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@adamwarner42:  I'd have to agree about Tiger Shark, but the rest I'm not entirely sure about.  The U-Foes are relatively well known, but perhaps aren't given the kind of attention they deserve.  Baron Mordo is one of Dr. Strange's major enemies, I don't know if I'd call him obscure, I'd have to think about that one.  And Impossible Man is more of a nuisance than a villain, a less malevolent version of Mr. Myx...oh screw it I can't remember his name. :)
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Ironically on the RPG community I'm a part of, this confrontation may happen.

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@Risky: Amazing this guy isn't more prevalent than he is. 
  Classic case of awesome power, but not the will or ambition to use it. 
 @Sexy Merc:
  I'm a fan of Mr. Sorrow as well.  He's just one good story arc away from making the big leagues. 
@Violet-Eyed Dragon:  No problem man, and I agree that Mac's not given the respect he deserves.  This thread is more for the less famous bad guys of the DC and Marvel universe though.  Do you mean Kid Miracleman?  And yes, Mister X definitely applies. 
@adamwarner42:  Isn't Atlas reformed now?  While I know murder is wrong, all the Scourge has really done is killed criminals, or has he been given a revamp?  I haven't read anything recent lately.  Nitro, the man that caused the Civil War, definitely an underrated bad guy.
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@adamwarner42: I'd have to agree with all three of these.
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@Violet-Eyed Dragon: Wow, lot to reply to, let's see.  First thing's first, yes, the shorts are stupid.  This is not an opinion, this is a fact.  Swarm's set to appear in the Heroic Age Villains Handbook, so maybe this a portent of good tidings for him. 
  Ok, back to business.  I agree that Chemistro's got potential, especially if he ever manages to internalize the powers of his gun like the second one did.  Cage as much as said so in New Avengers Most Wanted. 
I don't know about Mysterio, I've always considered him one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies.  Then I again I remember him as a kid and I liked his look, I'm not too sure what his rep is these days.  Though I've heard it's pretty bad, especially after the Daredevil debacle.  Plus he's well known in the mainstream.  He's dangerous, but not obscure. 
Same with Blob. 
Dracula definitely qualifies considering how powerful and intelligent he is.  He deserves more exposure.  They should have made him the mastermind behind Curse of the Mutants, not that Xarus-no-one-has-ever-heard-of-me asshole.  
Hammerhead-also someone I feel has a lot of potential to make it big and's who's made a number of appearances in other media despite his relative obscurity.  All he needs now is a memorable comic story arc to solidify himself as a serious player.  
Mac gargan-definitely not obscure as he has more than made his mark as of late.  Agree that Brian Michael Bendis is more dangerous that any sonic attack. 
Hardball..I admit I've never heard of him until recently.  All I know is the name and that he was part of the Initiative.
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I'm a longtime fan of Swarm.  I hate bees and I don't even want to think how painful being stung to death by a swarm of killer bees would be.  Plus he's caused his fair share of events where he seems poised to become a major threat.

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@AMS: What villain doesn't?  Hmm, hypnotizing the whole planet..yeah, I'd say that makes him dangerous.  I'll put him on it.
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@Backflip: I've read about The Fury and I agree that he's a dangerous SOB.  The problem he has is that he's primarily an Excalibur enemy and doesn't get a lot of exposure into other titles.  Throw in the fact that with Captain Britain involved and  all the alternate Earth mess that comes with him it's no wonder The Fury's not more well known.  He needs to have a throwdown with the Avengers or X-Men, that would get him noticed.  He definitely belongs on the list.
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@Decoy Elite: Touche.
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@Risky: Good point.  Also as one of the masterminds behind the "death" of Captain America, he's warranted respect.  Besides DC's evil psychologist has made it to the big time, no reason Marvel's shouldn't.  :)
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