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This spoiler is a question about what may come from the last page.

Batman appears to be going to the Court of Owls for help. It's not a stretch to say that they share different views on killing. How will Batman address that?

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So apparently this is a t-shirt that the crew got. Notice the homage to Miller, yet the differences. Time will tell.


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Does it matter? He's not that good at being straight.

Although he would fit in the bear community, presumably.

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It sounds like you're at the beginning of your collection. If that's the case, I would keep in mind that TDKR, while awesome, is the first version of Batman as we know him; the darker dark knight. This is a large part of why that book is so successful. It's pretty much Millers Sistene Chapel.

Year One was written after the success of TDKR. These two essentially bookend Batmans career. At least until TDK Strikes Again came out. I would go with either of these. Can't go wrong.

Having said that, how did you come up with your list? Are you currently reading any Batman? If you are, and if that's the only version you've ever read, I would pick up Hush. Primarily because it's more of a modern style and is the closest thing on that list to the current Batman.

TLH is regarded as another Batman classic and had some loose inspiration for the Nolan movies.

Joker isn't a Batman story, it's a Joker story. If you're looking for a Batman book, I'd pass on this.

Happy reading!

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@g_man: When Gordon saw what he saw in those pictures, all I could think of was the movie IT and the scene when they realized Pennywise was part of all those tragedies. That took this book to a whole other level!

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I've never seen a message board full of such positive responses and optimism, especially when it concerns a beloved cult character. This is the real world Bill and Ted. It will align the planets and create universal harmony. Bowling scores will be way up, and mini golf scores will be way down.

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@mrnoital: Guess you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It's so disappointing to me when I consistently see how rude people are to each other on these boards. However, I'm clearly not going to change your temperament, so I'll stop trying.

I do understand the work it takes for this step. Probably more so than most people. Not only am I in entertainment, touring music and video production to be specific. But we've also moved across the country. While there is a certain allowance for this huge undertaking, you're clients are still out there, and so is your competition.

My original point is that I hope they don't do the gimmick month. Moreover, I hope story arcs aren't interrupted for two months. I had enough of that with Unchained.

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@mrnoital: First of all, the line is a quote from The Big Lebowski, so ease off. Secondly, I don't care if they're running a giant switch in their company. I wouldn't permit my employees or colleagues outsourcing work or a decrease in production. I would expect them to do this in their personal time, just like everyone else in the world.

It doesn't make sense why the writers, artists, and all regular production has to stop, especially for that long.

Here's another quote that you're likely more familiar with. "The show must go on."

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If DC does September gimmick month, there will only be 9 issues of standard continuity that year.

This event should be a supplement. Why do we have to miss out because they are moving? The world does not start and stop at your convenience.

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Yup. That's gotta be Noah with Daryl. Because we know Carol has been with Tyrese post-governor, pre-hunters, right? The only time Carol was alone was before Beth and Daryl got separated. So it stands to reason, the Carol we see at the hospital is after the events at the church with the hunters. It is likely a plan of infiltration because Dawn wouldn't normally take Carol in, she's too strong. Only Noah would be able to give her this information.