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@akbogert: you just broke my heart. Seriously. That's really horrible news. I just looked it up since you told me and it doesn't sound like he wanted to leave the book at all. What is happening?! Thanks for letting me know but...I...um...I'm going to go cry into issue 21 now...

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Thanks a lot! I'd finally managed to get the clown car vagina image out of my mind, but there it is again...

Well, I know I agree with a lot of people that the new 52 Harley took too many liberties with her origin and appearance (white skin, two toned hair). I thought it added more depth to her character when she chose a life of crime rather than getting pushed into some chemicals. It was also a testament to the jokers sheer genius that he could turn an up and coming psychoanalyst into a nut job. We can only hope that DC reverts to her original origin story and appearance some day.

On that note, Ales Kot's Harley is amazing! He's only three issues in and Harley's been in Kitty cat PJ's, she has a Die Antwoord poster on her cell wall, and she says things like "Check out mah gangsta skeelz."

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I like her original costume best but can't a girl have more than one outfit? Harley is addicted to shopping...she would have many outfits. I think Jim Lee did a interesting job with the new costume. And why can't people ever say "sexually empowering" instead of "slutty"?

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When did Harley first become sexy? When Bruce Timm scrawled her on a cocktail napkin back in the early 90's! Because everything that comes out of his pen is HAWT.

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Check out mah gangsta skeelz!