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Alias: DragonFang

Name: Jessica Rook

Age: 19 or 20 records erased.

Height: 5'7

Weight; 120

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Navy Blue boardering on violet

Origin: Enchanted Mutant

Distinguishing Features: Scar tissue along most her body. Subtle but there. Dragon tattoo 'tramp' stamp. A fang tattoo on the back of each hand.

Powers: the x gene residing in the veins of Jessica gifted her with remarkable enhanced sensory perception. Radar Sense comes easy using heightened senses to allow her to "see" in a way remenescent to echolocation. Super Hearing allows her to hear so well she can hear a person's heartbeat at a distance of over twenty feet, or people whispering on the other side of a standard soundproofed wall. Super Touch is her sense of touch being so acute that her fingers can feel the ink on a page or feel minute temperature and pressure changes, including body heat from people standing nearby. Super Smell her sense of smell is so precise that she can focus on a person's smell and follow it through a crowd of people at a distance of 50 feet or gunpowder from a sniper rifle almost 3 blocks away. She also has a great ability to remember smells, allowing her to identify people by smell alone. Lie Detection - Jess can tell whether a person is lying by listening to changes in their heartbeat, or by smelling their sweat when they are under pressure rarely ever does it prove to be wrong. Agility do to the fact that Jessica's sensory organs have such a high level of development, her inner ear, which controls the equilibrium and motions of the body, is also highly developed, aiding her in acrobatic feats that may surpass even Olympic-level athletes. Tracking her heightened senses make her particularly adept at tracking people. She uses sense of smell to track their scent and sense of hearing to discern vocal patterns, heartbeats and gait. Lastly is Enhanced Eye Sight She has the ability to see vast distances with complete clarity. This advanced eyesight also allows her to see in almost complete darkness.

Fangs: an enchanted tattoo on the back of her hand grands her with the ability to fabricate a blade of heat and VX toxin. As a blade it might be efficient as a poison strike it's quite brutal. As a vapor exposure can come from the wound, proximity enough for skin contact or inhalation. Because VX breaks down slowly in the body, repeated exposures to VX can also be accumulated. The extent of poisoning caused by VX depends on how much VX a person was exposed to, how the person was exposed, and the length of time of the exposure symptoms appearing seconds later. It Acts by preventing the proper operation of an enzyme that acts as the body’s “off switch” for glands and muscles. Without an “off switch,” the glands and muscles are constantly being stimulated. They may tire and no longer be able to sustain breathing function. People may not know they were exposed to VX because it has no odor signs though might include. Abnormally low or high blood pressure, Blurred vision, Chest tightness, Confusion, Cough, Drooling and excessive sweating, Drowsiness, Eye pain, Headache, Nausea, vomiting, and/or abdominal pain, Rapid breathing, Slow or fast heart rate just from a small dose and sweating and twitching is virtually certain. Successful attacks are likely to deliver a high dose with effects being Convulsions, Loss of consciousness, Paralysis, and Respiratory failure possibly leading to death

Abilities: thanks to her time with crime syndicates she's become adept at knowing cities inside and out within a day or less of arival. And more importantly has been able to piece together the criminal infrastructure within hours. She's familiar with the dark arts magic and chi, however she has yet to show signs of any practice of such talents. She does however show case athleticism stamina pain resistance and martial arts talent matching at the least most other vigilantes and super criminals.

Gear: is known to use a cross bow and carry a surplus of ammo. No special tips or customizations are at this time used however.

Outfit: she does have variations of the suit from light to medium to full body. Each brings more coverage of skin and general protection. The outfit itself is blended between Dragonskin armor and a thermal weave. The weave is there simply to keep her warm dispute climate. Where as the segments of Dragonskin shield vital segments of the body.

Random Fact: the same individuals to bring up Grimm told Jess the tattoo was of more significance besides simply telling Jess she was a piece of property. However she was thirteen when she was marked and still has nothing to show for it.


Not much is known about the life Alex and Jess lived before made orphans. And of those who might know Jess is the most vague. Her parents she never knew to young to possibly remember. As an orphan she was still quite young and wouldn't remember much. And if by some chance she does remember the rest of her past is so bleak she's repressed most of it. For it wasn't long before Jessica was kidnapped reasons nothing more then insult to injury to the child's late father.

She was a captive and slave untill the age of thirteen. She wasn't provided education or treated as a child. Rather she was an object of selling used physically and mentally before auctioned off again. She'd done everything from theft to murder, from arson to trafficking guns drugs and girls like her. She'd even managed bank acounts of the mob growing good at math despite a lack of education in much else.

At the age of thirteen Jessica found herself being rescued by Lady Grimm and the cult she served. Leading to the first shimmer of hope before she returned to servitude. As soon as she arrived at her new place of residence the cult began to raise her anew. They marked her, why is unknown. It led to a paranoia of needles however as it became conceived as a tool of marking slavery, or the unclear mind of drugs both loathed by Jess. Her real upbringing was however in the identification of magic and in how to fight. For years she was beaten and brutalized to be made a weapon. The wounds were usually healed but only to a point leaving vague reminderes upon her skin. In time though she was ready to serve as the Shadow of Grimm, there for whatever the woman needed.

Maybe it was conditioned into her maybe it was honest either way she'd grown to believe she loved Grimm. At the same time she hated the fact as it meant she felt which she never wanted to do again and was told not to. Or she'd been manipulated in feelings two diminishing any thought of control. To make the ordeal worse it was rare Grimm needed help in the first place making the handmaiden off darkness feel useless. Then however Grimm started a turn desiring to be good, a brief moment was shared by the two within the room. A light in her owner was seen that snapped the mentality of Jess. For anyone to think they could turn righteous after what this cult and what Grimm had done. Enlightenment she couldn't believe to exist or be earned. As their passionate moment ended Jessica saw a knife into Grimm's brain, base of the skull toward the back the kill was swift. The rest of the cult she'd ended as they got before her. She couldn't say she'd ended them all but plenty graves could be dug. Returning to Gothic would begin her life as Dragonfang, objective simple. She'd be the lost who killed the rest.