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A barrier of azure beauty safe guarded the duo from the dragon fire. Blazing embers dancing harmlessly in the air until falling to the soil. An impressive technique but the induced bleeding showcased the reality of the situation. One of her foes was weak she'd capitalize on it, a counter was coming Cessendra needed to capitalize on her familiarity with one. A ruby flash struck the small rider in the chest, the impact immediately sending her backwards several feet. A black crater rested below her ribs, vermillion fluid seeping into the earth the stench of burning meat snaking into the air. Fang showed no sign of pain or recognition of her injuries.

What followed was Blair's own techniques the horsemen of conquest instantly moving away. Sand turned to glass as blinding spheres of light were evaded. "Oh please Blair you and I both know you don't play with knives."' For whatever the pixie didn't recognize her it seamed but Cess knew her.

"Vesho" a draconic word for shadow a arsenal of spears fabricated of darkness materialized. Their edged points aimed towards the woman she believed once a friend. It was actually an attempt however on forcing the Eyed one to act. To force his hand or eyes really to act, in effort to induce an even harder time on the senses.

Following the effort Victories Vixen charged in a obvious swing aimed for Blair was intended rather to carry through and drive into the eagle's neck. She'd follow with trying to leap onto the man's shoulders to kick off in a vicious vertical slash designed to cleave the light bringer into two. The move could function either way but momentum always helped. Cessendra would finish with a roll to the side opening soldiers up to a shot with arrows and spears.

Breathing though was getting short and slightly tedious. Bottom of her lung scorched black. Do to an inability to feel pain however she failed to realize the gravity of her own wound.

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Not really lol a rocket she's got a better chance evading I'd say then light attacks lol

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Don't feel to bad she did just try to kill you lol

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@cellphonegirl: saw Eagle was like she'd go for him. Then saw you post in accordance to his and that was even better :D post wrote itself lol

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I'd make one but I got Nat Stark and Antidoll lol >.> I can't pull 3 alts in one thing lol

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@crimson_eagle: @cellphonegirl:

Five foot three inches tall two of those inches added by armor she was likely hard to spot amongst brutish orcs and horse riding barbarians. Still she charged forward cumbersome claymore etching a line in the sand. It parted as simple as steel and as simple as flesh to her. She'd fought more battles then there were grains of sand. She was simply drawing a road towards the next battle. One that stured her timeless heart.

Many moons ago Fang was on a team with a girl of pink hair named Blair. They'd had a friendship of the classic opposites attract sort but the team had split. Seeing Blair though brought out the warriors pride. She had to showcase that she was still a knight to be revered for pride was the truest downfall of the timeless crusader. Locked under the mantle of the Horsemen of Conquest however her attack was not playful no friendly spar. Her swings would be out for blood.

The beautiful island, the display of power these didn't phase the ex Vine Titan. Fearless was she in her advance, a cough and a massive ball of fire large and hot enough to incinerate a car was directed at the man previously poisoned. Dragon fire being directed as the centuries old teen rushed forward. A roar bellowed from her mouth that rivaled that of the creature her alias was named after. A cryi out that could rattle a mountain.

Her small frame leaped upwards in a theatrical spin. Her heavy blade seeking to split the pixie clear in two. Close proximity of the near by eagle allowed the fall of the spin to seek to cleave his head from his shoulders. If she could she'd follow the move with a thrust meant to impale the woman she perceived to have once been a friend. Her blade was as sharp as it could be without being brittle, her armor as good as plate mail but light weight. And her eyes burned with a passion for conquest and testing herself that rivaled a dragons passion for gold.

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Happier with that post