The Arcane Hand

Intro: Turning of the Tides

Warm summer breezes riffled through the grass on the rolling hills of Phoenix Academy. She had been spending a lot of time on the grounds lately, unbeknownst to her Court of Owls colleagues. The tranquility of the school relaxed her and provided a calm hiatus from the relentlessness of politics and business. She gazed somberly over the solid blue surface of the lake, dressed loosely in a black Gucci kimono sleeve dress and Louis Vuitton heels, the light winds ruffled her dress as they passed by. It was an odd location to meet, so far off from the actually castle, but she appreciated the seclusiveness. Holding her clutch with both hands at her waist she stood patiently awaiting her affiliate's arrival. "Phoenix?" Came a rough voice behind her. Due to her prosperity during her years attending the academy, "Phoenix" had become a common nickname that had stayed with her and transformed into an alias on the grounds as she grew into adulthood.

"Yes Arthur." Claire said, turning to face him with a halfhearted smile.

"They've all accepted. Each of your requests for the Arcane Hand are willing to join you. Where would you like to move from here?" He asked. She looked passed him for a few moments, gathering her thoughts with distant blue eyes.

"Find Jasper. He knows the next step." She said looking back into his eyes. She could trust Jasper, he knew her just as well as she did, or better. With an awkward bow the man turned to head back to the castle.

"Yes, Ms. Swanepoel."

She would have to return to New France soon, she had other responsibilities to tend to. However her newly gathered cult was a growing priority, one she would have to nurture and cultivate closely and carefully. And with the right choice of movements, the Arcane Hand's name would rise to the infamy she intended. As she made her way back to the castle where a limo awaited her, she glanced towards the various students and teachers moving about the academy. All puppets in a performance she directed.

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@Mercy_: I love you

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You can pay me back by reading something that I'm working on.

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I love the Emma Frost style direction you're taking. Very nice :)

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@Gambler: Thank youuu. This post was just for fun, I'll probably develop it more later.