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The X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool action figure- I love me some Deadpool, and one that can chill with Darth Vader and Sean Connery? Sign me up!

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I wonder what would happen if you actually told the bank that Spider-Man sent you to register...
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I would think a lightsaber can melt through Adamantium, it goes through everything else just fine. So- swipe, swipe, swipe- dead or not Wolverine's left in 6 or 7 pieces. Darth Maul all the way.

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Civil War. Between the actual sadness of watching a true hero beat down by Iron Man and security winning over true freedom, the wasted potential and some terrible writing really rub salt in the wounds.
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Putting Deadpool into one of these is just unfair- he's cursed with life and thus can't die. If push comes to shove it becomes a war of attrition- how much damage can Deadpool do in 5-10 minutes before dying and how much Hulk can heal in the 5-10 minutes it takes for Deadpool to get back up. Cable in the mix just makes it harder on Banner.

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Make mine Marvel.

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The king of monsters, Godzilla, versus Charles Barkley, NBA Superstar. Godzilla is pretty upset about their last encounter, and isn't screwing around this time- fight to the death. We're assuming Barkley is Godzilla sized, natch, and let's say his basketball can be used as a shield against Godzilla's bream breath. Fight is in a populated city, but there's no military or civilian intervention.

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In honor of the Walking Dead's new TV show I propse a battle to the death between zombie apocalypse survivor- Rick Grimes and Frank "The Punisher" Castle. They're using weapons of equal quality, but are low on ammo- urban enviroment with no other people, each combatant has one mid-range gun, one close-range gun, one knife and one other melee weapon- use your imagination or just fill in your favorite weapons from their individual comics. Who wins?
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Namor- chivallry is so dead.

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Yeah, there's no street level hero who can take Daredevil as he is. It's gonna take some magical intervention to shut down the demon of the Hand, then we can talk. Without that, it would take the whole Avengers- new, secret and young- to even stand a chance. Or maybe some Beyonder action. But I think Elektra, Izo or Ghost Rider will find some way to remove the demon from the equation- or at least weaken it.

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