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She will be my bride.......

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@thecannon: I can probably guess why but what exactly can you pinpoit at GotG that displeases you?

I don't care for the team in general, which already makes me not like it. But besides that, the film just seems to not even be trying to be serious and it more like a comedy than anything else (though I give Marvel credit for not hiding that in the trailers like they have some of their previous films). The few cast members I know I don't like and those I don't know didn't seem to do a great job in the clips (though it is hard to tell someone's acting ability in a minute or two). The music just seems random and like it's not supposed to be there (though I guess that goes along with the comedy thing). That's really all my main reasons, along with just a feeling I have about it that I'm not sure how to explain.

Yeah, the underlined part was exactly what I guessed - its precisely the main thing annoying me. While I don't necessarily agree some with other reasons, I do find them understandable.

After seeing some Buffy episodes, have you watched any other vampire-themed stuff?

Do you find this death ridiculous?

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@theacidskull: Oops my bad, man. I forgot to reply to this... Yes I had before in Eragon and one of the Stargate series, can't recall if its Universe or Atlantis. Still the dude was an great actor, but I preferred him better as an VA.

He plays Rumplestiltskin in once upon a time. He is a f*cking brilliant actor. Wish he got bigger roles, and I wish he returns as dracula.

F*ck. How could I forget Rumplestilltskin too? I've watched a few episodes... But is it true that he also lost his wife like Gabriel did in LoS 2? :p

He should probably Dracula in a live-action movie ;)

Is it sad that I am forcing myself to watch True Blood, despite knowing full well it sucks just because its the final season and I don't have anything else better to watch on HBO?

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@thecannon: I can probably guess why but what exactly can you pinpoit at GotG that displeases you?

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@dragonborn_ct: Also, there's thing you say in the article, "It's a very serious issue". Is it though? Is it really? I mean, how many of the hundreds and hundreds of people who write blog posts literally exactly just like this one are so unbothered by the effect that they still buy the same games regardless. If an issue isn't even important enough to change the discretionary spending habit of the activists who support the issue, then it's not very important. I think of myself as a casual feminist, someone who's interested in the culture and social aspects of it from a socio-academic perspective, but I'm not kidding myself. I don't volunteer at the women's home, I don't stake out on a school's quad asking for justice in underreported rape cases or join a riot in India over ridiculous double standards in rape laws. I visit an art exhibit on occasion, listen to some excruciatingly bad fem-punk, browse articles and blogs about how video games and movies aren't fair in their portrayal of women, and muse about what these portrayals reveal about American culture and values in my free time, occasionaly taking enough care to write my thoughts. I have bought almost every game on that white male chart. Yes, I still complain about the limited storytelling experiences those characters provide. Yes, I like links on Facebook that say the same thing. But I don't have any illusions that what I do is contributing to a "serious" issue (especially when there are 90 trillion people who think the same way and have done the same things), or that it is indeed "serious" or even all that complex. Cultural preconceptions, for the most part, are only symptoms to the illness anyway.

Day 1 DLC though, that's some important sh*t.

For someone who is indifferent to the topic in general or just don't think the issue is serious enough, you seem quite in invested ranting yourself against it.

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@jonny_anonymous: Thanks for letting me know, man :) Any news on Alien Isolation?