Desolation Before Death

( The following will be the first person as it as extract from the good Doctors Journals)

It has been months since i took that blasted vial and its continued to reek havoc on my genetics. The sample was and continues to be extremely aggressive, accelerating cellular death in non converted cells, restricting their functions in some case till they are replaced. These unforeseen side affects causing both better conditions for the continued adaption into the new cell template, and nullifying the hosts basic functions thus hindering the change to create a cure or even attempt to remove them somehow.

In short my natural cells are being recreated into chimera cells, taking their basic function into the artificial cell structure of the manufactured mutagen of my own creation. These new cells aggressively progressing like a cancer targeting an area and ceasing control till its hold is complete before moving on to corrupt the nearest normal cells.

So instead of the noble prize that my creation warrants. Considering its ability to completely rewrite the human condition (applications in curing diseases, fixing genetic abnormalities not to even mention weaponization and my former work in advanced soldiers) but now i find myself scrapping with bargain basement equipment on borrowed time to try and stabilize my genetics. I'am as aware as any man that death comes for us all, but through my blind ignorance i seem to hastened my own demise as i believe once my genetics are completely remapped i will cease to be the man that i 'am. I'am already starting to notice differences in my memory.

Where was i....

My mind is slowly becoming less of my own, the assorted theorems and applied scientific knowledge flickering on a daily basis. Notes that i wrote and dated less than a month ago seem less and less understandable things that i would take as read now i need to re-read on a weekly basis just to keep them fresh. After 7 weeks of going over and over the same notes i managed to scribble down 2 months ago i have come to conclusion i will have to add a second dose,with an adapted Ultra-sapien specimen and hope that the two rival structures achieve some sort of equilibrium till a less dangerous solution presents itself.

I have taken the alternative sample . Hopefully i can restore my former genius and get back to fixing the larger problem of my rapidly increasing expiration.


The Devil in the DNA- Hell Comp intro

A few months had radically changed the life of the obsessive doctor. In a matter of a few weeks he had lost his funding and job at LeBeau Labs, been placed on a most wanted list (for apparent breaches in human rights) and now had a collection of bounty hunters and shady rival scientists trying to find him and rob him of his now infamous Ultra sapien formula. Luckily for Frank his former job paid well and he didn't have a social life to spend it on. Changing his hair switching glasses for contacts and a change of clothes where enough to get him out of the country and with some dodgy papers the genetic genius managed to land a job as a science teacher in Scotland.

The current life of Dr Frank

Isle of Skye Secondary School

"If you then connect the diodes correctly the current passes through the solution and the nail begins to .... ALEXANDER MACLEOD SIT DOWN AND BE SILENT"

Beep Beep

"Ok we will continue this tomorrow, pages 23-27 for tonight's homework and remember to get you permission slips returned for next weeks dissections"

As the classroom began to empty Frank couldn't help but feel the waste that his brilliance had become. Once again dealing with inferior minds for inferior pay, his side projects using school equipment severely handicapped by its general crappyness and computers that ran slower than his current mobile phone. After the equipment and funding of his last job it felt like he was now teaching in the 70s/ possibly the 80's at the least.

With the closing of the school Frank set to work. Walking to the supply room and grabbing a handful of glass wear some safety goggles and a tray of chemicals he walked back to his classroom locking the door and closing the blind behind him. A few minutes of messing around with boss clamps and Bunsen burners later the fume cupboard was ready. Grabbing his brief case and spinning the locks Frank grasped at his pride and joy, Ragnarok the god killer serum. Of all the version of the sapien formula this was his masterpiece the one that he shared with no one.

Adding a drop of Ragnarok into a vial of his blood the Geneticist began to heat the combination rapidly in the flames of the Bunsen the solution almost immediately causing the solution to start to bubble. Reaching for his dictaphone Frank noted "Ragnarok responding as expected to exothermic reaction, moving onto to endothermic" The doctor suddenly pausing, did he just hear something?. Creeping over to the door Frank could see a torch in the opposing classroom.

"Crap , their are no robberies all the way out here. This junk isn't worth five pounds. It must be them." Rushing over to the apparatus Frank frantically disassembles it. Hoping the noise wouldn't carry far enough to give away his position, a hope shattered as the door began to rattle. A brief and silent stillness surrounded the geneticist, CRACK the door came flying from the hinge's in rushed 3 men their laser mounted weapons locking onto the sole figure of Frank instantly.

"Two choices Frank, hand over your masterpiece and go to prison for a long time with a little bit of probable torture thrown in. Or drink the raw and potentially fatal super charged serum."

His body moved without hesitation diving behind a work bench " You think i will just hand it over?... Bottoms up guys" Pouring the precious serum down his gullet his body instantly began to spasm as it went to work decoding his DNA and re-tuning it. With his last cognitive action Frank gave his pursuers the finger before he passed out.


