Excelsior ?

In all my years of  comic books  , and  wanting  to  be like  Stan " the man "  Lee  , who  in  allot  of  ways  taught me  what  the word " Excelsior"  means  ( it mean  lordly , or super ) of witch  this lame show  “ who want to be a super hero .” is  good  as  the super friend  ‘s wonder  twins  ( form  lame and  shape of  dumb)  1970’s . For those  people  who  are going  to think I’m bashing  Stan Lee , I’m not  I do have  the issue  of Bat-man  and other DC Comics  that he did  , but  I just think  Stan  needed  stay  with  a remake of the  movie  Mail  Rats  then  rather put his name the  bad  version  of  American  Idol  .