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Don't just do something to do it, do it because it's the right move. Is it the right move? That I don't know.

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I enjoyed them both. War, is simply surface value fun movie. What you see is what you get. It has it's jokes and action. Nothing wrong with that. Flashpoint however, has more layers. It has betrayal. It examines the love between a parent and child from both POVs. Not to mention the entire premise is based on chaos theory, or the butterfly effect.

It also boils down to this. An avid comic fan generally favors the "what if" storyline, whereas the casual fan may appreciate War better because they don't have to be as familiar with the characters in order to understand the dynamic changes that Flashpoint relies on.

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Some hilarious answers here, but here is the serious answer. The only way Bruce feels inferior to Superman is due to his humanity and limitations. I wish I had precise examples, but he has said this a few times in one way or another. Notice I said "the only way Bruce FEELS inferior", not Batman is inferior because... Two different arguments.

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My theory...DC is trying to appeal to new readers. The only way to do that, in a way Marvel cannot, is via Batman.

Virtually every store sells something Batman. And guess what? They're making a killing on it.

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At a Neal Adams signing, he said it's pronounced "Rahz, not Raysh". He did create the character, so he's probably the best source.

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It looks like he's bowling.

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@spideyfan3160: While fans new to the franchise will enjoy this, it's clearly geared towards people who love this franchise. It's full of easter eggs from throughout the years. If you find yourself tuning into the movies when they're on, or going out of your way to watch them every year, this is for you.

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It's been made clear as to why Johns writes this way. His goal is to keep him from being 'Batgod'. Which is fine, since Bruce is human with no super powers. But he's going way too far and Batman comes across inept. Johns is overcompensating.

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@johnny_blaze said:

@dud317: It's always the assholes on here with something smart to say. Looking at you and your little friend.

We said NOTHING offensive, and you're the one swearing at me. Look who's talking.

@smashbrawler, He's referring to both of us, who does he think he is?

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@andyphifer said:

Too violent. At this point, Michael Bay is basically making porno parodies of classic cartoons, except with killing, mass destruction and brutal violence instead of sex.

So... nothing like porn, got it.

That, or he's not doing it right.