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i thought i missed something as to why superman was wearing a mask, glad i didn't. this book is moving very slow, some people think it is because it is a weekly but batman eternal is a weekly and it has a very nice pace.

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Both this and Magneto are two of my favorite books right now. Great stuff.

i could not agree with another statement more

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that last page has had me thinking for well over 12 hours what happened!?

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@mrtummytumms: It wasn't exactly outright stated, but in the conclusion to Death Of The Family, Bruce tells everyone the reason for why he was never actually worried about Joker's claim of being in the cave and knowing all their identities.

Some time in the past Batman discovered one of Joker's playing cards laying on the floor of the batcave. At the time he assumed that Joker had managed to follow the batmobile all the way back to the cave and that his whole identity must have been blown (though in reality the card was just stuck to the batmobile and fell off when it pulled into the cave). The next time Joker was back in Arkham, Bruce decided to confront Joker in his civilian identity (bringing the playing card he found along with him), but Joker was completely unresponsive; Almost as if he were choosing to believe that Bruce Wayne wasn't even there. Bruce then concludes that Joker's obsession with him begins and ends with the Batman identity. Maybe Joker knows Batman's identity but chooses to ignore it, or maybe his psychosis prevents him from ever really making the connection between the two identities. Its left kinda vague, I found.

fairly certain it was the "batboat" or whatever because they talked about it going up through the canals and caves and the joker wouldnt be able to hold his breath that long or survive the currents

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This looks like a DC redesign. And that's not a good thing. At all.

i Have to disagree looks alot like what they did to storm and miss marvel.

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I'd only choose lobo if it was the new lobo, always found traditional lobo to be incredibly uninteresting.

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Damn i really wanted jason todd :(

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@zenma: It's a tough one, Iron man was almost, no to say beaten by thor, And Luthor always, almost beats superman, It may win Iron man, but, not so easy, besides, luthor's got robots and ciber suits

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@matthewparker: idk as far as looking the part as soon as the pic loaded i was like yea i can see that. never a huge daredevil fan though so maybe its just me

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votes red hood knowing i am not going to win :/

wow came back to say i was way off he tied for the lead lol