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Here's a radical idea: let artists express themselves in any way they damn well want and if you don't like it, do your own or don't buy it or just, ya know, shut up XD


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I'd say hot, but her face looks kinda weird. Also the lighting kinda ruins it.

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@dragonborn_ct: It's nothing against you. As I said on the last page, I am just as guilty as you are, as are most people. I was simply musing on the culture on what constitutes activism in the internet age in general and this seemed like the most relevant thread to do it on. I mean, I suppose in hindsight the better option was to just create my own topic, but I think it's laughable that you think I was personally offended by your post. I think the same things you do, but it seems you utterly refuse to understand anything I say and simply take it as a personal attack because I'm offended that... Your thread got bumped I guess? Is that your point? If that's so, I should be mad at myself, because I'm bumping your thread...

I understand ranting is cathartic, that was my point. The whole point of the countless internet blogs like this is that in this day and age of connectivity, we see injustices, and instead of actually working to meaningfully change anything, we write blog posts or Facebook statuses so we can feel conscientious relief in some way. Having an audience just makes it all the more satisfying and satisfies our egos to boot.

Now you are going to pretend that is not what you really meant and that you agreed with me all all along? My point about the thread being bumped is irrelevant, I just said that you already commented once and I didn't reply and now seems insisting on continuing this inane conversation. Basically what you are saying that "if you don't have anything good or productive to say you should just shut the f*ck up, because you are not going to make an difference anyway and everyone else is already doing". Cool story bro.

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And oh, Erica Durance is hot

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Isis Gomez... You should probably know all of our hot babes' names by now, man >_>

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@jonny_anonymous: For Destiny? I will wait the reviews, though I found all footage I've seen really impressive, it didn't held much of my interest and I'd only really play for the singleplayer campaign (not an multiplayer guy). It has being ages since I touched my PS3 now that I think about it.

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@theacidskull: That would have being f*cking brilliant... Someone at MercurySteam needs to hire you. The only thing I don't like is that this implies Gabriel wouldn't have to be the main protagonist and while the main hero himself is a real puppet. But I do love the overall plot.

I could add that the castle could link also continuities such as the pre-reboot Castlevania.

Do you know Galamoth? He appears in Symphony of the Night which he is a demon trying to usurp Dracula's title as Lord of Darkness and he is the hardest boss in the game and he also appears in the Kid Dracula series fullfilling more or less the same role albeit that game is non-canon. I originally pictured him as Satan's successor in LoS 3 and he would have carried out the plot, but unfortunately nothing really that interesting came out of it and I realized it would have being LoS 2 all over again, making its own ending useless.

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@dragonborn_ct: I understand that, I even mentioned it my post on the last page of the thread, but it's not a "serious" issue, nor is it one you're actively doing anything to impact. Everyone with half a brain knows that it is exists and that it is harmful to storytelling opportunities. But why are publishers afraid to green light female characters? That's the question you should be asking. It's not a money issue, it's a sociocultural one, and as far as symptoms go, video game plots land pretty low on the list, no matter how many blog posts people make on the same thing. Like I said before, armchair activism. Why rant at something if you're not making a difference either way? In my experience it's either because you're bored and want to jump on a bandwagon of pointing something out that requires no real effort to get involved in and as such does nothing for the status of video game storytelling OR women's rights.

Did you read my blog points other than these? Apparently its you jumping on the badwagon becase you saw the words "Video Games", "Dread" and "Female" and pretty much assumed its "feminist spewing garbage". In any case if you think these threads are useless and don't generate much impact to change anything the way they want to, being allowed being allowed to rant on itself is carthartic enough. This subject upsets me from an creator and artist standpoint for being an absurdly stiffling subject, and since its about video games, its particularly special to me. As such I will do a rant blog about whatever I like, regardless if you think its pathetic, useless, not worth covering or whatever. And if you don't like or care about it, you know what? You don't need to take part on a conversation, no one needs to know if you are indifferent or not. You already commented in this thread once and leaving your opinion so I just decided to let as it is. Now I can safely say you are obssessing about it after seeing the thread being bumped so many times, being so f*cking angry at people being upset to things you don't care about.

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@force_echo: It's an innocent question, no one's taking anything away from you. If you can't deal with other people having different interests than yours (in this case, my interest in how this would fit into the new Star Wars canon) then that's your problem, not mine.

Except, if there is enough of you, it IS going to take something away from me, that's the thing. Using comics as an example again, many great series didn't get the traction they needed because, despite being amazing stories, fans didn't read them because they were canon. What if there was like a million of you, demanding that this new KOTOR game fits into the new canon, thus completely segregating the new game from the KOTOR mythology, and making it an uninteresting JJ Abrams action-special effects slugfest to fit in with the "new canon". I liked KOTOR because it was contradictory to the SW Universe, not because it fit in.

Wow... Hostile much, huh?

I wonder who the real fanboys like you claim in this scenario.

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@jonny_anonymous: Was Riddick an financial success? I remember it was well-received critically but depending how much money it made?

Yep... Is it sad I am forcing myself to watch it just because its the final season and I only want to see how it ends?

Now ain't this just some insanely bad luck?