Raider of the great Story Arcs!

So in my endless browsing here on the Vine, I have come up with a new mission: I am going to hunt out the great story arc single issues. 
This idea came to me as a challenge when  I was looking at the second Clone Saga and I realized that there aren't just people out there selling the whole collection, or at least not a lot of people.... if you are such a person, please, message me! 
It sounds pretty simple in concept but I think the execution could prove to be a great challenge, going to different comic shops to fill in the holes.. it'll be great! 
I think I may start with the second Clone Saga but I am still a little uncertain.  I did recently acquire Joss Whedon's entire Astonishing X-men run as well as the entire Second Coming story line... so I don't think I should limit this to just story arcs, perhaps I should include great creative team runs? Thoughts?

Posted by playdohsrepublic

Sounds awesome if you have the money, the time and a good LCS. (Ebay is great too). Just be prepared for frustration, especially with older issues. I say start with arcs and if you really  like the creative team keep going.