My New Favorite Image...EVER!!

My heart simply melted when I saw this in Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, which was a great issue, by the way.

This is the way it should be! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Starfire, I Have Hope for You!

Oh Starfire, how you never cease to make our blood run with the passion of our ideals! Hello fellow comic books lovers! I've already posted one blog (my first) regarding Starfire and her portrayal in Red Hood and the Outlaws, and while my opinions about Starfire were predominantly negative, I've decided to spread some of the optimism that is horribly lacking in this topic area. I whole-heartedly agree with those who feel that abandoning a comic during its first issue is rather unfair (though I also understand money and budget. If an issue just doesn't interest you, that's perfectly acceptable). And I also whole-heartedly agree with my fellow Starfire fans, but let me say this: this issue is only the first. Many, many mysteries have yet to be explained regarding this unlikely group of heroes, and these questions pertain to Starfire as much as they do Jason or Roy. Have patience, and I honestly believe a favorable outcome will occur. A first issue is not meant to give us every aspect of a character and her (or his) trials.

That being said, a first issue is meant to establish a character's fundamental personality in regards to the forseeable future, and given Starfire's current character traits of strength, amnesia, and promiscuity, I also have to say I am rather wary of future issues, as these traits alone provide very little depth to any character in the greater scheme of interest. A character of this aptitude can only have so much said and done to them before a change is needed to maintain the stimulation of the audience. A static, stagnant character with little depth provides this necessary mental stimulation for only so long.

And that brings me to another point: the derogatory terms (slut, whore, you get it) used to describe Star's...personality. I admit that I used these words in reference to Starfire in the New 52, and after reading several comments and articles regarding those terms and their usage, I have decided to cease using them myself.

Use of these terms only stands to weaken an argument, as the definitions of these words varies from individual to individual. What is a slut? Some would say it is a woman (or man) who engages in casual sex. Another would say it is someone who has sex before marriage. Still more would say it is someone who commits adultery. Regardless, these terms are obviously tailored to an individual's moral beliefs and ideals. Who's to say which definition should be used for Starfire? Before the New 52, various people regarded Starfire as a whore simply due to her clothing options and somewhat promiscuous nature, which was obviously unfair, as a great number of comic characters were and are less than innocent, and have taken part in various sexual activities with various people. It's more common for a comic character to be sexually promiscuous than not. And really, Starfire's lover list was not that long, at least not any longer than many others'. So let's bury those terms, eh? From a female perspective, these words are particularly degrading, and using them in reference to a fellow female (no matter what her sexual behavior may entail) only strengthens the negativity. I understand that Starfire's previous sexual identity was also accompanied by her loving nature and strong sense of justice; but this Starfire should not be given the burn before we have a chance to really understand the elements to her character. And one issue does not completely sum up her personality. It provides us with an appetizer, not the main course.

Ultimately, I find myself willing to stick around for a few more issues. There are many aspects of Starfire's character yet to be witnessed, and I continue to believe that her memory deterioration is a probable plot point. After all, her experiences on Earth, especially those with the Titans, shaped her character into what it is...was. Whatever. And because if this fact, I find it possible that her current state of mind can be a direct result of her amnesia. Perhaps when (or if) Star's memory returns, we'll finally see a character we can appreciate, both as a woman and as a superhero. I don't mind a few tweaks to her personality; in fact, I encourage it, as a dynamic, changing character is one that provides consistent depth and entertainment. I have hope for Star's future as one of these characters, as I think we all should. Lobdell himself openly expresses his great love for the alien princess, and I doubt he would use that adoration to send her down the wrong path; perhaps his plans for her character will eventually lead us to a greater rendition of Starfire, one that develops and grows with her experiences, while still remaining true to her fundamental nature.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this little baby of mine. Please don't hesitate to comment and add your own opinion to the mix. Witnessing various sides of a discussion only serves to broaden each of our horizons. Thanks for the life lesson, Kingdom Hearts :)


Starfire! Who would've guessed?

