Where Dragons Slumber

The room reeked of the stench of fighting, a coppery taste of blood hung in the air to some like sweet nector. Music was loud and of a fighting sort if it wasn't for the several matches before their likely would be fights now. It was a small club where nearly any age was permitted and the only drinks were alcoholic containing. People came here for the drink and fighting, They strayed from murder but other wise anything went. It was located on a sea port in Germany that most had abandoned years and years ago. Nobody bothered this place and those who came knew damn well what to expect. Tonights champion was a nineteen year old that had been the victor the past two months straight. The only bummer of a night of her in the ring was the profits. Most bet she would win few betted differently. Those betting against her lost a lot of cash and that was split to those who bet on her, making profits small. Her name was Cessendra most just called her Fang.

She was small just above five feet tall but there was a take charge attitude that made her seem the tallest there. Her eyes seemed animalistic almost like the fusion of a snake and a cat and the sheen to it was alluring in a exotic way. Her hair was long and a shimmering silver, not a white or grey of age but rather seemed the legitimate color almost refracting light and even reflection though the later was relatively minimal. The flowing metallic colored locks had been in a simple pony tail now however it hung free and wild the fight having forced it to come undone. For all her fights however she had remained a mystery and as it was this night that the various patrons of the bar demanded to know Cessendra better then just the blade loving shorty. So even though most of them were likely to drunk to remember come the morning Fang had the group gather around her and grab a cold pint.

"When I was young all I wanted was to be a warrior some valiant hero. Maybe it's because I had three older brothers and one younger. All we got were stories of soldiers kings and mighty heroes princess being the loving wife those things they never got brought up around me. So when the Crusade was about to begin I enlisted. They figured most women were a good addition as nurses, comfort, politics etcetera. I wasn't well received I picked fights with everyone and most the times I won to. Back then it was probably the biggest insult possible. They wouldn't kick me out though I'd bloodied to many good men in brawling there was a use for me on the coming battle fields. Of course when we got there they didn't like supporting me either. I was wrong, odd almost a heretic myself. We were out to save the ones without faith end the heretics and so on and I barely fell under what they were willing to tolerate. I couldn't be happier though, I was isolated left on my own I got the best battles. The impure forces would have me surrounded on all sides and my ego demanded I walk away unscathed or dead resulting in the most glorious fights.

"It was some time before I was respected by the men, but by the time I was the rumors were grand. It was said I had eyes in the back of my head and was impossible to catch unaware. They said when I was forced to resort to just knives it was soon to be accompanied by hundreds of dead. Some even said I was a paladin casting sacred spells of the church in the mist of battle. Now of course these are rumors of course, but you know the saying all rumors start out with some trace of truth. We had finally broken past the defenses not long after we were functioning as a unit finally, we were trying to breach that castles walls for some time and once we had it was time for judgment. And me I was privileged with fending off any of the last few who might resist. People would convert rebel or be executed and only one sparred life. The rebels met my sword and spear laid to rest for even trying, at this time I hadn't known what all the end really entitled. In the next few battles though I would come to learn.

"Sure some joined us but generally they refused or rebelled it was more massacre then savior more often then not. I never questioned the choices during the raids and battles the mission comes first. After words though it eats at you…Was running your blade through the heart of a mother and child embracing just? They didn't follow us but was murder really the solution to all this? As the first crusade was coming to a close I came to the conclusion that I was not in power to say if it was or wasn't. However we also could not return to the homes we had to follow through with the sacrifice of everything. To try and unite the world we had to commit sin to stop sin we had to lay ourselves to rest. Unite the people then stop our actions from haunting them, of course the unit I was in did not agree to this. They turned on me one and all, lovers brothers sisters this was my family and they rebuked all I had said not so much as a compromise. They attacked me, I wanted to let them save me, pardon me of my actions but I couldn't. I fought back my blades sang as they parted limbs and sent heads flying to the side. And then I was greeted by the truth…

"To be forgiven of what we had done such a thing needed to be done they would be sparred but not me. I would have to wait till judgment day, only then would I pass on. I've tried to be just in the many years sense then but I also know I've been approached by chaos and that darkest of forces. It was those whispers of black that told me of my lineage and all it could lead to…" The silver haired warrior sighed and finished off her drink. Saying her good byes as her orange eye locked with the crimson eye of her black steed outside. The unnatural eyes were one in the same in appearance belonging to something long thought forgot. And until the time that heaven and hell opened up the two would wander seeking battle and a cause.

Note: Not my finest more me just ironing her out and figuring out her personality. The more exciting use of her will hopefully be soon ~Azra alt # 31