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@the_shogun: I haven't done many h2h battles so if it sucks I'm sorry :P but I had fun with it so yolo

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Many would claim the Shogun the greatest, and she had the feats to back the claim. Still the dragon failed to believe it completely. If you thought someone better the fight likely would never be won. She was confident in victory because confidence is what she needed. It's what seperated the dead from the underdog. Some might argue that others had confidence but those were men, this was a dragon and even if slain she'd live on in spirit. But she didn't plan to be slain today, for the knight before her didn't seem the type to drop a dragon in a tale.

The katana swung with murderous intent and a good gauge of speed and reflexes. The legend stopped the blade with her lead hand with a show of martial prowless worth admiration. It didn't have an effect on Jessica though, she'd stopped blades before using her body, she'd been tortured by blades before. Know what putting your hand in front of a blade did? It got you cut. Maybe the Shogun had avoided it but Jess doubted it. More so because though the hand struck the hilt, a slight pull back suggested contact with the edge. One doesn't put their palm before a Vibranium edge without usually parting skin. The retraction of the sword arm sought to capitalize on this fact. And this open wound if successful could be used by the Gothic Viper, the dragon of the criminal infrastructure could use such wounds to her advantage especially given where better to deliver any poison then to the bloodstream?

Jessica's palm shot forward and in a simple move the dragon missed her mark. Her palm only found a shoulder. It reminded her of one of the better crime bosses. The child that was Jess would swing and in what was more a stretch to ease the muscles then a move the crime lord would avoid harm. Then Jess would get kicked across the room. One day though Jess returned they fought, a shoulder rolled as it always did but this time it was poisoned. Just like now, in the world of powers a fight was almost never fair. Fang's delivered venom yet again.

Still the Venezuela leader still stood, a mastery of her body kept her going. It was fascinating to watch. Her senses caught traces of it but Jess wasn't sure she could ever describe it. No two people move alike their bodies were always to some degree different. This though was like watching someone take on the form of another yet also seemed the same as the one before. She didn't fully understand what the Arcani art allowed the woman to do, but then she reminded herself she didn't have to. The prey was now in a race against the clock, Ivana had to win in a classic sense while Jess all she had to do was endure long enough. Course that didn't mean she wouldn't fight, mid leap the katana was sheathed and the dragon readied for retaliation.

What followed was a move that broke tradition a performance of a body capable of going beyond human behavior. A stylized kick normally going for the body or cranium went for the legs. Foot work was fluid as water. But then the dragon was no slouch in her own mobility. Her body was conditioned to balance and fast movement. The dragon could move along the roof tops construction sights light posts and every other object of Gothic as if she were soaring. A leap escaped the blow completely her landing however was not so great.

What normally was a feline like graceful landing or as soft as a dancers step was a landing that barely found ground before interception. There was little to no movement no wind up no artistic flourish, a brace and strike so well executed even if Jess did expect it she likely wouldn't have been able to ready for it. A fist hit her jaw with jaw breaking force with enough sudden impact to lead to teeth carving open her tongue. Complete with complementary knock back of the dragon stumbling backward a good three steps. It didn't mark the end of her though, she'd been hit in the head by sledgehammers. She had a pain tolerance that rivaled some regenerators.

What followed was a purely dirty trick learned from the streets of Gothic from thugs and prostitutes. It was well aimed spit, was Jess proud she could perform a long shot spit glob no but it did have uses such as now. Jessica was toxic it came more from her hands by magic means then by her blood but it was still there, particularly after she shot it past her fists where the venomous mist was passed through. The toxic blood went for the face, course it might be simply dodged however most went for the imediate reaction when it came to blood or sand. Their hand, and the Shogun only had one good hand, one that might be cut. It was a bit of a gamble but a chance to drop the other arms mobility was not a chance to miss.

Of course she wasted no time almost immediately lunging forward. Her knee went for the groin, once more a low blow a dirty move coming right from the back alleys of Gothic City. She followed with a quick uppercut motion that sought to plant her fist against the elbow of the good arm. Once more seeking to deliver a dose of poison. With it's slower break down VX doses could be stacked for greater results. The third move came from a second attempted palm strike from the dragon's other hand. It sought the nose, to drive the cartilage into the brain in a fatal blow. Of course backed by the steaming nerve toxin coming from her hands. It might prove hazardous getting in such close range with an exceptional physical combatant. Then again Ivana had a better reach so it might be more advantageous getting in close.

