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Here it is, guys! The final vote count! Thank you SO much for debating and putting all that effort in. I'm sorry for any hassles and other STUPID things; it's my first tourney.
Some people didn't vote for certain battles, so if you notice any tallies lacking numbers, that is why

One_Upper vs Fury 714


One_Upper - 1

Fury714 – 13


RainEffect vs Crackerjack82


RainEffect - 5

Crackerjack82 – 9


Alexandrinus vs Enzeru


Alexandrinus – 4

Enzeru – 9


Doveland vs HigorM


Doveland – 7

HigorM – 6


CitizenBane vs Progenitor


CitizenBane – 4

Progenitor – 9


Clutch vs Havenless


Clutch – 9

Havenless – 3


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@CitizenBane said:

@Doveland: Have you read through the debates and voted yet?

Yep! I'm actually compiling the votes now!
Oh wait, did you mean ME specifically? LOL! Sorry! Here's mine:
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@HigorM said:

@Maxwell Lord the fourth: great point, as far as intelligence, i can´t see how Tim could match up with him, and Mr. Terrific isn´t just brains, he was member of JSA and is currently the white king of checkmate. Even the Batman appropriated his “T-sphere” technology and he was voted chairman of the JSA.

Batman get impressed:

He can just fly away from it, EMP wave can´t follow him through the air..

Or just demand T-Spheres to strike Miranda and her team with lasers:

GAH!!! It's not something you can dodge! 
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@Sherlock said:
@crackerjack82 said:

@Sherlock: I saw it in the sign up thread, and i do agree, something should of been done then,

Also in a side note why did you not debate during the fight we had in Ghostriders tourney?

Sorry bro work last week was hard on me (9-12 hour shifts will do that to ya)I always got home late and went right to bed i wasnt going to be able to do squat.Ill see what i can do about getting a new tourny together prolly rip off Dedmans CAT tourny (Though that was before your time)Which BTW i placed second in
@HigorM: Gotta say your debating did impress me some though as friendly advice dont use so many scans to get your point across.Most of them had little or nothing to do with the battle and could have been used elsewhere when you opponent wasnt ready for them.In my opinion in a tourny its best to use the least number of scans possible. With that im giving you my vote.On a side note im giving you my vote because your debate was better i still think in the right hands Dovelands team would beat yours  Also i didnt see anything else that would change my mind.And i think progenitor is ahead in his debate and i cant promice that ill be on again before voting ends In conclusion Change my vote to HigorM and tack on Progenitor everything else stays the same
HigorM's strategy relies ENTIRELY on Mr. T and his ability to put Daken down. I countered it with three different ways of shorting out his T-Spheres, thus meaning Daken will be able to tear through the remainder of his team. And it's not like Miranda is weak herself, she's got biotics and advanced genetics! 
How does he get your vote?
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@HigorM said:

@Doveland: ok, i know she is fast, but not faster then T-Spheres, which reacts at mind speed..

The same way your team use information to know about Black Widow (which i found odd, because she is from a different universe, and Daken doesn´t know details about her), my team use data information from satellites, to be aware of everyone in your team.

Another thing that i remember, i know that is not enough to win a battle, but my characters work better as a team, Mr. Terrific and Cassandra are from the same universe (Mr. T being a hero and leader), and Black Widow has vast experience from Avengers, Shield and etc..

in other hand, your team has 3 members of 3 different universes.. and 3 different and conflict personalities

Overload is mind-activated, so she just needs to make the mental command and it detonates the area with an EMP blast. Even IF you somehow manage to get Miranda, you're still forgetting Tim Drake's EMP mines placed there (not to mention his own staff)! Didn't you read the scans I gave? 
As for the information about other fighters, well, it's a safe bet to assume that information sources merge ALL universes into one for prep. For example, if Black Widow was fighting Batman, we could hypothetically say that (just for the tournament) SHIELD has a file on Batman. 
I agree, but a great leader lets them work together (Tim Drake). Not to mention they aren't really relying on team work. Daken's just doing his thing and Miranda and Tim are working together.
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@crackerjack82 said:

@Doveland: @One Upper:@Fury714:@Rain Effect:@Enzeru: @Sherlock: @mrtrevorguy: @Clutch

Anybody i missed sorry, But i feel the need to bring this up

Clutch has a team; with someone who cannot be beaten, by any other street leveler here, i am talking about Prince of Orphans, so no matter who he faces, they have no way to stop him. i am fine with him being here, as long as he has some kind of restriction

Clutch i dont want it to seem i am attacking your team, but i am sure others have thought of this, if not they have no clue who prince of orphans is.

If I restricted him, I'd get rid of the intagibility and the mist of death, but then that makes the Prince completely POINTLESS. He's just another human with a hood. What do you guys suggest I do?
@RainEffect said:

@HigorM: It's not my battle, but I'm pretty sure an EMP charge doesn't need to be directed. Its like an explosion - it sends out a wave that disrupts all electronics in the radius.

Think the first Matrix movie, when the squiddies attack the ship.

Why thank you, RE! Saved me from having to post about that.
An EMP charge is like a BIG radius effect, and I gave you THREE ways my team could detonate one, taking out Mr. T's T-Spheres. Without those T-spheres, your team can't keep Daken down and he TEARS through the team. I also mentioned Miranda's biotics which she would use on Mr. T right at the beginning. Miranda's enhanced genetics allow her to process info ALOT faster than humans and she can react MUCH quicker.
As for everyone else:

I need final votes! If you haven't posted already, please do! Or edit your already posted list!

