Basically to get this straight i won't be able to do alot of RPG's right now with my schedule and because of other things going on in my life...especially the open ones that have dozens of posts in them that take a while to read, i have the leaves and sticks and i also have the stones but i'm not pulling any sparks out of it to do a post. That isn't really the biggest problem, the biggest problem is that it cuts into my school work and i can't be going out of my way to read posts upon posts to take 2 hours of my time to write out MY post and do my homework or study at the last second...I was originally going to just post on the weekend but i already have enough RPG's going on that it would still take me time to post. 
I'm sorry if i'm in any open RPG's or RPG's that i'm supposed to be in but i will have to drop out of those....Any battles i have going on like mine and Nova's probably won't be post-poned because it will take them a while to post anyways and will not be dropped but any fast-paced RPG's are not for me right now. Like other people school and RL come before the Vine and i've been procrastinating on capitalizing on that phrase. 
Once again i'm sorry if i needed to post in some RPGs but right now i can't do so many posts, i have to study hard!!! xD 
Thanks for understanding and if you say that you can keep up with school and RPG'ing then whoopdie-doo fudgepackers!!! I'm not like you am i? xP