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They need to find a way to bring Roman back permanently.

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Before Annihilation, Annihilus was one of those obscure but deadly villains. He didn't appear often, but when he did it was usually significant.  Even before seizing the Opposing Force, he was powerful enough to nearly kill Thor forcing Odin himself to intervene.  A powerful villain capable of greatness, but not quite reaching it. Then came Annihilation, and The Living Death That Walks hit the big time.  However that was some time ago and Annihilus has yet to return in a meaningful form (currently a larval form).  Does anyone else think it's time for him to return?

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@adamwarner42: It's called Obscure, but Deadly, and for the most part it's done. It'll probably be an ongoing list as other villains come to me, but I'm happy with what I have so far.
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@Violet-Eyed Dragon: Ah, I hate it when villains play musical chairs with different costumed identities.
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@Violet-Eyed Dragon: Ah, okay.  Just to let you know I read about  Miracle Man and I agree.  I've put him on the list.
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Oh, just a brief FYI: For the moment I'm going with the title "Obscure, but Deadly", but it's just a placeholder. Also, if I put anyone on the list you guys may not know about or disagree with, feel free to throw up a post and we can hash it out.  
And just a big thank you to everyone participating.  I'm a big fan of obscure bad guys getting a chance to shine like Hugo Strange is in Arkham City, hopefully in the future some of these guys will have their own breakout moments, whether in games, tv, movies, or comicdom.

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Well alrighty, I definitely got enough to start.  That doesn't mean you guys should stop giving ideas though.  Also, any ideas on a title for the list? 

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I'm a longtime Abomination fan and I hope this means he's coming back permanently.  If so, he needs to seriously remove parts of Ross' anatomy and stick them in places the sun has yet to shine on.  Don't get me wrong, the Red Hulk wasn't a bad idea per se, just..he's no Blonsky.

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@jloneblackheart: Well I'd have to agree on the note that the writers were lazy in explaining his power increase.  I get how he went from the original Oblivion to the power of a Skyfather, but they don't really explain how he got back to his original level of power.
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@adamwarner42: I should have been more clear about parameters, but that's okay, no worries. 
@mr.obvious: This is more difficult for more as I'm not really a Flash fan but I know how prominent these guys are in his title.  IGN put both Mirror Master and Captain Cold in their top 100 villain list.  The members of Blacksmith's group may be more in line with the obscure, but deadly motif, but I don't know.   Could you explain a bit for me, please? 
@Dracade102:   Dr. Sivana is definitely someone who deserves more exposure.  I have no clue who the third guy is though.  
A few choices of my own, thoughts?:  Xemnu, Urthona, Olivier, Madman, Invisible Destroyer, Massacre, 2nd Atomic Skull