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I was born in 86, learned to read with X-men comics, particularly when they branched off to two volumes, vividly remember Wolverine 25 as being a landmark issue, then AoA happened and I was hooked. While my love for comics began with X-men my love for the Batman cartoon sparked interest and I began reading around the time of Knightfall, my second favorite story line of all time, I read off and on and now I read pretty consistently. In 2007 I read the Kevin Smith run on Green Arrow which I actually bought new but bagged them thinking they would be worth money some day, haha, but omg, blew my mind! The Emerald Archer is definitely my favorite Hero I have the Alex Ross painting hanging above my bed, and my firstborn son will be named Oliver. I do enjoy some of the more indie titles from time to time but I love the mainstream hero books. I treat Comics like movies and video games, I am not looking for a realistic experience, I live life and it's more times than not, uneventful and dull, so I want something colorful and wild as an escape.