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Hmm to re-purpose or to reuse this character.

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From the mind of Dr Frank


3 months ago

The two serums will not work together, the aggressive nature of their adaptive properties results in an internal conflict between them at a cellular level. The first serum tries to alter the second and the second tries to overwrite the first, in both cases the genetic codes adaptive nature causes the cells to fight alteration. The conflict resulting in rapid cancer like symptoms, unwanted growths riddling the body until the subject is no longer functional. It certainly appears that in my planning to prevent outside sources altering the coding of the U-men i may have inadvertently locked myself out as well.

"Bring in the next test subject"

3 weeks ago

The line of adapting existing U-men research was a dead end. Resulting only in the death of subjects and the waste of my time. A new batch of subjects will be my focus and getting this code out of me and into others. I no longer sleep or eat the sustenance of the energy around me keeps me going, in a way i am what i'am striving to make. These warriors will need no additional equipment other than themselves and maybe some clothes for the sake of decency. Its been nearly a fortnight now and i haven't stepped foot from this room, no water, food or rest has my body seen. Yet the puzzle of the application of this serum still perplexes me.

Subject 6 has showed symptoms of complete adaption within 15 minutes whilst contained in an ultra violet rich environment, Subject 5 appears to be dead in the microwave chamber, 4 is definitively dead the adaption occurring to slow before the flames grew. 3 the results remain inconclusive due to the magnetic environment having no visual factors "further investigation required", 2's exposure to a pressured environment resulted in leaner muscle mass but at the apparent loss of some sensory response "Possible issues with hearing due to internal and external pressure imbalance" Subject 1 is once again apparently unaffected.

3 hours ago

Batch one of the superior sapiens are now in the adaption chamber. After weeks of testing i have concluded along with injections to the core muscle groups the process is enhanced in terms of adaption curve by increasing the light and heat in the environment to just below harmful levels. The stresses on the body cause the bodies natural defenses to respond quicker allowing for faster flow of adaptive gene and total restructuring. This process will result in greater periods of intense pain but at a hugely reduced time for the process.

New candidates for the process will need to be made clear of this, those who sign of to be the superiors will be signing on for a brief period in which they will long for death followed by a lifetime of nearly being immune to it.

"Start the process, Subjects prepare yourselves."

3 minutes ago

The lab suddenly flickering with a red light,only one person could trigger that light and Frank knowing what that means gathers his experiments. "Ok subjects, i mean Superiors you time has come. Now go out there and show what the peak of evolution can achieve. You are now the planets number one predators no battlefield should bring you fear or death only triumph. Go and show the world what your capable of " The squadron of metallic warriors walking in silently in unison to the express elevator towards the roof.

@mr_lebeau "Six superiors incoming. They no longer have the ability to fly so take that into consideration. However their absorption and durability levels vastly surpass the current generation. In the unlikely event they should fall send the word and i will send more "

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The dull glow of the computer barely lighting the dim and drab surroundings of the sub basement lab, a hidden lab buried beyond the sight of normal eyes, not one person other than Franks trusted former employer even knew he was there. The faint glow of his his equipment shimmering off the good doctors face, "Eureka, I've got it"

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Frank looked upon the dank and somewhat terrifying forest around him, a far contrast to the bright highly polished conditions of a lab or the perpetual chaos of a classroom. Somewhere in the midst of the killer trees jagged rocks and poisonous creatures lurked his opponent. The good doctors knowledge of the environment with minimal after an all to brief briefing he knowledge of his opponent even more so. He has metal skin like himself and he was big, most likely strong, really strong due to his size. He was also most likely durable and since Frank didn't get to ask what metal he was made of he had little ideas on how best to deal with him, but first he had to find him.

Walking slowly into the misty forest he could feel the various lifeforms around him each of them a little spark in the gloom their bodies potential batteries to his powers. But his prize, his target remained a miss. "How big is the dam place least the beach had clear lines of sight. Could spend a week in here and never find the guy" thinking aloud as he continued into the swamp coming to small clearing. Suddenly he could feel a change in the wind as the tree canopy broke sending a flow of energy through him his body bouncing the force around his nervous system lighting him up as the energy began to hum and buzz like a hive of angered bees beneath his skin. Spotting an odd shape moving through the trees in the distance the calculating doctor made his move.

Pointing both hands palm first towards the moving anomaly a great burst of energy tore through the air like a beam of lightning frying the ancient trees and anything that lurked within the sudden spark setting fire to the woodland his targets figure lost in the smoke. Frank unsure of his mind was playing trick on him unleashes a similar second blast uprooting the burning trees and clearing yet more room to hopefully sight his enemy " Hello anybody there"

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i can guess who i will get lol , it will not go well

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"Finally" Frank thought as he spotted a small fragment of his opponent apparently live less being swept up by the sea of sand rushing towards the cracks in the bedrock beneath the beach. As the sand flowed like a sea of golden water into the crevice between the broken bedrock Frank felt the ground twitch beneath him as it came to life. His opponent had no idea more than likely that the force of the slam wasn't meant to attack him but open the ground like a fresh wound. Knowing that his action would have a reaction from the very ground itself, its life blood the flaming liquid rock beneath the surface began to rush up from deep in the ground turning the cascading sand into pillars of glass and flooding out onto the battlefield The sudden rush of thermal energy rushing through Franks veins , he had opened his very own well to an almost limitless supply of thermal energy his opponent was just about to see just how deadly applied science could be.

as the liquid rock began to pool around his opponent the doctor let loose, huge glowing streams of light flowing from his hands into the pools around his target "Lets see how he deals with being in a pressure cooker" his energy feeding the fires around his opponent bringing the heat further and further up the scale his body a conduit redirecting the energy from the opened earth right towards his opponent.

