The uranium atom will absorb the free neutron, the extra energy makes the uranium nucleus highly unstable, and the atom splits into two smaller atoms and two or three free neutrons. The potential energy in the nucleus is released as kinetic energy, in the form of these particles moving at great speed. The resulting free neutrons, in turn, can break apart other uranium-235 atoms, leading to a chain reaction.

“All you need to break apart a uranium-235 atom is a slow-moving free neutron”

A powerplant controls the reaction and harnesses the heat of this kinetic energy in order to generate steam that turns turbines. In contrast, in an atomic bomb the reaction is allowed to go unchecked, in order to generate a massive explosion.

You can also tap into this energy through nuclear fusion – the combining of two nuclei into a new nucleus. Nuclear fusion generates the energy of stars and hydrogen bombs. However, nobody has been able to harness it effectively as a power source yet.

Battle with high Evolutionary. This is the guys who had a good fight with Galactus! Hulk beats him down.

Or abomination. these guys wreck entire bases in their fights.


Savage Hulk vs Xenmu, from Marvel Feature #3:




Savage Hulk vs Xenmu rematch, from Defenders #12:





Savage Hulk (weakened) vs Xenmu again, from Incredible Hulk Annual #5:





Problem is that while einstein claims lightspeed can't surpassed based on no empircal evidence of any kind, there are a bunch of things that are faster than light.

The "Nothing is faster than light/relativity" theory is imposed as if its a law is beacsue using light speed as a limit works for some calculartions for great gravity formations throughout the universe, but it has a limit and stops being right upon a certian point.

There's No such thing as an object acquiring infinite mass. That statement is based on the saying that nothing moves faster than light. According to the relativity theory, since nothing moves faster than light, the only way to maximize energy is to increase your mass since lightspeed ls your speed limit for any energy produced.

Einstein saying space-time of the universe bend(even though neither things can bend since they are not mass) if light were ever broken? A bunch a nonsensical jibber jaber. At best its a poor attempt at philosophy and at worst its an insult to people's intelligence.

Einstein even tries to say that when you travel at fster than lht speeds, space shortens or time speeds decreases, so that you are actually altering time itlself or bending space instead of simply moving across a distance in less time than light does. Distance per unit of time is the definfiton of speed. the definition of speed is not decrease space or time and there is no way to prove something so ridiculous in the first place. Time can't to added to or taken away, only allowed to keep going. Space can not be added or taken away from, only filled or vacated.

And a single black hole is not infinite in speed/energy/density:

Why? You can’t have mass, no matter how much compressed, take up zero amount of space.

The energy of a black hole is not infinite because it doesn't consume the entire universe. You can't have all the energy of the universe in one place. The universe is endless, like a never-ending line of dominos. Black holes put out very high levels of energy akin to stars but their energy is not infinite.

Here's some things that are faster than light:

#1. Black holes and neutron star have gravity 200 billion times the gravity of earth. That is faster than light. And of course, that's why their escape velocity is faster than light speeds.

#2. The speed at which electromagnetic waves go in the horizontal direction isn't what gives them their great power. The mass of the wave is so tiny that the speed means nothing, even going at lightspeed.

Gamma waves are transverse waves, like all other elecetromagnetic raditaion. Their maximum power is not determined by how fast they move in the horizontal direction, but on how fast they shake up and down. The true power of the wave does not move in the same direction that it makes its long distance travels.

Gamma rays are an electromagnetic field that vibrates incredibly fast. So fast do these waves vibrate that they give off energy that is equaivalent to a great many tiny masses each individually moving at light-speed. Combine those masses and speeds and see what you get. The perdpendicular oscsillation of a gamma ray is so fast that an electromagnetic wave travels no more than picometer in its horizontal motion within the same moment one oscillation has been completed in the perpendicular direction.

An electrvolt is 1 undecillionth of kilogram that moves at light speed. F= 1.782662×10−36) kg X (300,000,000)^2

There's a quadrillion electon volts in 1 joules of energy.

("Work" is force moving over a certain amount of distance. W= F x d. # of Newtons X 1 meter= # of Joules)

Imagine how many the electron volts the sun puts out every second knowing that the sun produces 300 septillion joules per second. That's a lot of electron volts and definitely faster than light motion.

#3. The big bang is faster than light. Its known that the farther a galxy is away form another, the faster its moving away. I easily could pick two galaxies of pretty much any distnat and the speed they were traveling away would have to come out as faster than light.

#4. Spining stars have been found to send out radio six times faster than light for a moment. That's faster than light.

Hulk vs Diablo, the alien from the fifth dimension:

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Hurricane forces-dum529001

Answers archive: Hurricane science and forecasting

Q: What's the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?

A: They are two different names for the same kind of storm -- a tropical cyclone, which is a low-pressure area in which the central core is warmer than the surrounding atmosphere. They’re called hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and typhoons in the Western Pacific. In addition, these storms are known as cyclones in the Indian Ocean and around the Coral Sea off northeastern Australia.

This USA TODAY resource page has links to more about hurricane science, while this page from the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory has more about the different names given to tropical cyclones.

(Answered by Doyle Rice, USA TODAY’s weather editor, April 10, 2007)

Q: What was the largest recorded hurricane in the Atlantic Basin in terms of wind field?

A: Since official weather records on this are not kept, it's difficult to come up with an answer. I did find two storms that had very large areas of tropical-storm-force winds (known as a storm’s “wind field”): Hurricane Cindy in 1999 had maximum tropical-storm-force winds 266 miles away from the center of the hurricane, while 1988’s Hurricane Gilbert had tropical-storm-force winds that were measured as far as 259 miles from its center. (Tropical-storm-force winds are 39 mph and above.)

Hurricane Cindy was a large storm that remained over the open Atlantic and did not strike land. I found the information about Cindy from

a paper published by the American Meteorological Society

(PDF) on the characteristics of intense hurricanes in the Atlantic between 1995 and 2003. The information about Gilbert came from a

chart reportedly made by the Hurricane Research Division

, which shows that Hurricane Gilbert had the largest wind field radii in their records. (The chart was linked off this

storm2K page


One other item to mention: When storms are undergoing extratropical transition, the wind field expands greatly, and there may have been some transistioning storms in the North Atlantic with a larger wind field.

(Answered by meteorologist Dick Fletcher of WTSP-TV in St. Petersburg-Tampa, Fla., November 1, 2006)

Q: Does the size of a hurricane's eye have a relationship to its strength?

A: When forecasters are tracking a tropical cyclone, the eye typically becomes more well-defined and smaller as the system intensifies. However, depending on the overall size of the storm, there is a limit to how small the eye can become. Sometimes the eyewall becomes ragged or disappears completely, with a corresponding weakening of peak winds, only to be replaced by a new eyewall and restrengthening of the hurricane. This is called an eyewall replacement cycle.

While most hurricanes are about 300 miles in diameter, the overall size of the hurricane is also not necessarily indicative of its strength. Hurricane Andrew in 1992, a relatively small hurricane, packed quite a punch as it made landfall in southeast Florida as a Category 5 hurricane. Another good example of a small but potent storm was Hurricane Charley in 2004.

Want to learn more about hurricane science, check out the FAQ on this USA TODAY resource page.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, October 10, 2006)

Q: Where do most hurricanes originate -- in the Atlantic off the African coast, in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Caribbean?

A: Most hurricanes begin in the Atlantic as a result of tropical waves that move westward off the African coast. Some form in the vicinity of the Cape Verde islands and are known as "Cape Verde" hurricanes. The Atlantic is the favored location for tropical cyclones that occur during the peak of hurricane season from mid-August through mid-October. During the early and late stages of hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30, storms are typically less numerous and are more likely to originate in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico.

Learn more about Cape Verde hurricanes on this USA TODAY resource page.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, October 5, 2006)

Q: A hurricane "picks up" saltwater over the ocean, but rains fresh water. Where does the salt go?

A: The process by which a hurricane "picks up" water over the ocean is called evaporation. That is, heating by the sun makes saltwater warm enough that molecules of water leave the liquid state and become water vapor in the atmosphere. The salts that are diluted in the water are left behind, making the remaining ocean water even saltier. The water vapor condenses to form clouds within the hurricane and eventually precipitates out of the storm as fresh rainwater.

For more on hurricanes, read this USA TODAY FAQ page.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, September 4, 2006)

Q: What are the odds that a major hurricane will hit the U.S. coastline in 2006?

A: According to hurricane experts at Colorado State University, there is a 73% chance that a major hurricane (Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane intensity) will hit somewhere along the U.S. coastline this year. This is well above the long-term average of 52%. The East Coast and peninsular Florida have a 64% probability of a major hurricane landfall in 2006, more than twice the average of 31%. The Gulf Coast has a 26% probability, just below the long-term average of 30%.

The updated forecast for the 2006 hurricane season complete with landfall probabilities can be found on this Colorado State resource page.

(Answered by Greg Seroka of USA TODAY’s weather staff, August 21, 2006)

Q: Why does wind shear tend to strengthen thunderstorms but weaken hurricanes?

A: Wind shear, changes in wind speed and direction with elevation, gives a thunderstorm its spin in the form of rotating updrafts called mesocyclones. Wind shear also helps to keep a thunderstorm's updraft separated from its downdraft, increasing the storm's strength and duration. A hurricane, on the other hand, is a large collection of thunderstorms and occurs on a much larger scale than do individual thunderstorms. A hurricane gets its spin from the rotation of the Earth rather than from wind shear. Hurricanes rapidly intensify when the thunderstorms form tightly around the center of circulation. Like pushing over a spinning figure skater, wind shear tends to disrupt the balance of the storm.

Read more about wind shear and hurricanes on this USA TODAY resource page.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, August 7, 2006)

Q: Do hurricanes hit Central America?

A: Yes, Central America can be affected by hurricanes. Storms that form in the north Atlantic and eastern Pacific basins often hit or come close to the region. One of the worst storms was in October 1998, when catastrophic Hurricane Mitch killed more than 9,000 people, mostly in Honduras and Nicaragua.

South America, on the other hand, is rarely affected by tropical systems. Cooler water, high wind shear, and the lack of an Intertropical Convergence Zone -- a constant area of low pressure and thunderstorm activity along the Earth's equator -- in the south Atlantic and south eastern Pacific basins limit any tropical activity that may affect South America.

Check out FAQ's about hurricane science on this USA TODAY resource page.

(Answered by Greg Seroka of USA TODAY’s weather staff, July 19, 2006)

Q: What is a tropical wave?

A: Tropical waves, also known as easterly waves, are elongated low-pressure areas that cause cloudiness and thunderstorms. They form when warm air drifts off of Africa into the Atlantic Ocean, and they are usually pushed westward by prevailing winds. Tropical waves can often develop into tropical cyclones: 60% of all Atlantic tropical cyclones originate from tropical waves, and about 85% of Atlantic hurricanes of Category 3 or greater come from tropical waves.

About 60 tropical waves form off of the African coast each year. Sometimes, tropical waves can have tropical-storm force winds (39-73 mph) without being considered tropical storms, since tropical storms must have closed circulation.

Hurricane formation and its progression always begins with a tropical disturbance. Tropical disturbances can be tropical waves, but not always. The disturbance then develops into a tropical depression, which has a closed circulation. The system then forms into a tropical storm, before finally developing into a hurricane.

Learn more about tropical waves and hurricane formation through this USA TODAY interactive graphic.

(Answered by Greg Seroka of USA TODAY’s weather staff, July 6, 2006)

Q: Where do most Atlantic Ocean hurricanes originate?

A: The origins of many Atlantic hurricanes can be traced to tropical waves that develop over sub-Saharan Africa and move west into the eastern Atlantic. During the mid-August to mid-October peak of the hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, tropical storms and hurricanes tend to develop in the eastern Atlantic, often near the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Senegal. Early and late-season tropical storms and hurricanes are more likely to develop in the western Caribbean or even in the Gulf of Mexico.

Read more about the origins of tropical cyclones on this USA TODAY resource page.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, April 6, 2006)

Q: Has a major hurricane ever hit Virginia or Maryland? Could it happen?

A: Yes, and yes. A major hurricane known as the "Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane" passed over Norfolk, Virginia, on August 23, 1933, and moved up the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River during the day. Winds in the Norfolk area were almost 90 mph and a storm surge of about 9-12 feet inundated Washington, D.C.,and many cities and towns along the shores of the bay and river.

The storm also created a breach in the Assateague peninsula — the Ocean City inlet — that remains to this day. A major hurricane such as this, though rare in Virginia and Maryland, could certainly happen again.

(Answered by Bob Ryan, chief meteorologist and leader of the five-person StormCenter4 team at NBC4, WRC-TV, in Washington, D.C., March 8, 2006.)

Q: Why do hurricanes strengthen over warm water and weaken over cooler water?

A: Hurricanes do not always strengthen over warmer water or weaken over cooler water. The atmospheric environment in which the hurricane is embedded has a profound effect on whether a hurricane weakens or strengthens. This is what makes forecasting hurricane intensity change so difficult.

However, sea water temperatures can cause changes in intensity. Cooler water puts less moisture and energy into the atmosphere, typically reducing its ability to make thunderstorms. Conversely, warmer water puts more moisture and energy into the atmosphere, making it more amenable to thunderstorm development.

Since thunderstorms are one important conduit for quickly transferring ocean energy into the atmosphere, their absence prevents strengthening and/or causes weakening.

Hence, cold water is unfavorable for hurricane development. In general, the ocean water temperature necessary to form a hurricane is around 80°F. But once a hurricane forms, it can persist in water below 80°F, sometimes for many days.

This USATODAY.com resource page shows how hurricanes develop.

(Answered by Steve Lyons, tropical weather expert at the Weather Channel, November 28, 2005)

Q: Were the Gulf of Mexico's water temperatures unusually warm this year? If so, is that why there were so many major hurricanes?

A: The Gulf of Mexico is shallower than the open ocean, so much like a backyard kiddie pool, it heats up quickly under the blazing summer sun. While preliminary data indicate that the Gulf water temperatures were slightly above normal this year, warm water is only one factor that can strengthen storms. In the cases of Katrina and Rita, and to a lesser extent, Wilma, these hurricanes strengthened rapidly in the Gulf not only because of warm Gulf waters, but also because of very favorable atmospheric conditions, such as low wind shear and upper-level high pressure.

A NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center map shows that sea-surface temperatures across much of the Gulf of Mexico were about 1°C above average between from early August to early November, 2005.

An article on global warming and its possible relation to Hurricane Katrina is on this



(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, November 10, 2005)

Q: I know typhoons and hurricanes are the same type of storm, but it seems like most typhoons are usually stronger than hurricanes. Is this true?

A: Hurricanes form in limited areas of the Atlantic and northeast Pacific, but typhoons in the northwest Pacific draw on the world’s largest pool of deep, warm seawater. The journal


reported in September that, from 1990 to 2004, 41% of northwest Pacific typhoons and southwest Pacific tropical cyclones reached Category 4 or 5 strength, while only 25% of Atlantic hurricanes did.

This USATODAY.com resource page has more about typhoons.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Henson, a writer at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the author of The Rough Guide to Weather, November 7, 2005.)

Q: How is a hurricane's path predicted?

A: It should be recognized that, even for the experts at the National Hurricane Center, predicting a hurricane's path often comes with great uncertainty.

The forecast of a hurricane's path depends largely upon the accuracy of the predicted winds from computer forecast models. The speed and direction of these steering winds typically vary with altitude. Weak tropical cyclones tend to be steered more by lower-level winds, while upper-level winds usually influence the paths of stronger hurricanes.

So not only does an accurate path forecast depend on the accuracy of the computer models, but it is also tied into the forecast intensity of the storm as well.

Learn more about hurricane forecasting on this USA TODAY resource page.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, November 6, 2005)

Q: What is meant by the "Atlantic basin?"

A: It's a geographic term used to describe where Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes form. The Atlantic basin includes a part of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. There are

seven separate basins

in oceans around the world, each of which uses a different list of names chosen by the countries affected in that particular basin.

(Answered by Doyle Rice, USA TODAY's weather editor, November 3, 2005)

Q: Has a tropical storm or hurricane ever traveled from the Atlantic basin into the Pacific basin?

A: This has indeed occurred, most recently in 1996 when Atlantic Hurricane Cesar moved across Nicaragua and El Salvador and emerged in the northeast Pacific as Hurricane Douglas. Since 1949, storms have traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific seven times. Two storms have moved from the Pacific into the Atlantic.

There is no record of a storm ever crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back again into the Atlantic.

The Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory maintains a complete list of these storms onthis FAQ page.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, October 16, 2005)

Q: Why isn't Hawaii prone to hurricanes?

A: While hurricanes are indeed rare in Hawaii, they are definitely possible. The most recent memorable hurricane to hit Hawaii was Iniki in 1992, a Category 4 central Pacific hurricane that killed seven people and injured about 100 on Kauai.

Estimated maximum sustained winds on Kauai were 140 mph with gusts as high as 175 mph, making Iniki the most powerful hurricane to strike the Hawaiian Islands in recent history. The 1992 seasonal summary from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center gives more details about this hurricane.

Typically storms that approach Hawaii from the east tend to weaken due to increased westerly wind shear as well as slightly cooler ocean temperatures.

Learn more the eastern Pacific hurricanes on this

USA TODAY resource page


(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, October 5, 2005)

Q: Why don't Pacific hurricanes hit the West Coast?

A: Winds in the tropics generally blow from east to west. This means that a west-northwest motion of a hurricane in the Atlantic basin will carry it toward the U.S. mainland. As they approach the U.S. the storms are maintained -- and sometimes strengthened -- by the warm water of the Gulf Stream off the Eastern Seaboard or warm water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Storms that form in the eastern Pacific ocean tend to move away from the Mexican coastline, as well as the U.S. mainland. The few that stray to the north occasionally make landfall in Mexico. Any further north and they run into the cooler ocean water off the California coast.

Learn more about tropical systems in the eastern Pacific on this

USA TODAY resource page


(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, September 26, 2005)

Q: I thought that weather systems move from west to east; however, why do hurricanes move to the west?

A: Not all weather systems move from west to east. With the exception of Florida, the continental USA is generally located within the mid-latitudes, which stretch from 30°N to 60°N. Mid-latitude weather systems in the Northern Hemisphere do indeed typically move from west to east. However, in the subtropics, where hurricanes typically form, most weather moves from east to west.

Learn more about global wind patterns on this

USA TODAY resource page


(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, September 18, 2005)

Q: What determines the different categories of a hurricane: wind speed or barometric pressure?

A: The Saffir-Simpson scale rates storms according to their intensity, as measured by the sustained wind speed of the storm. While wind speed is the determining factor in the scale, central air pressure and storm surge are also used to gauge the damage potential of the hurricane.

Check out this USA TODAY resource page for more on the history and application of the Saffir-Simpson scale.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, August 23, 2005)

Q: How are hurricane intensity and storm surge related?

A: Stronger, more intense hurricanes tend to produce a higher storm surge, which is the mound of water that builds up as a hurricane moves over water. Forecasting a hurricane's path is just as important as forecast intensity to determine the potential for storm surge. As the mound of water approaches the shore, the topography of the ocean floor and coast, along with the timing of local tides, will ultimately determine the size of the storm surge.

Rick Knabb of the National Hurricane Center discussed storm surge during a recent USATODAY.com chat: "An accurate storm surge forecast at any one point on the coastline is very difficult to make very far in advance. It requires a very accurate forecast of the hurricane's track, intensity and wind structure, as well as knowledge of the characteristics of the ocean floor and coastline.

"A small error in the track forecast can make a night-and-day difference in the surge experienced at any one point on the coast. This is why emergency managers evacuate fairly large areas in advance of a landfalling hurricane, to make sure everyone at risk, given the uncertainties involved, will be safe. It is always important to heed the advice of your local officials."

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, August 21, 2005)

Q: How does the jet stream affect the paths of hurricanes and has the jet stream moved north, thus causing or allowing such bad tropical weather the past few years?

A: The jet stream, particularly the subtropical jet stream, does impact the development of tropical systems. A strong subtropical jet tends to produce shear that weakens or destroys tropical systems. A weaker jet allows for development and active hurricane seasons.

It is true that the Atlantic has seen unusually active tropical seasons the past decade. The current hurricane season is on pace to be the ninth above-normal year in the past eleven years. The ingredients of warm ocean waters and relatively weak atmospheric wind shear have helped to increase tropical activity in recent years.

El Nino and La Nina tend to impact the location and strength of the jet stream, and therefore, impact hurricane season activity.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, August 16, 2005)

Q: If hurricanes draw their water from the sea, why isn’t the rain in hurricanes salt water?

A: When over the ocean, hurricanes draw much of their moisture and energy from the condensation of water vapor that evaporated from warm ocean water. Having undergone the evaporation process and, thereby, leaving its salt content in the ocean, the water is fresh. (Related graphic: What makes a storm a hurricane.)

However, the hurricane does cause some sea water to get into the lower atmosphere due to the strong winds taking the tops of waves and blowing them apart. Thus, the rain from hurricanes falls as drinkable water, with only slight salt content.

Other hurricane questions are answered on our

hurricane resources page


(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, August 7, 2005)

Q: Does the reported wind speed for a hurricane also include its forward wind speed?

A: A hurricane's sustained winds and wind gusts include the winds from the storm's rotation as well as the forward speed of the storm itself. For typical westward moving tropical systems spinning counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, the forward speed adds to winds on the north side of the storm, while the forward speed subtracts from winds on the south side.

One excellent example of this addition of a storm's rotational and forward speeds is "The Long Island Express," the great hurricane of 1938. The 70 mph forward speed of the storm, the fastest known forward speed ever recorded, produced hurricane wind speeds that exceeded 180 mph in eastern Long Island and New England.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, July 20, 2005)

Q: What's the difference between a tropical cyclone and a subtropical cyclone?

A: A cyclone is defined as an area of low atmospheric pressure that has a closed circulation. Cyclones (or more commonly called low- pressure areas) are typically divided into tropical and extratropical cyclones, the difference being the source of energy for each type of system. Tropical cyclones form in warm, humid air masses found over warm ocean waters during the summer months. Extratropical cyclones, on the other hand, are those familiar mid-latitude storms that occur in all seasons and can form over land or water. Temperature contrasts are their major source of energy and they have fronts, or boundaries between warm and cold air.

Now that we have the basic differences between tropical and extratropical, we can tackle subtropical cyclones, non-frontal low pressure systems that have characteristics of both tropical and extratropical cyclones. Subtropical cyclones usually form out of extratropical storms over subtropical oceans, north of 23.5°N or south of 23.5°S latitude.

While the subtropical cyclone is initiated by a temperature contrast between air masses, thunderstorms near its center generate latent heat given off by the condensation of water vapor. This warms the storm's central core.

With a warm core established, meteorologists studying hybrid storms observed eye-type features, more typical of hurricanes, forming in many intensifying storms. They also determined the Northern Hemisphere version of these evolving systems exhibited a tight temperature contrast on their northern side, a feature exclusive to extratropical storms, not tropical storms. With these storms exhibiting characteristics of both tropical and extratropical cyclones, the term subtropical encapsulates the "hybrid" nature of these storms.

Check out a great USA TODAY article about bomb cyclones.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, July 17, 2005)

Q: Could Venezuela ever receive a direct hit from a hurricane?

A: While it is technically possible, no hurricane in recorded history has ever directly hit Venezuela. Most storms only wind up grazing the country's northern coast. Just like Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, the effects of which killed three Venezuelans, tropical storms have skirted the coast many times.

An unnamed tropical storm in 1933 was known to have killed about 25 people in Venezuela. In 1988, Tropical Storm Joan skirted the coast of Venezuela and Colombia as did Tropical Storm Bret in 1993. In 1996, Hurricane Cesar formed just off of Venezuela, and in 2000, Tropical Storm Joyce flirted with the Venezuelan coast.

There are several reasons that Venezuela is not a common target for Atlantic hurricanes. First of all, because northernmost South America (Venezuela and Colombia) is only at a latitude of about 12° north, theCoriolis force is still relatively weak and lacks the sufficient spin for tropical system development.

Storms that do form in these low latitudes are often steered toward Central America or the Gulf of Mexico by ocean currents and trade winds. Additionally, land masses inhibit the formation of tropical depressions and typically prevent them from intensifying into hurricanes.

(Answered by Bob Swanson, USA TODAY's assistant weather editor, July 14, 2005)

Q: How does an African tropical wave turn into a tropical storm or hurricane?

A: Once the wave moves over the ocean, showers and thunderstorms often intensify. When this occurs, the surface air pressure drops and the wave becomes a strong low-pressure area. Sometimes the wave is so strong that it exits Africa as a closed low-pressure area, and then intensifies. Given enough time, and with persistent showers and thunderstorms, the wave transforms into a well-organized tropical depression, then a tropical storm and finally a hurricane.

Our tropical cyclone glossary has more on this, as do our graphics on a typical hurricane's life story and onwhy hurricanes form over warm oceans.

(Answered by Steve Lyons, tropical weather expert at the Weather Channel, June 30, 2005)

Q: Could it ever snow during a hurricane, say if a late-season hurricane meets up with true arctic air? Has it ever happened?

A: Hurricanes are driven by warm, moist air. When cold air intrudes, hurricanes quickly becomeextratropical lows, with a different structure built on temperature contrasts. Over a foot of snow fell in parts of New England on October 10, 1804, on the edge of a storm believed to have once been a hurricane.

