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I'd say they're safe for kids, but it's not like we're going to see dumbed down action movies. They've been a pretty good balancing act of making them appropriate for kids with a few adult things here and there. They portrayed Starks alcoholism and womanizing, hinting at Star-Lord's philandering, and had some pretty brutal action with Winter Soldier. I really don't see much difference between the T+ rated books and what they do in the movies.

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Spent too much on dumb villains month covers, so I asked my LCS to get the regular covers only for my pull list!

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Dead Man Down was also a WWE Studios film and is pretty good. I think they just helped finance it, so it has no wrestlers or anything, but it's a highly underrated movie from the past couple of years.

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Liked the start of this series, but I wasn't happy it was put on hold for the past 3 three months. Here's hoping that Axis doesn't hold back this series yet again!

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As someone who has just started GotG with this series and know pretty much nothing about Nova and such, is this worth skipping?

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Never been big on Spider-Man, but this looks pretty awesome. If it turns out great I'd love for this to be an ongoing series that takes place in a different universe from 616 or Ultimate. If it's a different enough take to warrant a series that is. New characters, new villains and not just only alternate takes on villians like it looks like they did with Peter.

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DAT Smooth jazz!!!

Also the Bravest Warriors is a cartoon by the guy who created Adventure Time. It's only available on youtube. The keychain is Catbug!

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Sheesh Mat, get your mid 2000's superhero family live action movies right! Tim Allen was in Zoom, not Sky High......SHEESH :P

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If they have multiple villains, they need more of them working together against Spidey. The few moments Electro and Harry teamed up was awesome, but it literally was like 3 minutes.

Also a focus on less plots would make it a better movie. ASM2 had to deal with...

- Peter and Gwen's relationship (which itself includes the on-again off-again parts, Gwen leaving for London, Peter deciding to stay with her wherever she goes)

- Electro's origin

- Goblin's origin

- Peter searching for answers about his parents

- Peter and Aunt May coming to terms with Uncle Ben's death

- Harry and Peter reconnecting

- Harry looking to cure himself

- Aftermath of Gwen's death

- Pointless Rhino introduction

Way too much was going on. If ASM2 focused on Peter and Gwen's relationship, Peter and Harry Reconnecting (laying foundation for Goblin for the 3rd movie), and this all intertwined with a worthwhile foe. Electro was just such a waste and had ZERO impact on the plot. It was just a guy that Spidey had to take care of. I can understand a plot like that in a comic, but this is a big budget entry in a movie series, he should have been much more than just a throwaway villain. Also Jamie Foxx was supremely miscast.

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