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@rumbleman_exeFranks opponent sprung away yet again showing his superior agility still without a mark on him. Franks mind wondering what the hell this combatant must be made of to remain so. For a second his enemies staff was his alone. But via some unseen force his micro sized target tethered himself back to the other end of the staff. Frank preparing a firm grip in case the little one tried to pull his weapon free from the doctors grip. Instead of a simple tug of war Frank found himself twirling frantically as the staff began to spin from the other end, Frank being caught like a flag in the breeze. The sudden surge of kinetic energy surging into frank making him faintly glow.

The air began to crackle as the air set itself ablaze "Cunning hes trying to suffocate me by burning the oxygen in this vortex, no doubt. Clever yet pointless" The fire around Frank burning brightly and fading into a cloud of bright light around the fringes of his form as he body sucked the ferocity away from the flames empowering the doctor even further. "Its time for a lesson" Holding his breath for a second and releasing the staff frank shot off away from the vortex using its own momentum. Firing a small blast from each hand sending him upwards rather than outwards from the center of rotation. Frank Turned his body in the air his hands pointing straight back down towards the center of the vortex. "For every action their is an equal and opposite reaction" Plummeting into the breathless recess at the eye of the flaming hurricane Frank hoped his theory was correct because the science he knew for a fact.

Slamming his near breathless body into the ground Frank unleashed a torrent of energy. The combination of his kinetic, thermal and wind allowing for an almost incalculable explosion of force ,tearing the beach apart beneath him sending deep cracks along the surface of the beach, creating a tsunami of sand rushing towards the holes in the gaping earth surrounding his opponent as he the good doctor pulled himself out of the impact grater he had generated guessing it was roughly 3 stories deep. "Top that" he mumbled to himself as he pulled himself up onto the remnants of the once weirdly charming beach.

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Frank watched as his opponent yet again took no visible damage from an attack that left a scolded crater where he was standing. Amazed that neither his energy or grab attack even seemed to phase his target. Quite annoyed with his opponents continued display he simply closed his opponent down again determined to make him take some surface damage at the very least. No matter what abilities his foe had he couldn't dodge or remain unharmed forever.

His micro opponent stuck out at his chin Frank laughing at his attempt and replying mockingly to his statement "Not only can i absorb your pitiful attempt i can amplify it and send it right back at you.", His opponent's strike path altering in mid flight, nice work Frank thought as the staff collided heavily with his abdomen. Sending him stumbling backwards as his body absorbed the force but was still staggered by the hit. His inexperience with his new abilities was showing he should of been able to laugh that strike off. His opponent spinning rapidly to strike again his attack striking Frank hard this time sending a shock wave of force through frank and his organs. The strike both sending a surge of power and pain though him as his organs twitched with the strike. The taste of mercury ( which frank assumed was his blood stinging the back of his throat). But the good doctors plan worked as he grabbed the end of his opponents staff and began forcing every ounce of power he could muster into it. His intention to force his opponent to disarm himself or feel the wraith of a pointblank full power energy assault.

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Displeased with his opponents somehow uncanny ability to completely disregard an attack that had turned the sand between them to glass and the wandering undead into dollar sized fragments even somehow shielding himself behind a corpse the likes of which he had had destroyed multiple times with the same attack. Frank had an epiphany this opponent must be shielded in some manner since that last blast at the very least should of staggered him let alone leave him completely unfazed. As he pondered ever so slightly losing his focus on the battle he was struck with a much heftier blow than his opponents last.

The impact staggering him as he wasn't prepared. The impact taking Frank back a step as it erupted into a chorus of explosions the impacts rattling him around as his body buckets around between the blasts, absorbing the force as he swayed between them in fantaic manner. A thick cloud of smoke covered Frank as he refound his feet his body literally humming with the power it had just taken in. Feeling like he could level the whole beach with the accumulated power of the several explosions. His body barely scratched by the fire and force they unleashed but his clothes all but tatter'a hanging off his metalic form.

"I have had enough of you know. Time to get serious"

Within the blink of an eye Frank had burst towards his opponent the cloud around him given a few seconds of cover. Leaping traps and swatting away the undead as he advanced, Frank closed the gap to within a few yards and leaped at his opponent reaching out with one hand trying to grasp his opponent with it as he fired a amplified blast at his micro sized opponent at near point blank range. Emptying everything he had at the tiny warrior. The force shooting from his hand like a concentrated beam burning the very air around it epanding its focus to that of three times the targets size. Knowing he would either hit his opponent hard with his ranged attack or have his opponent in his grasp and simply swat his opponent into the ground.

"Lets see you, walk away unscathed this time"