Weather histories have reported other snowfalls related to systems believed to have had tropical origins, much like the “snow hurricane” of 1804. However, it is difficult to verify if actual tropical storms or hurricanes were involved. Nor’easters were sometimes confused with hurricanes before the 20th century, because of their very high winds they bring and the mild air that often sweeps inland near the coastline in places such as Boston.

Our resource page on hurricane history has links to information about past hurricanes.

(Answered by meteorologist Bob Henson, a writer at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Researchand the author of The Rough Guide to Weather, June 28, 2005.)

Q: What causes African tropical waves (that later turn into hurricanes) to form?

A: Tropical waves are thought to be formed by instability in a low-level jet stream of east winds over tropical West Africa (known as the African easterly jet stream). Undulations in these east winds result in waves in the easterly flow and are called “easterly” or “tropical” waves. They are tied to the monsoon trough of low pressure that is a regular summer climate feature over this region of Africa.

Our tropical cyclone glossary has more on this, as do our graphics on a typical hurricane's life story and onwhy hurricanes form over warm oceans.

(Answered by Steve Lyons, tropical weather expert at the Weather Channel, June 26, 2005)

Q: Do hurricanes in the Atlantic basin relate to those in the eastern Pacific basin?

A: Hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean don't have any direct relation or cause for hurricanes forming in the eastern Pacific Ocean. However, during an

El Niño

year, when the eastern Pacific water is unusually warm, there tend to be more eastern Pacific hurricanes and fewer Atlantic hurricanes.

Our page on understanding hurricanes has much more information; see our page on eastern Pacific hurricanes to see how these storms form and develop.

(Answered by Bob Ryan, chief meteorologist at NBC4, WRC-TV, in Washington, D.C., May 3, 2005.)

Q: What’s the difference between a typhoon, cyclone and hurricane?

A: They are different names for the same type of storm, collectively known as tropical cyclones. Where they form determines what they’re called. They’re called


in the Atlantic Basin and the Pacific Ocean east of the International Date Line; typhoons in the north Pacific Ocean west of the date line; and cyclones in the Indian Ocean and in the Coral Sea off northeastern Australia.

More information can be found in our tropical cyclone glossary.

(Answered by April Chan, USATODAY.com weather intern, April 26, 2005)

Q: What are the dates that Florida is most likely to be hit by hurricanes?

A: Hurricanes can hit Florida during any month of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June through November. Odds of a strike are higher, however, from late August through October. Since 1900, 29 hurricanes have hit Florida in September and 20 have hit in October, as compared with only three in July.

See our hurricane climatology page for detailed information when and where hurricanes are most likely to hit in different parts of the world, with a focus on the USA.

(Answered by Chris Landsea, research meteorologist with NOAA's Hurricane Research Division in Miami, April 25, 2005)

Q: When is the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean?

A: According to the National Hurricane Center, the official Atlantic and Caribbean hurricane season each year runs from June 1 to November 30, when 97% of all tropical storms and hurricanes occur. Most hurricanes, however, develop between mid-August and mid-October.

More information about when and where hurricanes hit can be found on our hurricane climatology page.

(Answered by April Chan, USATODAY.com weather intern, April 20, 2005)

Q: What determines the different categories of hurricanes?

A: The United States uses the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale for hurricanes in the Atlantic and North Pacific basins. The five categories are: 1 (minimal); 2 (moderate); 3 (extensive); 4 (extreme); and 5 (catastrophic). The scale was invented to communicate the storm's danger, describing how much damage it could do once it hits.

The different categories are based upon measurements of the hurricane's wind speed taken from airplanes or other sources before the storm makes landfall. This is different from the Fujita scale for tornadoes, which is based upon after-the-fact damage surveys.

The scale is named after Herbert Saffir, a consulting engineer in Coral Gables, Fla., and Robert Simpson, who was director of the National Hurricane Center from 1967 through 1973.

The Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory has more information about the Saffir-Simpson scale.

(Answered by Doyle Rice, USATODAY.com assistant weather editor, March 22, 2005)

Q: My students want to know: What were the strongest winds ever recorded in a hurricane?

A strong hurricane's fastest winds either blow away or damage wind instruments, which is why the fastest, ground-level winds are estimates. Today's estimates are usually based on measurements from hurricane hunter airplanes.

The fastest such estimated winds are the 190 mph winds in Hurricane Camille (1969) and Hurricane Allen.

Such estimates become pretty complicated and in recent years, scientists have changed their method of making estimates based on airplane measurements because research showed them that the old methods were probably underestimating wind speeds.

This is why in 2002, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration decided that Hurricane Andrew was really a Category 5 hurricane when it hit Florida in August 1992, not a Category 4 storm as believed at the time. Our story on Science led to Hurricane Andrew's reclassification has more on this.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, Dec. 27, 2004)

Q: Why don't certain areas in Asia, like Singapore, have typhoons, tornadoes or other disastrous weather?

A: Singapore is only 1.36 degrees of latitude north of the equator, which puts it about as deep into the tropics as you can go. This means that it's far away from outbreaks of cold air that can help stir up severe thunderstorms and tornadoes when they move into areas where it's warm.

Tropical cyclones, such as typhoons, do not need cold air. In fact, they form over warm oceans and cold (either water or air) is fatal to them. (Related: What makes a storm a hurricane)

But, tropical cyclones generally do not form within about five or so degrees of latitude from equator because the Coriolis effect, caused by Earth's rotation, is not strong enough to create the swirl of wind and thunderstorms around a center that tropical cyclones need. (Related: Understanding the Coriolis force)

This is the usual case, but as people in Singapore learned on Dec. 27, 2001, the weather doesn't always obey the rules.

A tropical storm formed that day just east of Singapore over the South China Sea and grew into 75 mph Typhoon Vamei. It crossed the Malay Peninsula just north of Singapore, disrupting traffic at Singapore's airport.

You can learn more by going to the USATODAY.com story, Scientists dissect rare typhoon near Equator. Links from this story explain how a tropical cyclone formed so near the equator.

Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, Nov. 1, 2004)

Q: What determines whether a hurricane spins clockwise or counterclockwise?

Q: Do all hurricanes turn in a counter clock wise direction? If so, why?

The Earth's rotation causes winds in large storms, such as hurricanes, to go counterclockwise - looking down on the storm - around the storm's center in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in Southern Hemisphere.

This is called the Coriolis, for the French scientist Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis, who figured out how it works in 1835.

The Coriolis force affects all large storms, and also ocean currents but not short-lived events such as water going down a drain.

If you go to the USATODAY.com Understanding the Coriolis force page, you'll learn more about how this works, and why anyone who tells you that water flows in different directions down drains north and south of the equator is wrong.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, Oct. 19, 2004)

Q: When a hurricane's eye comes on shore, how strong are the winds behind the eye? I am assuming that they are less than the winds in front of the eye. In other words, when the eye comes on land is the worst of the winds over at that point?

A: People who were caught in the 1926 Miami hurricane - most had never been in a hurricane - discovered that an idea like yours can be fatal. When the eye of the Category 4 storm came ashore a little after sunrise on Sept. 18, 1926 many people thought the hurricane was over and went outside.

When the other side of the storm arrived, one anemometer measured the wind going from less than 10 mph to a gust of 132 mph in two minutes. The available reports say "many people" died when the other side of the storm hit, but no exact figures are available. Newspaper accounts referred to "the second storm."

It's hard to believe today when many Florida newspapers, such as the Miami Herald, have writers and editors who are very knowledgeable about hurricanes, than few people in Miami in 1926 even realized that a hurricane consists of winds going around a calm eye, with almost equally strong winds on all sides of the eye.

You can learn a lot more by going to the USATODAY.com Understanding hurricane science and technologypage.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, Oct. 14, 2004)

Q: Is lightning found in hurricanes? If not, why not?

A: Lightning sometimes occurs in hurricanes, but not nearly as much as in thunderstorms on land. For more on this, see the USATODAY.com Answers archive: Lights and lightning in hurricanes.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com Weather Editor, Sept. 26, 2003)

Q: What caused Ivan to reverse track?

Q: Can you tell me how Ivan is now said to be back in the Gulf of Mexico? Our local TV weather people say remnants are threatening the Texas-Louisiana coast, but don't tell how they got there. I thought Ivan pretty well dissipated in Pennsylvania.

A: Ivan didn't reverse its track. I've seen one track map that makes it look like Ivan somehow "jumped" in a straight line from over the Appalachians back over the Gulf of Mexico. I'm pretty sure this was drawn by a computer with no human involved.

It didn't do anything like that. My Ivan comes back to life over Gulf of Mexico story briefly describes what happened.

I guess this shows, if you want to understand what the weather is up to, come to USATODAY.com.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, Sept. 7, 2004)

Q: Do hurricanes lose strength more quickly over cool water or warm land?

A: Your question brings up an important point - hurricanes need both moisture and heat energy from a warm ocean to strengthen and maintain strength.

If a hurricane passes over colder water, it is likely to weaken considerably. However, if a hurricane moves over land, regardless of the land's temperature, friction plus the loss of ocean moisture will cause it to weaken much more rapidly.

If you go to the USATODAY.com Hurricane page you'll find links to a lot of information.

(Answered by Josh Larson, USATODAY.com Weather Team, June 14, 2004)

Q: When hurricanes move over land and produce tornadoes how come with the energy and strength of the storm there are no F 4 or F 5 tornadoes? Is it due to the lack of cold dry air since hurricanes are warm core storms?

A: You've hit on a key part of the answer. The kind of thunderstorms known as supercells spin out the strongest tornadoes, the F-4 and F-5 storms. A USATODAY.com graphic shows the key things going on in asupercell.

For supercells to form, winds at different levels of the atmosphere need to be coming from different directions, and a large contrast in air temperature at the ground (hot or at least warm) and aloft (cold) is needed. As you said, hurricanes are warm-core storms; that is, they are made of warm air with the warmest air at the center. When cold air aloft is pulled into a hurricane it weakens the storm.

Another way to look at it. A supercell, in effects, concentrates the energy available in the atmosphere. Other, weaker, thunderstorms are often in the neighborhood of a supercell, but it's the big kid on the block. A hurricane's bands of thunderstorms are made up of weaker cells, all pretty much the same size, except maybe for a couple of storms in the eyewall.

Our tornado and hurricane pages will take you to more information.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, June 9, 2004)

Q: What is the worst side to be on when there is a hurricane? I have heard there is one side that is worse than the other.

A: The right side of a hurricane usually has the fastest winds, while the left side often has the heaviest rain. (Most people describe hurricane severity by wind speed not rain amounts, even though the number one cause of death in a hurricane is fresh water flooding.)

A hurricane is a whirling mass of thunderstorms that spins counterclockwise. As a hurricane moves, the wind on its right side blows in the direction of the storm's motion. That means a hurricane packing 100 mph winds and moving at 20 mph has a combined wind of 120 mph on that side of the storm. It also means that the forward motion of 20 mph takes away from the opposing wind on the left side of the storm: 100 mph - 20 mph = 80 mph. In this example, that's a 40 mph difference in wind from one side of the storm to the other. The forward motion has no effect on the wind in the front or rear part of the hurricane.

While storm surge generally occurs in the center of a hurricane, higher waves and the onshore wind in the right side of the storm can worsen the surge there. Also, tornadoes are most likely in the right-front part of a hurricane, which makes the right side that much worse.

Learn more about hurricanes by going to USATODAY.com's Resources: Hurricanes and tropical cyclonespage.

(Answered by Chris Cappella, USATODAY.com Weather Team, Aug. 14, 2003)

Q: How do hurricanes in the USA and Bangladesh differ?

A: The meteorology of both kinds of storms is the same; they are both tropical cyclones that form over warm oceans. One difference, but it's not a basic one, is that tropical cyclones are called "hurricanes" if they are over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or the Pacific Ocean east of the International Date Line. If they are over the North Pacific west of the Date Line, they are "typhoons." Everywhere else, including the Indian Ocean, they are called "cyclones." Since the Bay of Bengal is part of the Indian Ocean Basin, the storms that hit Bangladesh are "cyclones.

A USATODAY.com graphic and text that shows a typical Northern Hemisphere hurricane also applies to the storms that hit Bangladesh since it's in the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclones are the same except that their winds circle the storm's center in a clockwise direction, while winds in a Northern Hemisphere storms are counterclockwise - or as those who speak British instead of American English say, "anticlockwise."

Our map showing where the world's tropical cyclones form illustrates one difference between storms that hit the USA and those that hit Bangladesh. As you can see, some storms that hit the USA have almost the full width of the Atlantic Ocean to gain strength, which means that now and then a Category 5 storm with winds faster than 155 mph hits places around the Atlantic Basin, including the USA.

Even though Indian Ocean tropical cyclones don't have the room, or time, to grow as strong as Atlantic hurricanes, they have killed many more people.

Bob Sheets and I discuss this in our book, Hurricane Watch: Forecasting the Deadliest Storms on Earth.While our book focuses on Atlantic Basin hurricanes, we take a brief look at tropical cyclones around the world. We note that tropical cyclones are especially deadly in Bangladesh because the normal tidal range in the Bay of Bengal is as much as 18 feet, which means that a storm arriving at high tide pushes Storm surge far inland across the "low-lying Ganges Delta, where more than three million people live in extreme poverty." During the twentieth century, Bay of Bengal cyclones were the deadliest in the world, killing an estimated 600,000 people from drowning alone, and maybe 1.5 million people when you include deaths from famine and disease the storms caused.

Fortunately, Bangladesh has been improving its forecasting and warning services, and the government has built concrete shelters atop mounds that are higher than surge levels. Bob and I note in our book that these efforts are saving lives.

Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, April 26, 2003)

Q: We are a group of French students, studying cyclones. We have heard about the Stormfurry Project. Could you send us some information about it or any contacts that would provide us with help? If possible,any information provided in French would be welcomed. Actually, anything about means of destroying cyclones could help us.

A: For readers who don't know, Project Stormfury was the U.S. government program that operated for almost 20 years, ending in 1982, that searched for a way to weaken hurricanes. If the scientists involved had found a way, it would have worked to weaken tropical cyclones in other parts of the world, not just hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and northern Pacific east of the International Date Line.

It's a fascinating story, which is why when Bob Sheets and I wrote our book, Hurricane Watch: Forecasting the Deadliest Storms on Earth, we included an entire chapter on Stormfury. Bob was the last director of the project. In addition, I talked at length with Bob and Joanne Simpson, who came up with the theory on how cloud seeding might weaken hurricanes. Joanne headed Stormfury for a time, and Bob was head of the USA's first hurricane research project and also headed the National Hurricane Center in the late 1960s.

In brief, the final conclusion of Stormfury was that while cloud seeding might have some effect on hurricane strength, at least for a while, it's impossible to say whether a storm weakened because it was seeded or because it would have weakened anyway. Hurricanes, and other tropical cyclones, naturally gain and lose strength.

Scientists who study tropical cyclones don't see any way to destroy or change the paths of these storms and I know of no research into this topic that's now going on. The general opinion now is that any money available for hurricane research is much better spent of improving understanding of tropical cyclones with the goal of improving forecasts.

The USATODAY.com Stormfury attempted to weaken hurricanes story is a brief introduction to the topic. We also have an FAQ on trying to weaken or destroy storms. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a brief article on Stormfury on its Web site, which includes a diagram illustrating the Simpsons' Stormfury hypothesis. This page has a reference to a 1985 article in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, which is one of the few overviews of the project that I found in print while we were writing Hurricane Watch. This is a good overview of the science behind Stormfury, but Bob and Joanne Simpson disagree with some of the article's conclusions. NOAA's Hurricane Research Division (HRD) also has some information on Stormfury in its Web history of the HRD.

Unfortunately, I don't speak or read French and am not at all familiar with what might be available in French on Stormfury. But, given the small amount of information that's available in English, I fear that even less is available in French.

Still, it might be worth your time to go to the Meteo France Web site to see if you can find any information on your nation's tropical cyclone forecasting and research. Since France's national weather service handles tropical cyclone forecasting for places such as Martinque in the Caribbean, the organization has an interest in tropical cyclones, although not as great as the USA, where hurricanes are one of the major weather threats to parts of the country where large numbers of people live.

I hope this helps.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, March 7, 2003)

Q: How far north can tropical systems go before dissipating in the North Atlantic?

A: Believe it or not, former hurricanes and tropical storms have traversed the Atlantic and crashed ashore in the Europe. But, they are no longer classified as "tropical" in structure by the time they get there. The cold water of the North Atlantic changes them into extratropical storms – the same storms that daily affect the areas outside of the tropics. (Learn more about the differences in these storms.)

The reason: Hurricanes and tropical storms need warm water to survive and usually quickly die when they reach the cold North Atlantic. The North Atlantic goes from warm quickly to cold because of the cold Labrador Current between 50° and 55° north latitude – the same general latitude as the British Isles, and slightly farther north than the Canadian Maritime province of Newfoundland.

If a hurricane or tropical storm manages to follow the Gulf Stream — a warm current that traverses the Atlantic from the Straits of Florida to the British Isles — it might remain tropical a bit longer than usual. But then upper-level winds in the atmosphere that blow stronger at higher latitudes will usually kill any tropical systems moving into higher latitudes by toppling their thunderstorms with wind shear – winds blowing much faster aloft than near the ground. Learn more in a USATODAY.com interactive graphic that explainshow wind shear weakens hurricanes.

Even though a former tropical storm or hurricane might not be classified as tropical system by the time it reaches Europe it can still do hurricane-like damage with wind gusts reaching 100 mph or more in a few storms. Some — but not all — of the British Isles' worst storms were former hurricanes.

You can read more about the many recent storms that have hit the British Isles by going to USATODAY.com's Weather front page and typing the following into the search engine you'll find at the bottom of the navigation links on the left side of the page: storm AND Britain. Don't use quotation marks, but be sure to capitalize the word AND between storm and Britain.

(Answered by Chris Cappella, USATODAY.com Weather Team, Feb. 11, 2003)

Q: Has there ever been any type of tropical development in the Mediterranean Sea?

A: In 1947, 1969, 1982, 1983 and 1995 storms were spotted over the Mediterranean Sea that seem to have at least some characteristics of tropical storms, such as an eye. The January 1995 storm was the best observed of these, both with satellites and the German weather ship Meteor measured sustained winds of 83 mph.

Jack Beven, a forecaster at the National Hurricane Center, has information on the 1995 storm on his personal Web site. He notes that surface and upper air temperatures and water temperature were much colder than you would expect in a tropical system. He says that some scientists think it was more like a "polar low," an extratropical cyclone, that forms over cold oceans, but sometimes develop an eye.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, Oct. 28, 2002)

Q: I was trying to figure out why the powers that be felt so sure that Lili would move to the north, away from Galveston. It seemed to have been headed northeast for a while. I heard something about an upper-level trough. Are these things predictable and consistent?

A: History has shown that hurricanes are rarely consistent. But, hurricane forecasters are finding that with more ways of gathering observations over remote areas such as the vast oceans, accurate predictions of hurricane tracks can be made. Three-day forecasts still have an error in position of about 250 miles, but that was 315 miles a decade ago, and steadily decreasing.

For instance, as early as the night of Sept. 30 National Hurricane Center predictions showed Hurricane Lili would curve north in the Gulf of Mexico and strike Louisiana on the morning of Oct. 3, 2002. As you mentioned, there was a trough of low pressure moving into the central part of the USA. Winds ahead of the trough were forecast to increase out of the southwest, which would help make Lili's turn. But the timing of the trough's arrival was late enough in Lili's journey across the Gulf to begin the turn when the storm was nearly ashore. Had the trough slowed down or not arrived at all, Lili likely would have continued northwest and hit Texas. Learn more about how troughs can deflect hurricanes in a USATODAY.com graphic.

Computer models of the atmosphere that are used to forecast weather had a good handle on the trough's progression. Other computer models working to forecast Hurricane Lili also performed exceptionally well, Sim Aberson of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Hurricane Research Division says.

What helped was repeated measurements of the atmosphere surrounding Lili at an altitude where steering winds from various weather systems would have an effect on the hurricane's future motion. The measurements were made using a NOAA Gulfstream IV jet – one of the trio of hurricane hunter airplanes NOAA flies to study hurricanes. They were fed into the models adding crucial information about how the weather was evolving over the Gulf of Mexico as Lili arrived from its journey over the Caribbean. With the additional data, forecasters were able to give Louisiana three days notice of an impending landfall. Lili's growing size and intensity kept Houston and New Orleans under the threat of at least Lili's fringe effects.

But, Lili's rapid intensification and sudden weakening also showed forecasting hurricane intensity is largely an educated guessing game. Read more in an online story: Scientists don't yet know why Lili suddenly collapsed.

Learn more about the hurricane hunters, and about forecasting hurricanes using computer models.

You mention that Lili was moving northeast for awhile. Likely this appeared true in a satellite loop. But NHC never said Lili moved northeast until after landfall. Possibly what the satellite loop showed was a wobble in the location of the center with respect to its shield of overlying, dense and cold cloud tops. Wobbles in the eyes of intense hurricanes near landfall are common, and do not indicate a sudden change in direction.

(Answered by Chris Cappella, USATODAY.com Weather Team, Oct. 6, 2002)

Q: Why do hurricanes travel from east to west across the Atlantic while all of the other weather we get in the USA comes from the west and moves east?

When Hurricane Floyd brushed Florida, destroying the Daytona Beach pier in 1999, it was making a slow turn to the north that sent the storm's center into North Carolina instead of Florida.

A: Hurricanes are born and spend their early lives in the tropics, where the general flow of the winds is from east to west. Winds at all levels of the atmosphere push hurricanes along. When a hurricane moves far enough north, the general west-to-east middle latitude winds begin pushing it from west to east. If the storm turns toward the north soon enough,it will stay over the Atlantic Ocean and begin moving east before it hits the USA.

A USATODAY.com graphic shows how different steering winds caused one hurricane to hit the USA and another miss in 1996.

I haven't found any Web sites that do a good job of explaining global winds patterns; why tropical winds are from the east while middle latitude winds are from the west. I do cover this topic in detail, however, in the

USA TODAY Weather Book


(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, June 4, 2002)

Q: I live in São Paulo in southeastern Brazil and I would like to know why hurricanes do not develop in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, affecting the Brazilian coast, knowing that the Atlantic Ocean has warm waters and strong winds that could provoke hurricanes in the middle of the ocean?

A: Hurricanes need warm water and a light-wind environment to form. While the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator does not warm quite as much as the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator, it's still plenty warm in spots to grow hurricanes. But, few ever have a chance because high-altitude winds blow strongly too close to the equator in the South Atlantic Ocean, inhibiting storm formation or ripping apart fledgling storms.

The question below has a much more detailed answer to this question.

(Answered by Chris Cappella, USATODAY.com Weather Team, Feb. 5, 2003)

Q: Why are there few or no hurricanes or tropical storms in the South Atlantic?

A: Only one hurricane is on record as occurring in the South Atlantic. This was the storm that his Brazil about 520 miles south of Rio de Janeiro in March 2004. Here are the USATODAY.com stories on this hurricane:

Before this storm, the U.S. National Hurricane Center did spot in satellite images what was either a strong tropical depression or a weak tropical storm (it's hard to tell the difference using only satellite images) that formed off the African Coast in April 1991. It lasted about five days.

This is a question that I talked about with Bill Gray, the hurricane researcher who has become well known for his hurricane season forecasts, when I was working with Bob Sheets on our book, Hurricane Watch: Forecasting the Deadliest Storms on Earth. In the mid 1960s Gray did an extensive study of global tropical cyclones and continues to research tropical cyclones around the world. He was among the first to come up with the conditions needed for tropical cyclones to form. Gray says that the water of the South Atlantic is warm enough, but that strong upper-level winds from the west are closer to the equator than in the Northern Hemisphere. This is one of the effects of the Southern Hemisphere having a lot less land than the Northern Hemisphere.

These strong upper level winds create "wind shear" that can keep a disturbance from growing into a storm or can rip apart a storm. A USATODAY.com graphic on Wind shear weakens hurricanes has more on this. This graphic is one of the many graphics and pages of text you'll find by going to our Understanding hurricane science, technology page.

Also, Gray told me, the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), the area where the trade winds converge to create bands of thunderstorms across the tropics, mostly stays north of the equator in the Atlantic in both the northern and southern hemisphere summers. This is in contrast to the western Pacific and southern Indian oceans where the ITZ dips south of the equator during the Southern Hemisphere summer. ITCZ thunderstorms are one source of the disturbances that can grow into tropical cyclones. A graphic on page 43 of the second edition of the USA TODAY Weather Book shows how the word's major pressure patterns, winds and ITCZ differ in January and July.

(Originally Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com weather editor, June 4, 2002 and updated on June 22, 2004)

Q: How much energy is generated daily by a major (category 3 or more) hurricane? I have heard that a major storm (like Andrew) releases as much energy as a nuclear explosion, daily.

A: It's a whole lot more than that. The figure you usually see is that the latent heat energy released in a hurricane in one day could be equivalent of the energy released by 400, twenty-megaton hydrogen bombs. Or, if that energy could be captured and turned into electricity with no losses, it could supply the electrical needs of all of the United States for about six months. I've never seen anyone who's worked out this figure for different categories of hurricanes, but this very general one. If anyone is interested I think I have an article in my files at home with a reference to the 1950s or early 1960s scientific article the figure comes from. Anyway, the amount of energy involved is one reason why the idea of using nuclear bombs to destroy hurricanes is not likely to work. A USATODAY.com FAQ on trying to weaken or destroy hurricanes has more on this.

