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Working with pen, paper, and a very basic image editing software.  This one was fun for me as one of my first comics as a kid was the Silver Surfer/Green Lantern crossover featuring Thanos.
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I have never picked up a Batman book, never really even been a very big fan of Batman. I also don't have plans to pick up any other DC re-launch titles, other than Green Lantern. But I'm seriously considering getting into this just based on how amazing that artwork is. Looks awesome.

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I think they may be overdoing it a bit on the events and crossovers. But to be honest, I think they do a decent job keeping the stories on point and splitting the work between so many books and talents definitely allows for a wider scope of storytelling. Fear Itself went a little overboard with all of the extra tie-ins, one-shots and miniseries, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the first few issues of the main steries. I do wish the Iron Man title would get a break from all of the event madness soon because I was really loving the book while it was self-contained last year. Overall, though, I think Marvel does a good job making their event books quality reads. And for me, that's what comics are about. I want to read an exciting story that keeps me entertained. I'm not going to waste my time complaining because the bottom line is, crossovers don't make money. If you want crossovers to be fewer and further between, then buy more comics on a monthly basis.

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 Decided to figure out my scanner and a do a quick color-in as opposed to the iPhone photo from earlier. Consider this my official entry. Costume design based on a few elements of different classic Emmas. Always really liked the long boots for her. Added the arm bands and collar to give a kind of "You covered that up but not the rest of you?" vibe that usually goes along with her various looks.
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@AgeofHurricane:  You're right, that was poorly worded. I was referring to her leaving Utopia and her extremely low level of understanding of Scott's decisions regarding X-Force.
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I think the Cap costume from the movie looks awesome. It wouldn't make sense for him to have little wings on the side of his head. It wouldn't fit the tone of the movie. But he couldn't NOT have the mask, or people would be way too upset about it. I can't wait to see the movie.

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So far I've got the only review for the new Uncanny X-Men. If you're interested, you can read it here.

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Personally, I'd suggest picking up the Second Coming collected edition and starting there. It's a big turning point and I had an easy time picking up there (although I've since picked up the Nation X storyline that directly preceded it.) Uncanny X-Force is definitely a must if you're an action fan. It's probably the best X title right now and it's only on its fourth issue, so you can jump on without blowing too much cash and start right from the beginning. If you're into a bit more of a sci-fi/fantasy twist, New Mutants is a great read as well (Plus Gambit has been making some appearances there. If you can find the Hellbound mini-series from Second Coming, he's heavily featured in that as well). But Uncanny X-Men and X-Force deal with a little more familiar characters if you haven't been reading in a while.

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1. Nightcrawler  
2. Colossus 
3. Iceman 
4. Rogue 
5. Wolverine 
6. Jean Grey 
7. Cyclops 
8. Beast 
9. Angel 
10. Storm 
Storm lands a lot nearer the top on most peoples' lists, so maybe I should explain. I never really had much against Storm, but her admirable unwillingness to kill anyone has reached an annoying level recently. It's one thing for her not to want to kill anyone herself, but to abandon the X-Men because of what Scott did with X-Force just seemed a little ignorant and stupid given the situation in Second Coming. Beast ranks a little lower for the same reasons, although I'm a bigger fan of his character in the first place.