Cyclops and Wolverine are the new Magneto and Professor X.

I am pretty sure I will be treading on a topic that has been discussed a lot but I wanted to put my own thoughts to text on this. It seems like such an obvious comparison to most but I often wonder if they see it the way I do. I think Cyclops will be following Magneto's lead.. or at least more on the Magneto scale of things and Wolverine will be following closer to Chuck's ways. Which seems odd at first.
Back in the early 90s my brother always disregarded Cyclops as a boy scout chump and he was probably right. I think that's where my initial love for Scott Summers comes from. Wolverine was always the straight shooter, the renegade, you often wondered how long it would be before he went solo again. jump 20 years later Cyke has become far more conservative in his ways, rightfully so. He is the leader of an endangered species, now is not the time for him to be all hippie love, peace. He has to defend and protect his kind and I think now he is old enough to realize that if morals and ethics have to be crossed for the good of your priority then the juice is worth the proverbial squeeze. On the other side of the fence is Wolverine. Now creatively I think Logan has been mainstreamed and trimmed up for the sake of public appeal and since he is easily the most popular X-related character they don't want to make him too rebellious, so those are changes made for the sake of profiteering. But I think you can look at Logan's life and see why he would eventually come around to aligning himself closer to Xavier's dream of co-existence. Wolverine was used as weapon, a tool for war most all of his life. It wasn't until he joined the X-men when the option of peace was even an option for him. Early on we would see his struggles between his own gut feeling and Xavier's dream but I think now after all these years he is seeing that peace is what he wants but he will get dirty if he has to. Before the X-men anyone who died around Logan was collateral damage, he never connected to many people at all to have emotions for them should they perish. After being with the X-men and falling in love with Jean Grey and loosing her, befriending Nightcrawler and loosing him I think it opens the doors of sympathy and empathy for Logan. Now he knows what he has caused many people which creates a whole new slew of demons. Wolverine's priority I think is to keep those close to him safe and alive all the while try to help others do that same thing for themselves. I think it's particularly interesting because Jean Grey's death I think contributes a lot to why Cyclops has changed for the darker. So one incident changed two men in completely different ways. The loss caused both men to rethink their positions in life and now both end up almost flip flopping. 
Now we reach an interesting point in my whole theory. Uncanny X-force. First let me say this is hands down Marvel's best book to me. I loved X-Force when Kyle wrote it but I love Uncanny even more. Rick Remender has cemented himself a place in my top 5 favorite comic writers single handedly with this book (I have since read a lot of his other work which only confirms that statement). I love Uncanny X-Force because this is classic Wolverine in his element. Everything I loved about his character before Bryan Singer's movie turned him into a puppy dog is in this book. He is brutal, he isn't afraid to make tough decisions and do things others don't like. I will say that the evolution of his personality has reared it's head for the best. His concern for Laura/X-23 joining the original team, the whole Second Coming event/ Fantomex's murder of the Apocalypse Child and it really works well, it totally does add a completely new dynamic to one of my favorite characters. On a personal note I think that the other titles with Wolverine in them would FAR benefit from having THAT Wolverine in them the one that perfectly blends morality with brutality. That, TO ME, is WHO Logan/Weapon X/ Wolverine is. So the point I am trying to make here is, yeah my FAVORITE book is the one where Wolverine is a stealth, black op, assassin but what makes this book so great is that blend of morality and brutality.  Let's also note that it was Cyclops' idea to form X-Force. If there isn't any other point to prove that Cyclops' ideals aren't more aligned with Magento's, that's the only one you need. Cyclops was more willing to get dirty than Wolverine was, with throwing X-23 in the mix and telling Wolverine that's how it is, there's no discussion. Wolverine tried to be the voice of reason, arguing that this was Laura's chance to be normal and not a weapon, etc.... very Chuck Xavier.  At this time I would like to mention that in the alternate timeline, Age of Apocalypse, Cyclops was a villain. He was apart of Apocalypse's team. So was that perhaps a fluke coincidence? Or is there something that makes Scott Summers lean more to the dark side? I lean more toward the former, they couldn't have predicted what's going on now 16 years ago. Perhaps there is something in the psychology that makes us want to demonize the normally boy scout/goody good archetypes. Maybe there is something about the psychology of those archetypes that makes it easy to sway. Perhaps the passion that drives them to follow the rules is fragile and should a hole be discovered in those rules he applies that passion elsewhere.
With this Schism on the horizon and the announcement that the team will be split in October, one book for Cyclops' new team and another for Wolverine's new team I think we are witnessing the split of Magneto and Professor X, respectively. I have read a ton of books and while they have referenced Magnus and Xavier's split I have never actually read a book that told that story, well now we get it. Yeah, it's not actually Magneto and Xavier but it's certainly their ideals still battling. I find it very neat how Cyclops, who always said Xavier was like a father actually ends up more like Magneto and Wolverine, this violent weapon renegade ends up more like Xavier.  I don't think this was ever a plan, it's one of those beautiful things of story evolution. After 50 years all the story arcs, all the deaths, all the fights, politics, etc have actually changed a character. I can't really think of another title where something like this has happened. Sure Batman has gotten darker but at his core Bruce Wayne is the same guy he was 30 years ago. Sure lot's of things have happened but it's not like now he is willing to cross that line and kill people. His ideals and beliefs are still the same. Spider-Man same thing, has had a ton happen to him but still he's pretty much the same character that started 50 years ago. I don't mean this as a slight to those books or anything like that. I LOVE Batman for his integrity and undying quest for Justice. I LOVE that Spider-Man is still the friendly, funny neighborhood Spider-Man. I don't think they need to change. I simply think that's why I LOVE the X-men books so much and have for my whole comic reading life. I think that characters who live something for so long are more likely to change their ideals than hold firm. In a book where someone simply dresses up like a bat and uses gadgets to fight crime the unrealistic part is the undying integrity, the endless quest for Justice I think the fantasy that someone can be THAT good morally is the appeal because it is just fantasy. With how corrupt the people that run this world are it's nice to lose yourself in a book where someone is still the same do gooder he was 20 years ago. In a book where people have natural super powers due to evolution the realistic part is after living your whole life fighting for a cause you will always find the flaws and find problems with it and alter your agenda for what makes sense for you, which is pretty realistic. I think the appeal with that theme is change. Wolverine is someone who used to kill at the drop without questions asked but now he's much more hesitant, he at least now applies his moral code to things. Cyclops used to be the boy scout chump but now he's gotten dark, perhaps he has become jaded a little. I think the appeal is that they change realistically. I'm 26 years old and I look back at stories and papers I wrote for school and other projects and I'm a completely different person. I used to use a dating site back then as well which would ask questions about anything, politics, marriage, sex, right from wrong, etc, and not ALL the answers would be different now, enough would be to classify me as a different person.

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If I had to make a suggestion, it would be to break this up into smaller paragraphs. Three giant walls of text made this a pain to read.

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