(Answered by Jack Williams, USATODAY.com Weather Editor, 10-21-99)

Q: What is the hurricane's deadly weapon: storm surge or the high winds?

A: Hurricane safety materials often say that storm surge is the biggest killer in hurricanes, but that hasn't been true in the United States for almost 30 years. Historically, surge has been the big killer and it certainly has the potential to kill more people than hurricane winds. In 1969 Hurricane Camille killed 256 people. About half of those deaths were from storm surge when Camille came ashore in Mississippi. Most of the other half were killed when the storm's remnants caused flash floods in Virginia. Camille's surge toll would have been much worse if not for a last-minute report from an Air Force hurricane hunter airplane that the storm had strengthened and a prediction from a new storm surge computer model that it would cause major storm surge. The National Hurricane Center stressed the surge danger in its forecasts and local emergency management officials took the warnings seriously and evacuated thousands of people at the last minute. Since Camille storm surge has killed only a half dozen people in the United States because the combination of storm surge forecasts and large evacuations has been getting people out of the way of surge.

This doesn't mean we don't have to worry about surge deaths any longer. As coastal population grows there is a chance that a forecast won't be made in time to get everyone out of the way of the surge from a major hurricane. The Florida Keys and New Orleans are two major areas of concern because a quickly intensifying storm might not allow time to get everyone out of the way of storm surge.

The big killer in the USA and also in cases such as Hurricane Mitch last year in Central America has been "fresh water" flooding; that is floods caused by a storm's heavy rain falling inland. Mud slides caused by heavy rain are also a big killer, especially in the parts of the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico with mountains.

Of course wind is a danger mainly because of the debris it tosses around. As many victims of Hurricane Andrew's winds learned in 1992, following the tornado safety rules of hunkering down in a small room away from windows can save your life even when the storm is taking the roof off your house and throwing pieces of other people's houses through your windows. Many who rebuilt after Andrew have included in-home tornado shelters. This is a good idea for anyone near the U.S. Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic coasts whose home is away from potential storm surge flood areas. You wouldn't want to be drowned by surge in your otherwise safe, home tornado shelter. You'll find links to a lot of information about Camille and other past hurricanes on the USATODAY.com hurricane history page. (7-6-99)

Q: I am a scientist myself. I have a question. Water temperature decreases with the depth of the ocean till a minimum of 4 degrees Celsius about 2,000 feet below. Why not pump it up to cool the surface before a hurricane arrives?

A: At first glance this might seem like a good idea because hurricanes sometimes weaken themselves by staying in place and churning up cool water. A USATODAY.com graphic shows how this happens. As it shows, you wouldn't have to pump water up from the bottom of the ocean.

But, trying to weaken a hurricane by cooling the water runs into three kinds of problems:

  • The size of the area that would have to be cooled,
  • Getting the cool water to the correct place,
  • The amount of energy (which costs money) needed to pump up enough water.

A hurricane or tropical storm is 100 or more miles across. Of course the strongest convection that supplies a good share of the storm's energy is around the eye, maybe an area only 20 or 30 miles across. But, even if you could pump up water in this area, the storm would most likely redevelop over the warmer water outside the area of cold water. This would be similar to the ways storms regain strength after weakening as they travel over the Island of Hispaniola. If you wanted to use ships, and it would take many, to pump up the water you'd have to move them into the right part of the ocean. But, even today's improved hurricane track forecasts are not good enough to ensure you'd always get the ships to the right place in time.

You might think about installing pumps in the sea for miles around some place, such as St. Maartin, and turning them on when a storm approaches. But, for the cost of doing that, you could probably build a houses, apartment buildings and hotels for everyone on St. Maartin, including tourists, that would stand up to a hurricane with only minor damage. In general, those who study hurricanes are convinced that the best investments are in improved forecasts, ways of evacuating people from dangerous areas, and building much stronger houses and other structures that even relatively weak hurricanes wouldn't destroy.

A USATODAY.com FAQ has more information on trying to weaken or destroy hurricanes. (5-31-99)

Q: What force keeps a hurricane or its winds going around for so long? What happens in layman terms, please. My father, 87, wants to know. Thanks.

Q: How do hurricanes get started?

A: When water vapor in the air (this is the invisible form of water as a gas that you feel as humidity) condenses to form cloud drops or turns directly into ice it releases that heat that it picked up when it evaporated. This is called "latent" heat. Hurricanes form, grow and stay alive over warm oceans with very humid air in a fairly deep layer over the ocean. Air in the center of the storm is rising, which makes the air cool. As the air cools, the water vapor condenses, which releases heat. This warms up the air, making it rise just as a hot-air balloon rises. As the air rises, more air flows in to replace it, causing the winds. The Earth's rotation makes the winds spiral into the storm's center. If you click here, you'll go to one of our graphics that explains more about this.

Obviously, for a hurricane to get started, you need to have warm ocean water and plenty of warm, humid air over that ocean. You also need to have winds at all levels of the atmosphere coming from pretty much the same direction at about the same speeds to avoid wind shear that can rip apart a storm. When these and other factors are present, a tropical depression and form and grow into a hurricane. A USA TODAY graphic shows the life cycle of a typical hurricane. (9-27-98)

Q: On Friday and Saturday there were four hurricanes in the Atlantic. Two of them are relatively close to each other. Have two hurricanes ever collided? If so, what happens? I imagine they would both be dissipated.

A: You're close to being right. Storms don't actually collide, their winds begin interfering with each other. Often one of the storms will dissipate. But, sometimes the two storms will do a kind of dance around each other. Click here for more on this. (9-27-98)

Q: Can you tell me why is the center of a hurricane is not windy or rainy but is sunny?

A: A hurricane's winds are spiraling toward the storm's center, that is they are going in a circle around and toward the center. As the wind nears a hurricane's center it goes faster and faster. It's somewhat like being in a car trying to go around a sharp curve as high speed, if you don't have a seat belt on you slide away from the center of the curve. If you try to go too fast, the car itself will skid away from the center of the curve. In a hurricane, this "centrifugal force" is pushing the wind away from the center, air pressure is pushing it toward the center. The resulting balance of forces forms the eye, a mostly calm areas with winds roaring around it in a circle. The eye is often cloud-free because no wind is blowing into it with humidity needed to form clouds. Hurricane eyes are very unusual places. Our hurricane science index has more about how hurricanes work. (12-2-96)

Q: The Oregon coast often has winds in excess of 100 mph. Why are these storms not reported as hurricanes like those on the east coast?

A: The strong winds that hit the Pacific Coast are from extratropical storms, not hurricanes, which are tropical cyclones. While 100 mph winds are strong for an extratropical storm, a 100 mph hurricane is relatively weak compared with what hurricanes can do. The much greater destruction hurricanes bring led to the establishment of the National Hurricane Center and the other special attention given to these storms. The term "hurricane force winds" causes confusion. While any wind 75 mph or faster is "hurricane force," such winds don't always come from hurricanes. USA TODAY online has a file with more information on eastern Pacific tropical and extratropical storms, including one storm that began life as a tropical storm but was extratropical when it hit Oregon with 100 mph plus winds. (9-16-96)

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Multiple Character Bios-part 2

Odin - The Almighty King of the Norse Gods

Odin is the most powerful of the Sky -Father , is the king of Asgard and the incarnation of the same Asgard , its origin is shrouded in mystery , by tales of Odin himself knows that his father is one of the first Bor Asgardians and their Bestla mother is one giant ice. Bor and had 3 children Bestla Vili , Ve and Odin .

According to legend the 3 brothers traveled to Muspelheim , ruled the fire demon Surtur , a powerful elemental force of creation.

They discovered that Surtur intended to destroy the nine worlds , with his gigantic sword Twilight pinned to the Eternal Flame of Destruction . Odin and his brothers decided to prevent Surtur carry out his plans , and magically merged to match the power and size of Surtur , in battle, Surtur 's sword was destroyed , and the fusion of the brothers was overturned . Taking advantage of the momentary weakness of Surtur , the brothers seized the Eternal Flame of Destruction and fled towards Asgard , being chased by Surtur and his fire demons . Odin crossed the portal between Asgard and Muspelheim carrying the flame brazier , but Vili and Ve were left behind , knowing that if they returned to Asgard , Surtur would follow . Vili and Ve goodbye to Odin Asgard asking to rule wisely , in an extraordinary burst of energy the portal disappeared , separating her brothers Odin , followed by another burst of energy the young Odin would be imbued with the power of his brothers , born thus the Odin -Power or the Odin -Force . [1][2].

Once established on the throne of Asgard , Odin made ​​a series of wars against the different worlds in order to save Asgard and Earth .

Knowing the endless cycle of Ragnarok in which the gods of Asgard constantly died and were reborn as the Eye of Odin revealed , each end of Ragnarok Odin was reborn recreating all realms of Asgard .

Wishing to end this endless cycle , look for a child Odin arose whose power of heaven and earth, Odin would join Jord ( the Gaia of the ancient gods ) and engender a thunder god Thor .

In his master plan Odin Thor would live many earthly incarnations in order to learn from them, these experiences allowed to alter Thor Ragnarok cycle .

Odin also has its natural powers , the Odin -Power or Odin -Force ( one of the greatest powers of the universe ) and knowledge of Magic Runes , Odin has shown to possess power and greater universal scales , Odin is able to manipulate vast amounts of mystical and cosmic energy for a variety of purposes , he could give the divinity , grant superhuman powers living beings or objects transported him to the entire human race to another dimension, as well as merged into a only be to an alien race ( Billions of beings ) , can project powerful beams of destructive force , alter its size to gigantic proportions , create powerful force fields , travel between dimensions. He has destroyed and recreated entire galaxies .[1][2][3].

Odin is so powerful that even when weakened by his fight with Seth , combat book in every plane of existence at the same time, the energy released was so powerful that countless galaxies and shocked shredding the very fabric of the Multiverse . [1][2][3].

In battle carries the magical spear Gungnir ( " The Spear of Heaven " ) , forged in the mystic Uru metal , used to channel his powers. Odin is also able to absorb the life force of the gods of Asgard , and to absorb the same realm of Asgard . [1].

Odin also has The Odinsword or Oversword of Asgard . A gigantic sword created by Odin using the Gold Ring, only someone can wield their power without tearing the very fabric of the infinite, this is the scariest weapon in the universe and it is said that when drawn : the end of universe will be on hand .

Turn Odin is the god of wisdom ( his most powerful weapon ) , poetry , war and god of the dead.

Odin is a formidable hand to hand combatant , master tactician with thousands of years of experience, is also an excellent fighter when wielding great power and energy during combat situations. Odin is very skilled in the use of weapons and Asgardian magic .

Odin 's intelligence is immeasurable. Odin plays chess with the fate of gods and men and providing subtly manipulating events , even in defeat Odin has been shown to have triumphed in the end. When the fourth host of Heaven came to Earth and Odin have a plan to save the human race . Odin along with the other Sky- Fathers would create the Young Gods and the Destroyer . The Celestials would lead the Young Gods as a sign of human potential , thus saving the Earth .

Even in his death , Odin left his legacy in the defeat of the Shadow Gods , having prepared the way for the existence of Rune King Thor as part of his master plan to end the endless cycle of Ragnarok .

After the last Ragnarok Odin was revealed that there is an eternal struggle with Surtur . He refused to return to this existence to protect the universe from Surtur and restart the cycle again.

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Crossovers: Marvel and DC.

Although crossovers between companies are not in the continuity of these characters and respond more editorials agreements a logical events happening , and therefore can not be used as evidence or valid clashes , I do want to do an analysis of each for the clashes that Hulk and Superman have had throughout its history , as it is often used images of these to check the superiority of one over the other , the truth is that Hulk has not fared badly in these meetings as we'll see .

Spiderman and Superman 1981 .

This crossover brought first confrontation between Pre - Crisis Superman the Hulk ,

Hulk Doom manipulated by using a micro listening device that keeps buzzing , comes to the fictional city of Metropolis and Superman comes to stop . First Superman tries to reason with the Hulk , who is not willing to listen to anything , before the onslaught of Superman acknowledges that Hulk Hulk is stronger and more powerful than he had imagined , and intuits that this will not do anything easy, Superman Strikes throwing Hulk into a building and it collapses on him, Superman doubt that Hulk has been knocked out with so little, but look at the facts and really believes that Hulk is unconscious , will " help " only to be surprised by a powerful fist pump power of H , and so being thrown into the air by powerful blow and completely inert , inert , inert itself , the story says , inert "His limp body plunges to earth " so out battle , deprived of knowledge , that is knocked out by Hulk. [Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3][Imagen4][Imagen5][Imagen6][Imagen7].

Ok , Hulk was smarter than Superman to pretend I was out of action and trick deal it a powerful blow that left the Man of Steel inert , at this early stage of the match was won by knockout Hulk .

After this Hulk begins a series of attacks on the city shaking the city with his punches , Spider -Man tries to intervene but in that time Superman has recovered and comes better prepared (and annoying ) to face the Green Giant . His plan seems to tire Hulk or make you doubt your power the truth is that not really understand which proposed , but the fact is that the comic proves once again that despite being Superman vs. Hulk prepared this time , he realizes that monster force is growing , the comic himself says that the outcome of the meeting is doubtful , as the Green Goliath stronger Superman hits are no longer still, is forced to protect themselves from the increasing strength of the Hulk , to to note the device that tortures and destroys Hulk , Hulk then calms down and ends the fight . Winner ... actually no , the fight did not end to define and it was clear that every time Hulk was more dangerous for Superman , which had previously been knocked out Hulk. This is the whole story of the historic first meeting Hulk and Superman .

Marvel vs. DC (1996).[Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3].

Well the outcome of this battle was decided by fan voting of both characters , which voted to decide the winner , of course Superman has a lot more fans than Hulk , in this could not lose. But let's see what history shows us .

This Superman is the modern era , or the post-crisis , both characters are forced to deal with the fate of their universes . At the Grand Canyon these comic titans would face . This incarnation of Hulk ( the incarnation that was used for the crossover ) was basically the Hulk - Professor but with the limitation that at this stage had self-imposed a mental block that caused the more enraged was weaker outside , running the risk of become the incarnation of Bruce Banner Wild . This is easily verifiable by the traits that had the Hulk and that was the embodiment chosen by Peter David (who wrote Hulk by then and was the author of this part of the crossover ) . [Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3][Imagen4].

So we have here a Hulk whose strength basis can not increase , facing a Superman like he said he would not hold back (You'll need to ... because I'm not holding back! ) , And against blows and iron determination Hulk Superman would not be shown or intimidated or worried or by force or by the powers of Superman ( That supposed to worry me ? !) . The blows came and went through the same, until Superman would put everything I had into a spectacular and last The Anderson , to save his world , his universe and most of all to the woman he loves , whether Superman would all and all I had the Anderson held that achieved this blow and knock out Hulk , and Superman still recognize that almost resisted Hulk (He, Took everything I had , and almost stood up to it) . The winner here was Superman , but I add the pictures drawn by the same Claudio Castellini to the possibility that Hulk won in the vote , with dialogue by Peter David , and if you pay attention the art is almost a copy , reversed only to the protagonists even the dialogue is almost the same for both situations , but look at the declaration of victory Hulk ( Now that ... that was a guy who could take a punch) , he never says he gave everything he had ( Like Superman ) . To think Do not believe? . [Imagen1][Imagen2].

The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman (1999 ) .

Marvel and DC would show another meeting of Hulk and Superman , this time set in the 60s (including the first appearances of the Hulk ) and when there was the Silver Age Superman . This comic basically show the match between the Silver Age Superman and the embodiment of Gravage -Hulk (an incarnation intermediate between the Savage Hulk and Hulk - Gray . Smarter than the Hulk - Wild but weaker , and not as smart as the Grey Hulk , but if something stronger ) .

At the beginning of the story the son of Krypton cherish this encounter drawing a parallel between his own origin and birth of Hulk , which describe as an uncontrollable force as nature itself . [Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3].

The first meeting of these titans would be in Arizona after a nightmare caused Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk . Superman ( as Clark Kent ) who had come to a demonstration of a new seismograph , which record a series of unexpected earthquakes ( caused by Hulk ) and go to investigate. Superman Hulk would find eating and scaring people for a barbecue , and as all the Hulk does not like to be disturbed while eating , and suddenly attack Superman , Superman reactionary then time would be hit by the immense force of Hulk , Superman obviously still underestimate his opponent , he was again surprised by the strength and speed of Hulk (Superman : Wow! He's not only big , He's fast! and Strong ! Stronger than anyone I've ever gone up against !) , Hulk not only superabrazo rid of Superman , but it would beyond Earth orbit , and aware of Superman faces who return to find the Hulk but this would be gone . Well so far that is Hulk looks better at all times proved more than a match for Superman . [Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3][Imagen4][Imagen5].

The second part of this story would show that initiate search Hulk Superman , Lois and Luthor. Lex Luthor is there for the inventive genius and weapons created by Banner , secretly aspires to possess the genius of Banner and Hulk strength available to secure the conviction of Superman . Luthor would set the stage for the next meeting of these comic titans . Using a robot kidnap Hulk Betty Ross , and attracting the real Hulk turn to for Betty , Hulk quickly and completely crush the Hulk robot, proving to be much more than the same Luthor expected. Superman who had come looking for Betty also find the real Hulk , believing charge attack with everything. This time the Man of Steel Hulk look away quickly , hitting hard and fast, before the giant could react , Superman would not give truce knowing now how dangerous and powerful can be Hulk , and throw it as far as possible , Superman " rescue " Betty realizing the deception and error committing just attacking the Hulk , then seek to make peace with Hulk , but the Green Goliath would not be in the mood for that, which quickly retaliate Superman , throwing bones with his powerful lungs , just to distract him and catch him in flight. The army commanded by Ross would come at that moment and initiate a series of attacks on combatants , using the Hulk as a shield two titans would rush to land , Superman would recognize that the impact and powerful explosions were close to leaving no air ( That. actually .. came close to knocking the wind out of me . Do I dare hope the Hulk took it harder? No. .. No such luck ) , and expected that Hulk would have been worse , but Hulk would not be affected at all . Superman quickly then try to reason with Hulk allegedly struck him full force without restraint ( Got to watch myself ... My last punch drove him halfway down into That Mountain ! . 'm Not used to letting go like this !) . But neither Superman punch or mountain collapse Hulk would affect more furious and angry (Nothing can stop the Hulk ! ! Nothing! ) . Ok , this should have been the most interesting of this fight because Superman was giving their best and Hulk was getting angry just more and more angry as this stronger Hulk Hulk! . [Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3][Imagen4][Imagen5][Imagen6][Imagen7][Imagen8][Imagen9][Imagen10][Imagen11].

But the interesting battle would be interrupted when Luthor suggest using Range Bruce Canyon as the weapon needed to stop the Hulk and the obvious hope that this would destroy Superman. Both Super - Men would fall under the incredible power of Banner Genius invention , recognizing both that such destructive power would only bring the destruction of innocents in miles around , Hulk and Superman would leave their differences aside and cooperate to destroy the weapon . Superman - I had never felt such pain ( Never felt ... Such pain! Never !) - Green Titan throw the powerful weapon against power now overloaded and explode, the awesome power of Hulk destroy the gun and its amazing resistance absorb most of the overhead saving the lives of all! . "We're safe enough here! The Hulk Already took out the worst of it! I May have just sacrificed himself to save us all! " Superman declared as containing the precipitate flight of Luthor and his henchman . This would not be the end of Hulk which would escape and return to his form of Bruce Banner by the energy unleashed . Banner retain some memories of Hulk about what happened and say that I really enjoy Hulk destroying gun and have found an ally. So here was the meeting of these titans, the story ended with the tragic and difficult destination living the hero, the monster , and especially the man ( a character Marvel ) compared to the "lucky " life to live other heroes . At the end there was no winner in combat, but overall I think that this particular number exalts much Hulk , which was better than Superman in every way = ) . [Imagen1][Imagen2][Imagen3][Imagen4][Imagen5].

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Multiple character Bios

Attilan King Black Bolt, Emperor of the Kree Empire, inhuman. Along with members of the royal family (Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, Crystal, Maximus Lockjaw and the crazy) form the powerful and strange inhuman.

Black Bolt - King of The Inhumans

The Power of Black Bolt

Real Name: Blackagar Boltagon - Black Bolt

Alias: None


6 '2 "


210 lbs





25,000 years ago the warrior alien race the Kree , genetically manipulate a group of humans (for use as allies in their wars) giving them superhuman powers, leaving them to their fate evolved faster than the other races, in isolation from the others call themselves Inhuman .

Son of Agon and Rynda , belonging wing inhuman royal family, King of Attilan, Blackagar Boltagonknown as Black Lightning is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Superhuman Powers

Exposed born even before the Mists terrigenous (all inhuman are exposed to these mists that release their latent powers), while still an embryo, the child would be called Blackagar Boltagon (in inhumanely) and known to us as Black Bolt born with enormous and destructive powers. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ].

The powers and abilities of Black Bolt derived from electron manipulation , Black Bolt's brain can generate an unknown type of particle that interacts with the electrons of the environment, creating phenomena controlled by the mind of Black Bolt.

Electron control over environmental particles.

The fork that takes

Black Bolt

on his forehead allows channel their powers more effectively and controlled through this manipulation and assembly of electrons Black Bolt

can increase all physical abilities

to great levels,

increasing their strength, speed and endurance

as well as other skills such as creating force beams, or a series of consecutive explosions, barriers or force fields, manipulate matter and many other skills:

Physical powers - superhuman strength

Black Bolt possesses superhuman strength and endurance at the level of the strongest characters in Marvel, using your antenna and your ability to channel energy from the environment can increase the strength and speed to extraordinary levels.

Black Bolt has usually proven to be at the same level of force that La Mole of the Fantastic 4 . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

It has also been physically confront Hulk and on more than one occasion has managed to put it out of action temporarily. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].

Also faced the Mighty Thor and Gladiator Praetor of the Imperial Guard Shi'ar . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ].

The explosion of electrons similar to the thunderclap from Hulk . [ Image ].

Black Bolt can react and move at superhuman dodging the powerful shock waves produced by Gorgon .[ Image ].

Black Bolt struggling with a super warrior Kree on the blue area of the moon has shown his speed to combat and defeating his master stroke in an explosion so strong that he was on earth from Nairobi (Africa) to Sydney (Australia ) and the shock waves shook Attilan to its foundations. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

The Master Stroke , Black Bolt could concentrate all its power of control of electrons in an extraordinary The Anderson who is able to break and destroy anything that even temporarily weakens such wear.

The powerful Ikaris of the Eternals has been defeated by the coup of Black Bolt. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2].

These particles generated Black Bolt brain can be directed in different ways as powerful electron beams through members ( Electron Blast ). [ Image ].

His Electron Blast can also be directed through your antenna controlled by your brain in ways indescribably powerful Black Bolt actually do not need your voice to beat the more powerful enemies.Black Bolt using their skills has defeated the mighty Sphinx handedly, The Sphinx had the Ka stonethat gave him powers cosmic levels, so much so that the Fantastic 4 needed the help of Galactus to beat. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

The powerful Graviton had become a living black hole due to the intense gravitational pull of his body and creating mini black holes threaten to destroy Ben Grimm , but Black Bolt using his unique ability to manipulate electrons, created an immaterial force and through a glowing magnetic bottleneck mortals drain and encapsulated mini black holes. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

His extraordinary control electron has allowed defenses also disable building all Baxter headquarters of the Fantastic 4 . [ Image ].

Resistor superhuman

Black Bolt is also very resistant to physical damage and can withstand powerful attacks and could survive the vacuum of space.

Bolt Black is also capable of creating powerful force fields using ambient electrons. [ Image ].

Control over matter and energy.

Using its control of electrons to convert solid granite statue in a different form, that of Ben Grimm , a perfect sculpture I might add. [ Image ].

Transmuting concrete into antimatter . [ Image ].

Restructuring the electrons and uniting them in new patterns to create a new gown to The Mole . [Image ].

Melting metal in a spaceship to cellar an opening and maintaining the atmosphere turn inside. [ Image].

Or doing the opposite by decreasing the air through its control of electron cone did against Falcona . [Image ].

Black Bolt has destroyed a solar flare with enough power to destroy the earth. [ Image ].

His control over the electrons of the environment also lets you create anti-gravitons , which give you the ability to fly at extraordinary speeds, its maximum speed is unknown but easily exceeds the escape velocity . Being able to travel from the earth to the moon in seconds.

Equating the speed of a missile launched by Maelstrom to The Great Refuge , using his perfect control of the electrons altering its course through its control of electrons and redirecting it to the escape velocity space. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Black Bolt's voice

The most powerful weapon of Black Bolt is definitely his voice, since childhood he was trained to suppress even the slightest sound for the safety of all. Black Bolt's voice is one of the most powerful and destructive weapons in the universe. This cry "quasi-sonic" is powered by the electrons of the environment and may reach nuclear proportions.

The powerful voice of Black Bolt was able to open a hole in reality itself. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

From the strength of the voice of Black Bolt says he can destroy planets mountains and even , during his captivity and used by Ronan The Accuser as one of his warriors an aching Black Bolt would not scream, pushed to the limit of their endurance and avoiding kill all, turned his agony on the ground of the planet, enabling distant volcanoes and starting a continent on the other side of the planet (Medusa also mentions that having muttered a word had erased half the planet). [ Image ].

