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Ragnarok Serum

Having to dose himself so the last of his formula could be stolen from him Frank has now become an adaptive organism. His skin, organs and bones have been fortified by incredibly durable metallic casing. This new metallic coating does not conduct electricity and has a melting point beyond 500 degrees. But this if just for defense his attacking capabilities have been drastically increased though he has no experience in using his newly acquired powers. A list of new abilities listed below.

Energy absorption- Franks new adaptive DNA reroutes and can potential store vast amounts of energy until discharged. Previous lesser serums have shown the ability to absorb heat, sound, impact, gravitational and so Vibrational energy.

Energy Amplification/Syphoning - Along with absorption Frank can increase or decrease the forces of energy around him using this as a form of extra damage or to decrease potential damage upon himself.

Improved pyshical stats - His strength agility reflex's and thinking time have been greatly improved to that of at mid tier meta human. To the point that his drastically heavier body is still capable of athletic feats far beyond peak human.