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the head design is alittle eh,but its kinda the basic design form the comics,so I cant complain (lies lol),it took them long enough to finally give the favored speedtser his credit,lets just ope he doesnt run straight to failure ya know

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Star lord being blonde is too cliche,and kinda bias,like they just had to change his hair lol

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I am stoked for this movie,they look good so far,and I am an atcaul GotGs fan!!! so that saids something,,Raccoon looks great XD, I look forward their movie trailer!!

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that looks awesome!,gotta love the artwork!!

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I know the miniseries that was the infinity event is over and all that is pertain to it has moved on into their own story lines,but with the rogue planet event I'm thinking they should bring back ex nihilo, abyss for that matter considering what he has sent to Earth such Nightmask and the various seeds he has sent to the planet in order for new life to be born,so I'm thinking maybe either the inhumanity event will show or possibly the rogue planet,or maybe marvel is saving him for some other story in 2014 perhaps?

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because the God blast is always a last ditch tactic in case all else fails...in the case of marvel cinematic universe, they may not have thought that a god blast would be anti climatic ya know...it would have done almost as well visually, but the same can be said for how they defeated kurse in the first place,so basically they kinda wrote it out possibly, but that doesnt mean we may not get to see him do a God blast in the up and coming films...

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I honestly wouldnt care who would win,I came for a chance to discuss two powerhouses(whom I both love!) the race card bs is for some other site,I'm Black and dont care...I say 50/50 and who makes the first move, Anti matter vs Mjionir,sounds like a good clash,both have something to fight for,with tremendous physical and energy manipualtion, I honestly would like to see Beta ray bill vs Blue marvel

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@cosmicallyaware1: I recall him being involved with the anihilators after the thanos imperative...but with marvel now last year I have not seen

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with everything occurring in the Infinity events, the whole builders spanning across the universes(now multiverse) and Thanos of all beings..It had me wondering..wheres Quasar,you would think the protector of the universe witht he quantum bands would have some appearance,I'm not criticizing Marvel, in fact I love the infinity story arc,I just believe Quasar would be an added bonus in a event such as this..any thoughts on this matter is greatly appreciated

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ok,thanks guys,well on that note,I am satisfied XD

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