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speedlgt? i have to disagree with you, hulk is stronger and can beat well he already beaten hercules, anyways as for red hulk? he was more powerful when he had The "Loeb-Force" however after his lost against WB Hulk, he seems to be depowred at this point, well im out bye.

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@the_man_with_questions: sorry have not came to this website alot like i use too well it kinda got bored, so again sorry yeah i know im late.

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this monster has once killed the man of steel, doomsday would murder he-man, and if even somehow he-man find away to kill him? doomsday would end up comeing back ((stronger)) to a rematch sadly he-man can't defeat him the same way twice so this ends with doomsday easy murder him and his friends..........R.I.P. HE-MAN bye.

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wow just wow, let me get this off my chest, ok 1. XD LMFAO at He-Man Fanboys LOL and 2. Dark Cloud is the only one in here that knows what he's talking about, silver surfer wins hands down, he has more plus better power abilitites and many more facts that would give norrin radd a greater victory over some cheesy less-threatening barbarian, one more thing i find it funny that people keep bring up his fight against sa superman? but there a problem with that...............HE-MAN EASY GOT BEATEN BY A OVERPOWERD BROKEN CHARACTER KNOWN AS SA SUPERMAN!!! whatever im done here good bye.

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sorry ((SUNMAN)) but thor has lifting midgard serpent which ways the same as the earth itself so he can match He-Man strangth Thor has more fighting experience than him , who has he-man really fought? and fighting superman is not the biggest factor to give him a big victory over thor lets be honest here they're list of people that could beat superman anyway no He-Man didin't outclases Thor in terms speed and durability, He-Man's durability facts is not that great compare to him and Mjolnir is much more powerful weapon, sorry but thor would destroy He-man because the god of thunder has way more facts that will put masters of the universe to shame...............well im done good day.

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Seriously, this guy exists yet people harp on Superman? Not only does Supes actually have a rogues gallery that can challenge him, he has a supporting cast! Surfer has none of that!

((to be honest superman is boring and this comeing from a superman fan, now as for silver surfer? no he not boring im sorry you feel that way bye))

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moon knight would win, he seem shown more facts and i don't know how captain america would lose to hawkeye? he not all that impressive.

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sorry i disagree with some people in here, shang-chi is more skilled in hand to hand combat after seeing facts from both fighters, i thank he has a change against the old iron fist, however he lose to current iron first due to improve chi powers, in my opinion.

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wow you put alot of work on your trolling and downplay marvel comics, sorry to say but dc comics ain't doing any better either mostly some of the new 52 titles keep geting canceled and all, dude your nothing but dc fanboy that got nothing else to do oh by the way DC dominating Marvel in the comic selling department? dude dc had loses and wins against them, really this is sad whatever im out good bye.

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@tparks: im haveing problems here, it wont let me look at most of your TMNT comicbook scans it keep saying ((ERROR LORDING IMAGE VIEWER: INVALID MODEL DETA)) am i doing something wrong?