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Some people always seem so upset when another Batman related book comes out, yet the proof is in the pudding here. 7 of the top 10 are Bat related in some way. Counting the weeklies, that would be 8 of the top 10, with 3 more in the top 15. Bottom line, Batman sells. Just wait till the new books come out. An expected surge for #1s will likely fuel those numbers.

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It starts off with Justice League V.1 and issue #1 of everything else begins about five years later and the events of most series take place alongside each other. If anything major happens that affects other characters then you can see some kind of reference to the event or even a few cross-overs given the right circumstances. I haven't read that many series personally but I can say that you should read Batman V.5 and V.6 (because it's basically just his origin story re-done) before reading anything else Batman related, though.

To be fair, it's not his origin. That has stayed intact. I feel like it's more of his Year One elaborated, rather than redone.

Everything else is correct. Zero issues were published between issues 12 and 13 for the core/flagship titles. Some smaller titles started off with issue 0 in year two of DC's reboot. Zero issues were single stories dedicated in some way to the characters origin.

Essentially, every September since the reboot is a gimmick month. Three years ago = Reboot. Two Years ago = Zero issues. One year ago = Villians month. This year = Future's End (five years from now).

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Everybody rips off everything. Especially when it comes to entertainment. Storytellers have been doing it before the written word. Never going to change.

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Don't just do something to do it, do it because it's the right move. Is it the right move? That I don't know.

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I enjoyed them both. War, is simply surface value fun movie. What you see is what you get. It has it's jokes and action. Nothing wrong with that. Flashpoint however, has more layers. It has betrayal. It examines the love between a parent and child from both POVs. Not to mention the entire premise is based on chaos theory, or the butterfly effect.

It also boils down to this. An avid comic fan generally favors the "what if" storyline, whereas the casual fan may appreciate War better because they don't have to be as familiar with the characters in order to understand the dynamic changes that Flashpoint relies on.

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Some hilarious answers here, but here is the serious answer. The only way Bruce feels inferior to Superman is due to his humanity and limitations. I wish I had precise examples, but he has said this a few times in one way or another. Notice I said "the only way Bruce FEELS inferior", not Batman is inferior because... Two different arguments.

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My theory...DC is trying to appeal to new readers. The only way to do that, in a way Marvel cannot, is via Batman.

Virtually every store sells something Batman. And guess what? They're making a killing on it.

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At a Neal Adams signing, he said it's pronounced "Rahz, not Raysh". He did create the character, so he's probably the best source.

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It looks like he's bowling.

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@spideyfan3160: While fans new to the franchise will enjoy this, it's clearly geared towards people who love this franchise. It's full of easter eggs from throughout the years. If you find yourself tuning into the movies when they're on, or going out of your way to watch them every year, this is for you.