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Why do people bash on these shows so bad? Would you rather have more American Idol or The Voice on TV. Or the Bachelor?..... come on. It's just entertainment. Nothings perfect. Most of the people complaining still watch the shows every week. I just can't believe how much people complain about having comic book based TV shows on major networks. Maybe I'm just to much of a positive person.

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This article was posted on Yahoo

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My comic store only special ordered one for a customer but I ordered one and should be in next week. I think my daughter will love this.

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Love it!! Love Falcon and love Anthony Mackie!! I'm so excited to see this movie.

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The Cosmic Cube would be better if it glowed or something... without the CG it looks lame. Huge fan of the idea owning something like that though

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People seem to love villains more now a days. Villains like The Joker, Deathstroke, Magneto, Loki. They seem to have loved Deadpool, Venom, and Catwoman so much that writers have made them "good guys". Has there always been a fascination with villains as much as there is now among fans or is it a fairly new thing? What has caused everyone to love some of these villains so much? My thoughts are good writing but mostly movies.

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Hey G-Man, Love the Podcast(s). Batman has a ton of awesome villains (and some bad ones) but would you ever want to see The Mad Hatter in a movie? What other Batman villain would would want to see on film that has never been in a movie? Killer Croc? Clayface? Hugo Strange? Man-Bat? Calendar Man? (J/K) None of those would make a good main villain probably. Your thoughts...

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Batman and Flash series. Two different styles of books but really enjoy those two specifically

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It would probably depend on the personality of the person. I would think someone that felt they needed to use the powers to protect the world would end up very lonely. If you had to keep the secret from everyone you were close to then that would be a huge burden but some people would feel satisfaction from their acts no matter the personal cost. Personally it would be a blessing although I would struggle being lonely and being accepted. It would be a lot to bare but I would help people and share my gifts with the world.

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Michelangelo (the orange one) is my favorite. He's a good comic relief for the team. He's a good fighter and team member but he knows how to have a good time and not take things so serious. I've always thought his nun chucks were pretty awesome too.