Hello fellow comic book lovers. While I created this account a while ago, and had planned to immediately start posting stuff, as you can see, I have yet to actually get around to it. But one topic, one I've particularly been interested in since I became enamored with comics, has inspired me to post something of relative interest. As you can see from the title, this, my very first blog post, is about Starfire, the exotic, ever-controversial, alien beauty. With the recent release of Scott Lobdell's Red Hood and the Outlaws, Starfire has been the topic on many minds, and most of it...not good. While I have not yet read the comic for myself (I actually have it waiting for me at home, as I'm in my dorm room at the moment), I already get the feeling that I will not be pleasantly surprised with Starfire's character, which I find very, very disappointing. I have always been a fan of Starfire, since I first witnessed her in the cartoon Teen Titans, and while I am very aware of the difference between her comic and cartoon counterparts, I have to say that my favorable opinion of her has not ceased to exist in my heart. Imagine my horrible sadness to realize that Starfire, at least for now, would not be portrayed in the way I've always believed she deserved, as a strong, independent, intelligent woman, who contains as much fiery spirit as she did when she was first introduced in the New Teen Titans. Over the 30 years since her creation, I believe that Starfire has received the proverbial short stick when it comes to character development. Instead of being depicted in the manner I described, she has been portrayed as a shallow, one-dimensional character, with her only redeeming quality being her relationship with our own Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing. And while I entirely loved her relationship with Richie, I had absolutely no problem with her moving on and once again becoming her own woman, while still maintaining fond memories of her love and family.

The problem in this comic, and I know it's been beautifully explained by many others, is not that Starfire is sexually liberal. By all means, her confidence in her sexuality brings all the more power to her. In that way she is parallel to Catwoman, who's comic was also praised and critiqued this week for its inherent promiscuity. And while I saw the infamous last page of the book, I felt it displayed Selina's inherent sexuality, while not in the sensual, mysterious, subtle manner I prefer to think of her. The difference between the DCnU Starfire and the DcnU Catwoman is that Catwoman, while still very sexually appealing, appealed to many other qualities as well, including her strength, cunning, and lust for danger. She was not depicted, like Starfire, as a one-dimensional character, entirely devoid of emotion and moralistic fiber. Ironic, since Kory's vivacious spirit and loving manner are exactly what she was famous for at the height of her comic career. It was said about the Titans that Dick was the head, the brain of the team if you will, and Starfire was the heart and soul. We certainly don't see those qualities here. We see her sexuality and nothing else. I know, harsh, but I do have positive, or least hopeful, perspectives on Lobdell's work. I did personally think Starfire looked gorgeous, despite her many sexified poses. I give many kudos to the artist. And I honestly wouldn't have a problem with Starfire's sexy poses, if it wasn't all we saw of her. While Jason and Roy are in the heat of battle, kicking bootie and the like, Starfire is busy being busty and bootilicious at the beach, perfectly content in her amnesiatic state.

And that's another thing . Completely erasing all important aspects of her past completely stifles any chance Starfire has for character development, something she has definitely needed for a few decades now. I admit I was disappointed to hear of this particular element of the story. Thankfully, I'm optimistic, and genuinely believe her amnesia won't last, and will become, if not the major plot for the arc, then at least a major side story; and hopefully, this exotic beauty I want to see will soon appear, not to pose, but to kick serious tail. Oh, and Jason and Roy? While I enjoyed the couple pages I saw of their banter, and enjoyed their dynamic with one another, and while I absolutely adore Jason in general, I would be very careful about not turning them into a couple of jerks, flaunting the proverbial marks on their proverbial bedposts. I've never appreciated men, or boys, boasting their sexapades, and I still don't find it very amusing. Overall, while I definitely have concerns for this comic, I also have hopes that it will soon take a turn for the better, and my Star, specifically, will finally get the chance to shine.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If anyone has any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I love feedback and good conversation! Ta-ta, and have a great weekend!




Hello All!

Though I've been Comic Vine for a while, I've only recently decided to create an account. First and foremeost, I'd like to extend the hand of friendship to anyone willing to take it. Secondly, I'd like to acknowledge that I'm an avid fan of Jason Todd, and a Batman and DC Universe fan in general, though my dad has recently made me into a Marvel fan as well. I also regularly follow the DC Women Kicking Ass tumblr feed, and subsequently worship it. Finally, I'd like to give the credit of my icon to the person who created it, known as jiuge on DeviantArt. I highly recommend you check out her account, as her art is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen, not to mention she also has a very wide range of fandoms she draws from, so you're bound to find somehing you absolutely love. Well, I guess that's it for now. I will be posting continued blogs when I see fit, which will, of course, include concepts and issues I find particularly interesting. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to make yourself known! Ta-ta!
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