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Now here's a question. better theme song: SM:TAS, or Spectacular???

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Nah, The Arkham Origins figure looks to be more to my tastes...

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I had a feeling this would happen at some point, but still the reveal was awesome! I'm still unclear on the timeline of these developments though. How could Kal-L have been defeated, remade by Darkseid, and returned to Earth 2 if the war ended when he died?

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I actually thought this was one of the better episodes so far. Pyg is anything but one of my favorite villains, and I really didn't get the point of his plan, it felt like something out of Batman 66, but I can overlook all of that since the Batman character moments were top notch. It's always satisfying to gain insights into Bruce's psyche.

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You say Shazam's about 6.75"? I would love to see some comparisons with the DC Collectibles New 52 figures then

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I chose Bats because I still have a hard time believing that even movie Bruce woudn't find a way to consistantly evade Lawgiver's superior firepower.

And after watching the movie I'm convinced Karl Urban should NEVER be the next movie Batman

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thanks for the reply @sinestro_gl. I need this to be better explained better in future issues

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I still don't understand how his suit works. I read #0 and the scene where he's describing how tights don't work anymore, and he's building metal plated armor, but I don't get how his ring is involved. Does he somehow store the metal pieces in his ring now, and then after release they somehow are fastened onto him with the speed force? Is this ever explained?

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@azura_thena said:

@outside_85 said:

I don't see this as giving Wonder Woman the respect she deserves, since the first announcement about this is about her romance with someone else, not about how the two work together to solve a major problem. As I have probably mentioned before, it is not respect of Wonder Woman to strap her to the arm of another character... Especially not one like Superman because eventually and probably most of the cases, he is going to have to save her and not the other way around.

The list:

  • It's cliche and the mark of an alternate universe
  • It screws up two pairs of long established supportcasts
  • Lois Lane is now practically walking around with a massive target drawn on her face because this coupling makes her completely irrelevant. Steve's gotten the save by leading A.R.G.U.S.
  • It arrived out of Johns' inorganic writing, no build up, no nothing, it just happened.
  • It's a massive middle finger from DC to Wonder Woman by reducing an icon of female independence to nothing more than someone else arm candy.
  • And obviously it's just DC reaching for the lowest hanging fruit in their tree.

I can't say I agree with any of this. It is possible for a female character to have a romantic relationship without being the 'arm candy'. And strong, independent woman does not mean one who is too strong for romance.

Agreed, isn't that what fans have been claiming about Lois all the time while she was still "Superman's Girlfriend"? Why can't the same hold true for Wonder Woman?

And what part of Clark "inevitably" ending up with Lois again is NOT cliche???