A collection left incomplete.

Recently I started going though my comics to order them in series and issue number.... and I was left with mixed emotions. 
I realized that there were issues missing from sets that I was certain I have read before... sets that I always thought were complete and it has lit a fire to complete them asap. It's almost sickening to me that they aren't. Well, okay, it's not THAT bad. I was happy to find that I have most of the issues from Green Arrow volume 3. I am missing about the last 15 issues. I was very un-happy to find that I am missing most of Green Arrow Black Canary though. 
I feel like I should have more Batman books than I do... perhaps have them more consistent.. but what can I do but move forward and just try to keep it strong. I have Whedon's entire run of Astonishing X-men which makes me happy, it was such a great run of comics. I have the first 25 of Wolverine Origins which I wasn't even a huge fan of but glad I have another complete block of comics. 
I was saddest when I realized that my Vol 3. collection of X-force was really scattered. I am missing like 15 books out of the short 28 issue series. So now I find myself trying to find the missing issues at a reasonable price via Ebay, comic shops and I just don't think it's going to be easy at all really. First of all, the first X-force series just infests ebay. Clearly no one liked that series because they are all trying to sell it, hah. I went back and read through the issues I had and I just love that book and I love what Remender has done with Uncanny even more now. I just wish I could get the missing pieces. 
If there is anything that was really accomplished in this, I have learned to not stop buying comics because it becomes such a hunt and expense to fill the blanks in later. Oy.

Posted by drphilter

Anyone have any recommendations on buying single issues? 
Also anyone have any awesome stories that I should pic up? I think I'm gonna raid the story arc tab and make a list haha.