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@frisky4 said:

@dredeuced: Good rule, but that just means I was wrong about the suit.

Wouldn't that imply that Flash has either the best healing or the best durability there is?

He has an aura around him that protects himself and those he extends it to when he goes superspeed. It's why people don't atomize when he runs them to safety at superspeeds (unless it's Wally, who could manipulate his aura better than other speedsters). This aura does give him super durability, to an extent. He also has super healing, but that's due to the speed force speeding his healing rate which is completely separate from his running.

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@frisky4: Barry can still run super speed and hit things at superspeed without his armor and he doesn't atomize himself. He just also has armor because that's what Jim Lee wanted the New 52 Justice League to look like, I guess.

But you assume current versions if no version is stated. You should never assume that we're using, like, a version of The Flash from the mid 60s.

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@cosmicorochi: Here's what your OP says as I am posting in this thread (Since you keep freaking editing it that changes the conversation so that new readers can't possibly keep up with the conversation. This is why you shouldn't just constantly edit the OP until you get the result you want):

- No Speed Force (since Flash is not in his own universe)

- Flash still has his SPEED, as in.. running/thinking.

If Flash is still as fast as he usually is, but doesn't have the Speed Force, then he freaking dies from the friction on his body or from hitting the debris in the air at superspeed without his Speed Force Aura. His aura is the only thing that stops his own speed from killing him and everyone around him. If you actually went near lightspeed without some comics BS like the Speed Force or Superman's own aura then you'd cause literal world ending fusion explosions from your body impacting atoms in the air. Flash doesn't actually KO himself with his own power because he has this Aura, but you've taken that away.

Even more consequently, Flash has no speed without the Speedforce. Like, that's the source of his power. That's like, say, making a fight for Green Lantern, but then specifying he doesn't have his ring but can still make energy constructs. How? He doesn't have the thing that gives him his power!

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@rickbarry: People who are only thinking of only other brawlers or bricks are looking at only the most obvious matchups. The entire point of these "Who's the strongest person X could beat?" threads is to come up with a unique and interesting person X could beat. If everyone just repeats "The Hulk" over and over where's the fun?

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The actual answer is Proteus. That guy's more powerful than everyone listed here because, well, he's a reality warper who feasts on living beings. But, he's super weak to metal and has been shown to be weak to Colossus (atleast an alternate version) before. A bloodlusted colossus wouldn't give him the chance to mess with his head and de-armor, I'm guessing, and even if he could I imagine Colossus could still win some matches and that counts for the premise.

If anyone thinks he can beat someone higher than a reality warper than you got me stumped.

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@frisky4 said:

Flash grabs Sonic and Mario, runs with them in his hands, and they are both atomized by his speed. Thank Presence Flash has that suit, or he'd be gone too.

The suit hasn't been what protects the Flash from his own speed since like the 70s.

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I assume we're talking Nu Barry, since no version was specified?

Barry has a major league speed advantage. But the question in my mind is what has Nu Barry shown in terms of damage output? Wally West he is not.

I lean toward Thor.

You use the version that was current at the time the thread was created. The OP obviously didn't mean for the fight to be between Thor and a character who wasn't going to exist until 3 years in the future (new 52 Barry). It's Post Crisis Wally vs Thor.

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@uberhulk said:

@dredeuced Different characters have different levels of durability, Doomsday and Superman for example can survive the Omega Beams whereas most victims die, Thor can survive a blast from Thanos (Infinity 6), Quasar and Drax on the other hand were killed by it, Superboy Prime was killed by Monarch's quantum energy (countdown to final crisis 13) whereas Thor survived a quantum tsunami when fighting Glory (Chaos War Thor 1).

Right and Flash has controlled the molecules of people Superman tough (Manhunter, Amazo, Superman's durability has been compromised by lesser phasers). If you want to cap it there then sure but Thor's been phased by lesser phasers than Flash. If someone can force him intangible I don't see why Flash couldn't make his atoms dissipate through phasing as he's shown he can before. Regardless, that's only one of very, very many ways Flash could presumably win the fight and he wouldn't go for the kill like that in character anyhow.

also Prime wasn't killed by Monarch. He shows up in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds right after the Monarch fight.

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@uberhulk: Flash used his phasing to atomize The Suit before because it wouldn't kill him. Flash doesn't kill people and usually the "phase through someone to make them blow up" would kill them. He's been able to control whether what he goes through blows up or not for awhile, so he usually chooses the non-lethal version (obviously making Darkseid explode would've been anti-climactic for Final Crisis where the point was a lot of heroes coming together to beat Darkseid). He's shown the ability to control other peoples' molecules before and has blown someone up before so I don't see why he couldn't.

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Apparently Flash can run on the air, to different planets.. run through suns etc.. via Speedforce, of which no other speedster in character history has ever claimed/used (outside of Flash relations)..

How could Iceman win?

Flash has never run through a sun before (except maybe in the silver/gold age, not sure about that).