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Way too many crossover stories is killing the flow of the series.

I am inclined to agree with this being a big reason for loss of readers. When you force readers who might not be interested in buying 5 titles a month to get the whole story it is a big downer.

I buy them all but that is just me.

I finally just got caught up on all my Lantern books and enjoy them (sad Larfleeze ended) but can see why some readers might not care for certain new directions.

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Just bought Absolute Sinestro Corp War so hope that helps!

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I am completely stoked for this creative change up!!! Can't wait to see what these creators can do for my favorite Sci-Fi franchise!

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Very nice choices. Mine would be:

5. Big Time Vol 1 (Peter gets a real job and gets to use his intellect!!! Also lost his spider sense.)

4. Alien Costume (ASM 252-259)

3. Spider Island (Best modern Spidey Story [thus far] by Slott & crew)

2. Cosmic Spider-Man: Seeing Peter with Greater Power & Greater Responsibility.

1. Death of Gwen Stacy & Norman Osborn (I agree with your views but despite the retcon the 2nd part was just as Iconic).

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@sweetesttoaster said:

That ending was amazing with Blake rising up on the platform of the batcave. Wish I could see where that goes but that will probably never happen.

The only thing that could have made that scene better was if the suit came up for him too. But I agree, ABSOULTELY amazing!

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Peter is finally using his genius to better his crime fighting and civilian life. The same with the suits, sometimes you need something special. His villains have a wide variety of abilities, Peter needs to be adaptable.

Good article.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@ComicMan24: He should never have lost it in the first place. For whatever reason, Marvel is determined to have Peter, the centre of the Web, the weakest Spider-Family member. It's infuriating.

They took away the Spider-Sense to augment him. How you ask (or not)? He had to come up with ways to protect himself without his danger sense. Also, he had to actually learn how to fight (danger sense being crutch). Other villains have figured out how to negate his spider-sense, it was time he learned how to rely on himself, not a power.@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@ComicMan24 said:


Well at least he didn't lose it for long. The funny thing is that all the infected in Spider-Island had more powers than Peter since they all his powers plus organic web and spider-sense. And I do agree that an power upgrade wouldn't be bad.

The stand-out reason I refused to read it. Just an insult to Peter Parker. And I love Dan Slott.

The story is actually his magnum ops (IMHO). He overcame all his short comings to reach his full potential as a hero. In doing so he has now become a bigger bad @ss. You are truly missing a great (again IMHO) story. Everything that BND did wrong, Slott has done right (yes, I know slott wrote some of BND). Peter is a genius. He's using that genius to not only enhance himself, but help others doing so.

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@Strider92: I agree, this one is the best (normal version that is,not symbiote)!!!

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I'm sticking with Amazing. Avenging is just a new version of Marvel Team Up (featuring Spider-Man &.... )

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I agree that Peter could lead a team. His goofy mannerisms are overly emphasized in the Avengers thanks primarily to BMB who can't seem to make him the serious person he can be. His one liners are used to aggraviate his opponents (and to try and create levity with his teammates). He is every bit as intelligent as many of the Avengers former brains (Stark, Pym, etc) and he has way more experience working with the various heroes (both big and small) and is smart enough to play up their strengths to cover any weaknesses.

As for him needing to be in Avengers, nope. 1 book is enough.