My DC comic "new 52" wish list

Most of these are solved, just posting for personal tracking purposes!

So far

  1. Majestic?..... Check
  2. Hank Henshew? ... Check
  3. Batwing getting a "fully covered" suit? .... Check
  4. Reverse Flash? ... Check
  5. Doomsday? ... Check (Superdoom & Doomsday)
  6. Steel ditching his AC suit for one similar to his pre-flashpoint one?... Check (kind of -> Rotworld future)
  7. Eradicator? ... Tick Tock Tick Tock
  8. The Crime Syndicate returning? ... Check
  9. Shazam Vs Superman? ... Check

Now I may focus my goals on the last primary milestone!!!

Gray Lantern Crops? ..... Ready all cannons!!!

The pieces are there, they just need to assemble them

Superman Complaints!

Superman imitating all his haters!

Superman cause property Damage


Superman didn't save people we can't actually confirm, at this point, were actually in trouble

I'm sure more people died in Avengers and all they did was go for shawarmas. Gotham gets ransacked and Bruce fakes his death. Entire towns gets destroyed in Transformers and the Autobots are too busy watching spike make out.

Superman stopped the wrong weapon, even though the humans couldn't use the phantom drive to destroy it because it didn't have one to react with theirs

There was a time I could be in 2 places at the same time ... and they cried about that too!!!!

Too much fighting in an action movie, Not enough Clark Kent, not enough romance with Lois, no bromance with Jimmy, there is some weird creepy guy running around the office

Leave Superman Alone!

Pa Kent was a Jerk and kind of a moron (okay I'll give em that one), But NO LEX LUTHOR

WA-? ... WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

There was no long repetitive sequence of character development, Clark wasn't the perfect Superhero throughout the movie, therefor leaving him room to grow throughout the rest of the series

I guess it is a good thing they didn't call it "Superman Begins"!!!

Superman Killed Zod


DRGNX didn't list my "beef"


Gray Lanterns

Grey Lanterns should be emotionless, their power should come from their ability to suppress emotions. Like Green, they would represent a sort of neutrally amongst the spectrum. Without other emotions to influence their judgement, they would be at odds with various other forces as they perform acts of good and evil to maintain balance.

As Grey Lanterns, they would need to represent a balance between life and death. As living beings they would satisfy the life equation, but as beings with suppressed emotions they would be dead inside (but lack the pure coldness of the black lanterns). They would be beings of logic for the most part. Their struggle would be against their emotions, and when facing another lanterns, will weaken the lantern by overcoming that lanterns emotional power (dulling the emotion that fuels a lanterns powers), but are also vulnerable to any lanterns power unless they master the ability to suppress emotions (like new green lanterns are more vulnerable to fear than veterans).

Power Battery - Powers that once powered the Superman Thought Robot

Entity - Volthoom

Weakness, they are trumped by white lanterns

They stalemate Black Lanterns: BLs ignore GLs, because of their lack of emotion and properties of the ring that making them undetectable to BLs (enter somewhat metaphoric reason relating to not detecting a heart and not having emotions). GLs lack the ability to harm BLs as BLs don't have emotions to dull and because GLs lack the emotions needed to produce light that can destroy a BL.

The pieces are there, they just need to assemble them

I'd say use Volthoom as the battery and Entity! Having all emotions drained by Black Lantern Hal and slashed by Nekron turns him into an emotionless entity... since the gray army was created from his powers and the guardians, they would turn into his army (but in their original forms)

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Could H'el Be Eradicator

I would like to start of by pointing out I like both characters enough that I would rather they remain distinct. This is a revamp though and changes can happened in various forms and magnitudes.

H'EL Fan Art

If anyone recalls, in Superman 0 there was mention of the Eradicator. He was seemingly calling the shots for some group of conspirators. This group was directly involved with Jor-El's work in regards to Krypton's impending doom.

As of Superman 17, We now know that H'el was sent back in time to Krypton and was found by Jor-El. Is it possible that H'el has taken up a new mantel and working to control Krypton's fate?

Would it make sense for H'el to be the new Eradicator? I think it would in terms of a revamp. We know he was initially considered to be the new Bizarro but deviated to so much, DC objected to the notion. His fighting style is not too different for Rads (my pet name for Eradicator), thought not sure if all their abilities lined up, but this is a revamp.

Personally, I like the old Eradicator and his design from the goggles to the costume. H'el might seem like a good idea for a new villain, one that allows the exploration of Kryptonian TK, while leaving Eradicator as the redeemable AI. I would be happy to have them distinct but with Hank Henshew, Brainiac, Steel, and Metallo already running around, Superman might have enough Robot/AI based life forms in his line-up and DC might be looking for ways to radically distinguish his associates.


The Guardians of Justice

Justice League meets the New Guardians. If I could have any story written just for me, it would be a JL/new Guardian elseworld.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Women are untouched images from the Web I modified existing images for the other 4. Always wanted to map the JL to the New Guardians.

I considered making Superman Blue and MMH green to keep inline with their costume colors, like I did for Flash/Aquaman, might revisit but liked the Superman picture.


Bat - JLA & Avengers

I wanted to see if I could find existing pictures of Batman that could be used to create an all Batman Avengers and JLA. To what ends? I still have no clue ..... I actually posted the avengers at the end of another thread to celebrate their victory over the avengers.

Some are more obvious than others, so look at either the weapons or the costume coloring to figure out the less obvious ones (specifically the lanterns for coloring in the avengers).

Bat-Avengers Assemble!!!

The Bat-JLA

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Who is the Alien Sun God mentioned in JLA 14?

A few weeks ago in JLA 14, they mentioned the GodSlayer, a weapon capable of killing the animal gods. But one of its victimes was "a mysterious Alien Sun God". Could this be an early Kryptonian, a Meta Like Apollo, Rao himself, or something else?

We know that E-2 Superman was refereed to as a "Sun God" by "The Green"



DC wins full rights to Superman

Good news, DC has won the rights back for The Man of Steel. DC has been fighting 2 separate battles for complete ownership of Superman, one with the Shusters and one with the Siegels, both seeking 50% ownership of the Superman rights as heirs to the original creators. As you may recall they beat the Shusters for their half last year.

Well, today they won the appeal for the works they lost to the Siegel's, mainly because they had an agreement in 2001 that was considered completed despite there not being a contract. Note this means the family will most likely get the compensation back-dated to 2001 as a result based on the agreement.

Read more here.

If that was not enough, the current lawyer's deals with the family to split the rights with him was deemed invalid. Which basically means he worked for them with no contract.

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Superman Designs

This is going to be my favorite "Superman" costume though I think the belt should have been white, that or add more red to the costume.

However I've always like the black take on his costume (including SuperMan Prime wearing it in picture 4)...minus the guns of course, in picture 3...

A bit off topic but I've also liked the design of his "Superman Family costumes" especially DCNU Superboy (picture 4), i'd vote that costume my favorite for his derived characters. It is worth noting that only 2 of the costumes had the "briefs" (superboy prime, picture 5 and cyborg Superman, picture 1) but they didn't look bad with the costumes. Steel (Pic 2) and Eradicator (pic 3) were ahead of their time, I really hope they bring back those costumes to DCnU, I don't like current Steel.

I'd also put this one in for his pre-superman-costume attire, Clark Ken in the matrix-verse ...

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