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Ok let's think about this for minut 1. when Cybrog was intorduce it was in 1970s tv show the superfriend (as voice by Earne Hutson from Ghostbusters) not 1960's tv show teen titans , were in the show he was part of the superfriend aka Justice League , 2. though Martian Manhunter was in brave and bold #26 , unless you are a superfan boy from way no one real knew until the tv show Justice League and Justice League Unlimted ,so my point is it works for now

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they could another factor with DCU and shake things up a bit

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it's Diseny/Marvel of coures it's going to suck

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I too thought until I read it for myself and now it make me want to hunt a few of them in case.

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I have just finsh reading a book by Paul Gravett called "1001 comics you must read before you die ." now at 1st glance one would go wtf really that is a bold statment to make until I crack open this book and it took me to avenes of comics I did not even know a both from the late 1800's to now anda It's blew my mind of other places that comics have been like Indiha off the beatin path. so who else has read this book and let me know what you think .

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Ok I hate to say "I told you so." , but I did told you so things have gone down hill after the mouse took over , because let's face it I used to be a big Marvel fan,back in the day when Stan The Man Lee & Jack The King Kurby all the way up to when even took over Malbu comics (R.I.P) :( I even have all the Black September issues(they were fun) and the Thunder Bolts from day one,but I could not take another retelling of Mutain Reg Act part 2 aka Civil War ,because to my mind it was Marvel being lazy and thought it would be cool to put spin on a old story while other comic book company try doing something off the wall like the 1st 52 or Project Super Power just to name a few , so in closing I do hope Marvel gets there act togetherand start writing more new arcs so they can help regain thoughs fan they have lost .

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yes I do all of them , because they are from the old Topps comic book from back in the 80's

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ok this is Like Kiss Meet the Phantom of The Park

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Here is a thought If aint broke don't fix it .