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@the_shogun: it's on now sucka >:D

<.< not sure how I feel about VX was a cool idea going in. And it fits her really well. However usually using more honorable methods with characters did feel kind of dirty using it lol

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If Ivana was at her best then the dragon would be slain only it's spirit left to go on. If Ivana was fully armored the snake would be without venom. If Ivana was armed to her fullest and the dragon using her usual weaponry she'd be as flawed as traditional swordsmen against modern firearms. If Ivana wasn't wounded then Jessica might be no better then a caged animal. Predatory and violent beyond compare Jessica had avoided all these issues. And while the tables were probably not turned it did craft a more manageable and balanced game she figured at the least. As for poison she was about to use it was unfair in a traditional sense, but nothing about the game of powers was traditional. Every warrior likes to behave in such classic sense but special abilities changed the dynamics. What was a classic sword duel if one of the swordsmen had the ability to cast fire at range? What was a boxing match if someone could at anytime retract claws from their fist? If powers were in play no fight would be "fair" but then one could argue a fight is never going to be fair. Jessica set the stage like it were a fair contest, by using her powers in a powered duel one could say it was fair. All the while though it was exploitive setting herself up for better chances against what should of otherwise been a rather certain loss.

Her free hand released a violet like vapor it burned with a unnatural intensity that could allow her hand to part average fabric and flesh. It's ability to cut wasn't what was special though it was the release of VX Toxins. A chemical agent that was outlawed in use, a chemical the makers of Grimm crafted to Jessica's body amidst her years of abuse and torture. This toxic mist didn't cover the Vibranium blade however, she wasn't going to use her powers to boost a weapon because the weapon wasn't apart of her. Another play on attempting to manipulate the game history showed what Ivana could do with her powers infusing blades. An unwelcome concept to a vigilantie clad in nothing that could endure such cutting potential.

VX was a acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, it worked by blocking the function of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Normally, an electric nerve pulse would cause the release of acetylcholine over a synapse that would stimulate muscle contraction. The acetylcholine is then broken down to non-reactive substances by the acetylcholinesterase enzyme. If more muscle tension is needed the nerve would release more acetylcholine. VX blocks the action of acetylcholinesterase, thus resulting in initial violent contractions, followed by sustained supercontraction restricted to the subjunctional endplate sarcoplasm and prolonged depolarizing neuromuscular blockade, the latter resulting in flaccid paralysis of all the muscles in the body. Sustained paralysis of the diaphragm muscle causes death by asphyxiation. A rather summarized explenation likely taken and explained predominantly from a website. This nerve agent was able to be released by the dragon however and was now being put into use in the fight as she dashed forward. Skin contact alone would do, as would inhalation of course. Being clad in the attire she was meant her arms legs face and hair were all potentially able to make infectious contact. A part of her did possess pride however, and so no clouds of the vapor were made. The odorless tasteless poison may have come from Fang in abundance but she wouldn't have it trailing from her in grander area effects.

Rushing forward the Vibranium blade in her left hand swung for the jugular. Of course decapitating the greatest warrior would be nice but it was not the intention. Rather she used it to see if there would be a block or dodge. It was then and there her right hand would lunge forward seeking to palm strike or better yet grab the Shogun's face. Perfect for a flesh burning toxin delivering strike or hold.

She planned should all go well to retreat by using the wounded leg from a Pryor gunshot as a platform. Leaping off the wound while certainly not helping it's pore shape as the dragon sought distance to be more properly prepared for retaliation. Jessica struck as fast as a viper, her moves predominantly silent and soft while not inaudible they were light footed ideal motion of an assassin. Her moves were fluid it all flowed as if a singular motion rather then a series.

As for commentary there was none she didn't drop one liners or clever retorts. She was focused silent as death and quite good at making others just as silent.

