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I read the title as Blandy McBoring reportedly in talks for Deadshot.

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Sounds like the name to the next Star Wars video game.

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They sure don't make action heroes like they used to!

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$100 that it's just a movie called Marvel.

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I don't have high hopes, but I just hope it isn't Crystal Skull levels of bad.

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I have no idea what Squirrel Girl is, but this looks like some dumb fun.

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So is Batman $4.99 just for the Endgame arc, or is that it's new price from here on out? Been hearing mixed things over which is true.

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T2 by far. Not really a fan of Aliens at all. Love the original Alien quite a lot, but I just don't care for it's sequel. T2 is awesome and will always be. The first Terminator is good too, but I barely remember anything from it besides the dated stop-motion exoskeleton.

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CM Punk proved that WWE fans can get behind a guy who isn't Vince's mold for a WWE Superstar. I just wish Vince would have seen that so we could see more people like the NXT talent in the spotlight. A bit of me wishes that NXT just stays it's own thing and doesn't get ruined by it's stars being called to the "main stage". The "main stage" WWE is suffering so badly now that I just want NXT to be all wrestling.

I hate to say it, but WWE will flourish once Vince passes away. I love the guy and all, but it really feels like him and his creative hold overs are keeping the WWE from becoming something as cool as NXT currently is. Rollins v Ambrose, Paige v AJ, and Damien Mizdow are the best things WWE have right now and the rest of it is just boring or downright awful! Fingers crossed they can make Ziggler main event talent, but I just think they don't know what to do with him at all. He needs a new gimmick as the cocky ladies man thing is just dumb and old. The fact that he's been there longer than Reigns, yet Reigns seemed to be taking the fast track to main event status just seems wrong. I feel bad Reigns had the health problems, but I kinda am glad that his push to be the next top talent has been set back a bit.

I don't watch Raw or Smackdown regularly, but I think WWE should really treat them as two different shows, each with their own stories and characters within. I may be wrong as I don't watch Smackdown, but I think WWE should use the show as a proving ground for some of their more out-of-the-box ideas. Like a cross between NXT and Raw.

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@the_stegman said:

I hate it when fans think too logically about movies. Yeah, Quicksilver COULD have helped, but where's the fun in that?? It's like when people complain that the Avengers don't show up in individual movies to help each other out. The movie would end in 10 mins if that were the case.

I bet it's the same reason that every character doesn't appear in every comic when something big happens, they each got their own shit going on! I just imagine that all of the Phase 2 movies happen around the same time.