Herald of Thunder

Earth 465783(my universe) Thor once prince of Asgard,God of thunder,full time hero and friend..after the passing of Odin(explain later), has taken up the mantle as King of Asgard,Lord of the aesir(asgardians) and possessor of the Thor force(and runes) becoming a Skyfather and member of beings that observe not only earth,but the expanding cosmos balance and the cosmic axis. with his new found might,Thor has decided that its time to bring a hero back to midgard,a new avenger...Anew Thor..he told his closet allies in the avengers and other heroes of this and sent Asgard to earth to await one who is worthy!

(this is something I came up with,and if anyone wants to add to it,feel free to contact me)

Many heroes are gathering for it..and the dormant energy emanating from the hammer is attracting not only heroes but villains of great horror,not just mortals,but immortals both God and demons alike,theses are the individuals(organizations) that are in it so far...

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Posted by JeredMcCorkle

I think if Thor is looking to give the hammer away to a new hero, one from a new generation, you might look for younger hero. Maybe Kevin Masterson, Anachronism from Avengers Arena, Striker or Mettle from Avengers Academy, or maybe Wiccan from the Young Avengers. And I think that any characters sensitive to magical energy would at least show up Doctor Strange and Daimon Hellstrom come to mind. And I also think it would be cool for the Flame, the half fire demon/half elf Thor villain, to show up.

Posted by DrThanos91

Ah cool Im almost forgot about thunderstrike,I was working on him being involved,but still brainstorming on him,also good job on hellstrom and dr strange..Im still adding more on the list and where they fit..I really appreciate the help dude!

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The list is still growing