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Because people who don't know what they're talking about are allowed to open their mouth. I bet you half the fools who crack aquaman jokes have never read Peter David's run or Aquaman form 2003 onwards. What's bizarre is Superfriends is ancient history yet the retarded jokes persist. The comic world needs a hero who can fill that roll of overseeing 70% of the earth and its life.

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She was bi for sure. Also cats lick everything if you catch my drift.

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@feebadger: I'd say that if the New 52 actually started from scratch instead of saying certain events "still happened" there would not be as much conflict. The similarity to the previous continuity is what's the most frusterating.

This is the perfect microcosm to demonstrate why the New 52 is a joke. They're picking and choosing which history is worthy of being canon. It's inherently revisionist. Funny how the successful stuff like The Killing Joke gets kept but the more obscure yet well written stories are destroyed. There is a method to this madness. They think if elements of the most famous stories are kept old fans won't bite their head off. I've never seen a business have such disrespect for its own subject matter. Trust me when I say this proves the new 52 isn't safe. Fool me once removing the history of the past, fool me twice and eh.... you get the point.

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I agree with your post but not your conclusion. It's not to late to turn back and admit the New 52 was a mistake. It doesn't even have to necessarily be acknowledged as a mistake. We have seen the artful manipulation of timelines and conflicting stories by DC and Marvel many times before. Turn back now before it's to late. Before we lose over fifty years of history. Please almighty DC I beg of you.

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Then I'd want to have sex with the Joker

I'd hit that

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Irrelevant question. Harley Quinn already provides the female insanity factor in the Gotham Universe.

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No, I am against digital comics. I want a physical copy that I can hold in my hands. As far as I can tell, when you buy a trade, you are not given a digital code to download it. However, my single issue of Batman #0 does contain a code which I have not used.

Once again digital copies serve really good purposes.

No they don't. They encourage less story and depth for more colorful pictures and artwork. You also don't own a digital comic. Keep in mind digital comics only help in killing small businesses like comic shops which are few in numbers already.

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I guess I am not a collector then. I just buy trades so I can read them.

Makes sense if you're not really interested in collecting and just want the story. I'd bet that most people who buy trades are into digital comics as well. Which is why I'm confused people keep posting pics of trades in a thread about comic book collecting.

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Just grabbing a random sampling, 20 story pages in Green Lantern #0 (2012)... 17 story pages in Brave & The Bold #147 (1979)...24 story pages in Spectre #3 (1968). So, yes & no. Today's books tend to allow the artwork to carry the story more than older comics. There are three entire pages in the Green Lantern issue without a single word on them. The current method of comic book storytelling is considered to be more "cinematic".

Yeah I think I was looking at the Nightwing and Green Lantern #0 and was like wtf, they were as thin as a sheet of paper.