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Yeah, Ant-Man should be introduced in an Avengers movie, and played by neither of those actors.

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Ooh. Not bad.

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Joker -29

Clayface - 7

Batman - 14

Mr. Freeze -10 (-1)

Poison Ivy - 10

Harley Quinn -10

Two Face -11 (+1)

Barbara Gordon -13

The Scarecrow - 9

The Riddler - 24

Cassandra Cain -11

Catwoman -11

Tim Drake - 12

Nightwing- 15

Damian Wayne - 9

Jason Todd - 4

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It's interesting to point out two characters whose morals are pretty much the whole point of their character.

Superman is the biggest boyscout, and that's a good thing. He does what's right no matter what. It's an old-fashioned concept but it's one we need. It's sad when people see a character who stands for what's right in the most classic sense and say that he's an idiot, I haven't read too much of supes because I love my Marvel, but I do respect supes' concept.

Spiderman, on the other hand, is just a guy who tries to do what's right, and sometimes he makes mistakes. Spiderman is the kind of superhero most of us would end up being. We would do our very best at just helping people. That's what makes Spiderman so easy to relate to, he's not meant to be a boyscout.

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Not hating on Lady Gaga, I just find it so fitting it's hilarious.

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My first reaction was Hank, and I'm sticking with it.

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This reminds me of a issue of Astro City, where two of the heroes go on a date.  The other members of their team work extra hard to pick up the slack, but they're still distracted the whole time because their crisis alarms keep going off.

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War Machine, Nomad, and The Punisher.  Not sure if they represent America, but they themselves are patriots.

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HmmIt's kind of cool to see that most people's issues are the same.  It makes me feel closer to you guys in other countries.
My biggest pet peeve here in the US is how our population seems to just have given up.  We just take what the government hands us, and the few that speak out go about it in a ridiculous and ineffective fashion.