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ok I may be over thinking this but I do appreciate the united front against red skull/onslaught. if you notice each one is from their own team or aspect of team for example

  • Captain/Sam:Mighty avenger,
  • Sue:fantastic four,
  • Sam/Nova:New warrior,
  • Cyclops:Uncanny x-men(correct me if I am wrong please)
  • Nightcrawler:X-men,
  • Havok:Uncanny Avenger
  • Iron Man: Illuminati,and Avenger co founder

All of them united against a single foe(granted I am sick and tired of red skull) and not just the red skull himself,but what hes a metaphor he represents and we fight, the act of hate ,since less intolerance for others and the genocidal act of exterminating those they deem unworthy. the proverbial heroes of various origins standing against a singular opposing threat ,its simple yet I think the potential team ups/alliances AXIS may bring to the marvel universe I like

also sorry if this seems a little too much,its just what I am getting just from the image alone.

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@captainmarvel4ever: I agree,I feel like they just rushed his character along without any thoughts,but geoff johns hasnt let us down yet so I have faith he'll be good, I just see shazam more in the Justice league dark or even running into pandora or even phantom stranger,something like that ya know

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next week he should face black panther or maybe superior spider,someone who agile and brilliant like them could give him a run for his money

and to be that guy,throw in Havok(hes awesome too just saying)

and for some good reason I can see him facing Cyborg(new 52?) as well

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Nice Art

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why a giant beast,that couldve been a more demonic elemental humanoid,I"m glad the Mighty Avengers is back,felt like forever...this team has potential!

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Inhumans all the way,I hope they get involved in the axis event too!!

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I'm ready for this ,as is everyone who loves Richard Rider(myself included) now there are some things I'm not sure how to respond on...I hope it explain why Star lord changed his outfit(I liked it) and how does Thanos power send Drax there?..not griping,I merely am voicing my curiosity

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I liked this issue,each tale a story regarding Thor,malekith and a certain tricksters biological father's skull being mentioned(I want more agent roz lol) and a certain dialogue between the sisters showing how the girls of thunder activity when they are being bad asses...

I'm still going to read both Thor story arcs and the new Angela:Asgards assasin. I am still however a little saddened that Thor isnt wielding mjolnir,but I can accept change,and in the future we know he gets it back i.e King Thor XD

Now I play the waiting game for the new Thor(female) to arrive

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let me say at first I was unsure of this match,but this could be just the type of match cyclops need.I am a big Nightwing fan,but I wont let my fanboy interfere ...hopefully lol.

I think Scott has a way of evening this match and I don;t mean his optic blast,I mean his brilliant skills at understanding and coming up with a plan of action,now the duo i one that will prove essential having him come up with just about every means of combating and and defeating them,likewise for everyone's favorite duo..they were taught by Batman whose always thinking of book 5 before book 1 even hits the shelves,as is Cyclops,so I dont know how this will play out and I say this as a guy who doesn't like Cyclops..at all but I do respect his skills and will say he got a chance

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Definitely gonna pick this one up! Ms Marvel and Spiderverse,sound like a good story!!