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@_grifter_: it does lol, nice line

Granted not gona lie that trailer was boring to me lol. Superman looked well bland, had all these theatric shots and shit but none of em I found I gagging they were just generic poses. We see a bat mobile and it looks to me least from what was shown just like the Nolan Bat Mobile. Wasn't inspiring or new just there. Be they good or bad at least all other bat films can say they felt creatively new on some level such as bat transportation. Glowing iron suit makes me think badly done Ironman. More a look to hit what's trendy then something fresh and engaging. Plus IMO there needs to be a bit more hyping bats up in said trailer. We see Supes being Supes so seeing the Iron Bat alone isn't enough to make me think a good fight. You see Hulk and Ironman go at it the Avengers trailer and it gets you hyped, or at least it does for me. That trailer didn't

Granted it's early, more a teaser can't expect to much but still. Course I also could just be biased :P I've for the longest of longest times been screaming do something the f else. I've seen Batman enough Superman done a dozen times before. I personally think DC needs to give cinema something else.

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Wasn't much but I had fun with it

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At this given time she didn't know of her brothers fate, nor who ended. She suspected the League do to the mission Vex was involved in in Venezuela. A mission she knew to have led paths to cross with the Shogun. As for the Shogun she was established name, hard to miss and in her rise to power easy to find. Looking for Mufasa? Go to Pride Rock. The crossbow fell away discarded as it's ammunition was spent, what Jess now needed to do was derive what actions to take to try and bring a queen of war down.

A monitor reflected an IM message on the glass of a door in a building beginning to flood with smoke and fire, Jess had the eye sight to see that text with ease. With this kind of eyesight she could easly see the success of her arrows, as well as the several other attempts from predators of the self proclaimed greatest warrior. Her hearing could hear the feint scream of a woman locked in a janitors closet, the sounds acompanying this told of desk displaced by a detonation before the door. It was with this sense of hearing that Jess had idea of the strain the Shogun's own body was under. Jessica's favorite sense though was smell, the Shogun left the tower. Amongst all the chaos who was to say if her foes in the Conti Tower could tell she departed. But the dragon could that smell was easier to track for Jessica then drugs were for a k nine unit.

It helped that there was no other smell even close. It was laced with traces of foreign smells from the land they came from. It was laced with a think scent of iron from fresh wounds and the smell that came from what caused those wounds. Vibranium to had it's own particular smell and only one individual was covered in it. And of course there was the natural smell, what a beloved pet runs to and remembers. So to did the dragon know it and pursue it. If she had to describe it she'd say it was the smell of a shadow. She didn't know how to describe such a smell but that very much was what she thought it to be. But still how was she to rival a much better skilled and armored force.

She thought she'd try honor.

With leaps from ledges flips of light posts and a series of moves that virtually defied the laws of gravity. Movements inhuman yet the way she moved might remind the Shogun of a man who traveled tree branches with more grace then any cat. And the landing, why it was so soft even Jessica had a hard time hearing it. Of course she wasn't going for stealth, to many ninja rejects, to many potential powers. Airing by fire or grand sequences of combat would only ensure a bloody final chapter to a long bloody and haunting book.

Rather the song of the blade marked her entrance, the sound an Orrochi made before parting flesh. The stance was all wrong though and her looks had no similarity. Her breathing was also calmed she hadn't seen a night of grueling fights she was still for the most part in good shape. "Know I could get you through all the channels." A more snarky rival might jest about doing a job without the body count. But such words didn't come from Jess, though there was the briefest of seconds where there was almost a smile. A fading trait of a girl long sense dead who would of made such a boast in another life. "One on one no armor, just honor." Again few words but it said it all. The dragon proposed a victorious seize of criminal power in a single battle of mutants and swordsmanship. Not tech deciebt traps or debate just a duel. It was proposed with a confidence that seemed to true to be a bluff or a lie, and it was. Jess did know the criminal world she could open doors. Of course that wasn't the plan though.

No Ivana had more experience had seen better prey, sword alone wouldn't do. Ivana had a power set built for combat even with her wounds she was many times more lethal. But with the dragon came venom, her moves could be toxic. She came with a warriors aproach, like a wolf seeking to be made alpha. At all given times though Jessica was a snake.

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If there's a pm ye should add me. Or at least Vocal on her more atm

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@ironphantom: Jessica is me :P

I saw her mentioned reading his bio and was like you should let me make her an alt ^.^