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Are you kidding me, is this a April Fool joke, how the f*** did that pain in the a** character beat all of those great character, those who vote clearly like the cocky type character a lot, me I hated Damian Wayne sense the first time I read the Battle of the Cowl, he was plain and simple a a**hole, in my opinion he was the worst robin and worst member of the bat family, I cheer loud and proud when I heard he was killed off, and now they are trying to bring him back, while they killed off Jean-Paul Valley, and they also make it that Tim Drake was not even Robin in that stupid 52, who were both clearly not a monster like this little a**hole, he will destroyed the Batman legacy plain and simple, and that is how I feel, stop the world I want off :(

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What is with MARVEL lately, do they hate Steve Roger, they killed his Ultimate version, now they are doing the same what the over and over, something happens to Steve and the Captain America mantle is pass down to some one he knows, then they go for a while, then MARVEL brings Steve back as Captain America. Wonder if Sam again is just going to hand back the mantle like the first time Sam took over as Cap. So I just wonder how many more time are they going to do the same thing replace a legend that made MARVEL.

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I don't know what is going on up here in Canada, but for some reason both Nick and YTV are not even airing the new episodes of TMNT :( .

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I do like them both, but I got to go with JLU just because it had other heroes in the DC universe in each episode like Aztek, Fire, Ice, Steel, and etc..

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I want to see Azrael, Poison Ivy, or Black Canary.

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I would had pick the Bat family, but I plain and simply hate Damian, as Robin, as the future Batman, and all his other nickname, I miss the pre-Damian Batman, I so miss Jean-Paul Valley.

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No, just no, I do not want to see MJ in Amazing Spider-Man 2 or in any other. I love the Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy romance, and I want to see those two together more then just bloody two movies. For crying out load MJ was already in every Spider-Man animation series, the three Spider-Man movies as the main female role, in the first set of movie they did not even mention Gwen until the third movie, she mas a more major person in Peter life in his early years, and the fact they used the Green Goblin throwing MJ off the bridge sicking me, how dare they use that moment, and have it that Spider-Man saved her. And the fact in the main comic book verse MJ and Peter are not even together, or even in the same city, or even on the same cost. I am sorry if they do do the Gwen Stacy Death and have MJ take over as the main female role, that will be the last Spider-Man movie I will ever see, so stop it already.

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I really like the X-Force Psylocke the most, she look very beautiful.

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DC, why oh why are you including Catwoman as a member with JLA, how do they know she wouldn't steal some thing dangerous and powerful and used it to steal everything in the world. What part does DC writers not get, Catwoman started out as a thief/enemy of Batman.

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Why oh god why, I would had love to seen Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Azrael, Huntress, Tim, Deathstroke, Batwoman, Eradicator, Steel. Anybody before Catwoman, the only Catwoman I like is Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway.

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