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yeeesh, this is gonna be breathtakingly bad if Warner Bros. are really trying to rush work this out by 2015 just to compete with Avengers 2. no pre-established universe aside from "Man of Steel" -- which was initially written as a self contained story in the same way the Dark Knight trilogy was --, a hastily thrown together team that NO ONE will care about unless the movie is slated to be three hours in length and have a HUGE exposition to showcase the backgrounds of Wonder Woman, Flash, a 'fixed' Green Lantern, Aqua Man, AND introduce Martian Manhunter. and then there's the glaring problem of Darkseid being ENTIRELY too close a villain to Thanos. it will look like Warner Bros. are blatantly riding the nuts of Marvel if their villain looks like a total facsimile of the one Marvel has given the better treatment to.

- cosmic origin (check)

- large opposing frame (check)

- harsh blueish-purple craggy skin (check)

- maniacal plan for destruction/subjugation of human race (double check)

and whats TRULY sad about all this...DARKSEID CAME FIRST!! sigh... i want to see a Justice League movie guys, i reeeeally do...but this whole project sounds like its a knee-jerk reaction to Disney/Marvel slapping the taste out of Warner Bros.' mouth with their cinematic universe.

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i'm glad to hear Goyer isn't trying to make MoS "dark". as a character Superman doesn't openly brood, or stick to the shadows, or have any of the traits akin to that of Batman, despite this idea with hollywood studios that climbing the nuts of the anti-hero formula is a sure fire win in the box office. Supes is an optimist and an altruist above all else, so making it dark won't really work. not unless they're completely going to do away with what makes Supes such an iconic character in the DC universe. i think between the writers and Zach Snyder -- who visually does awesome work -- MoS might be pretty dope.


Sara looks TOTALLY dishy in that outfit.