Only the sound of a single syllable has had enough power to loosen the foundations of the entire city ofAttilan . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

The slightest sound of the voice of Black Bolt can devastate an entire city.

On several occasions during or mistakenly Black Bolt has devastated their city-state of Attilan . To free his people from the negative barrier impenetrable with which Maximus (the crazy brother of Black Bolt) had surrounded the city, Black Bolt had to sacrifice for the good of the inhuman, destroying the indestructible barrier and the city itself while . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

If you have super-hearing better not mess with Black Bolt =). [ Image ].

Black Bolt also has complete control over his voice, which can lead to extraordinary precision. [ Image ].

After Secret Invasion , Black Bolt would be launched to avenge the Skrull , using a cannon voice channeled destroying entire fleets with his power. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Black Bolt would deliver one of his fiercest battles against Vulcan (Gabriel Summers), in which both employ all his skills as handlers electrons and sources of energy, strength and endurance, only to end his voice employ Black Bolt to defeat him. Vulcan is mutant omega level , he can absorb and manipulate energy, can create powerful telekinetic force fields, absorb the powers of his opponents, throw powerful rays, temporarily suppress the powers of others, is capable of reforming itself, etc. (such Once all this explain why not was completely disintegrated by the voice of Black Bolt). [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ].

Intelligence, ability to combat and other skills.

Black Bolt is extremely intelligent, as king leads his people according to their customs (do not forget that the Inhumans are a society very different from ours, one Genetocracia far from a Utopia), as king of education in the arts and science more advanced than ours in their heritage Kree is an excellent strategist in the military and martial arts expert of their race.

He is an excellent fighter with or without weapons experts has defeated fighters like Ronan . [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ].

By Black Bolt skills has special training in the art of meditation and control over their emotions, including pain and suffering, purging each day thinking so that you never even while asleep may cast the slightest sound . [ Image ].

Black Bolt has been shown to control also the will , even as it does is a mystery, but it has some control by the flow of electrons on the will of the people ignored the scope of this skill. [ Image ].

Black Bolt in turn has great resistance to mind control. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Cain Marko found in the ruins of a temple Cittorak the Crimson Ruby, making him a powerful mystical entity avatar of Cyttorak, a human Juggernaut! Holder since an indescribable strength and invulnerability. Cain would become one of the most powerful beings on Earth.

The Unstoppable Juggernaut

The Power of the Juggernaut

Cain Marko - The Juggernaut

Height : 6'10 "to 9'5"

Weight 900 a 1900 lbs

Eyes : Blue

Hair : Red

Known Relatives : Kurt Marko (father deceased), Marko Marjory (mother deceased), Sharon Xavier Marko (stepmother deceased), Charles Xavier (brother), Cassandra Nova (sister).

Group Affiliation : Thunderbolts, X-Men, Excalibur, Exemplars, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Black Tom Cassidy partner.

Occupation : Professional Criminal, soldier and mercenary.

Cain Marko , is the brother of Charles Xavier the founder of the group of mutants known as the X-Men . When he found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak , he won an unlimited strength and durability known since then as the Juggernaut , thus becoming a terrible enemy for young mutants.

Cain Marko - The Juggernaut

Cain Marko's mother died when he was young, raised since then only by his father

Kurt Marko

. With the death (arguably) of

Dr. Brian Xavier

colleague of his father, Kurt married Xavier's widow,


. It then would move to


Xavier's mansion in

New York

. Sufio Cain abuse by his father both physically and psychologically, Cain also feel great hatred for his

brother Charles

, due to the fact that his father favored him more than him. Once Cain discovered that Charles was making use of its capacity


to read minds to succeed, hate Cain would be even greater. During an argument with his father, Cain caused a fire accident in the laboratory of his father, the fire quickly grew out of control and Kart once again showed their preference for Xavier when saved him first, after returning by Cain, died smoke inhalation.

Cain and Charles were drafted into

the U.S. Army

. and were in the same unit during

the Korean War

.On a mission, were in a shooting and left the unit Cain, Charles went after him in the hope of bringing him back before he got into trouble. Cain fell into a cave that actually serious inside the

Temple of Cyttorak lost

. Cain then discovered the

Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

on a pedestal and when he touched her, appeared an inscription that read:

"Whosoever touches this gem is granted the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! Now onwards, you read these words, forever ... It will convert a human juggernaut!"

Cain mystically transformed into the avatar of Cyttorak destruction .

Superhuman mystical powers

As Avatar of Cyttorak, the Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak gave the Juggernaut him superhuman abilities such as super strength, endurance, invulnerability and other skills that Cain is used mostly in increasing his incredible physical power.

Superhuman Strength Class 100 +

The power of the Juggernaut is powered by the

Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

, which is the tube that


uses to channel his magical energies in his avatar. The Gem gives incredible strength to unknown levels and that make it an irresistible and unstoppable being. Once he starts moving in one direction, no obstacle or force on Earth can stop him.

Due to the mystical nature of his powers granted by an external source of limitless magic as the Gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut can increase your strength immeasurable physical levels with a simple thought when needed. In this sense,

Juggernaut has a virtually limitless superhuman strength

and is what makes him truly unstoppable. The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful physical beings in the universe, able to go hand in hand with strong and powerful heroes.

As soon as Cain was transformed into the Juggernut conduct its first feat of strength, durability and unlimited, being buried alive under the gigantic mountain that covered the Temple of Cyttorak , not breathing or eating the Juggernaut would moving the incredible amount of tons of rocks and debristhat covered him for years (Xavier estimate what a trillion tonnes). [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

In his first meeting with Xavier and his X-Men , Juggernaut would again unstoppable , overcoming the defenses of the mansion (pumps, gas, high voltage discharges, armored doors 50 times stronger than a battleship armor) with great ease . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

The prodigious force completely destroyed Juggernaut solid steel block in which was contained by Thorand the New Warriors . [ Image ].

The incredible strength of Juggernaut has allowed defeat Colossus in combat, even without taking the game very seriously. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

Prime the most powerful hero Ultraverso measured closely with the Juggernaut : irresistible force against an immovable object. Juggy achieve even surpass it. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Juggernaut has even beat the Hulk-Professor in physical combat advantage that Professor did not know who was fighting. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

Juggernaut even been able to challenge the incarnation most powerful Hulk , coming to establish some equality before Hulk resign to continue combat. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Juggernaut possessed by the entity known as the Trion (Trion-Juggernaut) has been even able to hit physically through dimensions , making his way pure stroke. The Trion just use the incredible power that provides Cyttorak ! [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

While Storm fought against Trion , Wolverine and Xavier had reached Juggernaut's mind and convince him to fight Trion mental possession. When Cain Marko overcame possession and regain control of their unlimited powers, the release of highly destructive energies of Cyttorak cause a tear in their own time / space continuum! Opening a huge gap in the reality!. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ].

Despite having markedly diminished powers and having lost its powerful forcefield proving extremely vulnerable to physical attacks, he was able to give battle none other than King Hyperion . [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ].

* Juggernaut lost their links with the energies of Cyttorak, these were interrupted after Marko had contact with the Uni-Power, when he became host of Captain Universe.

Superhuman Strength and Invulnerability and force field

The gem also gives physical resistance to fatigue for all purposes unlimited . Cain is also virtuallyimpregnable and invulnerable to conventional physical injury, although Cain is capable of being affected by high levels of mental or mystical attacks, such attacks rarely have shown that cause permanent damage.

Juggy is also immune to extreme temperatures of heat or cold . Spider-Man launch a fuel truck against Juggy. The powerful explosion and fire would not stop the unstoppable Juggernaut. [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Firestar unleash their burning microwave power and heating both Juggy which would put the white fire, Juggy did not even acknowledge the incredible heat that was being attacked. [ Image ].

The molten steel either have no effect on him. [ Image ] ..

A million volts is also nothing to the power of the Juggernaut. [ Image ].

Juggernaut has also received the powerful lightning Thor without being affected at all. [ Image ].

Juggernaut also resist the lightning storm and even redirect achieved against itself. [ Image ].

Cyclops unleash a powerful attack on Juggy that as Cyclops had left a small planet in half. Juggy just laughed at the attack. [ Image ].


The Juggernaut is capable of generating a personal force field around them, which extends about 1 foot in diameter from his body. He uses this force field to increase his already amazing if damage resistance. In his first appearances, he that can use this ability to generate a force that allowed him to throw people and objects around him, but now seems to work only on the defensive. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2].

The field is so strong that it has withstood the blows of Mjolnir as usual. [ Image ].

When the force field was temporarily blocked by Mjolnir , natural durability proved to be enough to exchange blows with Thor . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Healing and Regeneration Factor

Although it is usually almost impossible to damage, it can be damaged usually by mystical forces powerful enough. If it is damaged or injured Cain has regenerative healing factor that allows you to completely regenerate at superhuman speed.

For example, has been wounded by the sword of Shatterstar , which is forged from a mixture of technology and magic and instantly healed. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

The demon D'Spayre once flayed the Juggernaut to the bone, leaving skeletal state after absorbing most of the power of the Juggernaut and yet the juggernaut could not be stopped and was able to regenerate all the damage done once recovered its full power. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].


Cain is functionally immortal . The aging process is completely halted and is immune to all toxins, poisons and diseases. It is also supported by the mystical energies flowing through your body and has no need to eat, drink, or breathe.

Unstoppable, Unstoppable one Irresistible Force

Once Juggy starts to move in a certain direction, it is virtually impossible to stop. The only known examples that have managed to stop involving the participation of some mystical power, which is the only weakness of Juggernaut.

This feat has only been achieved by Thor and his incredibly powerful God-Force (Thor despite being weakened by disease and use their God-Force with a lot less power than you can reach).

Even the all-powerful entity known as Onslaught was able to perform this feat.

Inconceivable strength Hulk has also managed to stop him, but at that time their power had increased levels of technology Celestial which enabled actual release hidden power of Hulk, usually restricted byBanner .

Mental Skills

Cain Marko has average intelligence, but also a strong will, which do not allow to give up and turn it into a formidable opponent for anyone.

The iron will of Juggernaut has allowed him to overcome even the same Cyttorak in a battle of wills for control of his soul on the astral plane. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].

As Avatar of Destruction Juggernaut powers may be limited subconsciously Cain , whenever he denies his true nature, to face Hulk Cain had to embrace his royal power as the avatar of Cyttorak . [Image ]. .

Combat Skill

As a result of his days in the military and his experience as a villain and hero the Juggernaut is a formidable melee fighter, using his style seems more like street fighting and but has great technique, allowing you to make the most of their great strength .

Team: Your Helmet and Armor mystics

The Juggernaut wears a helmet made ​​of an unknown mystical metal found in the Crimson Dimension Cyttorak . The Juggernaut later formed a cap of metal debris used to build the hull. This cap provides complete protection against telepathic attacks, even when it comes to the likes of telepath ProfessorXavier .

The helmet not only prevents mental attacks, but also allows Cain to know who is trying to attack him psychically. [ Image ].

Juggy can also rebuild or recreate your helmet using their mystical powers. [ Image ].

The Juggernaut usually wore armor could invoke mystique around at will. When he was stripped of his powers, the Juggernaut armor that took looked like his original but made ​​of unstable molecules.However, when you access their full powers, he is able to invoke his mystical helmet and armor. [ Image 1] [ Image 2 ].

Other attributes provided by the Ruby of Cyttorak

Potentially the Cyttorak Gem Ruby or have provided and may provide certain capabilities that are unknown by the Juggernaut , it usually only exploits its virtually limitless energies on raising her incredible physical power, but also the gem gives magical abilities as: change the size of the area, increasing its size, tracking, levitation, energy absorption, energy projection, and creating portals. Cain accidentally and in some cases unable to make use of some of these skills.

Juggernaut show in his fight with Nightmare various magical abilities, such as throwing energy beams and invoke powerful spells that allowed him to confront the powerful entity. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

Juggernaut Avatar, one of the Exemplar

Millennia ago eight entities of great mystical power , known as the Octessence , agreeing not one of them was the most powerful entity decided to fight through Avatars , each depositary of a fraction of his power, that would be an incarnation and living representative of its enormous power. Farallah ,Cyttorak , Balthakk , Ikonn , Raggadorr , Watoomb , Valtorr and Krakkan each created an avataran Exemplar (copy). Once a mortal would become an exemplar, a spell trigger each temple leading to the creation of the following exemplar. Juggernaut was the first, but the spell was interrupted when theTemple Cyttorak was buried under the rubble.

Each Exemplar had comparable levels of power Juggernaut himself, embodying extreme special abilities, depending on the institution they represented, possessing the power of gods!.


: Avatar Balthakk (He had the ability to fly and project bursts of heat, and combat skills above average) unleashed a beam of pure energy capable of vaporisar countless tons of Titanium in half a second. Stonecutter : Avatar Raggadorr (possessed strength superhuman fighting skills, and the ability to design and build the "God Machine") would cause an explosion of unimaginable scale kinetic, causing twisting his armor, but the armor is part of their power and only lost his helmet. Bedlam : Avatar Ikonn (He had powerful telepathic and mind control) attacked him with a mental storm of pure physical pain that Juggernaut could not resist having lost his helmet. [ Image ].

Juggernaut would also face the rest of the


in single combat: [

Image 1

] [

Image 2

]. Decay : Avatar Valtorr (He had a "touch of death" that caused organic objects disintegrate). [ Image ]. Conquest: Avatar Krakkan (He had incredible fighting skills and a variety of weapons attached to his suit) She like a living machine of war, attack the Juggernaut with superior combat skills, but the strength and endurance Juggy would prevail in the end. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ]. Carnivore : Avatar Farallah (Owned speed, agility, coordination and superhuman fighting ability, and terrible claws) fiercely attacked slashing and tearing Juggy armor like never before anybody had, despite its Juggy speed was able to beat him. [Image ]. Bedlam initiate a mental attack against Juggy too, but this time Juggy enough to resist attack Stonecutter. Stonecutter and Juggernaut would combat power against power, combating these demi-gods, would cause great destruction, causing earthquakes and all of collapse around the punching power. In this war of avatars Juggy use all his power to save the human race, making an extraordinary effort to destroy the God-machine (the machine of God), sweeping every essence of exemplar! [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].

Kuurth: Breaker of Stone - One Worthy of God of Terror.

When the

Asgardian God of Terror

was released from prison for his daughter




the daughter of

Red Skull

), call seven powerful

magical hammer

, to fight against




. Each hammer was designed for a chosen, the


of the God of Fear.

One of these hammers was destined for the


. The Juggernaut weakened by the loss of his link with


because of the


, was now a member of the


and was then in prison


(for supercriminals), the magic hammer would fall within the prison, calling the Juggernaut for possession, called to respond Cain taking the hammer and becoming

Kuurth: Breaker of Stone

(Kuurth: Destroyer Rocks), one of the



God of Terror

!. [

Image 1

] [

Image 2

] [


] [



Nourished now Asgardian magic , Kuurth: Breaker of Stone , prove to be more powerful than it was.Apparently the hammer gives the possessor of an incredible increase in its powers, and the Juggernaut increased strength, endurance, speed and power to be amazing and unstoppable, Hammer also has a huge hitting power and the power to issue powerful downloads energy. Where once there was no power normally that would be able to stop it, now the Juggernaut would be totally and absolutely unstoppable . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Juggernaut has always been amazingly fast when loaded question, but it would be even Kuurth superspeed to rival a speedster like Nonstop . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Kuurth also been shown to use his hammer as transportation, perhaps similar to how Thor uses Mjolnirto fly. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Now under the control of the God of Terror, Kuurth would go to San Francisco , where man who carefully choose a station to serve as his interpreter, a single tap of the hammer of Kuurth endow man with the ability to understand and comprehend the language runic the Juggernaut and the wishes of the Snake (The God of Terror). [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].

The strength and power Kuurth irrepressible easily exceed Optic Blast of Cyclops , the strength ofColossus and freezing the absolute zero of Ice-Man . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Magneto one of the most powerful mutants in existence also fail to stop Kuurht . Magneto try to start the town mystic, mystic destabilizing metal molecularly but Kuurth launch his magical hammer would prove to be unstoppable even for the master of magnetism, Magneto even had to be saved by Kitty Pryde . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Hope Summers is a mutant Omega Level , born with the power of empathic mimic the powers of any mutant, she uses the power of all the X-Men and other mutants many more, and is a potential avatar of the Phoenix Force . Using the powers of Magneto , Pixie , Transonic , Gentle and Rockslide , face to Kuurth , she achieved the feat of stripping him of his helmet, but even she would fall to the effort and the power of the Juggernaut / Kuurth . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

If previously the Juggernaut had been susceptible to mental attacks without his helmet, Kuurth theavatar of the Serpent would not. Kuurth not only resist the power of Emma Frost , one of the most powerful telepath on the planet, but even manifest his interpreter within Emma's psychic projection, and then he crushed the projection and incapacitate Frost. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Kuurth once again prove to be unstoppable for any attempt of the X-Men . Cyclops would askavalanche that created a gulf to stop Kuurth, but the avatar of fear simply create your own path. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Face guided by Karma killer unleashed a deadly lightning, but would be completely ineffective against Kuurth. Pixie Kuurth attempt teletrasportar to another place (the bottom of the ocean near Earth orbit, the heart of the sun), all infective and would be back Kuurth before the next step is taken. Rogue try to absorb the powers of Kuurth but will cause much damage would only herself to the first contact with Kuurth. [ Image ].

Mercury Kuurth incapacitate try filling your lungs, but would have to escape when the mighty Juggernaut system begin to dissolve. Psylocke and Boom Boom also fail. Any attempt would prove to be useless against Kuurth, even when their blood was set ablaze by Adam-X the Juggernaut would become more dangerous, for 15 minutes Kuurth set fire to everything it touched. Kuurth prove to be completely unstoppable and invulnerable. [ Image ].

Neither powerful combo attacks such as Syren and Dazzler or Rockslide as a living bomb loaded with enormous energy by Gambit , or attempts to Magneto could stop Kuurth. [ Image ].

Juggernaut / Colossus: Juggerlossus - The New Avatar Cyttotak.

As Kuurth was completely unstoppable Cyclops ordered Magik go looking for the original master ofCain Marko , Cyttorak . Coloso (Colossus - Peter Rasputin) and Kitty to accompany Magik ownCrimson Cosmos where Cyttorak rules. Cyttorak was finally pleased Juggernaut had become an anthem to destruction, discovered that Cain now cover the power of another god besides his own, decided to take his power furious to see that now was avatar of another god (of God of Terror ). But if he lost to Cain, Cyttorak need another avatar ... Magik would offer to be the new bearer of the power of Cyttorak and nearly had it not been for Colossus, which would play first Crimson Gem , thus becomingthe new avatar of Cyttorak , taking the destructive power of the Juggernaut . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

Experienced all desire for destruction and power of Cyttorak an unleashed Juggernaut / Colossussavagely attack Kuurth (now deprived of the power of Cyttorak). But Kuurth avatar Asgardian God of Terror would be even more powerful than Juggerlossus. Kuurth be able to hurt him despite being Juggyvirtually invulnerable. Although surpassed by the power of Kuurth, Juggernaut prove to be superior in one thing: that when you put up no power on Earth can stop it ! Juggernaut would drag the fantastic speed of 600 mph on the road to Kuurth runic he had drawn, causing a retro magical power might have been fatal for both, but Kuurth be convened at that moment by the God of Terror to rid your last battle against the heroes of Earth and continue his relentless advance Juggernaut momentarily. [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ] [ Image10 ].

Colossus reveal the fact that he keeps his organic steel form is due to the fact that this can somehow keep a check on the power and urgency of destruction of Juggernaut . During Avengers vs. X-Men ,Red-Hulk and Colossus would fight on the Helicarrier destroying windows miles away and even the San Andreas Fault would shudder with each blow even though the Titans fought on earth!. Faced with such powerful adversary Colossus momentarily "disappear" unleashing the awesome power of Cyttorak!. Each stroke, each shock wave would destroy life around two powerful fighters, but despite that Red-Hulk has proven to be one of the strongest and most powerful beings, would be terribly affected by the overwhelming strength of the Juggernaut! . In this lust for destruction Colossus would take control momentarily, allowing Red-Hulk fight back and thus difficult to claim victory. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ] [ Image10 ].

Power unstoppable unstoppable against a will. Other Avenger would experience the power of the new Juggernaut would be Spider-Man . Spider-Man is by far one of the most versatile heroes, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance have been shown to be a headache for enemies far more powerful than he. But the powerful Thunderclap and the overwhelming strength of Juggerlossus he would pause to Spider-Man. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ].

Juggernaut and Red-Hulk would meet in the Blue Area of the Moon (the only place on the moon where there is oxygen breathing and also is home to the Watcher ), but the rapid action of Red-Hulk interrupt the fight, sending Juggernaut fly only to measure forces with one of the strongest beings on the planet, the mighty Ben Grimm ! An Avenger and also a 4 Fantastic , Ben Grimm facing the most powerful opponents, but the experience and the powerful blows of The Thing (La Mole) and its rival would not be fantastic force against the new Juggernaut!. Juggerlossus not only would stop Dry the onslaught of Ben and remained immovable, but again show that he advances is unstoppable . Taking Ben Blue Area, eventually impose the strength and power of leveraging Juggerlosssus lack of air out of the Blue Area. Ben needs to breathe, the Juggernaut can survive in any environment! He does not need anything to survive!. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ].

When the Phoenix Force return to Earth would start a war between the Avengers and X-Men . When the entity Phoenix was injured and forced to split into 5 parts, she adopted as guests to Cyclops , Emma Frost , Namor , Magik and Colossus (Juggerlossus). These five mutants would thus become the new avatars of the Phoenix . Currently Colossus Avatar Cyttorak , now would be imbued with new and unlimited powers, possessing a fifth of the almighty power of the Phoenix . Peter and Magik go to the Crimson Cosmos Cyttorak , to ask him to leave, as he was now avatar of another entity. Cittorak would refuse because Colossus is has become his favorite avatar, due to the fact that beingJuggerlossus a hero spends his time in constant fighting, destroying constantly while avatars as Cain Marko spend most of your life " hiding "of these same heroes. Colossus has pleased more than any other. The Phoenix Force is an entity primordial cosmic incarnation of life and death, is the spirit of rebirth and destruction, and as such is not incompatible with Cyttorak, so do not judge it necessary to leave Peter. Peter tried to use his new power and force against Cyttorak has quit, but Cyttorak is demon lord and his domain is outside the natural law , even the great power that has now combinedColossus (of Cyttorak and Phoenix) can not affect it in its kingdom. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

When the young Robbie Reynolds drank a secret formula he found in the laboratory of one of his teachers, a miraculous transformation took place. Robbie began to glow with an unknown energy and the power of a million exploding stars, Robert Reynolds was transformed into The Guardian Dorado: The Sentry - The Watcher

The Sentry - The Watcher

The Sentry Power

Robert Reynolds

Alias ​​: The Guardian Dorado, the Gilded Man, The Void, Bob, John Victor Williams, Death (Death).

Height : 6'2 ".

Weight : 200 lbs.

Eyes : Blue.

Hair : Blond.

Known Relatives : Lindy Reynolds (wife), Mrs Reynolds (mother).

Group Affiliation : Mighty Avengers (Mighty Avengers), former member of the New Avengers, Horsemen of Death.

Base of Operations : La Atalaya (The Watchtower, On Top of Stark Tower), Manhattan.

Bob Reynolds, alcoholic, married, psychotic, schizophrenic, agoraphobic and owner of the power of a million exploding suns . The Sentry - The Watcher.

The Sentry or The Watcher (as they see sound) is one of several Marvel characters that are in some way emulate Superman (which I never liked, you do not need for anything Marvel Superman), but Unlike Superman the Watcher is a character with the special flavor of the other Marvel heroes, and that make it a different and more interesting character, full of errors and contradictions, and complex psychological problems and may be the greatest hero or more fearsome threat. The Sentry lives intimidated by his own power.

The Sentry is the product of an experimental serum, created by the government of the




, in the "

Weapon - X

"with a special ingredient serum

Super Soldier

, the same formula that I think the

Captain America

, but the resulting serum was hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than the original. Serum moves each of his molecules an instant ahead in time and absorbs their energy directly from the sun.

Superhuman Physical Powers

Literally, you can read all the stories of Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns ... the truth is that I can not even imagine that power: p.

If our Sun exploded, it would destroy our entire solar system ... imagine that but a million of times more powerful .... Sorry but that say their stories ....

Sentry has shown superhuman strength, heightened senses, super speed, strength and durability, energy projection, force fields and flying at speeds far greater than the Light, also psychic abilities in any case the limits of the powers of the Sentry are unknown as well as all of them.

How powerful is the Sentry?

As I said, has the power of

a million exploding suns


Had a world populated by supermen Sentry would your superhero no mistake ;).

It is difficult to say how powerful is the Sentry really, but if you have feats that put it at the height of the superheavy Marvel.

Superhuman Strength

Physically belongs to Class 100 of Marvel , is this in line with the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and strong, able to exceed and reach weights incalculable and immeasurable energy.

He can lift objects whose weight are easily hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of tons. [Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

The Sentry has received a direct hit from Ben Grimm - the Mole or the Thing - without showing discomfort has its strength. [ Image ].

