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I think... I'm already hating this movie. Tell me when Spider-Man exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so they give him the actual costume and don't f*** with his origin story because they secretly are Batman fanboys.

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Hmm... here's an idea. Make it black, give him a cape, while we're at it put spiky features on his arms... Wait, that's Batman's look? I know. Why am I bringing it up? Because if this movie and Marvel higher ups clearly have Batman in mind when doing Spider-Man now, they may as well go all out and make him completely like Batman.

What's that? There's a chance it will look like the classic look from the comic book? THEN WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST DO THAT BEFORE?!

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Hey, Ultimate Spider-Man, YOU'RE STILL NOT FUNNY!!!!

And injecting Kraven the Hunter into Bitch Tiger's origin? That's about as stupid as turning Rhino into a teen who injects rhinoceros DNA into himself to attack Flash... OH WAIT!

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It's Mephisto taking on the form or possessing Spidey so he can make out with MJ.

Either way, I'm counting down to when someone who realizes how to manage Marvel comics decides to continue Amazing and make it less looking like the Ultimate or Cinematic universe.

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First off, WHY A RELAUNCH?



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The announcements will only piss us off even more.

It's more of Marvel covering their ears from all the criticism we've given Ultimate Spider-Man, even people who liked the show at first are losing interest. Avengers Assemble is going to reference nothing from EMH, That movie is going to do nothing interesting. Seriously, I want to stop hating Jeph Loeb so LET HIM RETIRE!

Get someone like Greg Weisman.

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"Of course we don't need some big horrific event just to make a great memorable story."

My exact words to the existence of One More Day.

Maybe they'll finally break the deal with the devil?

Or Mephisto reveals that MJ has been his wife since OMD and takes her away with him. Considering he wanted Thor not to interfere with a plan of his and he was putting the moves on Magma for a plan, it wouldn't surprise me if he manipulated everything behind the scenes in OMD just to have MJ... better than just erasing their marriage just to take away their happiness yet totally sucking in the story department.

Oh wait... Doc Ock related... Doc Ock attacks Peter's home and kills May?

Part of me wants to laugh at this. Why? Didn't they decide to end Amazing Spider-Man years ago in the 400's? Give it a few years and viola, Amazing 701.

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I'm taking these quotes from Linkara.

"There are a lot of reasons why teams like The Avengers get a movie about them whereas that Youngblood movie has been in development hell for years. And yeah I know he said on Twitter that progress was being made, but I'll believe it when I see a poster... or better, a trailer!"

"What kind of name is "Bloodstrike"?! Are they aiming their guns at their enemies' blood?!"

Also... generic looking ripoff characters. Rob, stick to drawing for other people.

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Ah, the image of Jennifer Garner as Elektra.

You know, if they had Colin Farrell as Bullseye in her movie and it focused on her getting revenge on him and had him chewing the scenery and hitting on her constantly, then that'd be a better movie. In fact, they should do that unless they can make a better Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Okay, if this happens in the movie too, I might change my mind about not going to see it.