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Uh, Composite Superman would include Cosmic Armor Superman, correct? If so I have no clue how anyone's saying Smash wins. Also composite Green Lantern includes Hal Jordan Spectre/ZH Parallax and Kyle Rayner Whiter Lantern/Ion, and all sorts of other things.

Even Sonic with his crazy chaos gem feats shouldn't be up to standing up against composite Superman, especially with a composite JL beside him.

Whatever the OP edited made this really unfair.

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This really isn't fair. Four of the Avengers seven members are street level, only Batman is that weak for the JL. Huge mismatch in JLA's favor and a very poor choice of Avengers to matchup with them.

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@etheral_dreams: B 53 is 9 megatons yield, though you are right that the "average" nuke isn't even close to 15-20 MT.

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I dislike how everyone's just choosing one or the other without much reasoning.

1)Tanking a blast that cloud bust a planet VS Tanking the explosion of said planet. (Durability)

1. The main reason is that if you were, say, on the surface of an exploding planet you are only taking about one one quintillionth of the blast because your surface area is so small compared the expansion of the exploding planet's blast. It'd be more pertinent to know how badly the exploding planet was, well, exploding, but unless the explosion is going lightspeed then chances are it'd be less than a planet busting attack.

2)Tagging someone who could move FTL VS Being able to move at light speed. (Speed)

2, but mostly because of phrasing. Someone who could move FTL doesn't always and tagging someone is a matter of reflexes, the speed of your attack, and aim/anticipation more than actual speed. Moving at lightspeed is a lot faster than, say, a stationary defense turret that could shoot something moving FTL out of the sky because of how advanced its tech is. Tagging should never be equated to movement speed.

3)Deflecting a planet buster attack VS Blocking a planet buster attack. (Durability/strength)

Blocking is always more of a durability feat than deflecting. Blocking necessarily means you absorb almost all of the attack, whereas deflecting can be a matter of angles and motion more than just being strong/durable enough to ignore the attack.

4)Surviving an average nuke VS Surviving a mountain buster beam. (Durability)

2. There are very few nukes that could completely destroy a mountain. The average nuke could not. More than that, beam attacks are usually concentrated on a certain area while nukes blast in a huge AoE, meaning you never take the entirety of the nuke's yield, just whatever your surface area allows (similar to the planet exploding question).

5)Catching a bullet barehanded VS countering a bullet (with your own). (Reflex not durability)

I feel these are identical. Both imply you can see a bullet in midair and act on it as it is moving, you're just interacting with the bullet in two ways, so as a reflex feat there should be no difference. As far as differences go, the first part implies really good combatspeed (considering you had to move your hand fast enough to catch the bullet), while the second is an absurd feat of aim because shooting a small target moving as fast as a bullet out of the air is insanely high difficulty.

6)Lifting a 1 ton Iron block with one hand VS Punching a 1 ton Iron block several meters away. (Strength)

It is much harder to move something several meters with a single action that it is to lift it if it has any relevant weight, so the second is way more impressive. Just imagine picking up a basketball and punching it hard enough to send it several meters -- the latter obviously requires way more energy. That said, punching isn't really always a matter of strength. Moving fast enough to hit something really far isn't necessarily the same super power as being really strong, ala Flash or Superman who can hit really hard by moving fast.

7) Dodging a bullet VS blocking a bullet. (Speed)

I'll saying dodging a bullet requires more impressive speed than blocking one, assuming this is a bullet that has already been fired. It takes a lot more speed to move your whole body out of the way of an already shot bullet's trajectory than it does to move one limb/object in the way of its trajectory. If the party is acting before the bullet is shot then there's basically no difference, as it's just acting on aim rather than speed.

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@dredeuced: Yes it did and I said do not talk to me about this anymore.

Whatever man, live the lie.

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@terry2012 said:

@dredeuced: It did exist you did not understand so I had to explain it more to you in more detail. I have said before this is the end of the is discussion. Do not talking to me about this anymore.

No, it didn't. Go reread the thread. You never brought up crap about "not assuming who the OP meant." You literally just started listing off every version of Superman you could to fit your argument. You assumed any and all versions so as to say Superman stomps. I don't even disagree with Superman stomping, but your method of just listing every single version of Superman you could think of was against the rules and your blatant statement that you ignore that rule because you like to is the biggest joke in this thread.

You don't get to decide when the conversation stops. I'm not forcing you to respond to me, I'm just tired of these lame attempts at last second attempts at you trying to vindicate yourself.

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@terry2012 said:

@dredeuced: So what if those are quotes after you confronted me and that is the problem. You tried to confront somebody and do not know what they are talking about. If you had give attention to you would have realize I'm saying the same thing over and over again and even before you confronted me I just went into more details about it. Another problem, you assumed I assume when I said that and I was only use that as a example because they were not specific until they made it specific. And they realize that because I brought it to their attention. No I'm not delusional. No my moral did not come after you confront me. Had you confirm what I am talking about then you would have not confronted me. Try to confirm what the person are talking about before you try to call someone on their bull crap, because there may not be any bull crap.