During " Silent War "at a stroke the Sentry has been able to open a huge fissure [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ]

He beat other heroes enemies easily. The sentry has been able to halve Carnage (Spider-Man's enemy), has beheaded Attuma (Namor foe), has over loaded with power to Absorbing Man (Thor foe).[ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

A furious attack Sentry -Female Ultron after he killed his wife. This Sentry apparently now owned by the void, show be able to almost eliminate this version of Ultron, if not intervened Wonder-Man and Ms.Marvel , who tried to save as this occupied Ultron then modified and altered body of Tony Stark .

Sentry has managed to temporarily hold the awesome power of a Cosmic Cube , Cosmic Cubes are actually able to alter the space / time has universal scale. [ Image ].

Strength and durability

The Sentry is for all purposes virtually invulnerable , he can withstand extreme heat and cold, can survive vacuum of space and will withstand powerful impacts.

Having been shot multiple thermonuclear missiles to different targets, the Sentry was not only able to disable each in just seconds, but it came out unscathed from last missile explosion, proving not only his strength but his extraordinary speed . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

It has withstood the power of Iron Man and combat against the most powerful version of Hulk so far. [Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

He has also resisted a bath of acid strong enough to melt steel. [ Image ].

Sentry was apparently immune to the power of Rogue, and apparently had some kind of relationship, though this was revealed after his death. [ Image ].

It was Sentry dangers, Nick Fury and Dr. Strange , Sentry try to deceive with a false reality, into believing he possessed no power, that all he had lived as Sentry was a product of his imagination, he was mentally ill. And although it was all very well armed and Strange used his magic , Bob would realize the deception and no magic and devices kept Sentry's mind in this false reality, would be able to contain the power of the Sentry. Strange recognize that Sentry was too powerful for the kind of magic I use.

Energy Projection

He can project energy fields and control light, The Sentry has been able to defeat Terrax (Herald of Galactus) with only one hand and destroy his cosmic ax with ease, considering that the level TerraxSilver Surfer and can destroy entire planets just one blow, this is perhaps the best track to see how powerful it can be the Sentry. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

* In case you do not know what he is capable Terrax give him a look at this. [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] .

The Sentry has been shown to emit rays through their eyes. [ Image ].

The whole body can radiate Sentry. Sentry can release this energy in the form of powerful destructive explosions. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

The Sentry body also emits an energy, a wave of radiation, in the form of that Golden Aura covering the Sentry, this energy has shown a curious reaction Hulk , which somehow reassures Hulk, making it smooth and manageable , and much more childish than it is. For a while this "Hulk" and he Sentry were teammates. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

During his fight with WW-Hulk , both issued massive amounts of energy really, even these energies were directed upon themselves, were able to destroy huge areas of the city of New York . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ].

During his fight with Photon has though both contained the respective power, the power released by them was enough to destroy entire planets. [ Image ].

The incredible energy that projects have enabled Sentry also recharge the armor of Tony Stark (Iron Man). [ Image ].

Super Senses - Superhuman Senses

The Sentry senses are also increased, to levels well above other superhumans as Daredevil or Wolverine would.

The Sentry mentioned that I could see the nervous and you can hear a butterfly sneeze in Central Africa.[ Image ].

Sentry would be found at that time in the Philippines (practically across the planet) hear the call ofNorman Osborn and superspeed would attend almost instantly!. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Sentry's senses beyond normal (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing), Sentry can perceive energy in multiple ways, so he could feel the energy particles around Red Ronin before it faded. [ Image ].

Sentry also been shown to feel / perceive auras , through this sense Sentry was able to track Noh-Varr. [ Image ].

Superhuman Speed

Serum Reynolds also endowed with the ability of flight and superhuman speed and can react to supervelocidades and flight can exceed the speed of light. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

The Sentry has proven to be able to react in just milliseconds and move at superhuman speeds, when the Void tried to kill an almost-blank shot to Dr. Cornelius Worth the Sentry was able to stop the bullet before this hit in the skull psychiatrist. [ Image ].

Sentry also has prevented the Punisher has killed Norman Osborn , stopping the bullet easily. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

The Sentry is capable of flying has supervelocidades, flew from earth to sun in just seconds, considering that the sun is at an equivalent of 8.6 minutes traveling at the speed of light ... the Sentry must've traveled approximately 17 or 18 times the speed of light. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

During the " Secret Invasion "travel from Earth to Saturn in just moments.

Mental Skills and energy control.

The Sentry possesses psychic abilities mostly used to maintain the unity of his physical powers, still undetermined whether the Sentry is able to use these skills as would the Professor X (X-Men) or other psychics.

He has also proven able to implant his memories inside another person's mind.

Apparently the Sentry is able to handle light as you would the mutant Dazzler as the Void his nemesis is a manifestation of his own dark side.

The Sentry has always radiated one soothing aura about Hulk , giving it a more childish personality, innocent and harmless from Himself and certainly less powerful.

Sentry's powers are truly unlimited, and rival the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe.


Robert is very intelligent, classified within the range of geniuses. He has proven to be able to use his powers to detect all substances on an object, so you can determine how much component substances.He is skilled in mechanics, architecture, cybernetics, robotics and computer science, he can find sources of energy. He used his intelligence to build your tower, and everything within it, probably all the material you need to build it came from different parts of the Earth and even other planets and collected once the molding substances , shapes and technology needed.

Because the Sentry mental instability is likely to be manipulated.

Raise Dead

Sentry has been shown to possess the ability to raise the dead under extreme emotional stress. This was manifested first when Ultron-Female murderer of his wife. Sentry show be able to revive it by touching it. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Immortality and manipulation of matter at the molecular level

Sentry has already demonstrated repeatedly the ability to recreate itself and possess the ability to manipulate the molecules of the atmosphere at the subatomic level . Hinting that the real origin of the Sentry's powers are still a mystery but that rival those of almost omnipotent Molecule Man , which also expire incredibly, after this it completely disintegrated twice!!. Molecule Man's powers come from aCosmic Cube and its effects are virtually unlimited, giving almost omnipotence. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ] [ Image10 ].

* For those who know Owen Reece (Molecule Man) and we know how immensely powerful it is (he has been able to face the Beyonder at his best) this would be the biggest win of the Sentry and makes it clear that one of the most powerful beings that have been created and may be what the power of a million exploding suns fits shortie ...

The Void and the Void

The Void and the Void is the living embodiment of the fears and emotions of the Sentry. He is the counterweight and the negative aspect of the Sentry (Robert Reynolds). The Void is more a force than a person, but can take any form you want. By interacting with the Sentry is usually manifested in human form. It is capable of destroying the Earth and perhaps the entire universe. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].

Robert constant inside a battle to keep the Void at bay. The Void is evident first few years after the Sentry became the center of attention. He killed more than a million people in



Discovering that the

Void was the dark side of his own powers

, the Sentry was associated with

Reed Richards


Dr. Strange

to create a system that made ​​the whole population of the


, including themselves, they should forget it. With the Sentry inactive and forgotten, the Void vanished, but the Sentry back to back today.

The Void has been shown to change shape. He has been seen as a fiery beast, a monster with multiple eyes and demonic creatures. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

He has massive control over the weather and darkness and can create massive storms. The Void also has tentacles used to insert fear and make your opponent relive traumatic moments of his life both past, present or future.

He used that tentacles Hulk leaving him helpless. As opposed to the Sentry gets more power of darkness that light at night so his powers increase, also increase in the Negative Zone dramatically can reach at maximum power.

When Sentry and Hulk invaded the Negative Zone , would face unexpectedly the Void . Here where the Void is poderos, their fearsome tentacles and powers would be able to break every bone in Hulk. [Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ].

* On this Void feat I have to say that while it is a great feat, very few beings in the universe are able to do so ... But nevertheless, we must recognize that this Hulk because Sentry soothing aura is much more docile and child of what is normally hulk. Hulk's power is based on their emotions, especially anger is what motivates the increase of his power, this timid Hulk defeated by the Void in this state is much weaker and tough it really is.

Dark Sentry

The actual dark origins of


still remain a mystery, during the events of

Dark Avenger



, the Sentry has been acting as the bodyguard of

Norman Osborn


Iron Patriot

). While it is certainly Sentry personality which is acting, behind it lies a power ... the power of the


, which seems to control the Sentry subtly.

3 Sentry basically manifested personalities of

Bod Reynolds

, of the


and of the


.Reynolds is a person full of complexes and insecurities, but own incredible power. The Sentry is the manifestation heroic of Reynolds, guardian gold, one that I distort easily Terrax , who release all their power, free inhibitions, that mighty superhero who played God when facing the most powerful incarnation of the Hulk . 's Void on the other side is the dark side of Reynolds, the downside of having so much power ... well here is the official we knew so now ... obviously things are changing. The Void usually always said outside the person's Sentry, and with different powers to the Sentry , because manipulations Osborn Sentry reveals a new face ... Dark Sentry , the Sentry dark, the Sentry / Void Void where is the controller of the body and the powers of the Sentry, the Dark-Sentry is an amalgam of the powers of both, and looks like one of the greatest threats to the Earth and the universe has ever faced.

Dark-Sentry has already defeated Owen Reece , but recently where the scope is showing its true power.

In Dark Avengers , was the Sentry as the biblical angel of death , who extended his mighty hand, and slew all the firstborn in every house that was not marked with the blood of the lamb, adding a new element to the actual identity the Sentry. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

* This is one of the 10 plagues that struck Egypt during the Biblical Exodus

Exodus 12:12-13.

12. I will pass tonight for the land of Egypt and strike down every firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast, and I'll take justice for all the gods of Egypt. I, Yahweh.

13. The blood shall be a token upon the houses where you are. When I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague shall fall upon you destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.

* Actually biblical interpretation of this event is that the author was really Yahweh (Hebrew Yahweh or Jehovah in Latin , not the angel of death, as commonly thought).

? How to kill a immortal ? Easy if you possess the powers of Dark Sentry . During the events of Siege(Siege) convinced by Heimdall and Balder manipulations of Loki and Osborn , now seeing the injustice of their cause, the war god Ares go by Osborn, but first have to spend on your guard theSentry . Ares warrior skills polished over millennia not be enough to overcome the power of the Sentry, Sentry Dark ... then perform the unthinkable halving an immortal with only her bare hands! [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ].

Even without fully disclosed Dark-Sentry would be able to withstand a battle with Thor , not only resisting the powerful blows of Mjolnir , if not immediately reconstructed at the molecular level to the powerful lightning unleashed by Thor. Sentry / Void would also be able to bring down entire gigantic city-kingdom of Asgard despite magically Asgard was sustained by the remnants of the Odin-Power of Thor. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ].

The all powerful Dark-Sentry prove to be one of the greatest threats to the heroes of Earth have faced, he would be so powerful that easily dominated all the other heroes present at the Siege of Asgard , who had killed even if not for the intervention of evil Asgardian god Loki . Loki would use the magic of the Norn Stones to give extra power to the heroes and attack the Sentry. Although Loki combat achievement Sentry balance would show once again as a destroyer of gods . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Sentry, Horseman of Death.

Sentry was brought back to life by the Twins Apocalypse , using the Seed of Life (Life Seed) and theSeed of Death (Death Seed), in order to serve as one of their riders , next to Banshee , Grim Reaper and Daken . Sentry now would be the Death Knight . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].


Apocalypse Twins

have been collecting these seeds with the help of


, the ax he used


in his youth and has proven capable of killing the entities known as the




The Life Seeds

are used to plant new life in the heavenly worlds.


the Death Seeds

were designed to create new servers for Apocalypse and take care of their evolution.

The arrival of the Uncanny Avengers in search of the Twins would give Sentry-Horseman of Deaththe opportunity to demonstrate your awesome power!. Although the senses of Wolverine I detected the terrible power of raw strength more poderos be that he has found quick hit, focusing on Thor , the god who killed him, the strength and speed of Sentry was such that would bend time and space , throwing her tied to many times the speed of light !. So fast that mislead Thor and would lead to a world known as Tyconria many light years away in just a moment, burying potently rivers Thor gamma washes that flow through this world!!. Thor for a moment try to reason with Sentry asked who made ​​theVoid of him but Sentry will comment that there is no Void, now there is only death , again demonstrating Sentry massive strength would give Thor a blow so powerful that the impact would be felt around the world , announced that the gods of war have come to your planet!!. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

-Death Sentry has demonstrated strength and speed amazing, and apparently the Void is not over in his mind, and in its place now just this present Death . Still unknown levels of power and Sentry possess skills in return.

A transfusion of his cousin, the Incredible Hulk, transformed the little lawyer Jennifer Walters in an emerald amazon! Now she fights for truth, justice and the demands of their customers personal.

The Sensational She-Hulk

The Power of She-Hulk

Jennifer Susan Walters

Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California - USA

Height : As Jennifer 5'10 "and 6'7 She-Hulk"

Weight : As Jennifer 150 pounds (68 kilos) and She-Hulk 700 pounds (295 Kilos).

Eyes : Brown as Jennifer and green as She-Hulk.

Hair : As Jennifer Brown and She-Hulk as green.

Profession : Lawyer and adventurous.

Known Relatives : William Morris Walters (father), Elaine Walters (mother, deceased), Robert Bruce Banner (cousin), Betty Ross Banner (Premium for Marriage), Rebecca Roberts (aunt, deceased), Brian Banner (uncle, deceased), Mrs. Drake (aunt, presumed deceased), Cassandra Walters Pike (aka Brain, aunt), David Pike (Alias ​​Muscle, cousin).

Group Affiliation : She has been part of several groups of heroes like the Fantastic 4, Fantastic Force, Heroes for Hire and the Avengers.

Jen Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk , she received her skills through a blood transfusion from her cousin. Bruce's blood transformed it into the emerald warrior known as She-Hulk , she usually keeps his intellect after transformation and tries to balance his life as a lawyer and asAvenger and adventurous.

Jennifer Walters - She-Hulk

Jennifer is the daughter of



Morris Walters

, the


of the County of

Los Angeles

. As a child he often spent the summer holidays with his uncles, despite the age difference she and her cousin

Bruce Banner

were like brothers.

Jennifer would go to

California Law School

in Los Angeles in which it would license with maximum honors.

As a brilliant lawyer Jennifer defend a criminal named

Lou Monklon

whom gangster

Nicholas Trask

wanted removed after killing his bodyguard. By then his cousin Bruce would visit after a few years without seeing and then Banner had the ability to turn into



Jen and Bruce have a happy reunion and while Jennifer took Bruce to his house suffered an attack by a thug named


which seriously injured Jennifer, Bruce had to improvise a blood transfusion to save the life of his cousin while waiting for doctors. The effects of gamma radiation present in the blood of Bruce in Jen become

a female version of Hulk


Unlike Bruce, Jennifer retain his personality during the change. Jen also enjoy more of the change, preferring to remain as She-Hulk. Her beauty, intelligence and Jennifer to return to one of the main heroines of the community of




, beginning a life of adventure that led her to join the


and the

Fantastic 4


Superhuman Physical Powers

Physical transformation


is able to voluntarily alter their physical form in a female version of


. By transforming it gains more muscle mass and size (9 inches of height) but most of muscle and bone mass is condensed, so that she looks much lighter than it really is, also unlike Hulk or more While some incarnations of the Hulk, she retains her own intelligence and personality (with some exceptions).

Exposure to certain wavelengths of radiation only in very high doses can sometimes temporarily inhibit or cancel your ability to transform. Usually this only happens if exposed during his original way of Jennifer.She-Hulk has a version gray like his own cousin (equivalent to Mr. Fixit ). In this state, Jennifer lost complete control of herself. It is much bigger and stronger. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Sometimes when Jen exposed to an excess of gamma radiation. Your body goes into an overload condition she has control over her body and can talk. However, acts more emotionally. His strength and abilities are greater equivalents at Wild Hulk .

Superhuman Strength

She-Hulk like Hulk can increase their physical strength depending on their emotional state while they experience increased less than its cousin.

The She-Hulk strength is related to the physical condition of his human form so that while most physical strength and power purchase as Jennifer , and She-Hulk will be exponentially more powerful . [Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

She-Hulk in his early start as Class 50 , then 75 or so, but now as a result of intense training of Jennifer, the She-Hulk strength today is at a Class 100 , matching base levels of Professor and other Hulk incarnations, the upper limit of its potential remains unknown.

Since its first appearance She-Hulk showed a high level of physical strength. She was able to create gigantic waves strength or support the thousands of tons of weight of a suspension bridge. [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Or enduring the countless tons of rock in a cave or heavy armor tearing like paper. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2] [ Imagen3 ].

She-Hulk would also be able to break the armor of Nebula designed to resist the power cosmic storms. [Image ].

She-Hulk is the most powerful woman in the universe physically , she even come to defeat theChampion of the Universe one of the Elders and holder of Primordial Power . She would be considered to perform this feat after the most powerful beings in the universe had been physically overcome by the Champion. Although Jennifer lost the first encounter. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

To defeat the Champion in a rematch She-Hulk thoroughly trained in human form to gain greater strength exponentially as She-Hulk, and although the champion had to shed the Power Gem before the fight, he still possessed the Primordial Power is a remnant of the same Big Bang , just by its natural power Champion easily rivals the power of a herald of Galactus as well as being an expert fighter and master of all fighting arts of the known universe. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Image7 ].

* In the history was presented to the Power Gem as linked to the Primordial Power, which is a misunderstanding, the Infinity Gems predate the universe and the Power Primordial is the remnant of the Big Bang and is the force that nurtures Elders and become what they are.However, if you must have some sort of affinity between some Elders with the Infinity Gems, apparently due to his obsessions and power gem can attract necessary for your benefit. The Champion to be stripped of the Power Gem could not lose the Primordial Power.

Force levels of She-Hulk have increased so that it easily rivals his cousin Hulk in normal conditions. She has shown to be able to handle the training equipment the Mole (The Thing) with one hand and rivalHercules doing their best, even if he could not control either their new level of strength. [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

She-Hulk also show powerful enough to withstand a battle against Titania which now possessed thePower Gem (one of the Infinity Gems) that would even defeat. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ] [ Image10 ].

Speed ​​and Reflexes

Because of his great muscular strength and power developed in their muscles, she's capable of running and moving at speeds much greater and far beyond the natural physical limits of humans. [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

The She-Hulk agility, balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. She can dodge attacks high speed, even dodging bullets or weapons murderers released by experts as the Boomerang . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Superhuman Strength and Durability

She-Hulk produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity, allowing it to withstand a prolonged physical activity without showing tiredness or fatigue. She can exercise its full capacity either struggling or exerting great physical activity for days before fatigue begins to affect performance.

She-Hulk is also very resistant to any kind of conventional injury. Your skin is able to withstand extreme heat and cold and extreme pressures. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

She-Hulk can also withstand falls from great heights, impacts of projectiles, artillery, war and powerful energy without suffering any injury or damage. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

She-Hulk is also can withstand powerful electric shocks and withstand high impact powerful blows. [Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ].

Regeneration and Healing Factor

Despite possess extremely high strength and durability possible harm. However, she is able to quickly regenerate his injuries, tissue damage and blood loss within minutes. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Similar to its cousin the mighty She-Hulk agency has been able to combat the effects of transforming power of the Grey Gargoyle . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

She-Hulk also has a metabolism immune to all drugs and toxins, as well as total immunity to all diseases of the Earth .


His extraordinary legs also allow for powerful jumps and cover large distances but are less potent than his cousin Hulk. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Their jumps can cover several kilometers and reach high speeds and certainly her shapely legs can download powerful kicks, ask StarFox : p. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Combat Skill

She-Hulk has been trained by the best fighters in the world and the universe, such as the Captain America and Gamora the most dangerous woman in the universe. She-Hulk is a formidable hand to hand combatant, even in the form of Jen she is able to apply their knowledge using techniques such as nerve points , techniques that are even unknown in this world. She is also highly skilled in the use of weapons, combat tactics and strategies. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

She-Hulk has proven to be able to face it alone superbeings entire team even as are the members ofFantastic Force . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ].

Jennifer Walters is also an expert pilot, as demonstrated in multiple uses and management of ships and vehicles of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four .

Intelligence and other skills

Tax Expert:

Jennifer is extremely intelligent, She-Hulk is a skilled and experienced lawyer. She has won many cases, protecting civilians, superheroes and even innocent villains.

Gifted Intellect:

Although the character image Party-girl , Jen is an intellectual, she is one of the few superhero or superheroes who have attained an advanced degree graduate. Jennifer attended the Law School ofUCLA , where he was a member of the Order of the Coif , a national society of superior merit jurist. It is known that she has also attended Harvard Law School , although exact details are unknown, it is likely to obtain a degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Harvard to complete his title " Juris Doctor "( JD).She has shown great versatility in her legal practice, representing the defendants, corporations, and even domestic violence.


Physically She-Hulk is one of the most beautiful women and the planet better equipped physically, her figure and beauty are considered the level of a Centerfold very voluptuous, sexy Jen can be used very effectively in some circumstances against their enemies.

Body Swap:

She-Hulk was trained in this skill by alien race ovoid (The same technique used by Dr. Doom but with different results.) Jennifer can exchange their physical characteristics and attributes to the physical characteristics and powers of another being by simply concentrating on a mental picture of the person and willing the transfer to take place. The real purpose of the ability ovoid is the exchange of minds, but theoretically any factor gamma-mutated physiology of She-Hulk makes this talent is manifested differently, Jen can effect change physically. She rarely uses this power. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3] [ Imagen4 ] ..

Protection Spell (above):

For his work She-Hulk was forced to spend long periods of time as Jennifer Walters. To protect Scarlet Witch cast a spell that made ​​that any person intending to harm She-Hulk was unable to recognize her as Jennifer Walters. However, the spell actually rendered Jennifer Walters completely undetectable to these people. While this has its advantages, it also caused that Jennifer can not communicate with certain people whose knowledge or information was vital that she acquires. The spell was finally dismissed byDr. Strange the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. [ Image ] ..

Consciousness metafictional

She-Hulk is one of the few characters that has this ability, able to break the dimensional barrier calledthe Fourth Wall . She is aware of being a cartoon character, she can "break the page" or "walking through an advertising page" to get to the control center of an enemy. Sometimes participate in discussions with your writer, as John Byrne , or appeals to his comic editor but agree with his adventures. Half seriously, half in jest has been a feature of the She-Hulk series for years. This is a skill in comics confirmed official and OHOTMU , although currently it just downplays this skill but always present in their series. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Once he was a man like others - a worldly man, seduced and jaded by material things. But then he discovered independent reality where magic and soul of men shape the forces that shape our lives. At that moment, reborn, to become a man like no other - a man who left us behind, as he struggled to fight the dark, subtle and invisible dangers around our fragile existence.

Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.

The Power of Dr. Strange

Stephen Vincent Strange

Occupation : Expert in occultism, Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension, former surgeon (Doctor of Medicine).

Place of Birth : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA.

Height : 6'2 ½ "

Weight : 180 lbs

Eyes : gray

Hair : black with gray on the sides.

Alias ​​: Master of the Mystic Arts, Stephen Sanders, Vincent Stevens, Sorcerer Supreme.

Known Relatives : Victor Strange (brother, deceased), Donna Strange (sister, deceased), Eugene Strange (father, deceased), Beverly Strange (mother, deceased), Clea (wife), Umar (mother), Orini (father).

Group Affiliation : The Defenders, The Illuminati, New Avengers, the Sons of Midnight and the Secret Defenders.

Base of Operations : Sancta Sanctorum (177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York after the destruction of his mansion moved to another house in the same street), formerly the Old Castle, Himalayas, Tibet, China.

Stephen Strange was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, eldest son of Eugene and Beverly Strange(be born after his brother Victor and sister Donna ). Being from Stephen ambitious child would become a renowned neurosurgeon in adulthood. Away from his family for his arrogance and immersed in their success, Stephen would face tragedy that would change his life forever.

Magic and Supernatural Powers.

The death of his father, and his brother fill of anger and guilt, Stephen freeze her brother's body in the hope that one day medical science him back to life.

Not long after Stephen suffered a car accident that nervous system damage that would render exercising his career. Trying to heal would waste his fortune, and already broke and become a vagabond listen to a mystic in the


could cure him.

Strange traveled to


where to find this teacher known as

the Elder

, Stephen doubt even that magic, stayed as a guest, having discovered that a disciple of Elder known as


try to kill the old master, Strange had contact with the magic of Mordo.

Having avoided the betrayal and a better understanding about magic, Strange became the disciple of Elder, who saw the good in his soul, and Stephen Strange (Strange) come into the knowledge of magic to become

the greatest sorcerer who ever lived

Expert in the use of magic, Dr. Strange ( Dr. Strange in English and on this side also known as Dr. Centella ) can manipulate mystical energy from various sources. His magic (like most wizards) derived from three main sources: the powers derived from the soul, mind and body (mesmerism, astral projection, telepathy, etc.).

It is very difficult to describe the strange powers that are varied in some cases totally extreme.

Powers derived from ambient magical energy of this universe (Teleportation, creating illusions, energy projection).

Strange is able to connect with the mystical energy stored in the universe and manipulate it at will in a virtually unlimited number of ways.

Dr. Strange can project mystical energy beams with a high degree of power and control, powerful enough to destroy a planet .

Invoking its strange power has been able to destroy an entire island. [ Image ].

These rays were comparable to the power generated by a supernova . [ Image ].

Strange can project energy shields with a high degree of resistance to both physical damage and magical means.