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@CitizenBane: @RainEffect: @Havenless: @HigorM: @progenitor: @Enzeru: @Clutch
Hey guys! I LOVE the amount of effort you're all putting into this. I'm thinking of collecting up the votes in about, maybe 24-48 hours? What do you think? Let me know if I should extend it!  
Also, some of you are posting pointless scans. Scans of your fighters doing cool things isn't an argument, ONLY if it directly relates to your strategy. Look to CitizenBane and Progenitor for a good example of good argument making (this is mostly directed at you, Higor :P Some of your Black Widow and T-Man scans don't need to be there)
And now!

Long awaited strategy of awesomeness!

Tier 1 - Daken
Tier 2 - Miranda Lawson
Tier 3 - Tim Drake
Prepper is Tim Drake. 
Tier 1 - Cassandra Cain
Tier 2 - Mr. Terrific 
Tier 3 - Black Widow
Prepper is Mr. Terrific
So, I had a quick look at your strategy, HigorM, and a lot of it seems to rely on those T-spheres to keep Daken down. WELL, you're in for a bit of a surprise!
Main Strategy: Miranda Lawson is the KEY to my victory here. One word for you - Overload. Overload allows her to, you guessed it, overload ANY electrical devices in a select radius. Considering she has an Omni-tool that pro-dates anything T-Man can come up with, he's in trouble. I can't give you any scans, as she's from a video-game (and she hardly does anything in the Mass Effect comics), you'll have to take my word for it. But it's a controlled pulse of electro-magnetics designed to positively FRY and sometimes explode any technology in a specific radius. If THAT'S not enough for you, then check THESE scans out: 
Tim Drake is a technological and scientific genius - easily the most advanced in the Bat-family below Bruce (I'd put him above Oracle; he designs most of his own equipment). I didn't intend to give myself an advantage with Gotham as the setting, I just chose it because it's such an easy place to have a fight. Tim Drake would have easily prepared a variety of EMP traps as contingency plans if Miranda (and she WON'T) fails with her Overload. He can detonate perimeter EMP mines, or he can simply slam his staff into the ground and detonate the pulse. There's no way out of technology avoiding an EMP blast, unless its completely powered off. We've got three, not one or two but THREE methods of stopping Mr. Terrific from trying anything fancy. Even if he DID power off his equipment, which I actually HOPE he does, he leaves himself WIDE open to an assault from either Miranda or Tim. Miranda can use her biotics to either crush him with gravitational force (Warp technique) or lift him up and throw him into the ground (Slam technique). Either way, Mr. Terrific AIN'T getting out of this with his technology, or himself, intact. 
Daken <3: With T-sphere boy out of the picture, we move to the next biggest threat; Cassandra Cain. She's definitely a deadly foe who could give Daken some serious trouble. THAT is, if she's not suddenly in love with him due to his pheromones. If she's got some prepared countermeasure to the pheromones, then that's fight; a fight we shall have! Cassandra's best asset is her speed. What a shame that Daken is probably faster than her. See these scans!

So you get an idea of how fast Daken is. He's dodged point blank shots from both Punisher and Deadpool, and he's also dodged Spiderman's webbing and caught him completely off-guard. So we've got the speed out of the way, we also need to look at the one deciding factor - Cass CAN'T keep him down. I just don't see a means where Cass can do enough damage to Daken to permanently put him out of the fight. Daken heals faster than Logan due to the lack of adamantium poison in his body. Daken's been shot at point blank range with a revolver, directly into the heart (by Tyger Tiger) and he healed before she even had a chance to dial one of her colleagues to deal with his body. He's been incinerated entirely (by a demonic Wolverine) and he's healed within a few panels. The Thing smashed his face into mush and he still healed a few panels afterwards. I just don't see any means that Cass can keep him down. That's if she can even get him down, as Daken is INCREDIBLY deadly in close-quarters, having gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Logan, Deadpool, X-23, Punisher and Spiderman. Sorry Cass, you aren't winning this!
Miranda <3: Once she's promptly dealt with Mr. Terrific, I want Miranda to help Tim out with Natasha. She's a deadly girl, but with the research pulled from Tim's databases and her Cereberus databases, we can safely assume they'll know how she works. Miranda is capable of headshotting a mech from 100 meters away or crumpling his face with biotics. She also has a slight healing factor and processes information faster than human standards. She's a perfect genetic specimen (and she's freaking hot!). 
Tim <3: Tim doesn't get enough credit for his intelligence. He's outsmarted Ra's al Ghul not once, but TWICE. He's pulled one of those 'you think you've won, well guess what?" moments to the old man twice.  

See what I mean?
So let's see a step by step of this!
  • Miranda uses Overload on Mr. Terrific, destroying all of his technology. If that doesn't work, EMP mines Tim set up beforehand. If THAT doesn't work, concentrated EMP blast in his staff.
  • If Mr. Terrific tries to avoid this by shutting off his machines, that's an opening for Miranda to attack him with biotics, permanently taking him out of the fight.
  • Daken solos Cassandra.
  • Miranda and Tim school Black Widow.
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@ApatheticAvenger said:

I may despise Jean, but naming the school after her is appropriate. Not to mention it's perfectly within character for Wolverine, dude's had a much harder time letting go of the redhead than Scott (granted, Scott has Emma around to remind him how much better off he is without her).

I KNOW RIGHT? Logan's the one who has to keep killing her!
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@Clutch: @Havenless: Ah guys I'm SO SORRY! I used the wrong list in the number generator! I saved two lists on Word Documents, but I used the wrong one (one was a draft). FACEPALM. I'll fix that up right now, but someone still gets a bye, because of there being 15.
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@OptimusPalm: Thanks. :D
Guys! Here's the link to ROUND 1!