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Favorite Hero/Villain Classes (no specific order)

Energy Manipulation

  • Elemental: (Iceman, Aang, etc ...)
  • Lanterns: (Class of their own)
  • Molecular: (Captain Atom, Silver Surfer, FireStorm, etc ... )

Super Human

  • Brick: (Hulk, Thing, Juggernaut, etc)
  • Energizer: (Goku, Naruto, DCnU Superboy, etc ...)
  • Speedsters: (Flash, Zoom, etc ...)
  • Paragon: (Superman, Maxima, Thor, Wonder Woman, Shazam, etc)

Tech (This is probably my favorite group)

  • Armored Hero: (Ironman, Steel, BatWing, etc)
  • Cyborg (Robotic): (Cyborg Superman, Cyborg, Robo Cop, etc)
  • Gadgeteer: (Batman, Forge, etc)
  • Robot / Android (Robotic): (Transformers, Vision, Amazo, Data, etc)

I like other classes too, they are just not on my "favorite list"

DBZ Lovers eat your heart out