Having vanquished in battle Kathulos (servant of the omnipotent Shuma-Gorath ), an entity containing magic power and was itself an entire living planet, Strange destroy the entire planet, protecting human body after a shield capable of withstanding such explosion. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Dr. Strange protected by his magic resists thousands of tons of pressure. [ Image ].

Strange could create illusions at will. [ Image ].

Escaping the Skrull , using the mind of Xavier Strange conjures an illusion of Galactus . [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ].

Strange can use existing local magical energy to teleport himself or through any other planet or between dimensions.

Strange with little effort has teleports to Dr. Doom and him the very kingdom of Mephisto . [ Image 1 ] [Image 2 ].

Conjuring a portal to send a Jet fighter to another dimension. [ Image ].

Strange has complete control over time or can travel the stop at will. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Powers derived from extradimensional or divine origin

Powers obtained by invoking entities or objects of great power that dwell in mystical dimensions . By Strange enchantments (like all mages) invoke the help of these beings virtually omnipotent , either by performing rituals or by spells and invocations pronouncement drawing power of these beings or objects for various purposes, adding them and enhancing their own skills and spells.

Normally Strange powers divine comes from three sources: The Vishanti (one trinity of Hoggoth, Oshtur, and Agamotto) the Octessence (a group of 8 entities, specifically including Cyttorak and Watoomb) and other beings of one or another form are indebted to him as Satannish and even Dormammu .

His full repertoire of these is unknown, but among them are: Flames of Faltine, the Shield of Seraphin, 7 Raggadorr rings, the vapors Valtorr, the Eternal Host of Hoggoth, Scarlet Bands of Cyttorak, The 7 soles of Cinnibus (a beam of energy that is as hot as 7 soles).

All these invocations unlimited enhance their own skills.

His coat of Seraphin has been able to withstand even a ray of Galactus . [ Image ].

Protected by indestructible Cittorak bands survived the explosion of a supernova , an explosion caused by his astral form to beat Stygyro and not only that but it uses his powers to take control of it and cellar the black hole formed by collapsing the living star. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Using the hidden power of the Eye of Agamotto to transform itself into one with Eternity . [ Image ].

The Eye of Agamotto also provides Dr. Strange automatic defense , reacting to the speed of light. [Image ].

Astral Projection and mental abilities

Dr. Strange has the mental ability to separate his astral self (the essence of the soul or life force) of your physical self and thus travel through space without being limited by physical laws. In its ethereal, invisible, intangible and incapable of being damaged if not for the most elaborate mystical means.

Strange under his astral form can make powerful attacks and defenses. [ Image ].

Doctor Strange is shown to be able to even realize their body while in his astral form. [ Image ].

Strange has the ability to hypnotize both in person and remotely (rarely uses this ability) and to exercise dominion over the wills of others.

Strange can project their thoughts to short or long distance in a way very similar to telepathy.

I miss proved his mastery of telepathy even that there is some difference between telepathy that handles odd with that handle most telepaths telepathy being strange energy source powered by mystical, even this difference is not clear.

Strange has defeating Moondragon telepathic combat and she is one of the most powerful telepath in the universe. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Maintaining a telepathic battle against Umar the mighty sister Dormammu . [ Image ].

Intelligence and combat skill

Strange was refuted neurosurgeon doctor before his accident that led to the knowledge of the mystic arts dominating them so that today is the Sorcerer Supreme.

As part of his training as Strange mystic arts is an excellent martial artist , at the height of the best, also has a high degree of knowledge and skill to the strategy that made ​​him leader of the Defenders . [Image ].

Immortal Elder has Strange explained the true nature of his being, to be protected by Eternity , Strange is truly immortal , Strange reborn again, he could live 600 years as Elder or even longer, possibly forever. [ Image ].

The Sorcerer Supreme

Dr. Strange is one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence , is a human physically normal despite having no physical superhuman powers Stephen Strange is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. A God human born. [ Image ].

Strange is the first line of defense in case of attack universe of mystical beings from other realities, gods of their own dimensions, beings omnipotent found in humans Stephen Strange the most powerful mortal existence.

As protector of this dimension, the mystic Dr. Strange senses allow him to feel the presence ofSatannish in the shadow of Mephista (daughter of Mephisto). [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

When mystical beings from another dimension planning to invade ours, Dr. Strange immediately attentive appear to feel the threat, dissuading his superior power to invade Earth , distorting the very fabric of reality to travel between dimensions. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

As Sorcerer Supreme is very difficult to measure the extent of the powers of Dr. Strange, he is as powerful as magic or divinity to which invokes and which goes.

The power of Dr. Strange mentioned that is able to shape or shake the universe. [ Image ].

Dr. Strange manages several entities omnipotent powers, allowing you to confront the most powerful beings in the universe. Dormammu is an entity composed of pure mystical energy , capable of devouring whole dimensions and cause universal destruction, and has fought directly with the cosmic entity Eternity (manifestation of the entire universe), Strange has proved able to confront and defeat him on occasion. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

During his conflict with Sise Neg , Strange and Mordo travel to the past where Sise-Neg would witness and absorb the powers of the omnipotent Shuma Gorath , which would allow him to destroy and recreate the universe. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ]

Dr. Strange has defeated the powerful In-betweener , a being from another dimension incarnation of cosmic balance, whose power is the level of Galactus (and certainly above Thanos) using the powers of the same cosmic entities who created, The Master Order and Lord Chaos . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ].

After defeating the In-betweener Doctor Strange channeled all his mystic power in the Cosmic Wheel , alternating rotation and restoring the cosmos to normal. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

Strange has been able to go hand in hand with Warlock which then possessed the power of the Infinity Gauntlet , but not win, held up quite the omnipotent power of the gauntlet. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ].

Dr. Strange was able to contain the consciousness of the all-powerful cosmic entity Eternity , within the body of the mutant Storm (that only he or she had the strength of mind to survive the experience), as he had to direct the operation Storm use, then use the powers of Gravity as a scalpel to cut the space / time and cure the "cancer" Cosmic Eternity, creating a pocket universe where the parasites disappeared saving the universe. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Having been struggling for about 48 hours straight with Lucifer (the devil Bible) Strange still has enough power to lift a average sized moon and destroy it!!. [ Image ].

Dr. Strange has managed to bring down even Galactus on two separate occasions. The first when Galactus was to Earth very weak, and the second when Galactus thought it strange to use as a guide to save her comatose state to Eternity . Given that Galactus has no particular weakness to magic, this is proof of the power that Dr. Strange can reach without even required the most. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ].

Dr. Strange was able to defeat in combat Wanda the Scarlet Witch when it had reached the highest degree of power, able to create or convert any of your wishes come true. Wanda is a powerful mutant who can alter reality itself unimaginable levels and also is enhanced by the magic of the Old GodChthon . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ].

Strange can you use his magic for many purposes, during combat with Shuma Gorath Strange was reduced to microscopic level. [ Image ].

Strange can even temporarily add new skills to other beings, as here superspeed equipping the Mole . [Image ].

Or absorbing the supernatural powers of Ghost Rider to add to theirs. [ Image ].

Dr. Strange has been able to absorb all the magic in the world. [ Image ].

In an alien environment, Dr. Strange begins the process to control all the mystical energy from that dimension. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [ Imagen3 ].

Dr. Strange has proven to transmute matter . He has become the Sai of Elektra in a type of bread, it has also become his studio in living flesh and a gun in a swarm of insects. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ].

Strange can travel light years in a short time with his powers even space for him time is very relative. Strange traveled through space for four days covering light years in that time. [ Image ].

Dr. Strange created for the Silver Surfer a flame mystical containing all knowledge of our world, all the hidden secrets, all forgotten truths, all the music, history, all our greatness and nonsense, divided into two parts (before and after the arrival of the Silver Surfer). [ Image ].

The Beyonder (the most powerful character ever created) after his encounter with Strange says: He is much, much bigger than anyone in your multiverse suspicion. At first, for a moment I was at a disadvantage, drugged, disoriented ... indifferent, he may be able to throw in some pocket dimension, keep constantly drunk and therefore eliminate me from his multiverse forever. Instead he chose to show me the path of enlightenment that he has continued and become like him a champion of life . [ Image ].

Dr. Strange powers have allowed him to give to Peter Parker 5 minutes with the soul of his late uncleBen . [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ].

When Death itself tried to kill Dr. Strange, he began to grow massively, shaking the universe around him, causing the planets around it came out fired into the personification of defeating death. [ Image ].

Attack of Magus would be so powerful that instantly disintegrate Dr. Strange , the Silver Surfer , Novaand even powerful Galactus . Of these only the power and the desire of Dr. Strange would be able to face the cosmic entity Death !. It would be Dr. Strange power which maintain and rebuild achieved essences bodily forms Galactus and his heralds, the good Doctor even Galactus would take all the credit, but show that he really is immortal and can not die if do not want. [ Image 1 ] [ Image 2 ] [Imagen3 ] [ Imagen4 ] [ Imagen5 ] [ Imagen6 ] [ Image7 ] [ Imagen8 ] [ Image9 ] [ Image10 ].

Strange even has faced Eternity and the Living Tribunal .

Although human nature in its own right and reaches Strange powers of a god and exceeds .

Start the Conversation

Trolling and Low-balling: Give Me a Break!! no sense in denying the incredible! Details of incredible Hulk's power!

Let the low-balling contest Begin!! Its that Special time where we show out-of-context scans in order to preseent our argument in a dishonest way!!!

The motive of it all? Make our least favorite character look bad and our favorite character look better by comparison!

Let the low-balling contest begin. That's what usally happens when you have powerful characters that people like to hate on and refuse to fully acknowledge.

People must take into account that Hulk, Thor, Superman Flash or anyone with superhuman skelto-muslcar velocity and durabilty on nuclear/planetary level could kill low-level characters before they knew what happened if they wanted to.

For Example:

Edited version:

Okay, first of all, Hulk is not slow. He may not be agile and skilled fighter(some of the time), but he is not slow at all. He's extremey fast.

To suggest that Spider-man, Daredevil, Wolverine, or someone other than a top tier powerhouse is as fast or faster than the Hulk is ludicrous.

Bullet dodging does not automatically mean you have bullet speed. The way you dodged it does matter.

The point is that dodging and such is not always about raw speed. Again, the way you dodge actually does matter.

A. Spider-man has early-warning thanks to his spider-sense and dodges the aim of his opponent strikes just before they fire and reach anywhere near full-speed since most of the times what he doges is too fast for him to out-race by either the speed at which he extends his limbs to make a strike of his own or flies forward like rocket.

Wolverine can do the same to missles that fly at him close enough (without the spider-sense), placing himslef in posistion to slash a missile, without moving his arm or body at missle-speed.

Dodging or diving into the aim of a projectle in the moment before its aim is right on its target does not mean your moving as fast as the object fired. Moving the moment just before the shot is fired is not about raw speed. Its just about being a step ahead of the opponent.

Being able to move your body in the same moment the projectile is already trained on its target and firing(or after its been fired) and be able to make it in time, is a true feat of speed.

When Hulk and Thor dodge and block super-fast projectiles, they do it with pure speed.

Hulk and Thor's bodily energy is on the level of a star or greater. The sun of our solar system is a million times more massive than earth and every particle of it is jumping around at the speed of light. Hulk and Thor are not anywhere near as massive. Can you imagine how fast they are? Can you imagine how fast their muscles contract? It would have to be at light-speed or greater.

These guys are living atomic-bombs taken to the extreme!!! Muscular systems that contract with the power of nukes!

In an all out fight, unless you have the power to move with the speed of a nuclear explosion, which is light-speed or faster, you don't have chance of keeping pace with characters like Hulk and Thor through pure speed.

B. And Spider-man catching missles with his web doesn't count as a speed feat for Spider-man

Spider-man used webbing. Doesn't count as a speed feat for Spider-man himself since Spider-man's body does not move at the same rate as his webbing. That's why he has to use webbing for that kind of thing(catching missles). Spider-man's body doesn't move at anywhere near missile-speed.

Spider-man's reaction time is good but it is certainly not missile-speed.

And so Thor and Hulk are just a very fast guys and do not have to rely on agility and fighting skill to dodge and block super-fast projectiles.

As for the Hulk while in battles....

Hulk has never said: "Oh, they're too fast for me! The Hulk has, however, expressed annoyance over cowardly hit-and-run tactics. Jumping within range to attack and then jumping out of range.

And keep in mind Hulk doesn't fight lower-level characters the same way he fights characrters on his power-level like Abomination, Thor, Hercules, Silvers Surfer, Jueggernaut, Hyperion, Sentry, etc.

When Hulk and Thor engage characters on the level of Spider-man, Wolverine and Thing , the punches they throw won't be same. The mere secondary air-shockwaves coming from a serious Hulk-punch/Thor-punch would be enough to kill those guys(like the secondary super-sonic shockwaves from nuclear explosions). Hulk and Thor wouldn't even have to make anywhere close to a direct hit in order to kill them.

Hulk also lets himself get hit all the time because he's extremely tough in the first place and any apparent damage he may isn't permanent kind and won't destroy him and he becomes stronger according the strain of combat.

Wolverine can heal.

The Thing is lucky that Hulk isn't a killer. Hulk is on high-level powerhouse and so depsite the Thing being able to put on impressive display, it doesn't impress to Hulk at all.

With Superman and Wonderwoman:

All you have to do is sow him failing to dodge bullets, sturggling aginast Lex Luther, the glorified real estate agent armed with a radioactive green rock, or toyman or some other lame villian.

With Flash:

Show Flash having trouble with Gorilla Grodd, Deathstroke, Mirror master, Captain Cold and other lame superpowerd baddies.

To all the Hulk-haters out there.....

You can't be slow and have muscles that put out nuclear levels of power. Not at all!

Super-strength works due to muscle velocity and duarbilty of the body.

And Hulk has very powerful fighting partners and foes as well.

It's obvious Hulk has plenty of speed to go around.

Hulk not only has the extreme physical power of the other top tier powerhouse type character, he also has no limit to his power when he's put under stress.

Why are you saying Hulk is slow? Hulk hits his target 99 percent of the time. Why are you saying otherwise?

Hulk can bust out several thousand of megatons of nuclear power without breaking a sweat. This alone shows that his him up to speed with any character in this thread.

Once again, we can see the Hulk's power easily dwarfs any nuclear assault that earth can muster. Here he shown ripping through a bunker designed to withstand the explosion of many thousands of megatons in magnitude. "Against the force of the gamma-energized Hulk.... it fares not well at all inincredible Hulk #177:

First of all let me ask...

Which is greater?

A. the energy required to pull earth out its orbit of the sun


B. the energy required to reverse the planet's orbit, therefore pushing back and overpowering the electromagnetic force the sun puts on the earth?

The answer is B.

If you would actually read it, this is exactly what the Hulk is shown doing in this comic scan:

Overpowering a field of energy endowed with sufficient power to change the orbit of a planet(Tales to Astonish #89)

Hulk has the power to move a planet at baseline.

The fact that the field strength needed to be increased is proof that Hulk was contesting that kind of power.

Even so, Hulk showed power to overcome a planet's kinetic energy, which is better than overcoming the force it has while it's just sitting there in its static state.

It takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons(6.3285*10^17) just to stop the earth's orbit. Hulk overpowered energy that could not only stop a planet's orbit but reverse it as well, which means Hulk was able to put out even more power than that.

The gravitational binding energy of earth is 224 nontillion joules(224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). There is 4 quadrillion 184 trillion joules per megaton(1 Mt = 4,184,000,000,000,000 J). Therefore, it takes 53 quadrillion 537 trillion 285 billion megatons to smash earth to smithereens(5.3537285*10^16). That's as much energy as the sun produces in a week! According to what Hulk has shown, Hulk can also destroy a planet at his baseline power level.

Do you know how fast a 1 ton object has to move to put out energy equal to earth's orbital energy?

Since it takes 632 quadrillion 850 trillion megatons or 2 decillion 700 nontillion joules(2.7*10^33)to stop earth's orbit then we just need input 1 ton as our mass value and solve for the speed.

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(1000 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/500= 5.4*10^30 = 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 5,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 5 nontillion 400 octillion)

X=2,323,790,000,000,000 m/s (the value of X found!!!)

That's 2 quadrillion 323 trillion 790 billion meters per second!

The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. So how much faster than light is a 1 ton object with earth's orbital energy?

2,323,790,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters per second=7,751,329.08781

That's 7 million 751 thousand 329 times faster than the speed of light(with some decimal points)!! An incredible speed!

Since the arm is only 6 percent of the body's mass the real speed would be:

6% of 1000 kg= 60 kg

2.7*10^33 Joules=½(60 kg)(X meters per second)^2

2.7*10^33 Joules/30=9*10^31= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (dividing)

X^2= 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (find the square root of 90 nontillion)

X= 9.486833*10^15= 9,486,833,000,000,000 m/s(the value of X found!!!)

That's 9 quadrillion 486 trillion 833 billion meters per second.

9,486,833,000,000,000 meters per second/299,792,458 meters pers second= 31644668.6594

That's 31 million 644 thousand 668 times the speed of light!(with decimal points) An incredible display of Hulk's superhuman speed.

At a second meeting years later, The Stranger recognize that Hulk was even stronger than before because once again, Hulk shrugs off the energy that the Stranger uses in an attempt to render him motionless in Marvel Two-In-One annual #2:

Here's Hulk doing a feat of great cosmic proportions once again:

Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure (Defenders #3)(with the size of the singularity estimated in about seven feets according to the Schwarzschild radius, then it's mass/gravitational attraction, by the equivalence principle, is thus equivalent to roughly two hundreds Earths),

Hulk matches power and withstands attacks from Galaxy Master, a foe with planet-splitting power, not once but twice! in incredible Hulk #112and incredible Hulk #270:

Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master, from Incredible Hulk #112:









Savage Hulk vs Galaxy Master rematch, from Incredible Hulk #270:





One of the Hulk's sons, Hiro-Kala, has the power to throw a planet at the earth with planet-busting force with the use of two power sources known as the "old-power" and "new-power" but the Hulk resists his power in Incredible Hulks #615-16:

World War Hulk vs Hiro Kala, from Incredible Hulks #615-16:











Here's the Whole Scene of Hulk Pushing apart the two Spheres of Matter and Anti-matter (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2):

This feat involving matter and anti matter is akin to the "irresistible force meets the immovable object".

Anti-matter electrons are on opposite spin from normal matter's electrons and when they collide they build to their maximum attainable pressure, and then destroy each other and those forces of atomic destruction are converted into an energetic explosion, the matter and antimatter being destroyed in the process.

Antimatter realeases 100 percent of atom's energy. 1 gram of matter has the energy of 21 kiloton explosion. It impression that every fiber of Hulk's body is more powerful than this. Even more impressive is that Hulk's can withstand enoguh antimatter to destroy the earth.

And any such notion that the Gray Hulk can never achieve the heights of other Hulks' strength levels should be dismissed in the face of the following infamous feat. Launched by experimental anti-magnetic jet-propelled rocket springs, the Gray Hulk busts apart an asteroid measured to be TWICE the size of the Earth in Marvel Comics Presents #52:

Gray Hulk definitely does not lack in striking power as he manages to best the Abomination. "On paper, the Abomination may, technically, be the more powerfulof the two. The [Gray] Hulk never read those papers." From Incredible Hulk Annual #15:

Without any sort of leverage against Glorian's bands, a power reality warper, Gray Hulk still musters enough strength to break free in Incredible Hulk #355:

When push comes to shove, the Gray Hulk is more than capable of wrestling Wonder Man toe-to-toe in Hulk Smash Avengers#4:

Hulk causes earthquakes around the world through the force of the punches he exhanges with a couple of gamma-empowered boars in Incredible #1-3:









A single thunderclap shreds an entire battalion of tanks with force of "near nuclear proportions" in Tales to Astonish #67:

Savage Hulk has wracked Hyperion with a single thunderclap -- that also reverberates for blocks and shatters Dr. Spectrum's prism in Defenders#4:

The power of gamma rays on full display here as the Hulk's "gamma-spawned might" can also give light to an "eons-dark cosmos" in Incredible Hulk #126:

The seismic activity produced by Hulk's casual strikes and clashes between other powerhouses are equal to several megatons since they shown around the "9.0" mark on the ritcter scale.

Approximate MagnitudeApproximate TNT for
Seismic Energy Yield
Joule equivalentExample
0.015 g63
0.230 g130 kJLarge hand grenade
0.585 g360 kJ
1.0480 g2.0 MJ
1.21.1 kg4.9 MJSingle stick of dynamite [DynoMax Pro]
1.42.2 kg9.8 MJSeismic impact of typical small construction blast
1.52.7 kg11 MJ
2.015 kg63 MJ
2.121 kg89 MJWest fertilizer plant explosion[21]
2.585 kg360 MJ
3.0480 kg2.0 GJ
3.52.7 metric tons11 GJPEPCON fuel plant explosion, Henderson, Nevada, 1988

Dallas, Texas earthquake, September 30, 2012

3.879.5 metric tons40 GJExplosion at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 1986
3.9111 metric tons46 GJMassive Ordnance Air Blast bomb

St. Patrick's Day earthquake, Auckland, New Zealand, 2013 [22][23]

4.015 metric tons63 GJMaine/New England, October 16, 2012
4.343 metric tons180 GJKent Earthquake (Britain), 2007

Eastern Kentucky earthquake, November 2012

5.0480 metric tons2.0 TJLincolnshire earthquake (UK), 2008

Ontario-Quebec earthquake (Canada), 2010[24][25]

5.52.7 kilotons11 TJLittle Skull Mtn. earthquake (Nevada, USA), 1992

Oklahoma City bombing, 1995 Alum Rock earthquake (California), 2007
Chino Hills earthquake (Southern California), 2008

5.63.8 kilotons16 TJNewcastle, Australia, 1989

Oklahoma, 2011
Pernik, Bulgaria, 2012

6.015 kilotons63 TJDouble Spring Flat earthquake (Nevada, USA), 1994

Approximate magnitude of Virginia/Washington, D.C./East Coast earthquake, 2011
Approximate yield of the Little Boy Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima (~16 kt)

6.343 kilotons180 TJRhodes earthquake (Greece), 2008

Jericho earthquake (British Palestine), 1927
Christchurch earthquake (New Zealand), 2011

6.460 kilotons250 TJKaohsiung earthquake (Taiwan), 2010

Vancouver earthquake (Canada), 2011

6.585 kilotons360 TJCaracas earthquake (Venezuela), 1967

Irpinia earthquake (Italy), 1980
Eureka earthquake (California, USA), 2010
Zumpango del Rio earthquake (Guerrero, Mexico), 2011[26]

6.6120 kilotons500 TJSan Fernando earthquake (California, USA), 1971
6.7170 kilotons710 TJNorthridge earthquake (California, USA), 1994
6.8240 kilotons1.0 PJNisqually earthquake (Anderson Island, WA), 2001

Great Hanshin earthquake (Kobe, Japan), 1995
Gisborne earthquake (Gisborne, NZ), 2007

6.9340 kilotons1.4 PJSan Francisco Bay Area earthquake (California, USA), 1989

Pichilemu earthquake (Chile), 2010
Sikkim earthquake (Nepal-India Border), 2011

7.0480 kilotons2.0 PJJava earthquake (Indonesia), 2009

Haiti earthquake, 2010

7.1680 kilotons2.8 PJMessina earthquake (Italy), 1908

San Juan earthquake (Argentina), 1944
Canterbury earthquake (New Zealand), 2010

7.2950 kilotons4.0 PJVrancea earthquake (Romania), 1977

1980 Azores Islands Earthquake
Baja California earthquake (Mexico), 2010

7.52.7 megatons11 PJKashmir earthquake (Pakistan), 2005

Antofagasta earthquake (Chile), 2007

7.63.8 megatons16 PJNicoya earthquake (Costa Rica), 2012

Oaxaca earthquake (Mexico), 2012
Gujarat earthquake (India), 2001
İzmit earthquake (Turkey), 1999
Jiji earthquake (Taiwan), 1999

7.75.4 megatons22 PJSumatra earthquake (Indonesia), 2010

Haida Gwaii earthquake (Canada), 2012

7.87.6 megatons32 PJTangshan earthquake (China), 1976

Hawke's Bay earthquake (New Zealand), 1931
Luzon earthquake (Philippines), 1990

7.910-15 megatons42-63 PJTunguska event
1802 Vrancea earthquake

Great Kanto earthquake (Japan), 1923

8.015 megatons63 PJMino-Owari earthquake (Japan), 1891

San Juan earthquake (Argentina), 1894
San Francisco earthquake (California, USA), 1906
Queen Charlotte Islands earthquake (B.C., Canada), 1949
Chincha Alta earthquake (Peru), 2007
Sichuan earthquake (China), 2008
Kangra earthquake, 1905

8.121 megatons89 PJMéxico City earthquake (Mexico), 1985

Guam earthquake, August 8, 1993[27]

8.3550 megatons210 PJTsar Bomba - Largest thermonuclear weapon ever tested
8.585 megatons360 PJSumatra earthquake (Indonesia), 2007
8.6120 megatons500 PJSumatra earthquake (Indonesia), 2012
8.7170 megatons710 PJSumatra earthquake (Indonesia), 2005
8.75200 megatons840 PJKrakatoa 1883
8.8240 megatons1.0 EJChile earthquake, 2010,
9.0480 megatons2.0 EJLisbon earthquake (Portugal), All Saints Day, 1755
The Great Japan earthquake, March 2011
9.15800 megatons3.3 EJToba eruption 75,000 years ago; among the largest known volcanic events.[28]
9.2950 megatons4.0 EJAnchorage earthquake (Alaska, USA), 1964
Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and tsunami (Indonesia), 2004
9.52.7 gigatons11 EJValdivia earthquake (Chile), 1960
10.015 gigatons63 EJNever recorded, equivalent to an earthquake rupturing a very large, lengthy fault, or an extremely rare/impossible mega-earthquake, shown in science fiction[clarification needed]
12.55100 teratons420 ZJYucatán Peninsula impact (creating Chicxulub crater) 65 Ma ago (108megatons; over 4x1030 ergs = 400 ZJ).[29][30][31][32][33]
22.88 or 32310 yottatons1.3×1039 JApproximate magnitude of the starquake on the magnetar SGR 1806-20, registered on December 27, 2004.[clarification needed]

While they can be localized, most of the time Savage Hulk's shockwaves are catastrophic in nature. Here the shockwaves are registered by seismologists in Incredible Hulk #147:

A double-fist pound's shockwave rumbles the Rainbow Bridge enough to toss aside Heimdall in Tales to Astonish #101:

He's destroyed an entire subterranean city with the shockwaves produced by a single blow in Incredible Hulk #127:

His double-fist pounds have caused volcanic eruptions in Incredible Hulk #117 and 170:

Once again, here's another good example of Hulk's great striking power in Incredible Hulk #118:

Even while in upstate New York, his shockwaves are felt instantly miles away in Maine in Incredible Hulk Annual 2001:

A single footstomp's "shockwave causes devastation for miles" in Incredible Hulk Annual 2001:

Another double-fist pound sends shockwaves rippling across a town in Deadpool vol.5 #39:

He punches a platform underneath a gigantic Wendigo and Bi-Beast so hard, he sends them to outer space in Incredible Hulks#631:

Savage Hulk clashes with Hyperion and the shockwaves they radiate are felt "countless miles away, [as] geologists look to their seismographs -- then shake their heads in disbelief." From Defenders #13:

But Savage Hulk can wreak even greater havoc solo. Here, Savage Hulk's double-fist pound in Colorado creates shockwaves that are felt all the way out inDenmark, from Incredible Hulk Annual #5:

Here, he tears open the side of a mountain base in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #64:

And Hulk has also opened a fissure in the earth in Incredible Hulk #130-135:

And he's also stopped and close a rift using only his hands in incredible Hulk #203:

Hulk can punch through doors made to handle a nuclear strike:



Hulk punches right through a mountain busting warhead:


All of the scans them are valid.

