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@squares: thanks

18 months ago Glasgow Sanitarium

Two well dressed men walked along the corridor escourted by a nurse "So your sure this is our man?, I mean his sheets dont show anything like what we where expecting" flicking through the mystery mans medical record. "His current state we believe to be his immune system fighting back against the agressive external strain he apperently used on himself. Hence why his genius and his pyschial form have been affected. His entire genetic structure was changed and this could be a sort of recovery based system shock."

"This is the third one you better be right, these chips arent cheap and sooner or later somebody is gonna trace them back to us."

"Trust me this is one"

Foss , Iceland 6 weeks ago

"Well Frank your porgressing quickly. Your motor skills and memery seem to be virtually recovered. But we will need to continue the pyshiotherapy as you legs still seem to be lingering behind. That serum of yours really did a number on that particular set of muscle groups."

Franks arms shaking as they began to overload with lactic acid his angry and partial crippled form falling back into his chair. "When i get out of this chair i'am gonna burn it."

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@rafael_romeiro@shadowswordmaster@the_king_garcia@strigidae_23 Thanks alot guys. Hopefully will drop a few posts in from here and there till people start dropping by. Also LL i fancied trying using him again as Cass isnt in anything since the president thing fizzled out.

@beremud: Feel free to set up a meeting.

@the_superior_sapien: I'am sure that can be arranged. Also Pistorus is a risky move lol verdict due soon. Has to be shopped that pic.

@squares: Used Iceland for a few reasons, its use of geothermal power its pretty stable economy and its not being used far as i saw.

@the_psyentist: No need just drop in if you want, ( make an appointment first)

Frank sat in his office his computer constantly updating with inquiries from the various fragmeneted factions of the world he wished to see united. Nations, companies and charities reaching out, hopping to form new productive ties. He had to be careful at this stage as whilst he wished to see the world as equal and promote that image some people/factions would be seen as bad business. It was now a choice of ethics or expansion, promoting the ideas of the people within the center or pulling in extra support by securing new partners. Some that maybe potentially problematic.

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Thoose who live in the past stay there

"My Name is Frank i am a homosapien, and i'am here because the universe nor some deity sort it fit to grant myself or most of the people of this world with extraordinary abilties. But whilst i wasnt born with innate advantages over my fellow man, like a true product of the genepool i have focussed myself and used the natural evolutionary process of learning to advance my mind and eventualy my body to a point more than the average man. A man plus if you will. This process hasnt been without costof mistakes but like all evolution it continues and the failures fall to the wayside as we press forward.

Through the understanding of genetics and the continued advancements of technology we as a race move ever forward to the point in which machine and man will no longer be two entities but a greater singular being. We here aspire to bring this day forward as soon as we can. Together we can be more, we could achieve things beyond the limits of current understanding. Its our wish to brings these simple concepts and the benefits of our work to the people of this world. Without further adieu i announce this center to be open. Thank you and feel free to pose any questions to my twitter @dr_frank. Now please take a look around"

The center itself is located is Foss Iceland a small and quiet city surrounded by the natural beauty of the country. Located near the city center a state of the art building built with the principles of the like minded individuals that work within. Fabrics, polymers and structural work unlike any other on this planet. All products of the continued works of the group.

A series of Labs, lecture halls business rooms and operating theatres riddled throughout the complex as well as a heavy secured Super Computer Hub/data banks containing the wealth of ideas being manufactured and nurtured within. A one of a kind power system combining Icelands natural geothermal power supply merged with the worlds first natural photosynthesis grid system.

The building itself haveing zero envionmental impact in fact it have a less than zero carbon footprint by combining its unique power system and its combination of pioneering energy saving and repurposing devices. Due to the natire of the work going on with the center only individuals with appoints maybe escourted around the premises. No entry to the public at large for now. All workers are encoded with a genetic marker and a chip to ensure no imposters would do the place harm.

Current Vacancies in the following sectors

  • Visionary maunfactures and designers for the continued expansion of our cybernetics division
  • Skilled and respected Surgeons of all kinds, amputee specalists and Physio and Pycho therapist
  • Biologists, biochemists and Chemists

Applicants please Forward you CV to the the board via the chairman @dr_frank.

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@acer_: Smallest cat ears ever.

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@acer_: Why doesnt it have ears?

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Hmm to re-purpose or to reuse this character.

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From the mind of Dr Frank


3 months ago

The two serums will not work together, the aggressive nature of their adaptive properties results in an internal conflict between them at a cellular level. The first serum tries to alter the second and the second tries to overwrite the first, in both cases the genetic codes adaptive nature causes the cells to fight alteration. The conflict resulting in rapid cancer like symptoms, unwanted growths riddling the body until the subject is no longer functional. It certainly appears that in my planning to prevent outside sources altering the coding of the U-men i may have inadvertently locked myself out as well.

"Bring in the next test subject"

3 weeks ago

The line of adapting existing U-men research was a dead end. Resulting only in the death of subjects and the waste of my time. A new batch of subjects will be my focus and getting this code out of me and into others. I no longer sleep or eat the sustenance of the energy around me keeps me going, in a way i am what i'am striving to make. These warriors will need no additional equipment other than themselves and maybe some clothes for the sake of decency. Its been nearly a fortnight now and i haven't stepped foot from this room, no water, food or rest has my body seen. Yet the puzzle of the application of this serum still perplexes me.

Subject 6 has showed symptoms of complete adaption within 15 minutes whilst contained in an ultra violet rich environment, Subject 5 appears to be dead in the microwave chamber, 4 is definitively dead the adaption occurring to slow before the flames grew. 3 the results remain inconclusive due to the magnetic environment having no visual factors "further investigation required", 2's exposure to a pressured environment resulted in leaner muscle mass but at the apparent loss of some sensory response "Possible issues with hearing due to internal and external pressure imbalance" Subject 1 is once again apparently unaffected.

3 hours ago

Batch one of the superior sapiens are now in the adaption chamber. After weeks of testing i have concluded along with injections to the core muscle groups the process is enhanced in terms of adaption curve by increasing the light and heat in the environment to just below harmful levels. The stresses on the body cause the bodies natural defenses to respond quicker allowing for faster flow of adaptive gene and total restructuring. This process will result in greater periods of intense pain but at a hugely reduced time for the process.

New candidates for the process will need to be made clear of this, those who sign of to be the superiors will be signing on for a brief period in which they will long for death followed by a lifetime of nearly being immune to it.

"Start the process, Subjects prepare yourselves."

3 minutes ago

The lab suddenly flickering with a red light,only one person could trigger that light and Frank knowing what that means gathers his experiments. "Ok subjects, i mean Superiors you time has come. Now go out there and show what the peak of evolution can achieve. You are now the planets number one predators no battlefield should bring you fear or death only triumph. Go and show the world what your capable of " The squadron of metallic warriors walking in silently in unison to the express elevator towards the roof.

@mr_lebeau "Six superiors incoming. They no longer have the ability to fly so take that into consideration. However their absorption and durability levels vastly surpass the current generation. In the unlikely event they should fall send the word and i will send more "

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The dull glow of the computer barely lighting the dim and drab surroundings of the sub basement lab, a hidden lab buried beyond the sight of normal eyes, not one person other than Franks trusted former employer even knew he was there. The faint glow of his his equipment shimmering off the good doctors face, "Eureka, I've got it"