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Name: Cessendra Dreugenfeng

Height 5'3 (2in added by armor)

Weight 100 (10lbs added by armor)

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Orange

Age 19(in truth 1917)

Skills: 360 Vision, Weapons Master, Knows most world languages, Animal riding

Abilities: Pain Immunity, Limited Magic, Immortal, Durability

Weakness: Wise but stagnant mind, Rash, All melee centered

Full Perspective: an ability where in the eye rolls to the back of the head and through focus works as essentially an eye at the back of the head.It doesn't relocate itself or anything just is so intuitive to thee environment that a perspective is provided. This makes her far more responsive and alert in combat. Cessendra uses this so frequently that often she wears an eye patch or covers the eye in the design of her mask.

Weapon Master: Her long history has led to remarkable almost fabled abilities in close combat. From the knife to the war axe if its a melee weapon she's almost always a master of it if not then at least greatly skilled with it.

Congenital Insensitivity: A inability to feel pain, her senses still work but when it starts to cause pain she does't notice. In one hand this is good as it combined with her other abilities make her an exceptional if not greatest warrior. On the negative side it means she's likely to push herself more then she should ever do. Despite a burnt black hand and two broken knees she would still try and fight. This could lead her to recklessly getting injured more or place others in harms way.

Limited Magic: Dragon Tongue. The most frequent use is simply dragons breath coughing up a searing almost solar hot flame. That is a spell she can always put to use as well as communicating to animals. Some times though in majestic sacred or blood soaked grounds she can evoke other spells. The spells themselves vary however and she has to be cautious about when she makes use of her lineage.

Immortal: She no longer ages physically stuck at the age and mind of a nineteen year old. She is far from unbeatable she bleeds like any mortal. She still gets sick and even tires if she goes on to long. However ailments and injuries recover as soon as she wakes up from at least two hours of sleep. Decapitation would kill her though other severed limbs or parts of the body do regenerate, though she's often extra hungry and thirsty once she wakes as generating such cells is exhausting.

Durability: Years of fighting have made her skin and bones a bit like leather armor. She can take more hits then most its far from flawless however just minimal additional protection.

Armor: after years of crafting her own weapons and armor she's become very gifted at the art. Her armor consists of a flawlessly woven chain mail. It can withstand most bullets that are less then the fifty caliber and can repel most ordinary blades or at least lessen the damage they'll do. The fabric she wears is a well made steel, to be more precise it is a fabric with those plates of steel woven in. Its light and easy to move in but provides protection almost as good as the plate mail of ages old.

Weapons: Claymore at the hip and two swords at her back and two knives one on the back of her waist another on the small of her back. On her horse is also a spear and a shield though those are rarely used. The blades are a fine steel and sharpened to a fine edge. She can't work any scientific brilliance and reach the fabled monomolecular edge however. Her blades are sharp rarely meeting any resistance but they're still breakable.

Weakness: As stated she has a very wise mind but still often thinks like the nineteen year old girl she is. She could be a tactical genius but would much rather rush into the conflicts. She's battle hardened yet still feels she needs accept every challenge raised to her. Most crucial however is that the mission comes first and as such some of her actions are almost predictable.

Personality: Summarized Cessendra is a warrior who can't be shaken from the thought she must prove herself. She lives to fight and better herself she thrives on proving herself. She's someone who will throw caution into the wind just to prove she won't be a coward. Proud as a lion wise as a dragon but as careful as a feral wolf. To her the mission matters more then anything, the fight and challenge is critical. The fight and honor of victory means more then the citizens, and the people are far more important then the home. Team mates are last on the line of importance. This is not because they don't matter she just feels that her 'team mates' should be warriors. They have to know the righteous methodology of combat. Beneath the warrior who is always watching however is still a rather kind and fun loving girl. She likes the party scene granted the best are ones where a bar fight can be had.

Dreugen the Black Stallion: This horse is old as her and been through everything with her. It's never happened but secretly though they both know that Dreugen is more important to her then even the mission. Dreugen like her recovers over night. He also can run at speeds bordering on the supersonic and can retract pegasus wings if wanted. What Cessendra has never told anyone is that Dreugen is in fact a dragon.

As a dragon his fire burns at an intensity that even Adamantium boils. His claws are as long as ten feet and able to cleave even Vibranium in two. His fangs long as a bastard sword biting even into Uru with their terrifying vice. Druguen's wings flap with a ferocity to generate tornadoes done so on a muscular frame that could tackle the titans of myth. Lastly his armor hide can withstand blows from even the hundred toners. The dragons mind is impenetrable it's weakness rides at an opening in the scales just below the jaw between a specific two scales.

History: A woman who's heritage secretly consisted of ties to the fabled dragons of myth. She fought in the first crusade and at its end reached a conclusion of what needed doing. It led to her being banished from the afterlife until she could be judged on the day the horsemen rode into armegedon. Sense then war has been her life seeking for any and every battle.