All of those scans are about speed.

All of them are them are from comics I have actually read(unlike some people who make refrencs to comics they have not read and know nothing about).

You are willing to dismiss perfectly good examples because you don't like the truth. You don't like that it proves you wrong about the Hulk.

You are willing to say that Hulk is fast but can't react just as fast?

That means you are down to calling the Hulk mentally retarded. A bold claim with no solid evidence.

If you are going to argue Hulk can't percieve the movement of his own fist and forces akin to it, that shows you have really have nothing to stand on since that kind of argument is utter nonsense.

People who want the writers to say the same thing i've been sayiong but say it in a termonology that they prefer, give me a break. Just becasue the writers isn't communicattin somethin in the style you wan to hear does make what they are saying any less concrete. This is how people start to make ther own version of what happened in a comic, and doing so repeatedly, to the point of constructing their own universe that exists only to them, apart from the real one that they are trying so hard to deny.

People who act as though comics are shown in real time. give me a break. No matter how well the illustration, no illusraction will give perfect potrayal of something vastly beyond the physical power of human beings. That's why story telling relies more on dialoge, imagination and common sense.

There's also lmae countr arguments people give to discredit Hulk such as these:

#1. Human has he power of light yet they can't move at light speed."

Wrong. Humans do not hav the power of gamma rays. Gamma rays instantly incinreate humans and any other life-from on earth.

#2. "Humans can dream billions of dreams in one nigh, making the unconscious thinking FTL, for that reason, Humans can move faster than light".


You're comparing people having a billion passiing thoughts to the mechanics of muscle power?

Human beings can't actually act on a billion things a second despite having a billion random urges that go through their mind. Trying to compare this to the mehcanics of muscle power makes no sense.

Muscle power is about the speed of muscle contraction. Its that simple.

What proof do YOU have about Hulk not being FTL? You're the one making horrible comparisons such as the one you just mentioned while I'm actually being straight forward about what what muscle power is all about and how that applies to Hulk and the bodies of all the other generic "super-strength" wielders of comicbooks.

You're the one who is speculatiing, not me. You're just low-balling because the truth does not appeal to you in some way.

The world does not exist just to bow to your will, just going according how you want. Being uncomfortable with the facts does not make them go away.


Thermal radiation and blast are inevitable consequences of the near instantaneous release of an immense amount of energy in a very small volume, and are thus characteristic to all nuclear weapons regardless of type or design details. The release of ionizing radiation, both at the instant of explosion and delayed radiation from fallout, is governed by the physics of the nuclear reactions involved and how the weapon is constructed, and is thus very dependent on both weapon type and design.

Fireball Physics

The fireball is the hot ball of gas created when a nuclear explosion heats the bomb itself, and the immediate surrounding environment, to very high temperatures. As this incandescent ball of hot gas expands, it radiates part of its energy away as thermal radiation (including visible and ultraviolet light), part of its energy also goes into creating a shock wave or blast wave in the surrounding environment. The generation of these two destructive effects are thus closely linked by the physics of the fireball. In the discussion below I assume the fireball is forming in open air, unless stated otherwise.

The Early Fireball

Immediately after the energy-producing nuclear reactions in the weapon are completed, the energy is concentrated in the nuclear fuels themselves. The energy is stored as (in order of importance): thermal radiation or photons; as kinetic energy of the ionized atoms and the electrons (mostly as electron kinetic energy since free electrons outnumber the atoms); and as excited atoms, which are partially or completely stripped of electrons (partially for heavy elements, completely for light ones).

Thermal (also called blackbody) radiation is emitted by all matter. The intensity and most prevalent wavelength is a function of the temperature, both increasing as temperature increases. The intensity of thermal radiation increases very rapidly - as the fourth power of the temperature. Thus at the 60-100 million degrees C of a nuclear explosion, which is some 10,000 times hotter than the surface of the sun, the brightness (per unit area) is some 10 quadrillion (10^16) times greater! Consequently about 80% of the energy in a nuclear explosion exists as photons. At these temperatures the photons are soft x-rays with energies in the range of 10-200 KeV.

The first energy to escape from the bomb are the gamma rays produced by the nuclear reactions. They have energies in the MeV range, and a significant number of them penetrate through the tampers and bomb casing and escape into the outside world at the speed of light. The gamma rays strike and ionize the surrounding air molecules, causing chemical reactions that form a dense layer of "smog" tens of meters deep around the bomb. This smog is composed primarily of ozone, and nitric and nitrous oxides.

X-rays, particularly the ones at the upper end of the energy range, have substantial penetrating power and can travel significant distances through matter at the speed of light before being absorbed. Atoms become excited when they absorb x-rays, and after a time they re-emit part of the energy as a new lower energy x-ray. By a chain of emissions and absorptions, the x-rays carry energy out of the hot center of the bomb, a process called radiative transport. Since each absorption/re-emission event takes a certain amount of time, and the direction of re-emission is random (as likely back toward the center of the bomb as away from it), the net rate of radiative transport is considerably slower than the speed of light. It is however initially much faster than the expansion of the plasma (ionized gas) making up the fireball or the velocity of the neutrons.

An expanding bubble of very high temperatures is thus formed called the "iso-thermal sphere". It is a sphere were everything has been heated by x-rays to a nearly uniform temperature, initially in the tens of millions of degrees. As soon as the sphere expands beyond the bomb casing it begins radiating light away through the air (unless the bomb is buried or underwater). Due to the still enormous temperatures, it is incredibly brilliant (surface brightness trillions of times more intense than the sun). Most of the energy being radiated is in the x-ray and far ultraviolet range to which air is not transparent. Even at the wavelengths of the near ultraviolet and visible light, the "smog" layer absorbs much of the energy. Then too, at this stage the fireball is only a few meters across. Thus the apparent surface brightness at a distance, and the output power (total brightness) is not nearly as intense as the fourth-power law would indicate.

Blast Wave Development and Thermal Radiation Emission

As the fireball expands, it cools and the wavelength of the photons transporting energy drops. Longer wavelength photons do not penetrate as far before being absorbed, so the speed of energy transport also drops. When the isothermal sphere cools to about 300,000 degrees C (and the surface brightness has dropped to being a mere 10 million times brighter than the sun), the rate of radiative growth is about equal to the speed of sound in the fireball plasma. At this point a shock wave forms at the surface of the fireball as the kinetic energy of the fast moving ions starts transferring energy to the surrounding air. This phenomenon, known as "hydrodynamic separation", occurs for a 20 kt explosion about 100 microseconds after the explosion, when the fireball is some 13 meters across. A shock wave internal to the fireball caused by the rapidly expanding bomb debris may overtake and reinforce the fireball surface shock wave a few hundred microseconds later.

The shock wave initially moves at some 30 km/sec, a hundred times the speed of sound in normal air. This compresses and heats the air enormously, up to 30,000 degrees C (some five times the sun's surface temperature). At this temperature the air becomes ionized and incandescent. Ionized gas is opaque to visible radiation, so the glowing shell created by the shock front hides the much hotter isothermal sphere inside. The shock front is many times brighter than the sun, but since it is much dimmer than the isothermal sphere it acts as an optical shutter, causing the fireball's thermal power to drop rapidly.

The fireball is at its most brilliant just as hydrodynamic separation occurs, the great intensity compensating for the small size of the fireball. The rapid drop in temperature causes the thermal power to drop ten-fold, reaching a minimum in about 10 milliseconds for a 20 kt bomb (100 milliseconds for 1 Mt bomb). This "first pulse" contains only about 1 percent of the bomb's total emitted thermal radiation. At this minimum, the fireball of a 20 kt bomb is 180 meters across.

As the shock wave expands and cools to around 3000 degrees, it stops glowing and gradually also becomes transparent. This is called "breakaway" and occurs at about 15 milliseconds for a 20 kt bomb, when the shock front has expanded to 220 meters and is travelling at 4 km/second. The isothermal sphere, at a still very luminous 8000 degrees, now becomes visible and both the apparent surface temperature and brightness of the fireball climb to form the "second pulse". The isothermal sphere has grown considerably in size and now consists almost entirely of light at wavelengths to which air is transparent, so it regains much of the total luminosity of the first peak despite its lower temperature. This second peak occurs at 150 milliseconds for a 20 kt bomb, at 900 milliseconds for a 1 Mt bomb. After breakaway, the shock (blast) wave and the fireball do not interact further.

A firm cutoff for this second pulse is impossible to provide because the emission rate gradually declines over an extended period. Some rough guidelines are that by 300 milliseconds for a 20 kt bomb (1.8 seconds for a 1 Mt) 50% of the total thermal radiation has been emitted, and the rate has dropped to 40% of the second peak. These figures become 75% total emitted and 10% peak rate by 750 milliseconds (20 kt) and 4.5 second (1 Mt). The emission time scales roughly as the 0.45 power of yield (Y^0.45).

Although this pulse never gets as bright as the first, it emits about 99% of the thermal radiation because it is so much longer.

Ionizing Radiation Physics

There are four types of ionizing radiation produced by nuclear explosions that can cause significant injury: neutrons, gamma rays, beta particles, and alpha particles. Gamma rays are energetic (short wavelength) photons (as are X-rays), beta particles are energetic (fast moving) electrons, and alpha particles are energetic helium nuclei. Neutrons are damaging whether they are energetic or not, although the faster they are, the worse their effects.

They all share the same basic mechanism for causing injury though: the creation of chemically reactive compounds called "free radicals" that disrupt the normal chemistry of living cells. These radicals are produced when the energetic radiation strikes a molecule in the living issue, and breaks it into ionized (electrically charged) fragments. Fast neutrons can do this also, but all neutrons can also transmute ordinary atoms into radioactive isotopes, creating even more ionizing radiation in the body.

The different types of radiation present different risks however. Neutrons and gamma rays are very penetrating types of radiation. They are the hardest to stop with shielding. They can travel through hundreds of meters of air and the walls of ordinary houses. They can thus deliver deadly radiation doses even if an organism is not in immediate contact with the source. Beta particles are less penetrating, they can travel through several meters of air, but not walls, and can cause serious injury to organisms that are near to the source. Alpha particles have a range of only a few centimeters in air, and cannot even penetrate skin. Alphas can only cause injury if the emitting isotope is ingested.

The shielding effect of various materials to radiation is usually expressed in half-value thickness, or tenth-value thickness: in other words, the thickness of material required to reduce the intensity of radiation by one-half or one-tenth. Successive layers of shielding each reduce the intensity by the same proportion, so three tenth-value thickness reduce the intensity to one-thousandth (a tenth-value thickness is about 3.3 half-value thicknesses). Some example tenth-value thicknesses for gamma rays are: steel 8.4-11 cm, concrete 28-41 cm, earth 41-61 cm, water 61-100 cm, and wood 100-160 cm. The thickness ranges indicate the varying shielding effect for different gamma ray energies.

Even light clothing provides substantial shielding to beta rays.

Sources of Radiation

Prompt Radiation

Radiation is produced directly by the nuclear reactions that generate the explosion, and by the decay of radioactive products left over (either fission debris, or induced radioactivity from captured neutrons).

The explosion itself emits a very brief burst (about 100 nanoseconds) of gamma rays and neutrons, before the bomb has blown itself apart. The intensity of these emissions depends very heavily on the type of weapon and the specific design. In most designs the initial gamma ray burst is almost entirely absorbed by the bomb (tamper, casing, explosives, etc.) so it contributes little to the radiation hazard. The neutrons, being more penetrating, may escape. Both fission and fusion reactions produce neutrons. Fusion produces many more of them per kiloton of yield, and they are generally more energetic than fission neutrons. Some weapons (neutron bombs) are designed specifically to emit as much energy in the form as neutrons as possible. In heavily tamped fission bombs few if any neutrons escape. It is estimated that no significant neutron exposure occurred from Fat Man, and only 2% of the total radiation dose from Little Boy was due to neutrons.

The neutron burst itself can be a significant source of radiation, depending on weapon design. As the neutrons travel through the air they are slowed by collisions with air atoms, and are eventually captured. Even this process of neutron attenuation generates hazardous radiation. Part of the kinetic energy lost by fast neutrons as they slow is converted into gamma rays, some with very high energies (for the 14.1 MeV fusion neutrons). The duration of production for these neutron scattering gammas is about 10 microseconds. The capture of neutrons by nitrogen-14 also produces gammas, a process completed by 100 milliseconds.

Immediately after the explosion, there are substantial amounts of fission products with very short half-lifes (milliseconds to minutes). The decay of these isotopes generate correspondingly intense gamma radiation that is emitted directly from the fireball. This process is essentially complete within 10 seconds.

The relative importance of these gamma ray sources depends on the size of the explosion. Small explosions (20 kt, say) can generate up to 25% of the gamma dose from the direct gammas and neutron reactions. For large explosions (1 Mt) this contribution is essentially zero. In all cases, the bulk of the gammas are produced by the rapid decay of radioactive debris.

Delayed Radiation

Radioactive decay is the sole source of beta and alpha particles. They are also emitted during the immediate decay mentioned above of course, but their range is too short to make any prompt radiation contribution. Betas and alphas become important when fallout begins settling out. Gammas remain very important at this stage as well.

Fallout is a complex mixture of different radioactive isotopes, the composition of which continually changes as each isotope decays into other isotopes. Many isotopes make significant contributions to the overall radiation level. Radiation from short lived isotopes dominates initially, and the general trend is for the intensity to continually decline as they disappear. Over time the longer lived isotopes become increasingly important, and a small number of isotopes emerge as particular long-term hazards.

Radioactive isotopes are usually measured in terms of curies. A curie is the quantity of radioactive material that undergoes 3.7x10^10 decays/sec (equal to 1 g of radium-226). More recently the SI unit bequerel has become common in scientific literature, one bequerel is 1 decay/sec . The fission of 57 grams of material produces 3x10^23 atoms of fission products (two for each atom of fissionable material). One minute after the explosion this mass is undergoing decays at a rate of 10^21 disintegrations/sec (3x10^10 curies). It is estimated that if these products were spread over 1 km^2, then at a height of 1 m above the ground one hour after the explosion the radiation intensity would be 7500 rads/hr.

Isotopes of special importance include iodine-131, strontium-90 and 89, and cesium-137. This is due to both their relative abundance in fallout, and to their special biological affinity. Isotopes that are readily absorbed by the body, and concentrated and stored in particular tissues can cause harm out of proportion to their abundance.

Iodine-131 is a beta and gamma emitter with a half-life of 8.07 days (specific activity 124,000 curies/g) Its decay energy is 970 KeV; usually divided between 606 KeV beta, 364 KeV gamma. Due to its short half-life it is most dangerous in the weeks immediately after the explosion, but hazardous amounts can persist for a few months. It constitutes some 2% of fission-produced isotopes - 1.6x10^5 curies/kt. Iodine is readily absorbed by the body and concentrated in one small gland, the thyroid.

Strontium-90 is a beta emitter (546 KeV, no gammas) with a half-life of 28.1 years (specific activity 141 curies/g), Sr-89 is a beta emitter (1.463 MeV, gammas very rarely) with a half-life of 52 days (specific activity 28,200 Ci/g). Each of these isotopes constitutes about 3% of total fission isotopes: 190 curies of Sr-90 and 3.8x10^4 curies of Sr-89 per kiloton. Due to their chemical resemblance to calcium these isotopes are absorbed fairly well, and stored in bones. Sr-89 is an important hazard for a year or two after an explosion, but Sr-90 remains a hazard for centuries. Actually most of the injury from Sr-90 is due to its daughter isotope yttrium-90. Y-90 has a half-life of only 64.2 hours, so it decays as fast as it is formed, and emits 2.27 MeV beta particles.

Cesium-137 is a beta and gamma emitter with a half-life of 30.0 years (specific activity 87 Ci/g). Its decay energy is 1.176 MeV; usually divided by 514 KeV beta, 662 KeV gamma. It comprises some 3-3.5% of total fission products - 200 curies/kt. It is the primary long-term gamma emitter hazard from fallout, and remains a hazard for centuries.

Although not important for acute radiation effects, the isotopes carbon-14 and tritium are also of interest because of possible genetic injury. These are not direct fission products. They are produced by the interaction of fission and fusion neutrons with the atmosphere and, in the case of tritium, as a direct product of fusion reactions. Most of the tritium generated by fusion is consumed in the explosion but significant amounts survive. Tritium is also formed by the capture of fast neutrons by nitrogen atoms in the air: N-14 + n -> T + C-12. Carbon-14 in also formed by neutron-nitrogen reactions: N-14 + n -> C-14 + p. Tritium is a very weak beta emitter (18.6 KeV, no gamma) with a half-life of 12.3 years (9700 Ci/g).

Carbon-14 is also a weak beta emitter (156 KeV, no gamma), with a half-life of 5730 years (4.46 Ci/g). Atmospheric testing during the fifties and early sixties produced about 3.4 g of C-14 per kiloton (15.2 curies) for a total release of 1.75 tonnes (7.75x10^6 curies). For comparison, only about 1.2 tonnes of C-14 naturally exists, divided between the atmosphere (1 tonne) and living matter (0.2 tonne). Another 50-80 tonnes is dissolved in the oceans. Due to carbon exchange between the atmosphere and oceans, the half-life of C-14 residing in the atmosphere is only about 6 years. By now the atmospheric concentration has returned to within 1% or so of normal. High levels of C-14 remain in organic material formed during the sixties (in wood, say, or DNA).

Information provided by: http://www.fas.org



Blown up by matter / antimatter reaction

Credit: Johan Swanepoel | a href="http://www.shutterstock.com">Shutterstock

You will need: 2,500,000,000,000 tons of antimatter Antimatter - the most explosive substance possible - can be manufactured in small quantities using any large particle accelerator, but this will take some considerable time to produce the required amounts. If you can create the appropriate machinery, it may be possible - and much easier - simply to "flip" 2.5 trillion tons of matter through a fourth dimension, turning it all to antimatter at once.

Method: This method involves detonating a bomb so big that it blasts the Earth to pieces.

How hard is that? The gravitational binding energy of a planet of mass M and radius R is - if you do the lengthy calculations — given by the formula E=(3/5)GM^2/R. For Earth, that works out to roughly 224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules. The Sun takes nearly a WEEK to output that much energy. Think about THAT.

To liberate that much energy requires the complete annihilation of around 2,500,000,000,000 tonnes of antimatter. That's assuming zero energy loss to heat and radiation, which is unlikely to be the case in reality: You'll probably need to up the dose by at least a factor of ten. Once you've generated your antimatter, probably in space, just launch it en masse towards Earth. The resulting release of energy (obeying Einstein's famous mass-energy equation, E=mc^2) should be sufficient to split the Earth into a thousand pieces.

Earth's final resting place: A second asteroid belt around the sun.

Earliest feasible completion date: A.D. 2500. Of course, if it does prove possible to manufacture antimatter in the sufficiently large quantities you require - which is not necessarily the case - then smaller antimatter bombs will be around long before then.

Conversion base : 1 J = 2.3900573613767E-16 MtConversion base : 1 Mt = 4184000000000000 J

Antimatter production and containment are major obstacles to the creation of antimatter weapons. Quantities measured in grams will be required to achieve destructive effect comparable with conventional nuclear weapons; one gram of antimatter annihilating with one gram of matter produces 180 terajoules, the equivalent of 42.96 kilotons of TNT (approximately 3 times the bomb dropped on Hiroshima - and as such enough to power an average city for an extensive amount of time).

That means Antimatter reacts with its matter equivalent to release 1.8*10^17 joules per kilogram of antimatter annheilated. This is equivalent to ~43 million tons of TNT.

antimatter, substance composed of subatomic particles that have the mass, electric charge, and magnetic moment of the electrons, protons, and neutrons of ordinary matter but for which the electric charge and magnetic moment are opposite in sign. The antimatter particles corresponding to electrons, protons, and neutrons are called positrons (e+), antiprotons (p), andantineutrons (n); collectively they are referred to as antiparticles. The electrical properties of antimatter being opposite to those of ordinary matter, the positron has a positive charge and the antiproton a negative charge; the antineutron, though electrically neutral, has a magnetic moment opposite in sign to that of the neutron. Matter and antimatter cannot coexist at close range for more than a small fraction of a second because they collide with and annihilate each other, releasing large quantities of energy in the form of gamma rays or elementary particles.

Once the anti-atom is formed, it must be kept apart from normal matter. When a particle and its antiparticle meet, they destroy each other, turning into energy in a process called annihilation.

"Power" is the rate at which you do "work". Energy flow per unit of time. P= w/t.

"Work" is exerting force on an object and moving it over a distance. W= F x d

"Force" is mass multipled by an objects rate of motion. F= m x a

The Difference Between Force and Power is: Power is about the amount of energy you produce in a short amount of time. If a planet is moving 100 times the speed of sound and a car moves so fast that it matches the forces of the moving planet, who has more power? They produce the same amount of force but due to the car's superior speed, it is more powerful than the planet because it generated the same amount of force in less time. That's the difference between Force and Power.

There you go.


We can actually calculate the amount of energy that it would take to alter the Earth's course sufficiently that it was ejected from the solar system. You have to accelerate the Earth to the solar escape velocity of 42.1 km/s (from the Earth's position). The Earth currently orbits the Sun at an average speed of 29.8 km/s, so you have to give it an extra 12.3 km/s of speed. We can figure out the change in kinetic energy, and that will give us the yield of the bomb (or bombs) that would accomplish the task.

Kinetic energy = 1/2 mass x velocity²

Kinetic energy = 1/2 (5.9736×10^24 kg) (12300 m/s)²

Kinetic energy = 4.52x10^32 J

In terms of Megatons of TNT, that's about 1.08x10^17 Megatons. The biggest nuclear weapon ever designed had a maximum theoretical yield of 100 Megatons, so it would take about 1 QUADRILLION bombs. That's more than one hundred fifty thousand 100-Megaton bombs for every man, woman, and child alive today. Needless to say, the world's nuclear arsenal isn't anywhere near that size. Even if we DID have that many bombs, and if we COULD get them all into one place and cause them to blow up perfectly (without having ANY of them vaporized before they detonate...a technical impossibility), you'd still need to have ALL of their energy go into moving the Earth. In reality, that simply won't happen. That 1 quadrillion bombs is a very, very low estimate of how much firepower you would actually need to knock the Earth out of the solar system.

But let's say you don't want to knock it out of the solar system. What if you only wish to alter its orbit? That doesn't take AS MUCH energy, but you're still dealing with impossibly large energies. The Earth is immense. To change its orbital velocity by even one measly meter per second would require an energy input of about 3x10^24 Joules, or 713 million Megatons of TNT. Again, that's more than 7 million of the largestnuclear weapons ever designed. It just isn't going to happen.