You weren't saying the same thing. Not once did you mention that you were going to ask the OP which version he meant, or that it's not our place to assume which version of Superman we are using. Before I told you off, you were very happy to assume whichever versions suited your purpose. You are a hypocrite. You were very specifically using feats (holding a black hole, specific things from All star superman, pre 52 Superman feats, new 52 superman feats) to counter points brought up by people arguing for Kizaru. You never qualified your statements or said anything about "not assuming" (which seems to be a concept you're addicted to, now) until I brought up how you using feats from five different Superman versions makes absolutely no sense. I didn't have to confirm anything, these were just things you said before I ever posted in the thread. You decided that it was foolish and rude for me to assume New 52 was the version we were using because I told you you couldn't use All Star or Silver Age Superman to bolster your arguments due to the rules.

All this crap you're saying did not exist until I called you out. You were just happy to keep bringing up every Superman feat you could think of from several different versions to try to tell people Superman wins. Either you have the memory of a toddler or you're just lying to try to save some face, but the very blatant lying and the childish fits (the whole "I am right and you are wrong" maneuver, right out of kindergarten) has grown tiresome. I don't really care. Just follow the freaking rules next time, it's not hard.

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@dredeuced: if kizaru had a elemental enemy it would probably be Tech's dark fruit

It doesn't have to be another fruit. Rubber itself was enel's counter (or, I'd imagine, any good insular material). Moisture was Crocodiles, be it blood or water.

I mean Teach's fruit is a counter because it would depower Kizaru's fruit in the first place so it's kind of irrelevant -- and also, you could probably just as easily spin it that Kizaru's fruit could counter Teach's (light counters dark etc etc). The main point was that Superman is a super fast thinking super genius with all the time in the world to suss out a way to beat Kizaru since Kizaru should not be a threat to him.

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@dredeuced: Like told you earlier in a earlier post. And yes I said those exact words but I also said these exact words

Current Superman is New 52. And I can use any version of Superman because the op never state exactly how limited Superman is since he can go sun dip. They made no rules at all. And I can ask them which version they are using, which I'm about to ask them. Because if they are using a different version of Superman and think of a different version of Superman then that rule is debunk if they say otherwise when you ask them.


I know what the rules said and there is no need to post the rule to me. You ought to be posting that to the op and not me. And Yes I can like I said because I'm going to ask them which I have already. And you really cannot assumed the character is current because the op could thinking of a different version or different character with said name and assuming it is current is wrong in itself. And it contradict itself. And like someone said earlier they just added that in there. Because it is specific enough when it say:

We all know what assuming makes us right? It make a fool out of you. Which is why I do not stick to this rule and ask them which version they are using. Which is wise then to assume anything. I rather ask them and be correct then to assume by default and be wrong. I like to humble myself and ask them and be correct all the time (I know no one is perfect) then to assume and be half right half of the time and half wrong half of the time. If they say it is current then that is fine but, if they say it is not then some of the people in this thread would be wrong. The op might be new here.

So if you are going to quote me then quote the whole entire thing of what I said and not piece of it. And I am obviously talking about assuming anything is what I mean by I am right. And those exact words above are example. I'm not going to bother to read the rest of the of comment because I'm right and you are wrong. End of discussion.

These were quotes you made after I confronted you. The reason I confronted you is that you assumed it was okay to use All Star and Silver Age Superman feats. Again, you're absolutely, positively delusional. Your moral superiority only came after I called you out for BS.

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@thegrayghost said:

@dredeuced: yes, its a marvel rating system generally used on most debate sites. It isnt terribly accurate either and class 100 refers to a guy who can lift tens of thousands of tons. It starts out ok like a class 10 can lift 10 tons but skews off towards the end

For instance a class 90 like Ben Grimn can lift way more than 90 tons.

And really? Your response to my post was to diss the Marvel class system?

It's a very, very stupid class system. I get that Marvel uses it to class their characters and there's nothing I can do to stop that but it seems really folly to attribute it to characters who aren't in Marvel and thus not subject to their really, really stupid system. It's like if we started classifying hero speed and the highest tier was "340 meters per seconders" when there's a bunch of dudes zipping around at lightspeed. It's all kinds of bad and the lifting system implies a lot of other dumb things (like that lifting strength = striking power or grip strength or a million different things).

If it was a system any other comics franchise used it would be just as stupid. It's, frankly, embarrassing.

Like, I'm not arguing the specifics of your post because this thread isn't the most interesting, I just think trying to incorporate a bad rating system into your arguments and then applying it to other characters undermines your point.