Artwork - Dreadfire Comics - Birminghams Own Superhero

Hey so thought it could be a good idea to post some of the artwork we have. I posted some concept art a while back but now I figured people may want to see some of the characters were working with so here are a few of our wallpaper pics. Take a look, let us know what you think and I'll put links in a spoiler at the end of the post for if you want to look at the website etc. Bios for most these characters are on the site aswel btw :) Hope you enjoy them!

Posted by M.S. Feather

Warlord is my type of supervillain! :D
Great job on the designs.

Posted by dreadfirecomics

Hey thanks!! Warlord is ace, his development is going to be epic as well, definately a character to watch. Glad you like! 

Posted by tonis

@dreadfirecomics: woo hoo, very cool looking stuff. Bright, dynamic, and very sexy in some cases :)

Exciting stuff, you should get your samples on DeviantArt as well, you'll certainly find more fans there also.

Posted by Agent Buttons

I like.

Posted by dreadfirecomics

Hey thanks for the interest x) I was going to put some stuff on Deviantart but I heard there was something dodgy concerning copywrite of things you upload? I will look into it further though. Thanks alot for the comments :)