But what if you simply want to change the Earth's tilt or rotation? Surely that could be done with modern nuclear weapons, right? Not so much. Let's say the day is exactly 24 hours long. That's 86,400 seconds. Using that value, the Earth has a rotational kinetic energy of 2.13x10^29 Joules. What if you wanted to slow down the Earth's rotation so that its day gained exactly 1 minute, bringing the length to 86,460 seconds. Obviously you'd have to develop a way to angle the blast of the bomb so that it applied torque to the Earth in the proper direction, but could you do it? The new rotational kinetic energy of the Earth would be 2.12x10^29 Joules, a difference of 1x10^27 Joules, or 239 billion Megatons of TNT. You begin to see the enormity of the problem, don't you?

Bottom line: no nuclear weapon or combination of nuclear weapons is ever going to affect the rotation or speed of the Earth in any measureable way. I hope that helps. Good luck!




When antimatter and matter collide they aren't necessarily annihilated so to speak. What happens is they are converted into energy in the form of two or three high energy gamma rays. This is due to the old E=mc^2 formula, by which energy can be changed into matter and vice versa.

Do antimatter and matter destroy each other?Answered by HowStuffWorks

GroupHowStuffWorksEveryone wants to break the first law of thermodynamics, but guess what? No one's pulled it off so far, and the interaction between matter and antimatter doesn't change things. According to Einstein, energy and matter are different forms of the same thing, so when matter and antimatter annihilate each other, they actually create energy. Electrons and positrons (antielectrons) produce gamma rays when they collide, and heavier particles such as protons and antiprotons also produce secondary particles that decay into neutrinos. So antimatter and matter don't really destroy each other, but merely transition into another form: energy.

One of the questions physicists have tried to answer about the complex relationship between matter and antimatter has to do with the beginning of the universe. If the incredible energy that was the Big Bang created equal parts of matter and antimatter, what happened to the antimatter? And do all particles have mirror antimatter counterparts?

Researchers at the world's largest atom smasher -- the Large Hadron Collider outside Geneva, Switzerland -- might have found an answer in possible evidence of supersymmetric particles. These particles could be created in an instant and disappear during particle decay, which might explain differing decay processes for matter and antimatter [source: Moskowitz]. This also might explain why antimatter already seems to have disappeared from space while matter remains intact.

This finding is an important step in explaining much about matter and antimatter, but is not the first observation of atomic asymmetry. In 2010, physicists from MIT and Los Alamos National Laboratory reported initial findings on differences in "flavor-switching behavior" of neutrinos and antineutrinos. This really means that as neutrinos and their antimatter counterparts, antineutrinos, traverse the universe and morph between the forms of muons, electrons and taus, many oscillate over short distances. Physicists suspected presence of a fourth type called a sterile neutrino. They confirmed similar behavior in three years of data collection and planned to follow up with 18 months of data collection on antineutrinos in a cyclotron, which allows particles to accelerate in a circle instead of a straight line [source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology].

So far, the results seem to show that matter and antimatter behave differently -- a premise that goes against conventional theories regarding matter and antimatter. However, the behavior has been seen in quarks before, just not in neutrinos or electrons.

A. This feat involving matter and anti matter is akin to the "irresistible force meets the immovable object".

Anti-matter electrons are on opposite spin from normal matter's electrons and when they collide they start destroy each other and those forces of atomic destruction are converted into energy, the matter and antimatter being destroyed in the process.

It would take unending amounts of energy to stop the energy conversion, because matter and antimatter don't stop bashing each other once they come into contact. To stop the release of energy you'd need irrestible resistance forces.

6) It is said the electron is a fundamental particle that cannot be divided or split into simpler components. An electron can of course be converted to energy (all mass can be) say by coming into contact with a positron, the electron's antimatter alter ego. An electron can emit and absorb a photon, but it doesn't decay into anything simpler. So I gather if you could smash two electrons head on with as much oomph as one could muster, you'd end up with as close to as makes no odds, that is nearly, a case of the irresistible force failing to move (shatter) the immovable (un-shatterable) object. Another case illustrating the irresistible force and immovable state of affairs – it is impossible to isolate a quark (they come as a trio take all) or its force particle, a gluon.





What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object

NOTHING would happen with this because this would be an inconceivable event. If such a thing as an irresistible force exists, then no object is immovable, and vice versa. It would be a stalemate.

It is impossible to have these two (a force that cannot be resisted and an object that cannot be moved by any force) in the same universe.

An immovable object would have to have infinite inertia and therefore infinite mass. Such an object would collapse under its own gravity and create a place where the curvature of spacetime becomes infinite and gravitational forces become infinitely strong.

(Note : a black hole doesn`t fall under this classification)

An irresistible force would imply an infinite energy, which by Albert Einstein's equation E = mc2 is equivalent to an infinite mass. So there cannot be either irresistible forces or immovable objects. Though it is an interesting paradox.

List of orders of magnitude for energy
Factor (Joules)SI prefixValueItem
10−33 2×10−33 Javerage kinetic energy of translational motion of a molecule at the lowest temperature reached, 100 picokelvins as of 2003[1]
10−28 6.6×10−28 Jenergy of a typical AM radio photon (1 MHz) (4×10−9eV)[2]
10−24yocto- (yJ)1.6×10−24 Jenergy of a typical microwave oven photon (2.45 GHz) (1×10−5eV)[3][4]
10−23 2×10−23 Javerage kinetic energy of translational motion of a molecule in the Boomerang Nebula, the coldest place known outside of a laboratory, at a temperature of 1 kelvin[5][6]
10−22 2-3000×10−22 Jenergy of infrared light photons[7]
10−21zepto- (zJ)1.7×10−21 J1 kJ/mol, converted to energy per molecule[8]
2.1×10−21 Jthermal energy in each degree of freedom of a molecule at 25 °C (kT/2) (0.01 eV)[9]
2.856×10−21 JBy Landauer's principle, the minimum amount of energy required at 25 °C to change one bit of information.
3–7×10−21 Jenergy of a van der Waals interaction between atoms (0.02–0.04 eV)[10][11]
4.1×10−21 J"kT" at 25 °C, a common rough approximation for the total thermal energy of each molecule in a system (0.03 eV)[12]
7–22×10−21 Jenergy of a hydrogen bond (0.04 to 0.13 eV)[10][13]
10−20 4.5×10−20 Jupper bound of the mass-energy of a neutrino in particle physics (0.28 eV)[14][15]
10−19 1.6×10−19 J≈1 electronvolt (eV)[16]
3–5×10−19 Jenergy range of photons in visible light[17][18]
3–14×10−19 Jenergy of a covalent bond (2–9 eV)[10][19]
5–200×10−19 Jenergy of ultraviolet light photons[7]
10−18atto- (aJ)
10−17 2-2000×10−17 Jenergy range of X-ray photons[7]
10−15femto- (fJ)
10−14 > 2×10−14 Jenergy of gamma ray photons[7]
2.7×10−14 Jupper bound of the mass-energy of a muon neutrino[20][21]
8.2×10−14 Jrest mass-energy of an electron[22]
10−13 1.6×10−13 J1 megaelectronvolt (MeV)[23]
10−12pico- (pJ)2.3×10−12 Jkinetic energy of neutrons produced by D-T fusion, used to trigger fission (14.1 MeV)[24][25]
10−11 3.4×10−11 Javerage total energy released in the nuclear fission of one uranium-235 atom (215 MeV)[26][27]
10−10 1.5030×10−10 Jrest mass-energy of a proton[28]
1.505×10−10 Jrest mass-energy of a neutron[29]
1.6×10−10 J1 gigaelectronvolt (GeV)[30]
3.0×10−10 Jrest mass-energy of a deuteron[31]
6.0×10−10 Jrest mass-energy of an alpha particle[32]
10−9nano- (nJ)1.6×10−9 J10 GeV[33]
8×10−9 Jinitial operating energy per beam of the CERN Large Electron Positron Collider in 1989 (50 GeV)[34][35]
10−8 1.3×10−8 Jmass-energy of a W boson (80.4 GeV)[36][37]
1.5×10−8 Jmass-energy of a Z boson (91.2 GeV)[38][39]
1.6×10−8 J100 GeV[40]
2×10−8 Jmass-energy of the particle believed to be the Higgs Boson (125.3 GeV)[41]
6.4×10−8 Joperating energy per proton of the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron accelerator in 1976[42][43]
10−7 1×10−7 J≡ 1 erg[44]
1.6×10−7 J1 TeV (teraelectronvolt),[45] about the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito[46]
5.6×10−7 Jenergy per proton in the CERN Large Hadron Collider in 2011 (3.5 TeV)[47][48]
10−6micro- (µJ)
10−3milli- (mJ)
10−2centi- (cJ)
10−1deci- (dJ)1×10−1 Jenergy of an American half-dollar falling 1-metre[49][50]
100J1 J≡ 1 N·m (newtonmetre)
1 J≡ 1 W·s (watt-second)
1 Jkinetic energy produced as an extra small apple (~100 grams[51]) falls 1 meter against Earth's gravity[52]
1 Jenergy required to heat 1 gram of dry, cool air by 1-degree Celsius[53]
1.4 J≈ 1 ft·lbf (foot-pound force)[44]
4.184 J≡ 1 thermochemical calorie (small calorie)[44]
4.1868 J≡ 1 International (Steam) Table calorie[54]
8 JGreisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin theoretical upper limit for the energy of a cosmic ray coming from a distant source[55][56]
101deca- (daJ)5×101 Jmost energetic cosmic ray ever detected, in 1991[57]
102hecto- (hJ)1×102 Jflash energy of a typical pocket camera electronic flash capacitor (100–400 µF @ 330 V)[58][59]
3×102 Jenergy of a lethal dose of X-rays[60]
3×102 Jkinetic energy of an average person jumping as high as they can[61][62][63]
3.3×102 Jenergy to melt 1 g of ice[64]
> 3.6×102 Jkinetic energy of 800 g[65]standard men's javelin thrown at > 30 m/s[66] by elite javelin throwers[67]
5–20×102 Jenergy output of a typical photography studio strobe light in a single flash[68]
6.0×102 Jkinetic energy of 2 kg[69]standard men's discus thrown at 24.4 m/s[citation needed] by the world record holder Jürgen Schult[70]
6×102 Juse of a 10-watt flashlight for 1-minute
7.5×102 Ja power of 1 horsepower applied for 1 second[44]
7.8×102 Jkinetic energy of 7.26 kg[71]standard men's shot thrown at 14.7 m/s[citation needed] by the world record holder Randy Barnes[72]
103kilo- (kJ)1.1×103 J≈ 1 British thermal unit (BTU), depending on the temperature[44]
1.4×103 Jtotal solar radiation received from the Sun by 1 square meter at the altitude of Earth's orbit per second (solar constant)[73]
1.8×103 Jkinetic energy of M16 rifle bullet (5.56x45mm NATO M855, 4.1 g fired at 930 m/s)[74]
2.3×103 Jenergy to vaporize 1 g of water into steam[75]
3×103 JLorentz force can crusher pinch[76]
3.4×103 Jkinetic energy of world-record men's hammer throw (7.26 kg[77] thrown at 30.7 m/s[78] in 1986)[79]
3.6×103 J≡ 1 W·h (watt-hour)[44]
4.2×103 Jenergy released by explosion of 1 gram of TNT[44][80]
4.2×103 J≈ 1 food Calorie (large calorie)
~7×103 Jmuzzle energy of an elephant gun, e.g. firing a .458 Winchester Magnum[81]
9×103 Jenergy in an alkaline AA battery[82]
104 1.7×104 Jenergy released by the metabolism of 1 gram of carbohydrates[83] or protein[84]
3.8×104 Jenergy released by the metabolism of 1 gram of fat[85]
4–5×104 Jenergy released by the combustion of 1 gram of gasoline[86]
5×104 Jkinetic energy of 1 gram of matter moving at 10 km/s[87]
105 3×105 J—15×105 Jkinetic energy of an automobile at highway speeds (1 to 5 tons[88] at 89 km/h or 55 mph)[89]
5×105 Jkinetic energy of 1 gram of a meteor hitting Earth[90]
106mega-(MJ)1×106 Jkinetic energy of a 2 tonne[88] vehicle at 32 metres per second (72 miles per hour)[91]
1.2×106 Japproximate food energy of a snack such as a Snickers bar (280 food calories)[92]
3.6×106 J= 1 kW·h (kilowatt-hour) (used for electricity)[44]
8.4×106 Jrecommended food energy intake per day for a moderately active woman (2000 food calories)[93][94]
107 1×107 Jkinetic energy of the armor-piercing round fired by the assault guns of the ISU-152 tank[95][citation needed]
1.1×107 Jrecommended food energy intake per day for a moderately active man (2600 food calories)[93][96]
3.7×107 J$1 of electricity at a cost of $0.10/kWh (the US average retail cost in 2009)[97][98][99]
4×107 Jenergy from the combustion of 1 cubic meter of natural gas[100]
4.2×107 Jcaloric energy consumed by Olympian Michael Phelps on a daily basis during Olympic training[101]
6.3×107 Jtheoretical minimum energy required to accelerate 1 kg of matter to escape velocity from Earth's surface (ignoring atmosphere)[102]
108 1×108 Jkinetic energy of a 55 tonne aircraft at typical landing speed (59 m/s or 115 knots)[citation needed]
1.1×108 J≈ 1 therm, depending on the temperature[44]
1.1×108 J≈ 1 Tour de France, or ~90 hours[103] ridden at 5 W/kg[104] by a 65 kg rider[105]
7.3×108 J≈ energy from burning 16 kilograms of oil (using 135 kg per barrel of light crude)[citation needed]
109giga- (GJ)1 .. 10×109 Jenergy in an average lightning bolt[106] (thunder)
1.1×109 Jmagnetic stored energy in the world's largest toroidal superconducting magnet for the ATLAS experiment at CERN, Geneva[107]
1.4x109 Jtheoretical minimum amount of energy required to melt a tonne of steel (380 kW·h)[108][109]
2.0x109 JEnergy of an ordinary 61 liter gasoline tank of a car.[86][110][111]
2.0×109 JPlanck energy, the unit of energy in Planck units[112]
3.3×109 Japproximate average amount of energy expended by a human heart muscle over an 80-year lifetime[113][114]
4.5×109 Javerage annual energy usage of a standard refrigerator[115][116]
6.1×109 J≈ 1 bboe (barrel of oil equivalent)[117]
1010 2.3×1010 Jkinetic energy of an Airbus A380 at cruising speed (560 tonnes at 562 knots or 289 m/s)[citation needed]
4.2×1010 J≈ 1 toe (ton of oil equivalent)[117]
5×1010 Jyield energy of a Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, the second most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed[118][119]
7.3×1010 Jenergy consumed by the average U.S. automobile in the year 2000[120][121][122]
8.6×1010 J≈ 1 MW·d (megawatt-day), used in the context of power plants[123]
8.8×1010 Jtotal energy released in the nuclear fission of one gram of uranium-235[26][27][124]
1012tera- (TJ)3.4×1012 Jmax fuel energy of an Airbus A330-300 (97,530 liters[125] of Jet A-1[126])[127]
3.6×1012 J1 GW·h (gigawatt-hour)[128]
4×1012 Jelectricity generated by one 20-kg CANDU fuel bundle assuming ~29%[129] thermal efficiency of reactor[130][131]
6.4×1012 Jenergy contained in jet fuel in a Boeing 747-100B aircraft at max fuel capacity (183,380 liters[132] of Jet A-1[126])[133]
1013 1.1×1013 Jenergy of the maximum fuel an Airbus A380 can carry (320,000 liters[134] of Jet A-1[126])[135]
1.2×1013 Jorbital kinetic energy of the International Space Station (417 tonnes[136] at 7.7 km/s[137])[138]
8.8×1013 Jyield of the Fat Man atomic bomb used in World War II (21 kilotons)[139][140]
9.0×1013 Jtheoretical total mass-energy of 1 gram of matter[141]
1014 6×1014 Jenergy released by an average hurricane in 1 second[142]
1015peta- (PJ)> 1015 Jenergy released by a severe thunderstorm[143]
1.0×1015 Jyearly electricity consumption in Greenland as of 2008[144][145]
4.2×1015 Jenergy released by explosion of 1 megaton of TNT[44][146]
1016 1×1016 Jestimated impact energy released in forming Meteor Crater[citation needed]
1.1×1016 Jyearly electricity consumption in Mongolia as of 2010[144][147]
9.0×1016 Jmass-energy in 1 kilogram of antimatter (or matter)[148]
1017 1×1017 Jenergy released on the Earth's surface by the magnitude 9.1–9.3 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake[149]
1.7×1017 Jtotal energy from the Sun that strikes the face of the Earth each second[150]
2.1×1017 Jyield of the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever tested (50 megatons)[151][152]
4.2×1017 Jyearly electricity consumption of Norway as of 2008[144][153]
8×1017 Jestimated energy released by the eruption of the Indonesian volcano, Krakatoa, in 1883[154][155]
1018exa- (EJ)1.4×1018 Jyearly electricity consumption of South Korea as of 2009[144][156]
1019 1.4×1019 Jyearly electricity consumption in the U.S. as of 2009[144][157]
1.4×1019Jyearly electricity production in the U.S. as of 2009[158][159]
5×1019 Jenergy released in 1-day by an average hurricane in producing rain (400 times greater than the wind energy)[142]
6.4×1019 Jyearly electricity consumption of the world as of 2008[160][161]
6.8×1019 Jyearly electricity generation of the world as of 2008[160][162]
1020 5.0x1020 Jtotal world annual energy consumption in 2010[163][164]
8.0×1020 Jestimated global uranium resources for generating electricity 2005[165][166][167][168]
1021zetta- (ZJ)6.9×1021 Jestimated energy contained in the world's natural gas reserves as of 2010[163][169]
7.9×1021 Jestimated energy contained in the world's petroleum reserves as of 2010[163][170]
1022 1.5×1022Jtotal energy from the Sun that strikes the face of the Earth each day[150][171]
2.4×1022 Jestimated energy contained in the world's coal reserves as of 2010[163][172]
2.9×1022 Jidentified global uranium-238 resources using fast reactor technology[165]
3.9×1022 Jestimated energy contained in the world's fossil fuel reserves as of 2010[163][173]
4×1022 Jestimated total energy released by the magnitude 9.1–9.3 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake[174]
1023 1×1023 JAmount of energy added to climate by anthropogenic greenhouse gasses[citation needed]
2.2×1023 Jtotal global uranium-238 resources using fast reactor technology[165]
5×1023 Japproximate energy released in the formation of the Chicxulub Crater in the Yucatán Peninsula[175]
1024yotta- (YJ)5.5×1024 Jtotal energy from the Sun that strikes the face of the Earth each year[150][176]
1026 1.3×1026 Jconservative estimate of the energy released by the impact that created the Caloris basin on Mercury[citation needed]
3.8×1026 Jtotal energy output of the Sun each second[177]
1028 3.8×1028 Jkinetic energy of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth (counting only its velocity relative to the Earth)[178][179]
1029 2.1×1029 Jrotational energy of the Earth[180][181][182]
1030 1.8×1030 Jgravitational binding energy of Mercury
1031 3.3×1031 Jtotal energy output of the Sun each day[177][183]
1032 2×1032 Jgravitational binding energy of the Earth[184]
1033 2.7×1033 JEarth's kinetic energy in its orbit[185]
1034 1.2×1034 Jtotal energy output of the Sun each year[177][186]
1039 6.6×1039 Jtheoretical total mass-energy of the Moon
1041 5.4×1041 Jtheoretical total mass-energy of the Earth[187][188]
6.9×1041 Jgravitational binding energy of the Sun[189]
1043 5×1043 Jtotal energy of all gamma rays in a typical gamma-ray burst[190][191]
1044 1–2×1044 Jestimated energy released in a supernova,[192] sometimes referred to as a foe
1046 1×1046 Jestimated energy released in a hypernova[193]
1047 1.8×1047 Jtheoretical total mass-energy of the Sun[194][195]
1047 8.8×1047 JGRB 080916C - the most powerful Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) ever recorded - total isotropic energy output estimated at 8.8 × 1047 joules (8.8 × 1054 erg), or 4.9 times the sun’s mass turned to energy.[196]
1058 4×1058 Jvisible mass-energy in our galaxy, the Milky Way[197][198]
1059 1×1059 Jtotal mass-energy of the galaxy, including dark matter and dark energy[199][200]
1062 1–2×1062 Jtotal mass-energy of the Local Supercluster, including dark matter[201]
1069 4×1069 Jestimated total mass-energy of the observable universe[202]

Could Any Current Man-made Force Stop the Rotation of the Earrth Or Even Stop It's Orbit?

Nuclear bombs are humankind's most powerful weapon, but their destructive impact would unlikely alter the spinning of the Earth on its axis.

One way to see this is to compare the energy of a nuclear blast to that of the rotational motion of the Earth. The largest nuclear bombs have an explosive energy of several tens of megatons, or about 10^17 Joules, whereas the Earth's rotational energy is around 10^29 Joules.

So even if all the force of a nuclear explosion was used to push the Earth in a particular direction, the energy in this push would be less than a trillionth that of the rotational energy.

It would be like trying to divert a speeding car with the energy of a flying mosquito.

Even the largest earthquakes have only a miniscule effect on our planet's spinning. Scientists calculated that the colossal tsunami-causing 2004 Sumatra earthquake caused a slimming of the Earth thatshortened the day by a few millionths of a second and shifted the North Pole by an inch.

The amount of fault-moving ("Earth-slimming") energy in this magnitude 9.3 earthquake was estimated at more than 10&^22 Joules, or roughly 100,000 times that of the biggest nuclear bombs. So any effect of a nuclear blast on Earth's rotation would be far below what is measureable.

One final note: Nuclear explosions would have even less influence on the Earth's orbit around the sun, as the planet's orbital energy is 10,000 times greater than its rotational energy. This fact did not prevent the making of the 1961 film "The Day the Earth Caught Fire," in which nuclear testing knocks the Earth out of its orbit and towards the sun.


The Sumatra's earthquake of 2004's energy is 10 sextillion joules(1.0* 10^22).

10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules/4,184,000,000,000,000 joules per megaton= 2,390,057.36138 megatons

That's 2 million 390 thousand and 57 megatons (plus some decimal points)!

2,390,057.36138 megatons /100000= 23.9005736138 megatons

2,390,057.36138 megatons /50000= 47.8011472276 megatons

Currently The highest bomb energy yields are 20 to 50 megatons.

The earthquake was 50 to 100 times more powerful than some of the highest energy bombs made by man.

Haters who will say anything to discredit something they don't like such as: "Nothing in Real life can be applied to comics" when comics regulary apply real world things and put them among others not-so-real things.

If real things don't matter then measurements don't matter. That means mass, speed and force, distance, power.

Since Nothing we see in a comicbook matters, we can't accept any description the authors gives us, so we should discount anything and everything in a comicbook.

Just becasue comicbooks don't come to life and punch you i the face doesn't mean they have no realism.

When writer says someone can hit with many megatons of force, that's some real world stuff!

Hulk doesn't gain weigth. His mass stays the same.

His energy increase comes from his increase in speed. Its called "gamma energy" for a reason. Its energy is reliant on the objects speed of vibration.

And how fast is Hulk?

Hulk is light speed and greater when he really cuts loose. Its simple logic and math.

Biased People on this website like those two things, and will happily apply them, except when it involves Hulk because acknowledging Hulk for what he does and can really do makes their favorite character look ordinary.

Hulk power isn't coming from his amount of mass. he only weighs as much as a car, about ten times more than the averge human. that power is coming from the incredible speed of his muscle contractions. That's what makes Hulk mighty. That and his body has durabilty to handle the power his limbs put out.

Hulks mass doens't increase but his strength does. Hulk does't become as heavy as a mountain to move a mountain. Hulk fights giant things but doesn't overcome them by being giant. He stays the same size but his speed of his muscles movements increase as well as the durability necessary to handle it.

People don't like it but its the truth.

Hulk can bust admantium bare-handed and Thor can't do it. Thor can move FTL.

Hulk is a match for Thor AND his hammer.

Its obvious what that says about Hulk speed.

"Power" is the rate at which you do "work". Force/Energy flow per unit of time. Power is about the rate at which a force is transferred/travels. P= w/t.

"Work"is force moving over a certain amount of distance. W= F x d. # of Newtons X 1 meter= # of Joules

"Force" is mass multipled by an objects rate of motion. F= m x a. Measured in "Newtons".

The Difference Between Force and Power is: Power is about the amount of energy you produce in a short amount of time. If a planet is moving 100 times the speed of sound and a car moves so fast that it matches the forces of the moving planet, who has more power? They produce the same amount of force but due to the car's superior speed, it is more powerful than the planet because it generated the same amount of force in less time. That's the difference between Force and Power.

Hulk's body is a big and fast machine like a car because of his great level of power.

When Hulk is cutting loose, he makes light speed and faster-than-light muscle contractions becasue he has great power.

Here's Hulk overwhelming a quantum molder designed by Ultron to liquify and mold adamantium. During the fight Mad thinker, through mathematical formula, shows us once again what is already known to many, that Hulk's strength is incalculable in Indestructible Hulk #1:

How much do speed rise when energy rises exponentially?

KE=1/2*(M)*(V)^2KE=1/2*(10g)*(5m/s)^2 1

125 J= 5g*(5m/s)^2

125^2= 15,625

15,625 J=1/2*(10g)(V)^2

15,625 J= (5g)(V)^2

15,625 J/5g=(V)^2

3125=(V)^2 55.9 m/s =V

5(x)= 55.9 x= 11.18

As energy rises exponentially, speed is multiplied by eleven(and 18 hundreths).

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