Building a better man - Second Quarter

Dear Mr Lebeau
As requested here is my second quarterly update. As with the last i will divide it into sections in order to make the information pass as smoothly as possible. But as with the last it contains alot of heavy science. Any confusion at all let me know

Enforced Evolution vs Natural mutation

Having advanced our research into both sections recommended in my last report i have been working non stop to cover the vast work load. However i am pleased to report my labors have produced further fruition. I have been able to replicate the natural Mutant gene from the samples you provided and have been running parallel testing with the mutagen i produced here. The natural gene has produced some really interesting results., Namely that whilst its bar far the most stable of the two structures its far less predictable and can even remain dormant in the biological system of the carrier. Our Sapiens augmented with the DNA produced here, have a much higher chance of cellular evolution spontaneously.

This means second and third mutation are vastly more common with the manufactured DNA but the continued fluctuations of the helictical structure due to a high rates of cell death basically meaning the genetic chain pretty much always has a weak link. (see below)

This image shows the damage our sapiens have right now. As you can see the rigid helix of regular DNA simply inst there. The structures are weakened as a result of the heavy altered genes and the structure simply isn't able to withstand the combination of unnatural gene pairs and high cell mortality. But and this is a big but i have an idea. In theory if we can graft a naturally evolved mutant cell to the radiated evolutionary stem cells we could essentially make a gene battery that will hopefully combine the stability of the natural gene but the versatility of our own, decrease cell fatality and allow for the structure to return to its more rigid and less dangerous state.

This does sadly mean the current generation of sapiens have severely reduced life expectancy, you win some you lose some i guess. But Red Black and Blue have given me their genetic samples already ( some where happier than others to produce certain samples) they have been stockpiled for further study.

The U-men & Sapien Superior

With your blessing i will use the idea above and once again rebuild a new genetic code for the next batch of Sapiens. I will hopefully be able to produce a working a batch of this new code within the next three months. The differences between this new complete genome and the previous could be monumental. We will use it to hopefully produce two new classes of sapien. They will be quite vastly different in order to achieve maximum testing potential and allow for us to really push the new and hopefully more solid genetic structure to its limits.

U-men- These will be our sword. Their cells the very limit at what i can currently achieve, the ultimate specimen and solider combining the best of our original sapiens an the more solid genetic code. Its not unseasonable to assume this branch of the project will be able to produce manufactuable soldiers equal to or superior to almost any natural mutant or superhuman in the field. (This is still to be seen as their potential and power levels can only be ascertained post creation)

Sapien Superior- These are the shield class sapiens they will be augmented with the A.D.A.M system co-produced with our manufacturing division. The A.D.A.M device (Adaptive Defence Augmentation Mask...See below) will hopefully allow for a much more radical approach to defense The genetic coding of these individuals will not be to different from the current generation of sapiens. However by using an aerosol of the of the more stable mutagen gene we can adapt these solider mid battle to their threats. In real time these masks monitor pain levels and release dosages to the body allowing for repair and genetic adaption meaning certain forms of damage may even be rendered entirely obsolete on their form. ( These masks require a complex surgical procedure to bond with the host we are currently in beta testing with these however. We are trying to make the masks more secure and structurally solid as we speak)

As per usual i will continue working and hopefully have both sapien classes ready for the registration program you mentioned. Will keep you updated on progress and hopefully in the next 3 months we will have the energetically superior army we will need to enforce this program.


Building a better man- First Quarter Report

Dear Mr LeBeau
As promised here is my monthly report into the progress of the Sapiens project. I have broken it into a few parts to make it clearer and explain the heavy science a little better. Hopefully it meets your approval.

Evolutionary Adaption and Cellular alteration

As your no doubt aware this is my primary area of research and since moving to LeBeau Laboratories i have seen major improvements in this area specifically. Due to the vast improvements in budgets i have been able to identify and isolate target base pairs in our subjects DNA. With this new found ability to locate and enhance targeted cells in a live subject i am now able to slowly but surely alter the complete coding of a subjects genetic code without fear of cellular death. This brings me to my two further options in this area.

  1. With continued focus in adapting existing DNA is live subjects, i could theoretically cause the bodies own self defense mechanism to produce new cells. These cells combined with the effects of radiated stem cells could produce all new alterations to the properties of the bodies self defense mechanism. Possibly including advanced adaptive properties to threats to the body on both a physical and mental level. In order to possibly achieve this i would require at least 5 new subjects each to be isolated and put into specifically catered environments. These environments will have to attack the subjects body and mind whilst i have them monitored and dosed with the stem cells. Once the base readings are attained the environments will then be altered to a lethal state. Once the tests has ended in autopsy i will locate and remove the youngest cells from the subjects body which should be at least partially adapted towards fending off the last threat to the body. These will then be tested against the same threat and enhanced if resistance is proven.
  2. Complete Cellular design from the base pairs up. With a little more funding i could re-focus my research's application into building the next batch of evolved sapiens from the ground up. By using cells extracted from the current sapiens and unique individuals i will combine them into a superior genetic code. By destroying the structure of each individuals sample using a genetic acid. I can destabilize the connections between the base pairs and bind them in vitro into a new structure.

Above is a small sample of the DNA break down of a sample as you can see it coils and breaks releasing the genetic material into the sterilized isolation liquid. The Corrosive acid that starts the process is easily removed by combining a counterpart of an alkaline nature.

Simply put in order to create i must first destroy. My question is simple sir which do you feel would be more profitable an option to move forward with in the next quarter?.